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Transcript: IOS PROJECT Jezzica Tan, Morgan Ledot, Jeremy Li Project Detail -based on the idea to calm people down/ cheer them up Project Detail -read heart rate to see if user is sad or angry -display funny image based on result Use Cases Anxious user because of up coming exam -> send funny pic to cheer user up and try and relieve anxiousness use Cases Child is feeling down or sad because of a bad day -> send pic to child to cheer him up Angry driver after getting cut off -> send funny voice to driver to calm down Scenario 20 year old male is feeling anxious about writing up coming exam Topic 1)Read heart rate 2)Compare heart rate to average heart rate generally if anxious a persons heart rate will be a little higher then normal Topic if(HR > 100){ //send image }else if(HR <90){ //send image }else{ //nothing } if heart rate is above or below average range send image if within range do nothing 3)Send MEME/Image Topic send image based on user preferences to try and cheer/calm user! Smile! Functionality Requirements Apple Health kit -built in app that will allow us to send request and query to retrieve heart rate -user must have health kit enable 1)Read heart rate -user must have Apple watch in order for it to work Name: String likes: enum of string Interval: enum of int HR: int Create class for user 2)Store user data and compare HR functions - get heart rate -compare heart rate -get image -display image 3)Store/load images Images store local in asset folder Asset Design DESIGN Topic MEME Code CODE!

iOS App

Transcript: Weights are displayed below graph Silent Alarm Screen Track your Goals App Dashboard - Top Track your stats on the dashboard and explore your historical progress. Has Friends and Account icons for easier navigation Bring your family and friends in on the fun of a healthy competition. Sync your tracker wirelessly Activity Screen Tap arrows right or left next to the dates Add new alarms by tapping pink Add a New Alarm button. Navigation to alarms is done by tapping Account, Silent Alarms. Icons and progress bars change color according to user's steps in comparison to their goal. Logged activities show below the graph. Account/Devices Screen All paired devices are shown on this screen. Aria and tracker preferences may be accessed by tapping their icons. Users can set up a new Fitbit device from this screen. And all other settings (user settings, fitness goals, etc.) can be accessed by tapping each feature tab. Icons and progress bars change color according to user's steps in comparison to their goal. Does not currently have calories "in vs. out" gauge. Log food by tapping the "+" sign in the top, right-hand corner. Shows amount of calories eaten, even if no log has been made. Navigate back to dashboard by tapping Dashboard button. Date Navigation Sleep Screen Larger font than Android Tap field in top, left-hand corner to switch to Steps, Cals, Distance, Floors, Active Mins, Sleep. Colors are used to show activity. Users must tap graph to enter landscape mode and top, left hand corner to exit. More spacing on screen, steps are displayed under friend's names Avatars are circles. New messages are indicated by badge on friends icon. Navigation to messages is done by tapping Messages. Friends Leaderboard Screen Messages Screen App Dashboard - Bottom Graphs are displayed in different colors according to how active user is. Weight Page Avatars are circles. Cheers and taunts are displayed as animated faces. Navigation to friend leaderboard is done by tapping 7 days steps. Food Screen Sleep data is displayed below graph iOS App Compete or Share with Friends Users can log an activity by tapping the "+" sign in the top, right-hand corner. Sync your Fitbit tracker's stat in real-time. Landscape Graphs

Conception iOS-App

Transcript: Confirm jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj Start Timer Name <- 50g Butter My Page + My Page Add new Ingredient Add new Field Recipes 3 Eggs dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd Delete 50g Butter + + adsdasdadsadasdasdsadsd 3 Eggs 3 Eggs + Name 3 Minutes <- 2 dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd 3 Eggs adsdasdadsadasdasdsadsd 3 Eggs Filter Recipes jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj Name (Req1, Req2, Req3) + Recipes + Your favorite Recipes 50 g Butter More Delete selected Field jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj Add new Recipe 50g Butter (Req1, Req2, Req3) + Add new Recipe 50g Butter (Req1, Req2, Req3) Start Timer 50g Butter 3 Eggs Add new Field 3 Minutes My Page Recipes dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj Add new Recipe 50g Butter Delete selected Field Eggs Filter - 0 Elements Save 50g Butter Add new Field + + Name 50g Butter <- jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj 50g Butter adsdasdadsadasdasdsadsd jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd 50g Butter <- Recommendations <- Name + Add new Recipe Add new Recipe 3 Eggs More More 3 Minutes Filter 3 Minutes dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd (Req1, Req2, Req3) adsdasdadsadasdasdsadsd jdshjhkjnadnasdajkdjhasdhjsakdhkajhdaskjdkadnjjadjhkajhsjhkhjsdjasjhkdhjsadhjahjsdjhakdhjkasjhkdasdkjasnjdkadnsadnsknmdkmanksdnasndkasdnjasdnjsandjkasnjdnksandkj 3 Eggs dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd 3 Minutes 3 Minutes Cancel 15 Fields / 45 Minutes left 3 Eggs Edit My Page Save dasljkdasjkdkadsadsakldjksdklasjkdaskdlaskdjalkdjksadlasdjsajdaskdakasdsadasd Name Start Cooking More Save 3 Eggs + Delete selected Field

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