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Integrated Marketing Communications

Transcript: Barbie VS Mulan Creating good relationships with the popular press and other media to help companies communicate messages to their publics Personal Selling * In international advertising, an advertiser must consider the following: Availability of the media Cost Coverage Appropriateness of the media Lack of Market Data Product Attributes and Benefits Public Relations Advertising Strategies and Goals Media Planning and Analysis Exhibit 16.6 Top 10 Web Sites in Three Countries (visitors per month) Newspapers Radio and Television Satellite and Cable TV Direct Mail The Internet The New Social Media Other media Standardization model includes: Global standardization used internationally, conforms to work across different cultures and countries to promote a product. Glocal is a newly coined blend of Globalization and Localization, means a case in which a global product is transformed into another shape in order to meet the needs of local consumers. Local is the strategy and actions that communicate to your customers in a manner, and with a message, that is relevant and meaningful based upon localized differences. Advertising is the promotion of a product or service and is extremely pervasive in contemporary society. It is a Science and an Art Advertising * Integrated Marketing Communications and International Advertising Perform marketing research Specify the goals of the communication Develop the most effective message(s) for the market segments selected Select effective media Compose and secure a budget Execute the campaign Evaluate the campaign relative to the goals specified Goal Is an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame. Consumer criticism Decency and blatant use of sex Self-regulation Government regulations Variables to be considered: Region Climate Population Density Occupation Income Family Status extended family family man nuclear family one-parent family 1. Product quality a quality level that will support the product's position in the target market. LEVELS > Performance quality is the ability to maintain a particular standard. > Conformance quality is that the product is free from defects. 2. Product features are a competitive tool for differentiating the company’s product from competitors’ products. 3. Product style and design. Style is simply the appearance of the product that grabs customer’s attention but not necessarily makes a product better while, design contributes to a product’s usefulness. Regional Segmentation Direct Selling Sales Promotion The goal of most companies is to achieve synergies possible when sales promotions, pubic relations efforts, and advertising are used in concert. Trade Shows Managed by advertising agencies Local domestic agency Company-owned agency Multinational agency with local branches Compensation - Commonly 15 percent throughout the world - Some companies moving to reward-by-results International Public Relations Deceptive Advertising Exhibit 16.5 MEDIA PENETRATION in SELECTED COUNTRIES (per 1000 persons) Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) International Advertising Exhibit 16.7 Social Networking Goes Mobile (% of respondents) Chapter 16 Sales Promotions are marketing activities that stimulate consumer purchases and improve retailer or middlemen effectiveness and cooperation. --> Short-term efforts directed to the consumer or retailer to achieve specific objectives The following communication media must also be consider when it comes to international advertising: International Control of Advertising Broader Issues Campaign Execution and Advertising Agencies Step 3 Sales Promotions in International Markets

Integrated Marketing Communications

Transcript: Multiple messages support & reinforce each other.. they CANNOT be contradictive Coherence Consistency Continuity Complimentary What is IMC? The bottom line Integrated marketing communications means to deliver a marketing mix that portrays a consistent message through multiple mediums. Subway Subaru IMC Helps small businesses compete with competitors with larger budgets Multiple marketing efforts with a common goal build momentum on each other They amplify each other, no single medium works well in isolation IMC will help turn customers into brand ambassadors and advocates IMC Creates Momentum emotion If you didn't actually watch the video Synergistic; The entirety of the messages is greater than the sum of its parts Action drivers high arousal emotions drive us to action, whether positive or negative Negative attention or emotions aren't always as bad as they seem Continuity What helps marketing efforts go viral? Over time your communicated messages need to be seamlessly connected and consistent Integrated Marketing campaigns use the same communication tools to reinforce each other The improved effectiveness of one message helps entrepreneurial firms take on large organizations Using integrated marketing & enforceing a unified message helps soften prospects for your sales force Consistency Examples of emotion in marketing Coherence 4 C's of Integrated Digital Marketing Important emotions to evoke Different mediums of communication need to be logically connected *Storytelling is far more effective than traditional sales tactics Integrated Marketing Communications Complimentary

