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Interactive Map

Transcript: By: Morgan Woyce Interactive Map War In Afghanistan War in Afghanistan Facts -The Afghanistan War began in 2001 and is still happening today -George W. Bush and all of the following presidents of the United States are involved in this war and the Taliban is also apart of this war -This war began because the US wanted to find Al Qaeda because of what they did during 9/11, the US also found out that the Taliban was hiding Al Qaeda in Afghanistan -This war is still in progress today -The US continues to be involved in Afghanistan supporting and training law enforcement officials and the military to ensure that the Taliban and Al Qaeda do not regain control over the region Relationships -The United States still has troops in Afghanistan -The United States has help from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany -In this war the United States is fighting against Al Qaeda and the Taliban Persian Gulf War The Persian Gulf War Facts -The Persian Gulf War began in In 1990 and ended in 1991 -During this time George H.W. Bush was the president of the United States, and Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq -The cause of the Persian Gulf War is when Iraq invaded Kuwait -Another name for the Persian Gulf War is Operation Desert Storm/Shield/Sabre -The United States was involved in the Persian Gulf War because the Unites States buys most of their oil from Kuwait -Also the United Stated believed that Iraq was a threat to Kuwait's oil supply so the United States helped Kuwait -The war ended because Iraq was forced out of Kuwait, but much of Kuwait's oil supply was damaged -In the end the United Stated ended up winning this war Relationships -The Untied States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Kingdom, and France helped Kuwait during this war Iraq defended themselves and they had no help Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi freedom Facts -Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003 and ended in 2011 -During this war George W. Bush and Barack Obama were the leaders of the United States and Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq -This war began because the United States thought that their was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that Saddam Hussein was making in Iraq and then invaded Iraq -Also the United States wanted to remove Saddam Hussein from power -At the end of this war the United States didn't find any weapons of mass destruction Relationships -During this war the US had help from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland -During this war no one had helped Iraq The Arab-Israeli War Arab-Israeli War Facts -The Arab-Israeli War began in 1948 and ended in 1989 -Neighboring Arab countries attacked Israel -This war began the night Israel was founded -The Israeli soldiers/troops had better equipment and weapons and they had better training which also helped them win this war -At the end of this war the Israelis won and they gained more land by winning this war -Israel gained the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but then some time later gave it back Relationships -The neighboring Arab countries of Israel worked together to attack Israel -During this war Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen all helped the Arabs attack the Israelis

Interactive Map

Transcript: Pike’s goals were to meet with Indian tribes and to gather information on the area’s natural history. While sailing on the Arkansas River, Pike's party was captured by Spanish soldiers because they were exploring land that Spain owned. Pike was held in Mexico for six months before being released. Most of his expedition notes were confiscated. Though his expeditions mapped new expanses of the United States. Pike's journals didn't have the same quality as Lewis and Clark's. Regarding the headwaters of the Mississippi, Pike had misidentified the real source, but he did learn much about the upper Mississippi region. Pike reported on the military weakness of Santa Fe. The report pronounced American curiosity about the expanding western frontier of the young nation and, helped encourage future U.S. expansion to Texas. Pike's Peak Lewis and Clark's camp for the winter (Fort Mandan) Zebulon Pike Where Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean (Fort Clatsop) Lewis and Clark's Expedition The Louisiana Purchase Zebulon Pike's expedition The Lewis and Clark expedition was a journey to explore the Louisiana Purchase. President Thomas Jefferson sent the Corps of Discovery, under the command of Meriwether Lewis, and they were to map the new territory, assess its natural resources, and make contact with its inhabitants, befriending them if possible. On the trip, Clark oversaw the men and carefully mapped the route, and Lewis made scientific observations and collected specimens of animals and plants. During their expedition, the group made note of the people, the land, the rivers, the mountains, the plants and animals that they had seen. They were able to draw accurate and detailed maps of the North American continent. The expedition noted that no water route to the Pacific existed, and that peaceful contact was made between Native American tribes. They explored many western lands and paths across the Rockies. They were also able to collect valuable information about western plants and animals. France had blocked off the port of New Orleans to Americans, and so President Jefferson sent a representative to France in attempt to buy a piece of New Orleans. Instead, the United States was able to inquire 500,000,000 acres of land for 3 cents an acre. That land was known as the Louisiana Purchase. The United States gained about 828,000 square miles that was French territory in 1803. At the time, purchasing this land doubled the size of the United States. 15 states were eventually created from this land agreement. The new territory opened up new land for settlement, made more room for the population, and increased economic opportunities. Lewis and Clark's Expedition The Louisiana Purchase

