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Conestoga Interior Design Portfolio

Transcript: My Portfolio Cover Sheet Cover Sheet Alexandria Oresti Student number: 8824479 Email: Phone number: 905-847-3717 Date of submission: February 1st Ownership: Declaration of ownership “I declare that the contents of this portfolio are my own work. I understand that any misrepresentation of material as my own will result in rejection of my application to Conestoga College’s Bachelor of Interior Design program.” Signed: Alexandria Oresti 3D Cottage Bunkie Object This is my culminating project, where I was able to make a 3D model of a cottage bunkie that I designed myself. I used cardboard and gorilla glue to put it all together. My favourite piece is the front window where the glass is in the shape of triangles and can move side to side to open them. Graphical Content Backyard Design Work This is a backyard that I designed myself through the program of Sketchup. I had a criteria that needed to be included, so the layout is very functional. My favourite piece is the fire pit because it is a unique design, where there is a lowered area around the fire pit for people to put their feet in and sit around the fire. Interior space I used paper, pencil and a ruler. I wanted to showcase my own living room but I put a spin on it by adding shelves instead of photo frames on both sides of the TV. Free hand Homework Essentials I was stressed while studying for my test and decided to take a break, so I drew what was around me in this type of placement in order to create a nice flow of each object. My Pieces Preliminary Drawing This was my thought process for my cottage bunkie and how I created the layout for it. The template was given to me and I drew my design with a ruler and pencil. Drafting Blue Sky Artwork I used acrylic paint and first started with the blue sky. I did not know what I wanted to create so as i was painting more ideas came to mind and the end result was this. My Essay I am interested in interior design because I love the idea of remodelling, and making something old turn into something new again. Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed playing the online home renovation games and watched HGTV, mainly Flip or Flop or Sarah Off The Grid, as they were my favourite. Having this interest when I was young carried into my highschool years and made me realise my true passion for designing homes. Walking into a house with just the exterior is like having a blank canvas in front of you. It gives me the opportunity to show the endless possibilities of my creativity and interpretation of what the layout could be. I love the thought of walking into a home that needs to be renovated and thinking, “What do I have to do in order for this to become a space in which someone will be happy to live in?” Then I would try to plan the functionality of everything, the colour scheme, and detailed work that would be put into the home. I always loved the idea of renovating homes, which is what first started my interest and passion for this industry. In high school, I took a course called Technological Design and I was able to design my own layout for a backyard, and the interior of a cottage bunkie. I learned how to draw preliminary and final drawings, plus use software programs like Sketchup and Autocad to create my backyard and draft the layout of my bunkie. This course made me realise I not only have an interest in designing, but also an eye for it. I am very excited to learn about all the aspects of interior design, and I am determined to work on any project that is given to me. This Bachelor of Interior Design program will provide me with the knowledge I require, and strengthen my capabilities in order for me to reach my goals in becoming a designer. Whether that will be residential, commercial, or wherever else this industry could lead me to. I believe that the reputation that Conestoga has created for itself is unlike any other. Not only has it made me interested in this program but it has also given me the desire to be a part of this wonderful community. My Statement


