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Investment Opportunity Presentation Template

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Investment Opportunity

Transcript: Free annual "family" ACCI-CARE membership every year $ 4,635,125 Power of Free Membership Program $ 1,800,000 Total Expenses Yes $ 459,000 $ 408,000 $ 1,500,000 $ 900,000 Results in residual based commission income to every partner Roadside services Maximizes consumer market reach by connecting with partner's entire customer base Investment Options 5,000 1,500,0002,500,000 No $ 350,000 $ 200,000 $ 448,062 $ 650,170 $ 463,345 $ 284,000 $ 4,800 $ 5,229,245 $ 433,600 $ 240,000 $ 275,902 Ultimately... Mobile accident reporting services 5,500,000 No $ 7,500,000 Free membership in customer's hands automatically exceeds minimum requirement of 7 touch points for emotionally based buying decision Why Drivers Protection is Needed Traffic ticket appeal services 765,000 680,000 2,500,000 1,500,000 $ 60,000 $ 40,000 20% 18 Months Drivers' Protection Program Solution $ 1,800,000 $30,000,000 Expansion & Growth Opportunities Income: Minimum average of 500 free members per partner for first 3 years Interest from 3 MB companies - 868 employees Pro Forma Summaries Disrupts personal finances & overall quality of life 50,000 $ 3,000,000 $ 9,330,000 Partner Network 1,000 Success is not a matter of "IF"... it is simply a matter of "WHEN!" 75,000 $ 900,000 $ 3,586,241 ...initial focus on 11 "no fault" insurance states 500 Traffic ticket appeal services Regular Memberships: Business Development Strategy $ 2,111,577 190,000 185,000 940,000 788,000 7,650 6,800 25,000 15,000 15,000 Yes 10% Conversion Rate Four Partner Classifications: $15,000,000 Power marketing, advertising & promotion support 32.52% b. Memberships ...delivered through Allstate Motor Club Market Potential $ 3,129,164 Gross Profit Rate 125,000 Total Income General 20% Conversion Gross Profit Auto insurers: "Profits over people!" 2,500 $ 1,500,000 Every licensed driver... every business owner... every non-profit organization or association... are targets of our extensive business development strategies! No. of Members 300,000 AC Target 1% - Drivers b. Memberships $ 9,000,000 $18,000,000 Free 6 Month Membership Program 250,000 150,000 300,000500,000 Licensed Drivers Accident recovery services Expert ...Auto related businesses offering discounts & savings 21,000,000 23,460 Accident recovery services 30,000 a. Share purchase b. Initial payment c. Capital reserve d. Dividend & Profit Share ...Non auto related businesses offering discounts & savings Believe Protecting quality of life for Canadian Drivers ...ensures claimants receive complete benefits & money 55,860 1. Roadside emergencies 2. Auto accidents 3. Traffic tickets Free Memberships: $ 3,000,000 Capital investment required: $30,000 - $100,000 Expenses: $ 12,600,000 Services Provided Manitoba Sask Alberta BC Corporate Membership Program 25,000 $ 30,000 44.95% a. Capital contribution b. Capital reserve Interest rated. Payment schedule 250,000 $ 284,000 $ 4,800 $ 6,969,179 $ 558,600 $ 240,000 $ 362,899 35% $ 60,000 $ 40,000 Annual Senior Membership Program Yes 15,555,000 Expansion into US market $ 40,000 $ 20,000 20% 18 Months 575,000 495,000 1,560,000 712,000 Non Assoc Drivers More customers... more sales... more profits a. Partnerships b. Preferred Suppliers c. Memberships d. Registration Fees e. Social Media Ads f. GST 155,550 Other Prov No. Partners Tier 2 Program - expansion of benefits Fundraising Program $ 100,000 Expansion internationally Free 6 Month Membership Program through Partners 50,000 150,000 Yes $ 6,000,000 Roadside emergency services 3,497,000 Introduction $ 30,000 $ 0 20% 18 Months 500,000 ...Professionals who deliver core benefits & services 15,400,000 210,000 Gross Revenue $60 avge per Subtotal $ 3,600,000 $ 6,467,548 20% $ 40,000 $ 20,000 Annual $ 3,267,000 $ 650,400 $ 275,000 $ 1,045,849 $ 820,370 $ 794,622 44.54% Province 150,000250,000 A unique investment opportunity for visionaries! $ a. New website b. Membership cards & free membership packages c. Pre-purchase of memberships from Allstate Motor Club d. Social media development e. Base salary - 3 sales executives for 3 months 30,000 54,450 Car Care 12,058,000 Auto related problems when combined impact majority of drivers Auto Assoc ...Businesses not offering discounts & savings but embrace our vision & mission 10% Conversion Already 100 Partners & Preferred Suppliers in Manitoba alone No No No No No $ 837,900 $ 350,000 $ 1,393,836 $ 1,039,570 $ 1,013,819 Option "B" Projected minimum conversion rate is 10% based on strength of overall value proposition of Drivers' Protection Program Group Employee Membership Program Savings on on required goods & services through Preferred Suppliers $ 9,000,000 $ 1,017,587 $ 284,000 $ 4,800 $ 2,240,309 $ 233,600 $ 240,000 $ 126,455 Expert services either difficult to find or not affordable $ 60,000 Market Comparison $ $ $ $ 2,103,000 43,360 Increased market value of Partner's business ...ensures accident details are accurate a. Memberships ...income potential $15,000,000 New revenue stream - commission from