Interactive Map

Transcript: The overarching idea of my IDA Project Map is to highlight the experience of individuals who are victimized in our society and to note how images in the media depict these victims and form perceptions among society as a whole. My foundational quote is from Ron Burnett's How Images Think: "Images are no longer just representations or interpreters of human actions. They have become central to every human activity that connects humans to each other and to technology" (Burnett xiv). Even when events are completely different, the images that are used to depict them in the media connect because they can help us understand the victim's perspective and inspire viewers to enact change. Topic: I am studying how victims are depicted in the media Question: How do image victims in the media lead to varied perceptions from society? Significance: It is important to understand how we consume and perceive images from the media because the media plays some sort of role in almost everyone's daily thoughts and actions To begin, I plan on starting with my image about gun violence and the Sandy Hook shooting. The raw emotion in images like this one allows a wide reach to the public and helps the viewer empathize with the victims. My foundational quote for this section is, "images will increasingly become the major means of recording not only the personal histories of individuals but also the ongoing relationships that people have to their own archival information" (Burnett 70). I feel that this image can be related to on a personal level because of the emotional nature while also allowing the viewer to contemplate the current level of violence in our society. I think that the excerpt from the "Demand a Plan" video enhances the image and further highlights the experience of the victims. States: 1. Excerpt from the demand a plan video (time code: 00:00:42-00:01:02) plays in background 2. Girl in foreground of image disappears, victims in the background come into focus 3. Red box with question mark moves to the middle and become more prominent (zooms in) Christina's image depicting the famous Ray Rice physical abuse case can be interpreted in many ways. The act itself was obviously depicted as being unacceptable in the media, but the mere two game suspension for such a horrendous act projects the idea to society that this issue may not be perceived as being as serious as it should be. Rice's wife is the victim in this situation, and yet much of the focus in the media is concentrated on Rice and his career. Furthermore, Rice's daughter was not much of a topic of conversation in the media even though his indiscretions endanger her as well. In this case images in the media tended to minimize the experience of victims. However, the fact that this issue received attention in the media is beneficial because it brings the public attention to issues of domestic violence. I feel that a quote from Ron Burnett's How Images Think properly explains how a viewer can interpret this image, "However powerful, images remain within a set of relationships that are based on the creative and interpretive abilities of viewers" (Burnett 34). Though this case has the ability to highlight the experience of victims, reactions and interpretations to this issue will vary based on the viewer. I added more concentration to issues of domestic violence in the states to illuminate the meaning I personally receive from the image. States: 1. Headline appears: "TMZ releases video of Ray Rice punching fiancée. Rice serving 2-game suspension," at the bottom of the image. 2.Blurry image of Ray Rice punching fiancée comes into focus 3."Don't make Daddy MAD disappears, "The words from this image appear: "The question is NOT why didn't the victim leave? The better question is why does the abuser choose to abuse?'' Yasmeen's image is the perfect example of how images in the media influence how a certain group of people are perceived in society. In this case, women are the victims of advertising as companies like Carl's Jr. minimize their worth and maximize their sexuality, reducing them to "a prize to be owned" (Berger Episode 3). I want to highlight the fact that images like these can contribute to a broadly negative view of women and the minimization of their intellectual worth can lead to violence against them, as depicted in later projects. While the images are simply ads, they absolutely have a broader reach and can help mold the thoughts and ideas of society as a whole. States: 1. Audio: "media and technology are delivering content that is shaping our society. Our politics, public discourse, and our children's brain and lives and emotions" (Miss Representation) 2. Red covering Audrina's stomach disappears, words also disappear. 3. The phrase, "A prize to be owned" (John Berger, Ways of Seeing) appears on her stomach instead Eve's image highlights how images in the media can contribute to victim blaming in cases of rape. I am choosing to do this because I believe that