Transcript: JONES RESIDENCE is a single family home consisting of a main floor and an undeveloped basement. These drawings were created using AutoCAD. OBJECTIVE: To showcase an understanding of construction drawing and details for a residential project using common drafting standards. Create a building section based on the floor plan and exterior elevations from the floor plan to show the final appearance of the house including materials, height dimensions and labeling. CONCEPTS AND SKILLS UTILIZED FOR PROJECT: Understand the intent and content of interior design drawings & documents. Apply door, frame, and wall types for interior applications. Apply the standards and conventions for interior construction drawings. Coordinate required plans, elevations, sections, details and specifications for an interior project. Demonstrate the representation of new and existing requirements for construction documents. CEILING ELEVATIONS FLOOR PLAN RESTAURANT PROJECT WILDROSE COMMUNITY CENTER is located on the main floor of a two story building. The community center shares a common lobby with an elevator, main entrance and fire exits with the above tenants. OBJECTIVES: To design a community center that makes people feel welcome and to establish a feeling of connectivity between people and the physical elements. Apply Alberta Building Code and Universal Design. Create a concept statement, floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, elevations, perspectives, material finish samples and renderings. This was an individual project. Drawings and renderings produced in Sketchup. WEIGHTS & HEIGHT AREA CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA MAIN FLOOR PLAN SOLTICE HOTEL is a small hotel for business travellers. The client would like a preliminary plan of the main floor- including the lobby, offices and a small bar/café and one typical floor of suites. OBJECTIVES: To create and present a small hotel design solution that is modern, efficient, open, cheerful, and easily maintained for business travellers to feel comfortable in. Create and present a professionally developed colour board that represents the colours, finishes and materials for an interior space. Prepare rendered presentation drawings to be used on a presentation board BUILDING SECTION HAND RENDERING OF HOTEL JUNIOR SUITE LARGE DINING AREA BAR AREA CORPORATE THINK DESIGNS FLOOR PLAN RETAIL STORE RECEPTION AREA WINDOW VIEW AT CORRIDOR PERIMETER MOTHERBOARD COMPUTING is a computer store located in downtown Edmonton, AB consisting of 2,588 square feet of lease space. The primary service offering is installing and repairing software. The product line consists of laptops, tablets, gaming laptops and some accessories. The marketing hook is a virtual reality lounge area, with the intent of attracting customers to the store and creating an experience within the store. This was a collaborative group project designed for a specific client. The client is a group of students from the School of Business at N.A.I.T. Information was obtained about the client’s space and key desired requirements. The client wanted a space that was clean & simple, for the product to speak for itself, and for the space to be comfortable, bright and inviting. Key areas of involvement in this project consisted of researching a similar store, developing the floor plan layout, preparing the reflected ceiling plan and assisting with the selection of material finishes. OBJECTIVES: Floor Plan labeled with merchandise zones and rendered Storefront Elevation Perspectives of interior, fully rendered to showcase design including merchandise Samples of all finishes, millwork, and furnishings Store Name and Signature / Logo HUB AREA ADJACENCY MATRIX THINK DESIGN is a partnership of advertising professionals is forming a new company and consolidating its team. They have decided that most of their office functions could be best served with an open office environment. In consideration of their anticipated growth, they have decided that they need an environment in which positions can be added with furnishings (workstations) that are easily and quickly reconfigured. In addition to offices and workstations, they will require several areas for private meetings with clients, open areas for team sessions, and other collaborative functions. OBJECTIVES: Design process to include: adjacency matrix, user analysis, bubble diagram, three schematic plans and two floor plan options. Use systems furniture that ties into the concept of the firm, which is trendy, hip and modern. CONCEPTS AND SKILLS UTILIZED FOR PROJECT: Mapping out adjacencies Creating a user analysis document to identify job functions and possible modular/systems furnishings, data and media requirements. Thinking outside the box of traditional office set ups and incorporating modular furniture to create more collaborative and open spaces. RENDERED FLOOR PLAN AND ELEVATIONS AND MATERIAL FINISHES RENDERED INTERIOR PERSPECTIVES AND MATERIAL FINISHES PRELIMINARY FLOOR PLAN #1 PRELIMINARY FLOOR PLAN #2 SCHEMATIC

Interior Design Portfolio

Transcript: is random & flowing/you can find in nature - in plants, stones, & wood .it gives a room a natural feeling . these flowers are found in natuRE . a well spaced area has enough things in the room but not to much . there is enough room to comfortably move around . these two rooms are well spaced. they are nicely set up without having to many things . Low Mass havng a smooth , soft feeling . it gives a comfortable strong feeling to a room the 2 pictures below are smoothh texture . Diagonal Lines Geometric Form realistic form is a something that is lifelike & familiar . when added to a room it gives a the room a real feeling . the pictures of beyonce & rihanna look like its really them but its actually wax Abstract Form Interior Design Portfolio Rough Texture Horizontal Lines vertical lines are lines that are perpendicular to the ground. they cause you to look up & down . when added to a design they make a room look longer & gives it height. the two pictures below have vertical lines on the way wall. they are perpendicular to the ground , gives the froom height . Vertical Lines Well Spaced Space Crowded space High mass Free Form an abstract form is a form that rearranges / stylizes an object to a more recongnizable . when added to a room its just a nice piece of art. the pictures below appear to me lines but one is a face & one is instruments. geometric form uses shapes to make a form , like this circle & hectogone picture below Curved lines curved lines that begin to turn or are part of a cirlce. when added to a room it gives it a different type of shape & takes up some space. the two pictures below are examples of curved below ! diagonal lines are lines that are on an angle between a vertical or horizontal .when added to a room they evelate things & are used for going up & down things . the stair case and the building has vertical lines . refers to a space that is simple a square . a dance room & hotography studio is a perfect example . its not much in these spaces , they are simple and square refers to the space around a given area. it makes a room look cluttered & messy. this party & concert is a crowed space . there is little to no space to move around. horizontal lines are parallel to the ground. they make a room look longer & wider. the . the rug in the pictur below has parallel lines , which makes the ground look wider. the picture on the left , has a picture behind the bed that is parrllel to the ground. Realistic Form refers to a space that is visually crowded . it has alot of things in this area,which makes to room look cluttered . Smooth texture By : Akai Johnson they are dont have very pleasant feelings , they arent soft / smooth . the carpet & the brick wall is behaving.

