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Investment Presentation Template For Motel

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Transcript: Motel was release by Warner music. Warner music was create many many years before Motel's time. Back in 1811, Warner music was created by Mr. Chappell. Very first name it went by was Chappell and Company, which was located on London's Bond Street. My Opinion Music Genre 1ST Panel of Lyrics Translation I do not know if you want me. Seventeen times out of my room. In every mirror I saw the reflection of the situation. The music type that Motel plays is soul rock. Soul rock is similar to every other rock n roll genres. Just like all rock n roll genres, soul rock is led by the awesome sound of electric guitar and/or bass guitar. Motel The Spanish Rock Band song name "17" Biography I have listen to three of Motel song, and they were really good. Motel songs are similar to the music to on a daily basics. I understand some of the words in the song I like the most which is 17. that song made me feel calm and at easy when I first listen to it. Home Town My band I chose is from Mexico. Mexico is 977 miles from Louisiana. In Mexico there are 14.94 million people and more come still til this day. Work Cited 2ND Panel of Lyrics Translation Songs by Motel,I Listen to First Single Release Warner Music "Y te vas" was the first single release by the whole band Motel. "Y te vas" means And you go. This single made it big for them, in music ratings as number 1 in place for a continuous of 12 full weeks. "17" "Dime Ven" (Tell me come here) "Esferas" (Areas) The band was created by Rodrigo Dávila Chapoy and his friend Guillermo Méndez aka (Billy). The band came about in 2002. All the members of the band are Guillermo Méndez, Rodrigo Dávila Chapoy, José Damián and Rubén Puente.The very first single release was "Dime Ven". The song by motel. I'm so afraid to tell you who I am. Everything I want in a simple decision. It may be that your elves me. Motel Chazz Doty BLK 4

Final presentation for Investment

Transcript: DWA(DreamWorks SKG) - The third quarter financial statement also shows a great amount of profit earning. Buying Time: 9/20/2012 12:06pm Quantity: 50 Price per share: 698.64 - Selling Time: 11/5/2012 9:30am Quantity: 200 Price per share: 22.00 Yang You Over all, my experience on StockTrak is very successful and I learned a lot from making trades from this tool. Also It gave me lots of troubles (I lost lots of money), but the progress is very interesting and useful. - The third quarter financial statement increased. Selling time: 11/2/2012 9:57 am Quantity: 60 Price per share: 646.27 Thank You Trends: - Big name companies such as GOOG, AAPL. - Follow the third quarter financial statement - Chinese big companies which are listed in America. (Showing my support to them, but Non of them works well.) - Start to short stocks during the middle of the semester. Such as PCLN, DWA. Value: $91,772.03 Percentage Return: -8.23% PCLN(Priceline) The most unsuccessful trade Normal Trade Portfolio Overview Waited for the ipad mini conference, thought it will bring the price back. - Missed the best time to buy it Transaction history - bought it at the highest range of price - always hope the price will go back. AAPL Buying Time: 11/1/2012 2:30pm Quantity: 60 Price per share: 580.91 Tool:Yahoo, StockTrak Mobile app Portfolio Value: 91,772.03 Portfolio % Return: -8.23% Trades Made: 41 Still hold this stock at the end of the this project The most successful trade Priceline's statement shows a really positive position and the sum of business transactions from last 12 months break through 50 hundred million dollar. Profit: $40 Portfolio Summery: Profit: $3921.6 Final presentation for Investment Buying Time: 11/2/2012 9:30am Quantity: 200 Price per share: 21.80


Transcript: Magic Fun Motel Problem Statement The Chen’s have been experiencing a plateau in the rental of their hotel rooms. They would like to increase occupancy rates and make sales more consistent within the next year. Low occupancy rates are resulting in lower profits. The variable cost of housekeeping and laundry services is low enough that it would still be profitable to offer rooms at a discounted price that would not otherwise be rented. Possible constraints on their business potential would be the limited rental spaces (47), no employee benefits, and high employee turnover. Problem Statement Alternative Courses Alternatives courses Marketing Department HR Department Benefits Department Marketing Department Solution The motel is having difficulty in filling rooms and that could be because the marketing has not been the best. Focus on what attracts customers to their location Focus on promoting the motel Use the location to their advantage The motel is haveing difficulty in retaining workers. To fix this issue the motel should have an HR Department. This would help slove: The high turnover rate Encourage workers to want to work Create a positive work culture HR Department Solution Encourages workers love working A sense of belonging/shareholder ownership Benefits Department PROJECT Decision HR Department S W O T Would retain workers who get hired Better working culture sense of pride It would cost the motel to add a HR Department with money they dont have. An HR department would encourage workers to do their best work. We must start from within before we go out and treat customers. The motel is at a disadvantage because there are other motel/hotel company's who have an HR department Feedback? Feedback? data 1 data 2 data 3 It's been a good year! Choosen Alternative Choosen Alternative