Integrated Marketing Communications

Transcript: Most up-and-coming component of IMC Communicates directly to target customer to generate response Databases to track consumers over time Online Marketing Sales Promotions Advertising does not always have an immediate impact Multiple exposures are often necessary It is difficult to determine which exposure led to purchase Integrated Marketing Communications 3 Elements: 1. Customers 2. Communication Channel 3. Results Video: Advertising Personal Selling Awareness Brand Awareness Aided Recall Top-of-Mind Awareness Interest Persuade consumer to investigate Desire "I like it" to "I want it" Action Act on interest Most visible element of IMC Creates awareness and generates interest Build/maintain positive image Handling unfavorable stories "Free" media attention i.e: Entourage Goals Short and Long Term Allocate Budget Objective-and-Task Method Rule-of-Thumb Method Marketing Metrics Frequency Reach Gross Rating Points Most expensive form of selling Salespeople can add significant value, which makes the expense worth it Provides information and services that save consumer time/effort Ex: Selling a House Rap Video Direct Marketing AIDA Model Public Relations Chapter 18- IMC John Cryan & Casey Nevin Promotion of 4 P's Find best means to reach target audience with desired message Special incentives to encourage purchases Coupon, rebate, free samples, contests Builds customer loyalty Communication Process Results The Lagged Effect Websites Build brand image Blogs Communicate special events Allows company to directly respond to consumer Social Media Sender Home Depot Transmitter Marketing Agency Encoding Idea Message Communication Channel TV ad, magazine, etc. Receiver Consumer

Integrated Marketing Communications

Transcript: Accurate Tools Customer Base Personal Selling Well Trained Sales Reps Demonstrate Products Trial Tool Program Opportunities $3,500 every other month-magazine $20,000 - SEO & Online Web Presence About Express Assembl International Growth Measure Effectiveness Technology Founded in 2007 by Micheal Dechambeau With a need for: Efficient Assembly Specific Torque Requirements Deliver Quality Tools Top Notch Service Expertise Advice Brand Recognition Recommendation Limited Liability Company Low Cost Imports Low Market Share Bad Reviews Integrated Marketing Plan Budget: Rise in Material Cost Franchising Small business Mission: y Weaknesses Tar et Market Retail Store Unstable Economy Technology The M rketplace Manufacturing Assembly Automotive Aerospae Engineering Weaponry Reaching Maturity Past M rketing Strengths They serve many businesses specializing in areas such as: a Website Fluidity SW T Hiring Moz Pro Saves company about $23,500 Assembly Magazine 40% Discount Social Media Re-amp Lockhart Philips Home Depot / Demos Budget and Wind w Any Questions? IMC By: Christina, Brant, Joey, Tom, and Casey Assembly Magazine Stopped in 2008 Google AdWords Trade Shows Online Calculator Little Marketing Window of Time: Low Scalability Approach & Message Greater Demand One Year Loyalty Program s Threats Competitors Express Assembly End of Checkout Process: "How did you hear about us?" Industrial Assembly Market High Barriers of Entry Brand Recognition Cost Target Market: Industrial Market

Integrated Marketing Communications:

Transcript: We use narratives to construct our identity by: 1. Drawing from cultural narratives 2. Linking together narratives that situate us as members of particular groups These foundational principles of communication we know the following about consumers: 1. Consumers use brands to help communicate who they are 2. Consumers strive to create unique identities through shopping 3. Consumers shop to situate their race, class, and gender in society 4. Even if people cannot afford to buy a company's goods, they can still identify with it by interacting with its IMC (e.g. blogs, twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc.) IMC is: 1. It is a compilation of consistent, but dynamic and innovative messages about a brand that appear in an array of communication channels (Caywood, Shultz, & Wang, 1991). 2. An audience centered strategy for addressing a global marketplace where consumers control the meanings of products and what is desired is continually developing and changing (Kitchen & Burgmann, 2010) 3. Extensive brand communication (Schultz, 2004 & American Marketing Association, 2007) that works to write a narrative about the brand for people to relate to 4. "IMC is the concept and process of strategically managing audience-focused, channel-centered, and result-driven brand communication programs over time" (Kliatchko, 2005, p. 21) The concept of cultural capital suggests that the value of fashion develops social and cultural value as consumers and events give new meaning to fashion that adds to its economic value (Bourdieu, 1984; Reid, Luxton, & Felix, 2005). According to Pettegrew (2001) IMC is strongest when it: 1. Uses a consistent voice to communicate with all stakeholders 2. Assumes consumers' perspective 3. Works toward internal integration 4. Produces consistent messages 5. Creates message dynamic enough to standout in an over saturated market 6. Maintains an interactive dialogue with consumers 7. Uses communication that leads to a sustained relationship with consumers 8. Values corporate images above excellent/novel marketing techniques 1. Production and consumption have merged 2. To create a more an (interactive) relationship between consumer and company/brand 3. Shifts attention to ethics and increased accountability 4. To maintain control over a brand 5. To address the fragmented, complex nature of identity References Bourdieu, P. (1984). Distinction: A social critique of the judgement of taste. (R. Nice, Trans.). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Caywood, C., Shultz, D.E., and Wang, P. (1991). Integrated marketing communcations, Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Evanston, IL. Groom, S.A. & Frei, F. (2008). Integrated marketing communication. Communication Research Trends, 27(4), 1-44. Kitchen, P.J. Burgmann, I. (2010). Integrated marketing c ommunication. Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing, 1-23. Kliatchko, J. (2001). Towards a new definition of integrated marketing communications (IMC). International Journal of Advertising, 24(1), 7-33. Pettegrew, L.S. (2001). If IMC is so good, why isn't it being implemented?: Barriers to IMC in corporate America. Journal of Integrated Communications, 29-37. Reid, M., Luxton, S., & Felix, M. (2005). The relationship between integrated marketing communication, market orientation, and brand orientation. Journal of Advertising, 34(4), 11-23. Shultz, D.E. (2004). IMC receives a more appropriate definition. Marketing News, 38(15), 8-9. 1. Brand Loyalty 2. Sustained Relationships with consumers 3. Continual maintenance, development, and growth of the brand Where we are headed today: Guidelines for Implementing IMC: Why do we need to do IMC in the Fashion Industry? What is Cultural Capital? Turning to the Burberry reading assigned: Does Burberry use integrated marketing communications? Is there anything they could do better based on our conversation today? As a communication Scholar, I believe What is Integrated Marketing Communication Goals of IMC A mixture of different marketing ingredients that are brought together to produce brand messages for specific occasions...much like baking a cake..... 1. Theoretical orientation to communication & Integrated Marketing Communications 3. What is IMC? 4. Goals of IMC 5. Implementing IMC 6. Why we need IMC in the fashion Industry 7. Application Integrated Marketing Communications: Beneath the Surface of Strong Brands Knowing that subvertising/brand-jacking is a risk in our society, how can IMC helps brands/companies keep cogent and meaningful? 1. We live in a world composed of fragments 2. Identity is socially constructed 3. We use narratives to construct our identities