Interior Design Portfolio

Transcript: 1 - Avocado - watercolour 2 - Models - collage 3 - Pen and Ink 4 - Female nude - dry pastels 3 1 2 Designing an ideal ‘city pad’ for a professional couple. 1 Design a living environment for older people that surpasses conventional expectations. Design something to help a person growing older in the home they made and know. 2 3D Max Visuals Riverside building, Manchester 4 Urban Folly The design uses no more than three, typical structural detail throughout. Set design model Model 1: describes one of these positive moods - elated; sensual; mystical Model 2: describes one of these negative moods- stifling; disquieting; apprehensive Technical aspects of drawing 3 3d furniture models Welcome to my virtual portfolio gallery. Zoom in to the pictures frames and arrows and you will find out more! A planed story of the object that is recorded in a series of photos. Check my blog Sketching and rendering interior space, I.Drpic T Mobile Desk design T-shirt design Model 1: describes one of these positive moods - elated; sensual; mystical Model 2: describes one of these negative moods- stifling; disquieting; apprehensive EXPLORING MOOD AND FORM 3D Max Budenberg building, Manchester Tv set design - reality show, called ''Trapped'' Inspiration: Yayoi Kusama - work of Japanese artist concerns many themes, all share an obsession with repetition, pattern, and accumulation. Result: The primary motif of the design is a repetitive pattern of polka-dots and elements such as beehive forms. The mirror floor reflects ubiquitous polka dots creating seemingly endless spaces. Lack of right angles enhances this effect making people inside feeling insecure, trapped and dizzy. Exterior construction of the tv set resembles an external structure of beehive. 1 - video with Y.Kusama's work 2 - presentation boards of the set design 3 - model of the set design Barbara Postol

Interior Design Portfolio

Transcript: Ayana Cannon Cultural Project Small Room Floor Plan Ayana Cannon 9108 Fawn Hill Ct., Raleigh, NC 27617 919-961-7429 PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT Babysitting. Communication Responsibility Respect PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Babysitting Babysitter 2012 – Present Responsibilities: Feeding the Children (two in one household, three in the other) Helping the children with homework Entertaining the children Stopping the children from fighting Mime Mimer 2013 – Present Responsibilities: Suggesting ideas for movements and song edits Teaching the kids the movements Helping the kids come up with their solos EDUCATION Panther Creek High School, Raleigh, NC 3.75 GPA Junior Honors Courses 2012-2016 A/B Honor Roll Clubs: Gay-Straight Alliance, Thespian Society B in English Universal Design Bathroom Remodel FCCLA Design Board Reflection A House is a Home Introduction Interior Design Portfolio Housing Styles 1. Test Room- ID 1 2. Universal Design Bathroom Remodel- ID 1 3-4. Small Room Project- ID 1 5. A House is a Home- ID 1 6. Fabric-based Room Design- ID 2 7-8. Cultural Project (Japan)- ID 2 9. House Styles Project (Federal)- ID 2 10-12. FCCLA Star Project FCCLA Design Board Small Room Project My name is Ayana Cannon. I'm an 11-grader who enjoys reading, listening to music, acting, photography, using different voices and occasionally drawing. My design style can be very basic a lot of times, and can lack creativity. Interior Design 1 and 2 have helped me broaden my creative abilities. When I design something, I try to think of the individual and what they want, what they need, and what would made the design special or personal to them. Table of Contents Interior Design 2 Panther Creek High School 1/7/15 FCCLA Design Board Room Design Homestyler Tester Room This semester in Interior Design 2, I learned how to use SketchUp to create homes, windows, tables, etc. and think I have improved greatly throughout the course. One thing, however, that has not improved much is my time management. I still end up doing the important parts of a project the night before it's due, causing sloppiness, and lateness. I personally don't think my creativity has grown very much, so I hope that it will grow in the future. I would love to be able to make people happy with my designs, even if I don't become a professional.