Presentation for Impact Investment

Transcript: Impact Measurement & Strategy About Us Rachel Ward (Metric and Data Collection Lead) Metrics and impact measurement professional with deep experience in the impact investing and social enterprise space with Grassroots Business Fund, Agora Partnerships, Kulemela Investments, International Women’s Foundation, among others. Kate McCarthy (Engagement and System Design Lead) Consultant and President and Director of Operations of SEAD – an organization dedicated to improving agricultural techniques in rural communities – expertise in the design and execution of quantitative and qualitative data collection strategies and methodologies. Impact Measurement: Social Our Services Metric Selection & Engagement Strategy Community Advancement Business Sustainability Impact Measurement Methodology Increased Revenues/Funding Goal Setting Meta Why Measure Impact? Trainings on Social Return on Investment and Social Enterprise Development: Integration We partner with companies, impact investment funds, and organizations of all sizes to align social impact with goals and/or investment. Our impact measurement methodology produces a set of measurement indicators and implementation strategy that helps clients evaluate, manage, and scale impact. Offices in Mexico and USA Shareholder Earnings Impact Investment fund: Shared Value Maximize Net Income Our Team Training on Social Return on Investment methodology Evaluate, manage, and scale impact Align investment with social impact Report impact to investors and key stakeholder groups Implementation Our Goal: Shared Value Our Portfolio Socio-Economic Development Additional Services Our Partner ROI Access to Healthcare 1. Capacity Building Workshops on Impact Measurement and Social Enterprise Development 2. Impact Evaluation 3. Impact Measurement Metric Creation 4. Impact Investment Portfolio Evaluation

Family Motel Presentation

Transcript: Discussion Questions "Studying these writers unsettles the binary between home and diaspora, opening up both terms for redefinition. One understanding of the term diaspora implies a collective cultural identification in which Africa represents a putative original home or pure origin" (Walters, 276) Family Relationships Leaving Others Back Home Comparing Different Experiences within the African Diaspora Amsterdam Generational Transgressions Within the Diaspora *How do you think one's idea of the home left behind affect's his or her perception? *How does one's relationship with his or her family back home affect his or her identity within the African diaspora?*Does the writer's perspective have an effect on the way in which the African diaspora is conceived? If so, please explain how. *How, if at all, do Brand and Klodawsky critique the idea of the homeland, construct a new homeland or envision a new community in their work? How do you think the two compare? *What are the claims about diaspora that are being made, unmade, contested, or reinforced in the novel/film and the stories of its characters? *How do Brand and Klodawsky unsettle the binary between home and diaspora opening up both terms for redefention? "I wanted to think of you quarreling with some small child for misplacing my letter, as if it were necessary for you to have it and to have some sign of me that was close. Some small child whose only sense of me would be my letters, their smell of glue and their words that would describe where she might want to be. This small child bathed in a fine story about me which you would tell her, holding the letter as if it were precious and a lesson, a sign of how life would pay if she only lived right. Some small child going back to her play after a while, called by the next candy or game and dropping the letter on the floor in her hurry where some breeze would take it to a corner under the bed or next to the wardrobe behind the clothes basket...I would like to be forgotten by such a child carrying on with her own play, and never dreaming that she would ever have to leave you" (Brand, 229-230). "I collect maps of all kinds, old ones and newer ones, ordnance maps and road maps. That was how I found my way out of America after leaving Carlyle and Gita on the road in Florida.In the trunk of the car I had brought all my maps and when I was so tired that I did not know my way, I would pull off to the side of the road and search my maps. Any one wold do, even a map of France or a map of Guyana. Their steadiness steadied me, it did not matter that they were not where I was. Their definite lines brought order to my head" (Brand, 231)

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