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Transcript: Established in the year 1999 Executed 50+ Organization wide Culture Building Projects, 200+ Clients across 8 countries Facilitated Earn & Learn Model , Self Managed Team for 20+ Clients We have conducted assessments for 12,000+ Employees across functions 100+ consultants with domain experience 1st Indian company to build customized “Technical Competency Dictionaries” with Global Standards Plot No. 19, Singaravellan Nagar, 1st street,Near Maduravoyal Market Stop, Maduravoyal,Chennai - 600095. Land Line : +91 44 4900 6000. Mobile : +918754548344, +918754544017 Mail to : Website : An interactive whiteboard is a touch-sensitive board that works in conjunction with a computer and a projector Pupil can enjoy learning as the subjects would come alive & bring reality to the classroom Increases the level of pupil's involvement & engagement in learning activities Enables teachers to access multimedia resources It will be organized,typed and visually pleasing & helps pupil to understand the material as it is presented Fosters a sense of community and creates a cooperative learning environment CEO INFOTECH Pvt.Ltd Key Features Frame - Aluminum Alloy Anodized/Powder Coated Connection - USB Port 2.0 Cursor Speed - 100 - 120 FPS Surface Features - Low Reflection, Anti Scratch Fire & Scratch Proof ceramic steel surface Touch Point - Multi touch point board Since its manufactured in india 24/7 support will be provided Optical Sensing Technology is used No External Power is required Diagnostic Tool for checking errors N-number of files can be stored and retrieved Supports all types of files It works in Windows,Android & Linux 9 point calibration for higher accuracy About Interactive Whiteboard Students & Teacher Benefits Technical Benefits About CEO David Martin & Nancy Knowlton founders of Smart technologies created the first interactive whiteboard in 1991 Interactive Whiteboards are used in more than 1.6 million K12 classrooms, by more than 40 million students around the world. The Smart Board 800 series interactive whiteboard introduced a 'flick and scroll' feature In December 2010, Smart introduced the lower cost Smart Board 400 series interactive whiteboard. Reach us @: INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD "Enable fingers for learning"

Interactive Whiteboard

Transcript: ed305 Interactive Whiteboards Definition Definition A large interactive display mimicing a whiteboard This comes in several different models: 6000 series, 7000 series, MX series, and 2000 series. SmartBoard SmartBoard 6 point touch system that allows for multiple users. System comes with ActivInspire software, a great tool for educators. Promethean Promethean Interactive Whiteboards can be some of the most useful tools available in modern day education. There is a huge variety of ways to implement this technology into the everyday classroom. The benefits of the interactive whiteboard technology are endless. By using these practices, the students will have increased focus, attention span, creativity, and brainstorming ability. Best Practices Best Practices This type of practice is one of the most effective, in terms of collaboration, social skill development, and enhancing information-retainment. Interactive whiteboards have activities for the group setting in abundance. Group Interaction Group Interaction Test review games are some of the most effective practices that can be used by an interactive whiteboard. Chidren will retain the information much easier if studying for a test is done through a game. There are a huge amount of educational websites that have these activities that can be used on the interactive whiteboard Review Games Review Games The ability these lessons have to reinforce key concepts are second-to-none. Through the use of unique videos, photos, and other activities, the senses are stimulated throughout the learning experience like never before in the educational setting. Web-Based Lessons Web-Based Lessons Examples of Group Interaction, review games, and web-based lessons examples An example of Group Interaction through an interactive whiteboard is using classroom clickers. These can be used fer pre- and post-testing, pop quizzes, or they can be used in a station setting. Group Interaction Group Interaction An example of a review game could be using the interactive whiteboards to play Jeopardy! Having a test review through this method will increase the retainment of test information Review Games Review Game There are an endless amount of websites with lessons that can be completed with the interactive whiteboard. Some of these include: These websites have lessons of all subject areas. Web-based Lessons Web-Based Lessons

Interactive Whiteboard

Transcript: Brands & Styles Developed in 1990 by Xerox Parc. Intel starting funding a program for interactive whiteboards in 1992. 2001 eInstruction released the first fully mobile whiteboard. 2009 eInstruction made mini boards and remotes that connect to the larger boards. More interesting More study/learning games available More hands on opportunities Easy access to videos and searching for information Interactive Projector Boards Interactive Whiteboard Promethean Planet Professors, Teachers, & Students News Reporters Sports Reporters Businesses Needed Equipment Touch sensitive Board ActivBoard Touch, ActivBoard 300 Pro, and ActivBoard 500 Pro by: Promethean 885ix2 by: SMART Board Interactive Slates by: Dell EyeRIS Interactive Whiteboard by: Cybernetyx Products Uses Types of Whiteboards Board with a touch sensitive surface Stylus Projector Computer Stand or Mount (depending on if its going to be mobile or on the wall) History People Promethean Boards Maxim is "The World's Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community" Find presentations on the site Advantages for Students Stylus (not all boards require a stylus, but they tend to be more accurate on the boards then a finger) Projector (needed to produce the picture on the screens) Advantages for Teachers Credits To play presentation/movies As an advances chalkboard/whiteboard To play learning games on A bigger screen for a computer Improves keeping students attention in class Uses multiple learning styles Studies have show more people participate in class if they get to use the Interactive Whiteboard Johnson By: Amber Who Uses Whiteboards? Tools

Interactive Whiteboard

Transcript: SMARTBoards Interactive Whiteboard What are SMARTboards? A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that is receptive to touch, which allows you to write and move things around. SMART Boards work by connecting to a PC via an HDMI cable. The SMART Board displays what's on the computer and allows you to see what's on the board. Advantages of Having a SMARTboard Advantages Advantage #1 SMARTboards are user friendly Although teachers who are used to traditional modes of classroom equipment would prefer a regular whiteboard, the SMART board is easy-to-use and would be very beneficial to the classroom. SMARTboards are environmentally friendly Advantage #2 SMARTboards eliminate the accumulation of markers and even paper. Students can perform work on the SMARTboard instead of on paper. SMARTboards are fun for students Advantage #3 SMARTboards are perfect for students because of their ability to be interactive. Students will also be more engaged and recall lessons if they are interactive. Disadvantage of SMARTboards Disadvantages SMARTboards are expensive Disadvantage #1 Although SMARTboards are very beneficial to teachers, they arent the most affordable piece of equipment. If the school doesn't have the appropriate funding, then classrooms can't get SMARTboards. Costly Repair Disadvantage #2 The SMARTboards themselves are already expensive. As soon one breaks or messes up, it costs just as much to repair. Technical Issues Disadvantage #3 Like most technology, SMARTboards are bound to have some issues. For example, the pen could lose battery or the board could be uncallibrated. Smart-boards are an asset in many different professional settings Smartboard's in work setting Using Smartboards in the workplace Workplace Used for making Team Meetings more productive. Example 1 Interactive SMARTboards help everyone stay on task so they can make decisions faster. With interactive SMARTboards, employees are able to focus on brainstorming instead of taking notes. SMARTboards allow creativity Interactive whiteboards invite experimentation and playfulness—and that’s where some of the best ideas come from. Example 2 SMARTboards allow heightened conversation Interactive whiteboards for business allow you to extend this power to outside parties, further strengthening client relationships and improving client satisfaction. Example 3 Using SMARTboards in the classroom Classroom They allow for interactive learning Interactive whiteboards are perfect for children to interact with the learning material. They can interact by touching, drawing, or writing on the board. Example 1 Teachers benefit just as much as students SMARTboards allow teachers to write directly on it without the worries of dried out markers and stained whiteboards. Example 2

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