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Interactive Whiteboard Powerpoint Template

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Interactive Whiteboard

Transcript: Brands & Styles Developed in 1990 by Xerox Parc. Intel starting funding a program for interactive whiteboards in 1992. 2001 eInstruction released the first fully mobile whiteboard. 2009 eInstruction made mini boards and remotes that connect to the larger boards. More interesting More study/learning games available More hands on opportunities Easy access to videos and searching for information Interactive Projector Boards Interactive Whiteboard Promethean Planet Professors, Teachers, & Students News Reporters Sports Reporters Businesses Needed Equipment Touch sensitive Board ActivBoard Touch, ActivBoard 300 Pro, and ActivBoard 500 Pro by: Promethean 885ix2 by: SMART Board Interactive Slates by: Dell EyeRIS Interactive Whiteboard by: Cybernetyx Products Uses Types of Whiteboards Board with a touch sensitive surface Stylus Projector Computer Stand or Mount (depending on if its going to be mobile or on the wall) History People Promethean Boards Maxim is "The World's Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community" Find presentations on the site Advantages for Students Stylus (not all boards require a stylus, but they tend to be more accurate on the boards then a finger) Projector (needed to produce the picture on the screens) Advantages for Teachers Credits To play presentation/movies As an advances chalkboard/whiteboard To play learning games on A bigger screen for a computer Improves keeping students attention in class Uses multiple learning styles Studies have show more people participate in class if they get to use the Interactive Whiteboard Johnson By: Amber Who Uses Whiteboards? Tools

Interactive Whiteboard

Transcript: Features As teachers and students interact with the board using a pen, finger or other device, the action is transmitted to the computer and displayed on the board by a projector. Additional user-controlled devices that communicate with the board can be added, such as voting or wireless slates that enable every learner to actively participate. The Interactive Whiteboard is a great example of the various uses of computers in our daily lives. The evolution of technology has contributed one of its greatest invention to solve problem in distance education for the field teaching and learning. 1991 Numonics established the first pen-centric interactive whiteboard History of the IWB JUSTIN ANTHONY MUHAMMAD SYAM MALIK BIN MUHAMMAD NAIM Electro‐Magnetic pick‐up Digital Projector SMART Technologies produced IWB's with rear projection Promethean designed the world's first environmentally certified and low interactive whiteboard Recording software had been developed. There are several flaws causes by using our traditional whiteboard that contribute difficulties to student in understanding what their teachers were teaching. Wirelessly enabled ‘tablets’ or ‘slates’ infra‐red scanning Encourages teamwork— students work together to solve problems or outline ideas. Builds confidence— students feel more comfortable in front of the class by working alongside a peer or receiving immediate teacher guidance. Stimulates critical thinking— makes it possible for students to respond to each other immediately. Develops social interaction and oral communication skills— an ideal forum for side-by-side demonstrations of two points of view. Students identify where their ideas overlap promoting the development of effective communication skills. Open a whole-classroom dialog— encourages students to engage, interact with and contribute to lessons, resulting in stimulating discussions and lively, insightful debates. World's First SMART Board was introduced. JOHAN ISKANDAR BIN SUKAINI 1992 2001 ^.^ Conclusion ^.^ The Cost of IWB The pens used with them emit a small magnetic field, which the board detects on pen impact or movement, and this information is then used as input to the computer running the interactive whiteboard software. David Martin AKMAL HAKIM BIN SHAMSUDIN Made from soft flexible vinyl and rigid back board create a touch sensitive membrane. This is used to detect pressure applied to it for example the marker pen. AHMAD HAZIQ ASHROFIE BIN HANAFI What is an Interactive Whiteboard? These scanning devices are light and portable and can be used with different types and sizes of ordinary whiteboards.Tracking of colour and patterns is based upon using special encoded pens, each of which has a uniquely encoded reflective collar that the board uses to identify its colour and position. Teacher -Some teacher finds it hard to draw and sketches 1994 Nancy Knowlton Therefore, the interactive whiteboard is needed in aiding these flaws. Creator Effects on Society ^.^ Interaction with the large screen image is done using the wireless mouse from anywhere within the classroom, and by pupils as well as teachers Effects on Students There are two founders for the SMART Technologies Company. David Martin, who is the Co-founder, Director, chairman and was a CEO of this company. Nancy Knowlton who is also a co-founder, Director, vice-chair and was and a CEO. These two individuals founded SMART technologies in 1987. They are creative, smart, and technological to build technology that helps students all around the world to increase their learning skills and achieve their goals in life. -Ability to interact with projected content. -DViT (Digital Vision Touch) -dual touch collaboration -seamless interaction -Intuitive control -freestyle interaction An interactive whiteboard is a presentation device that connects to a computer and projector. Unlike a projection screen, the interactive whiteboard is ‘active’. Conclusion Function The tablet or slate can be passed among the students and teachers can, themselves, interact with the tablet from anywhere in the classroom, including from the back of the classroom. The tablet can also be used by pupils from their desks, or be passed around, without having to be ‘up at the board’ The Smart Board has majorly effected the economy that we have now because students all have problems with something in school and the Smart Board increases their learning skills and other types of skills in school and the Smart Board helps kids achieve their goals, even mine. Education Technology Interactive Whiteboard Student -Some cannot understand their teachers’ handwriting Resistive Membrane How interactive whiteboard makes existing technologies better? 2009 The Smart Board that Smart technologies has built has helped children learn more than they used to and a lot faster than they used to learn. The Smart Board has raised the level of student engagement, motivates students and promotes enthusiasm for learning. The students in the

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