investment presentation template

Transcript: Presented by Brian Garbutt Senior Vice President Lee & Associates 23 Corporate Plaza Newport Beach, CA THANK YOU! Investment Sales Presentation OUR OFFICE Lee & Associates, Inc. - Irvine 9838 Research Drive Irvine, CA 92618 Our Experience TEAM 22 Years Experience Over $3 Billion in Commercial Transactions #1 Low Rise Broker in OC Our personal stall includes a full-time support team. Our team also includes: a full-time appearance coordinator, marketing department, and a junior broker dedicated to working on your property. Brian Garbutt Allen Basso Our Team OUR VISION… To provide the highest quality, most effective real estate services available in the industry. What Makes Us Different? 18 Years Experience Completed over $75M in transactions over the past 12 months Market Overview OFFERING Click to edit text COMPETITIVE BUILDINGS FOR SALE COMPETITIVE BUILDINGS FOR SALE 01. 02. 03. 2260 University Drive Newport Beach, CA 25,561 SF $15,250,000 $574/PSF 20151 Birch Street Newport Beach, CA 23,089 SF $8,900,000 $390/PSF 18071 Fitch Irvine, CA 25,125 SF $9,500,000 $378/PSF TENANT IDENTIFICATION TENANT IDENTIFICATION Attorneys Technology Firms Finance Companies Mortgage Companies Software Companies OWNER/USER $9,999,000 or $385 PSF INVESTOR Lease the building at $1.75 NNN, increasing NOI to $545,639, valuing the building at a 5% cap rate at $10,912.000. Cost to lease the building would be approximately $260,000 in Tenant Improvements and $90,000 in commissions Net asking price of $10,562,000 for approximate value between $10,000,000 and $10,500,000. MARKETING SUGGESTIONS Value SALES COMPARABLES Access To Capital CASH FLOW Timing March 31, 2019 Close of Escrow November 23 - December 1, 2018 Listing Signed Gather Information / Prepare Marketing Materials Distribute Information and Market Property January 1 - 14, 2019 Offers Due Counter Offers February 1, 2019 Open Escrow January 21 - 31, 2019 Best & Final Offers Negotiate Purchase & Sale Agreement Ten Reasons Top 10 Reasons to Hire Lee & Associates 1. Have sold more low-rise office buildings in Orange County than any other team. 2. Have an in-depth knowledge of the OC Market, the competing buildings and what makes Buyer’s choose one property over another. 10. Have an exclusive database of foreign and domestic buyers in exchanges. 7. Are market experts for this submarket focused solely on leasing and selling low rise office buildings. 4. Know how to sell the advantages of this submarket to get record pricing for properties. 6. Offer a full service team, from brokers to graphic artists. 5. Have set record comps for buildings sold numerous times in this submarket. 8. Will personally meet with prospective prospects thus overcoming any objections 9. My team is the #1 brokerage team in low rise office transactions in the Airport Area all firms. 3. Offer creative marketing, and will utilize local print and direct marketing to ensure exposure.


