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Inspiration Presentation

Transcript: Being an early teen proved tough but outside influences showed me a world that I wanted to explore. Also they made me want to work harder and helped to develop my personality. Childhood ELEMENTS As I browse the internet and social media I get ideas. Others and what they can create inspire me. Books and music continue to be an escape for me. My friends influence me on a daily basis. Later Teens THE END And so here I am today, finally going to my dream school and continuing to dream big... As a kid I loved to do crafts, doodle, and color coloring books. I also enjoyed playing with Barbies and adored cats. I thought about growing up to be a cat lady. I took dance classes and dreamed of becoming a talented dancer. BRAINSTORM As a teenager my inspirations were what lead me to pursue a brighter future, a college education. I realized that in the real world, being a traditional artist wouldn't cut it.... My influences as a child taught me to dream big and make attainable goals. I knew at an early age that I wanted to become some sort of artist when I grew up. Inspiration Presentation Main Idea In my early adolescence I was excited to take art classes again and started to really get into reading. I tried to see as many movies as I could get my hands on. I had scoliosis surgery and it was a big change. Getting to travel a little was a lot of fun to do. Today My taste in music evolved as I was exposed to indie and alternative music. I took photography and was inspired to continue to improve. I took as many art classes as I could. I joined NHS and got to volunteer. My summer job serving ice cream taught me a lot. by: Brittnee Estep "Mind Mapping" Method Adolescence

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