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Investment Presentation

Transcript: Investment Pitch 1) Parents/family - I would let them know that it's investing not just in a movie but in their son's or family member's future, and I would show them the budget and explain our goals so that they could understand they aren't just throwing money at a movie that's being made just for fun or off the cuff. 2) Chicago horror enthusiasts (i.e. and affiliated groups) - Offer to screen at their events, use extras from their fanbase, possibly props, special thanks in the credits. Again, still show them the budget and everything so they know we have our stuff together. Also, create merchandise that would advertise the film and festivals. 3) DePaul Students - set up a paypal account and advertise to the depaul student body, especially groups like the DCC, through social media, flyers, and OrgSync. Offer chances to participate as PAs, be an extra, ask for help getting a student project going. Investors by Funding Brooke Shelton-$400 Frank Holly- $800 Richard Romanowksi- $800 Kathy Spitzer-$800 Pat Suddarth-$800 Sean McGahan- $1000 Andrew Riplinger-$1000 Mark McGahan- $1200 Tom Byrant-$1600 Anna Sanford- $1600 Denny Fidler-$1800 Mardi Moore-$2000 Mark Wilson- $2,400 Daniel Duron- $400 Zonia Guzman- $400 Sherry Cook- $1000 Martha Carter- $1500 Nadia Cavner- $500 Terri Johnson- $500 Total Investment: +/- $20,500.00 Meat Man Synopsis Logline: A new butcher uses human meat to fill his orders must avoid detection. MRS. ANDERSON has a dinner party for her friends to show off the new butcher she found that has the best meat she, or anybody else, has ever had. The new butcher is known as the MEATMAN. He has run out of meat for his customers. The Meat Man kidnaps a HOMELESS MAN and doses him with a paralytic. While trying to sneak the Homeless Man into his warehouse, the paralytic wakes up. Meat Man kills the Homeless Man, but not without a struggle. The Meat Man prepares the body, when a POLICE OFFICER happens on the scene of their struggle. He slips into the warehouse. Meat Man sneaks up on the Officer and attacks. They struggle. Meat Man runs away. In pursuit, the Officer falls into a chamber of horrifying human faces. Frozen by his horror, the Officer does not notice Meat Man come up behind him. Meat Man kills the officer by suffocating him with a black bag. Later that night he makes a sudden delivery to Mrs. Anderson. He learns the Officer is Mrs. Andersons husband. He does not like loose ends, takes out the black bag from his pocket. Cut to black. Synopsis Investor List

Investment Presentation

Transcript: Part 2 Q 5 5 selected mutual funds & Index Q5 Stock information Investor can get on website *Price Quotation *Past performance *Shares per lot *Transaction volume and value *Ratios for decision making Q5 Bank of America Corporation(BAC) 6b Guide Stone Funds Equity Index Fund Class GS4 (MUTF:GEQZX Industrial Analysis "WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Federal Reserve says its low interest-rate policies are still needed to invigorate a subpar U.S. economy.In a statement Wednesday after a policy meeting, the Fed said it would keep buying $85 billion a month in bonds to keep long-term rates low and encourage borrowing and spending.Yet the Fed seemed to signal that it thinks the economy is improving despite some recent weak data and uncertainties caused by the partial government shutdown.The Fed no longer expresses concern, as it did in September, that higher mortgage rates could hold back hiring and economic growth. And its statement makes no reference to the 16-day shutdown, which economists say has slowed growth this quarter.“;_ylt=AwrTWVVSPIpSqRsAdx.TmYlQ Fundamental Analysis Computation of Performance Statistics Chung Cho Man Edwin 12074346d Hau Sai Sing 12074887d Ho Ka Fai 12071452d Hui Chi Kit Anthony 12067347d Ng Yi Pan Tony 12074346d Siu Chun Wing 12075488d To Lai Sze Doris 12037654d 6b Guide Stone Funds Equity Index Fund Class GS4 (MUTF:GEQZX) Summary of result Part 1 Q 5b,6b Equations for Calculation Low interest-rate/ buying $85 billion a month in bonds 6b Guide Stone Funds Equity Index Fund Class GS4 (MUTF:GEQZX Part 1 Q 4 Market Stats and News Macroeconomics Analysis Quantitative Easing Policy 6b Ivy High Income Fund (WHIAX) Part 1 Q 3 News Examples News Performance Measures Investment Presentation