Transcript: “The customer need for our solution is immediate, pre-existing and growing. The opportunity comes from the well-defined problems with social networks and the need for a community of influential connectors that can easily share information about employers brands and jobs to in a more targeted way” - Kevin Neary, CEO PRODUCT OFFERING ReporterLink indicates that online advertising is worth €5b+ in the EU region IBISWorld research indicates that the EU online job advertising market is valued at €1b with 10% growth pa ADDRESSABLE MARKET: UK/IRL contact center industry job advertising is estimated at €24m; the Spanish speaking niche is valued at €2; the IRL market estimates for 2014 are €190k - Source: CCMA In 2014/2015 the addressable market is the UK/IRL contact center job advertising market CM has manually identified and validated a community of connectors in Spain that will receive targeted job advertising in 2014 Once a share of the Spanish market has been secured the concept will be extended to Italian, French, German and Scandinavian markets From 2016 the concept will be extended to target the ICT share of the €1b online job advertising market Parallel research into the wider pay-per-click advertising market will reveal what additional markets CM can exploit in the future Strong Management Team – experienced in managing start-ups. First mover advantage with niche offering to an addressable market. High Barriers to Entry – a unique network effect and algorithmic intellectual property. Go-to-Market flow and positioning to ensure scalability across Europe. Value Proposition i) highly networked professionals can join a community of connectors and receive recognition and rewards for their level of influence. ii) organizations can build communities of connectors and reach their target audiences with just two degrees of separation. Revenue – the platform has the potential to start generating revenues immediately.. The early years were dedicated to developing a product proof of concept The founders continue to invest in the business In 2013 Kevin Neary committed as full-time CEO and now leads a team of 11 full-time and part-time staff CORPORATE HIGHLIGHTS ONLINE IDENTIFICATION AND SOCIAL PLATFORM Management estimates that 15% of the world’s 250 million professional networkers have the attributes to be connectors. Connectors receive recognition and rewards for sharing information about employer brands and jobs Completed Beta testing with 2500 users. Resident company at NovaUCD and member of UCD CeADAR Bootstrapped. Founders invested €250k to date. Raising €750k from private investors. FUNDING The service was initially introduced to companies in Ireland/UK. Eircom and PixAlert engaged in pilots. The initial offering was a community of“connectors” - small niche recruiters in Europe. The pilots confirmed the value proposition that employers could reach candidates at scale in return for a success only fee of 5% of salary. The pilots confirmed that the connectors were satisfied with the process and rewards on offer. Feedback from these pilots plus interviews with all the beta customers confirmed that CM should change the profile of the connectors from agents - to professionals that manage user groups, specialist groups, and institutions – the pilots confirmed thatemployers need new direct channels and a move away from laborious tasks. Management also found that employers were willing to pay upfront fees to initially publish their jobs to communities of connectors. This means that CM can charge upfront fees and give employers the option of offering a small success only fee to boost the candidate response, if necessary. A white label software model is also being researched as a route to international expansion. LEADERSHIP John Lamphiere VP Sales at Facebook (Enterprise Ireland Mentor) Dr Eoin Brazil MongoDB. (Scientific Research Adviser) Dr Cody Mayo Project Manager – Enterprise Development - NovaUCD Eoghan O’Mahony Development Adviser - Enterprise Ireland In October 2013 the business was accepted as a resident company at the NovaUCD center for new ventures and entrepreneurs at University College Dublin. Ireland In 2014 CM was invited to become a member of UCD CeADAR (center for advanced data analytics research) INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Advisers and Enterprise Support INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS Kevin Neary (CEO) 15 years+ covering business development with Unisys partner; strategic resourcing with Vodafone andInformatica; general management with ICDS Group and senior management as founder and MD of recruitment firm SoftSkills. Carmel McLoughlin (COO) 15+ experience in financial and operations management. Interim financial controller and CFO to start-ups at NDRC, NovaUCD and Digital Hub. She also served as European Finance Manager for global company SFPE (SAPPI FINE PAPER EUROPE). Ustinovk Freites (eCommerce Manager) Experienced in digital business development including 3 yearsin e-business and e-commerce with global

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