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Inspiration Presentation

Transcript: Being an early teen proved tough but outside influences showed me a world that I wanted to explore. Also they made me want to work harder and helped to develop my personality. Childhood ELEMENTS As I browse the internet and social media I get ideas. Others and what they can create inspire me. Books and music continue to be an escape for me. My friends influence me on a daily basis. Later Teens THE END And so here I am today, finally going to my dream school and continuing to dream big... As a kid I loved to do crafts, doodle, and color coloring books. I also enjoyed playing with Barbies and adored cats. I thought about growing up to be a cat lady. I took dance classes and dreamed of becoming a talented dancer. BRAINSTORM As a teenager my inspirations were what lead me to pursue a brighter future, a college education. I realized that in the real world, being a traditional artist wouldn't cut it.... My influences as a child taught me to dream big and make attainable goals. I knew at an early age that I wanted to become some sort of artist when I grew up. Inspiration Presentation Main Idea In my early adolescence I was excited to take art classes again and started to really get into reading. I tried to see as many movies as I could get my hands on. I had scoliosis surgery and it was a big change. Getting to travel a little was a lot of fun to do. Today My taste in music evolved as I was exposed to indie and alternative music. I took photography and was inspired to continue to improve. I took as many art classes as I could. I joined NHS and got to volunteer. My summer job serving ice cream taught me a lot. by: Brittnee Estep "Mind Mapping" Method Adolescence

Inspiration Presentation

Transcript: How have you grown this semester? " no dependan de nadie porque el dia que ya no este se les va hacer dificil salir adelante" " estudien lo mas que puedan " Quotes It made me think about all the struggles and effort he has put into and made me feel how fortunate i am Why you chose this person ? I was named after my dad, who wanted his first daughter to be named after him We're both capricorns I believe I got my ambition from him since I always see how determined and work driven he is we both are usually calm and keep to ourselves we tend to be prideful at times but when we see someone in need, we are there to lend a hand He is someone who i admire and look up to The strongest and most determined person I know I have tons of respect for him Has constantly provided for us regardless of the circumstances we have been in born on December 23 1974 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico has 6 siblings , 2nd youngest got married at 20 and migrated to the states with my mom and older brother who was a couple months old ended up having 4 more children with my mom until she passed got remarried and had 2 more kids with my stepmom has been working for the same mechanic company for 18 years and was promoted from a machine operator to one of the leads of the company My Dad: Nicolas Flores Nicole Flores 5 Facts I have become more open minded and appreciative of the people around me The activity that helped me was the vision board and the something i am proud of What have I learned from this project? Inspiration Presentation That I can't really put into words how much I love and respect my dad. He will always be my hero and I'm forever grateful for him.

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