Investment Presentation

Transcript: %13.32879456 SYSTEM BOOT %54.56435541 %35.23423634 memory check... Treasury Bills Treasury Bills A treasury bill is a short term debt by the united states that lasts a little over a year. It's used as an IOU What is a Treasury Bill? A T-Bill is concidered risk free. They're backed by the government and are always paid back with interest. Risk (Risk Free) CUSTOM DESIGN Government Saving Bonds A government savings bonds is a bond from the US Department of Treasury that helps the government pay for its barrowed money. What is a government savings bond? This is considered in every situtation to be a low risk bond because it is backed by the full faith in credit of the government. High or Low risk Municipal Bonds 2 Message What is a Municipal Bond A municipal bond is a bond issued by the state or country. This is used to provide projects such as bridges and highways or even schools. They usally come from federal taxes used at the state and local level. What is a Municipal Bond Risk (low) A municipal bond can be risky when individuals drop out of their tax bracket, causing those who pay a lot of taxes to pay less, giving you less money overtime. It can also be risky when interest rates fall. These are less risky because they're provides by the state and the state is more reliable then a person. A state will always get their payments ontime where humans often make mistakes. Risk (low) Money Market Mutal Funds DATA What is a Money Market Mutual Fund? A Money Market Mutual Fund is a mutual fund but in the money market. This would include things such as CDs, Tresurary Bill and commercial paper. What is a Money Market Mutual Fund? High or Low risk In general just like every other mutual fund it is more low risk because the money is spread out and there are more people that are involved that just you. But it is also able to be of higher risk because the money is not government insured and if you invest more money into the same mutual fund there is a higher risk because of the amount of moeny. High or Low risk What is a bond? A bond is a type of investment used to loan money to companies or the government for a specific period of time. Over this time period, the loaner will earn interest MEDIA GALLERY Risk (Medium) Bonds can become risky when the bond when interest rates fall, causing your $1,000 to become $500. It can also be lowered when someone has their bond reinvested. It can come out lower. A call risk is when the holder reanlysis the data to determine how much the bond is worth now, instead of when it was first taken out. This can cause the coupon rate to be higher or lower. Overall, bonds vary on the company and what happens to the market overtime. They can turn out really good or really bad. Risk (Medium) Equities Equities Equity is all about assets. It is the amount of assets that you have within a company. These are your equity for that company. But you could have more equity in other companies as well. What is equity? This all depends on the type of company that you invest in for your equity. If the company is and has been stable that would make it a low risk investment. But if it is a new company or a company that is not as stable or diving into new territory would be a higher risk equity. High or Low risk 401(k) Plans What is a 401K? A 401K is a retirement saving plan that is given to an employee by an employer. It allows workers to save and invest a pice of their paycheck before taxes are taken out. What is a 401K? Risk? High or Low Risk 401K plans can be both high or low risk. This is because the plan is from the employer and it all depends on what they choose and if they make it of higher risk with a greater reward, or a low risk with a lower reward. High or Low Risk Cerificated of Deposit (CDs) INTRO SLIDE What is a Certificate of Deposit (CDs) A Certificate of Deposit is an investment that has a fix date of maturity and a fixed interest rate at which the money will grow. What is a Certificate of Deposit (CDs) High or Low risk This can be both high risk and low risk. This is dependent mianly on the size of the CD. If it is more on the small side this is a lower risk investment. If it is a bigger investment then it will be of a higher risk. High or Low risk Junk Bonds ZOOM A junk bond is a bond that's high risk. They have higher credit rates but a higher pay out in the end. It can be a company that could be huge or a company that fails What's a junk bond What's a junk bond Risk (High) A junk bond can either make you a ton of money or loose all your money. They have high credit rates but have high payouts. Risk (High) Category of Investments These are the types of investments that we see are of high, medium and low risk. Category of Investments The investments that we see as high risk are: Junk Bonds 401Ks' CDs These are of higher risk because Junk bonds could just turn to junk at any momment and because of this they are of high risk. 401Ks' can range but if you are looking to invest a lot of money this We

investment presentation template

Transcript: Presented by Brian Garbutt Senior Vice President Lee & Associates 23 Corporate Plaza Newport Beach, CA THANK YOU! Investment Sales Presentation OUR OFFICE Lee & Associates, Inc. - Irvine 9838 Research Drive Irvine, CA 92618 Our Experience TEAM 22 Years Experience Over $3 Billion in Commercial Transactions #1 Low Rise Broker in OC Our personal stall includes a full-time support team. Our team also includes: a full-time appearance coordinator, marketing department, and a junior broker dedicated to working on your property. Brian Garbutt Allen Basso Our Team OUR VISION… To provide the highest quality, most effective real estate services available in the industry. What Makes Us Different? 18 Years Experience Completed over $75M in transactions over the past 12 months Market Overview OFFERING Click to edit text COMPETITIVE BUILDINGS FOR SALE COMPETITIVE BUILDINGS FOR SALE 01. 02. 03. 2260 University Drive Newport Beach, CA 25,561 SF $15,250,000 $574/PSF 20151 Birch Street Newport Beach, CA 23,089 SF $8,900,000 $390/PSF 18071 Fitch Irvine, CA 25,125 SF $9,500,000 $378/PSF TENANT IDENTIFICATION TENANT IDENTIFICATION Attorneys Technology Firms Finance Companies Mortgage Companies Software Companies OWNER/USER $9,999,000 or $385 PSF INVESTOR Lease the building at $1.75 NNN, increasing NOI to $545,639, valuing the building at a 5% cap rate at $10,912.000. Cost to lease the building would be approximately $260,000 in Tenant Improvements and $90,000 in commissions Net asking price of $10,562,000 for approximate value between $10,000,000 and $10,500,000. MARKETING SUGGESTIONS Value SALES COMPARABLES Access To Capital CASH FLOW Timing March 31, 2019 Close of Escrow November 23 - December 1, 2018 Listing Signed Gather Information / Prepare Marketing Materials Distribute Information and Market Property January 1 - 14, 2019 Offers Due Counter Offers February 1, 2019 Open Escrow January 21 - 31, 2019 Best & Final Offers Negotiate Purchase & Sale Agreement Ten Reasons Top 10 Reasons to Hire Lee & Associates 1. Have sold more low-rise office buildings in Orange County than any other team. 2. Have an in-depth knowledge of the OC Market, the competing buildings and what makes Buyer’s choose one property over another. 10. Have an exclusive database of foreign and domestic buyers in exchanges. 7. Are market experts for this submarket focused solely on leasing and selling low rise office buildings. 4. Know how to sell the advantages of this submarket to get record pricing for properties. 6. Offer a full service team, from brokers to graphic artists. 5. Have set record comps for buildings sold numerous times in this submarket. 8. Will personally meet with prospective prospects thus overcoming any objections 9. My team is the #1 brokerage team in low rise office transactions in the Airport Area all firms. 3. Offer creative marketing, and will utilize local print and direct marketing to ensure exposure.

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