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Transcript: Welcome to Rogue ODS's Interactive Map Watch the short video on how to use the map. Then, click the start button to explore through the map, find activities and get to know Camp Latgawa! How to use the map START My Plant Life page 12 Meet A Tree page 8 Interview an Organism Draw a Scientist Beneath My Feet Darlingtonia Dissection Skit page 15 page 16 What is a wood cookie and why do we wear them? Clear Thought How to Make a Friendship Bracelet Tour A Cabin Land Acknowledgment Plants Energy Bead KEY Geology Recreation Fire Ecology Campfire Notebook Welcome to Outdoor School! We invite you to explore the map of Camp Latgawa (our ODS home). The map includes videos that go along with the activities found in your ODS Notebook. Explore the map by clicking on the blue dots or using the arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll through each section in order. Land Acknowledgment Get to know the ODS Staff! Check out these additional videos: What is ODS? See more from an ODS camp here! Coming Soon! page 21 page 22 Tribal Land Transfer First Salmon Ceremony At campfire we sings songs, perform skits, tell jokes and tell stories. We entertain each other as we share in this ODS community gathering each night. How could you design a bug catcher using ideas you have observed in the Darlingtonia? Click the picture to zoom in. Check out our staff's plant stories before writing your own! Big River

Interactive Map

Transcript: INTERACTIVE MAP INTERACTIVE MAP INTERACTIVE MAP Map Team Work Project supervisor: Professor Dr.Awny Abd El-Hady Team Work: Doha Ahmed Mahmoud Eman Abd El-Aziz Saad Ereny Gamal Girgis Manar Hesham Ragab Merna Milad Abd El-Massih Rania Mohammed Mohammed OutLine Chapter one: Abstract. Overview and objectives. Problem and solution. Chapter Four: Chapter Three: Chapter Two: Security. Need for new system. Entity relation ship diagram. Class diagram. Use case diagram. Implementation. Conclusion. Thanks. Chapter one ​introduction Chapter one ​introduction Abstract Interactive Map project is a website that serves people and government. Interactive map project that shows El-Minia governorate organizations, with details,This project allows people to interact with the map to read more information about the governorate and all centers, you can know all existed schools at every center and the number of students and teachers, Factories location, Hospitals and number of doctors there, Tourism areas for the visitors to know places to visit, Post stations with its advanced options (service windows, afternoon service, ATM service, … ETC), Passport stations , Traffics stations, ID stations, and the existed Banks in our governorate, We worked on getting the location of most of them available for you, and you can contact with the most of them by Telephones, and e-mails.We preferred to develop a website to make the interaction easier for you and for viewing our information Overview Interactive map website is powerful, flexible and easy to use. It designed and developed to deliver real conceivable to anyone need to learn information about particular location. This system provide more services and benefits to users and make their work more easily and professionals so user surely will accept this website. The idea of the project is to reach to information accurately and speedy , and allowing users to access. we built an information visualization about alminia that allow people to find it easily Objectives Problem and solution Getting Information about many organizations is complicated and waste a lot of time. To solve this problem We make our project that include information visualization about all organization that user want to reach it easily and speedly. people from other countries don’t know too much about ElMinia governorate such as visitors ,new comers. So our project specialized in elminia governorate that include all information and this is useful for tourism. New student that enter university and don’t know where is his collage and their building. So we add minia university to our project to allow student see all information that he want. All system use traditional way that show all places but not all details. Chapter two ​planning Chapter two ​planning Security We add in our project the security that way to protect data from burrowing ,hacking or used in bad way, we did security on data that in SQL server and in system website. Need for new system Analysis of existing system: The existing system is used in traditional way, there is no website show all information about elminia and its organizations. New system: Interactive map needs the new system to save time and make their work and services more efficient. Chapter three​analysis Chapter three​analysis 1 ERD 2 Class Diagram USE CASE Chapter four​implementation Chapter four​implementation Conclusion This interactive map is designed for EL Minia government to help people reach places that they want easily, quickly, and accurately. The system has a lot of benefits helping new students in university to reach buildings of any faculty quickly, accurately, and electronically, it’s really saves a lot of time and effort. Conclusion Results The actual result that we achieved has no difference to our project plan, and we are qualified to the Second position for the collage and Fourth position to the university of El-minia in the second conference of innovation and entrepreneurship. THANKS After Thanking Of ALLAH then our Family we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Prof. Dr.Awny Abd El-Hady Dr. of computer science department In faculty of science-Minia University  For his precious guidance and assistance  Also like to deeply thank all members of the faculty of science especially Computer Science department Dr.Mohammed Masaoud Dr.Ahmed Rabie

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