Interior Design Portfolio

Transcript: Interior Design Portfolio Lily Bledsole Douglas Byrd Highschool Personal Bio Personal Bio My name is Lily Bledsole. Im currently a full-time student at Douglas Byrd Senior High School with a 2.9 gpa. I have passed and excelled in the previous Interior Design Fundamentals class, and I am currently on the course to take the Interiour Design credential test at the end of this semester. I also plan to attend a community college for my general education and transfer to a four-year college of my choice to pursue a degree in architecture. More about Me My short-term goals are to graduate highschool with a 3.0 gpa and experience new opportunities that help propell me into a successful and fulfilled lifestyle. My long-term goals are to experience a life of traveling d feel secure in a career of my choice. My proudest achievement so far in my life was when I decided to pursue a life of spirituality and self love. Bio Client Summary Client Profile My client is a female in their ealry 40's in a house of three and a dog. Their style of choice is Mid-Century Modern, and their main colour palette are neautrals, with accented green and orange. Their fabric choices are leather, wood, and velvet. Summary cont. Client Portfolio This family of three entertains small numbers of guests periodically, so they'd like an open living room with extra seating. They enjoy arts and crafts so a coffee table, and other storage spaces, as well as tasked lighting are a must-have. Mid-Century Modern: History Archetectural Style Visual Mid-Century Modern is a mix of the US High Prairie Style and the German Bauhaus Style. The style we know today were brought to the US by German architects fleeing Nazi Germany during WWII. Famous architects during this time were Frank Lloyd Wright, who was the “face” of modern design, Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and lastly, Walter Gropius. Architectural Features There are THREE styles - Contemporary - International - Organic Contemporary style was the most popular one of the three. It focused on floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed beams, and natural/organic materials, including brick, stone, and wood. International style were simple-feeling, with no decorations and were made with concrete or stucco. Organic styles primary objective was to infuse the natural elements and surroundings within the house. This means an Organic Style Mid Century Modern house would look different in different biomes, ex. Desert v. forest. This style included houses using more organic shapes and lines, instead of sharp and right angles. Architectural Style Picture Furnishing Plan Furnishing Design Plan A Furnishing Plan is all about chosing pieces of furniture that are cohesive to each other, and to the client's profile. For this plan I've chosen pieces that compliment the color palette (accented neutrals), and fabric palette (wood, velvet, and leather) Design Schematic Board Design Schemantic Board Furniture Selections This chair was the first piece chosen by the client and from there I chose furniture that matched this chair specifically. Leather couches are great for pets because they're easy to clean. The beige fabric compliments the other pieces in the room as well as the overall aesthetic. The dark wood adds a contrast to the couch and chair, and this will hold the TV and double as storage for any electronics. Furnishing Plan Specifications These pieces in total cost 1,361.71. The chair is 314.99. The couch is 546.73, and the entertainment center is 499.99. Lighting Plan A lighting plan is similar to the furnishing plan, where light fixtures and bulbs are carefully chosen for each individual space. Lighting plans are very important because they determine the 'mood' of the spaces you're creating. There are four basic types of light bulbs; soft white, warm white, bright white, and daylight. Lighting Plan The Plan For this plan the specification list is rather small. three fans, a tweleve pack of six inch recessed lighting for the home, and lastly two twelve inch recessed lights. This totals $878.87 Lighting Plan Accessories Plan An Accessories Plan is simply a plan that enhances a room design. For this client, i've chosen a few accessories for the livng room entry table, which includes a lamp, basket, and decorative bowl to hold small items. Accessories Plan Accessories the small bowl(s) can hold keys, extra jewlery, and other small items to be easily accessable when exiting or entering the home The basket will be placed under the table to provide extra storage. The lamp is used for lighting if needed and extra decoration. Unviversal Design Universal Design is a Design Plan that specializes in creating an alternate design for those with immobility concerns. Universal Design In this example, the red ink symbolizes altered design ideas. Specification List Hand rails are to grab onto when entering and exiting the bed, toilet, and shower. Specifications A lower bedframe for easy transfer from wheelchair/cane, etc. Sit-in

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