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Transcript: Established in the year 1999 Executed 50+ Organization wide Culture Building Projects, 200+ Clients across 8 countries Facilitated Earn & Learn Model , Self Managed Team for 20+ Clients We have conducted assessments for 12,000+ Employees across functions 100+ consultants with domain experience 1st Indian company to build customized “Technical Competency Dictionaries” with Global Standards Plot No. 19, Singaravellan Nagar, 1st street,Near Maduravoyal Market Stop, Maduravoyal,Chennai - 600095. Land Line : +91 44 4900 6000. Mobile : +918754548344, +918754544017 Mail to : Website : An interactive whiteboard is a touch-sensitive board that works in conjunction with a computer and a projector Pupil can enjoy learning as the subjects would come alive & bring reality to the classroom Increases the level of pupil's involvement & engagement in learning activities Enables teachers to access multimedia resources It will be organized,typed and visually pleasing & helps pupil to understand the material as it is presented Fosters a sense of community and creates a cooperative learning environment CEO INFOTECH Pvt.Ltd Key Features Frame - Aluminum Alloy Anodized/Powder Coated Connection - USB Port 2.0 Cursor Speed - 100 - 120 FPS Surface Features - Low Reflection, Anti Scratch Fire & Scratch Proof ceramic steel surface Touch Point - Multi touch point board Since its manufactured in india 24/7 support will be provided Optical Sensing Technology is used No External Power is required Diagnostic Tool for checking errors N-number of files can be stored and retrieved Supports all types of files It works in Windows,Android & Linux 9 point calibration for higher accuracy About Interactive Whiteboard Students & Teacher Benefits Technical Benefits About CEO David Martin & Nancy Knowlton founders of Smart technologies created the first interactive whiteboard in 1991 Interactive Whiteboards are used in more than 1.6 million K12 classrooms, by more than 40 million students around the world. The Smart Board 800 series interactive whiteboard introduced a 'flick and scroll' feature In December 2010, Smart introduced the lower cost Smart Board 400 series interactive whiteboard. Reach us @: INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD "Enable fingers for learning"

Interactive Whiteboard

Transcript: Brands & Styles Developed in 1990 by Xerox Parc. Intel starting funding a program for interactive whiteboards in 1992. 2001 eInstruction released the first fully mobile whiteboard. 2009 eInstruction made mini boards and remotes that connect to the larger boards. More interesting More study/learning games available More hands on opportunities Easy access to videos and searching for information Interactive Projector Boards Interactive Whiteboard Promethean Planet Professors, Teachers, & Students News Reporters Sports Reporters Businesses Needed Equipment Touch sensitive Board ActivBoard Touch, ActivBoard 300 Pro, and ActivBoard 500 Pro by: Promethean 885ix2 by: SMART Board Interactive Slates by: Dell EyeRIS Interactive Whiteboard by: Cybernetyx Products Uses Types of Whiteboards Board with a touch sensitive surface Stylus Projector Computer Stand or Mount (depending on if its going to be mobile or on the wall) History People Promethean Boards Maxim is "The World's Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community" Find presentations on the site Advantages for Students Stylus (not all boards require a stylus, but they tend to be more accurate on the boards then a finger) Projector (needed to produce the picture on the screens) Advantages for Teachers Credits To play presentation/movies As an advances chalkboard/whiteboard To play learning games on A bigger screen for a computer Improves keeping students attention in class Uses multiple learning styles Studies have show more people participate in class if they get to use the Interactive Whiteboard Johnson By: Amber Who Uses Whiteboards? Tools

Interactive WhiteBoard

Transcript: A collection of data that is stored in a computer system Allow users to enter, organize, access, manipulate and analyze data quickly and easily MS ACCESS a database creation and management program part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications that includes Word, Outlook and Excel, among others. Access is also available for purchase as a stand-alone product. used for both small and large database deployments due to its easy-to-use graphical interface, as well as its interoperability with other applications & platforms such as SQL and Visual Basic Tables store data Queries organize data Forms display data on screen Reports print out data Table can recognize what a human can: If the same words appear in multiple lists, they refer to the same thing allows you to enter, search for, and analyze data in more than one table at a time. All of these things would be difficult to accomplish in Excel, but in Access even complicated tasks can be simplified and made fairly user friendly. an object used to store data in your MS Access database in Access, all data is stored in one or more tables, which puts tables at the heart of any database organized into vertical columns and horizontal rows Queries Relational Database a way of searching for and compiling data from one or more tables is like asking a detailed question of your database are far more powerful than the simple searches you might carry out within a table, and they can be saved for future searching use Objects in an Access database Why use a database? What is a database? Rows and columns are referred to as records and fields. Every piece of information within a field is of the same type. A record is a group of information that are relevant to a specific entity. Tables Access is far stronger at handling non-numerical data, like names & descriptions. Non-numerical data plays a significant role in almost any database, and it's important to be able to sort & analyze it. The thing that really sets databases apart from any other is connectivity. We call a database in Access a relational database, that is, it understands how lists & the objects within them relate to one another. MiCROSOFT ACCESS

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