Integrated marketing Communications

Transcript: Our goal= Market our new programs Weaknesses 1 of 44 SJFC gets on the map Online could increase enrollment Advertising Recommendations-B.A. IMC Opportunities Tuition on the rise -Marketing suburban areas School scholarships Focus exclusively is online based Internet Control the Ad Reasonably Cheap St. John Fisher Media Outlets -Cardinal Television (.com) -Cardinal Courier -Facebook/Twitter IMC -Personal website (on homepage) TV Released two commercials Employ use of TV spots in local/state cable Partnership with Time Warner and CTV Radio Medium on decline Low prices, too good to pass up Won't break the bank IMC Catalog Outline requirements Send to perspective students Give-away at Open House Overall inform the public about our program Better understanding of what degree brings M.A and B.A Programs Increase Awareness -6 months Enhance Perception - 1 year "Every day is a new day to perfect and employ who we are to the public" Primary Competition- B.A Ithaca -Nearly same program -Stronger Faculty -Same demographic Secondary Competion-B.A All of the surrounding schools Consumer Evaluation Marketing Goals New group of incoming students Provides the college with a "unique" factor Places Fisher in a select group Compete with Ithaca and other schools Could revamp the COMM Dept. Strengths Unique Program Wide variety of skills Networking Coure work Location Short-Term Goals S.W.O.T Analysis- Graduate Popularity? Ithaca How long will college be in support No guaranteed success Become who you want to be, one degree with the skills of three. Opportunities I-90 Corridor -75 % Medium sized cities -25 % Competition S.W.O.T Analysis-Undergraduate Enrollment continues to decline 5 to 7 years -Keep enrollment constant 10-15 years -Expansion New program learning curve Getting support Competition does it better ETA? How successful Will enrollment be there? If successful, will it sustain Jobs? Learning curve Current Marketing Situation 16-18 45-55 22-24 Advertising Recommendations- M.A. IMC Budget Time-Warner Cable deal- $25,000 Tv Ads- $20,000 Radio Ads- $2500 Printing of Catalog- $1000 Facebook Analytics-Cost is unsure of at this time Internet- Very inexepensive to free Age New Program Professors? Professionals? Online vs Classroom? Market changes Building blocks are in place Students will get a wide variety of skills These skills will be enhanced through hands on experience Senior capstone project Integrated Marketing Communications Threats Facebook - Create an Ad (many different strategies) - Analytics? - Page, event SJFC Website -Home page > advertisement at bottom -Ad is linked to IMC website -College News Highlights Long-Term Goals Strengths How do we get traffic to the SJFC site......... Weaknesses Threats Income Primary Competition-M.A RIT -Strong M.A in comm -Stronger reach? Other IMC online programs -Choose new program? -WVU Secondary Competition-M.A All of the surrounding schools in the Rochester area 1. Our Brand? 2. Perception in public? 3. Name Issues 4. University or College?

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