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Transcript: Sleeping Disorder Amongst FKE's Students 4.0 Finding & Discussion Q & A...... Respondent of the Study the same study needs to be conducted with students from other faculty in UTM number of respondents should be large The time taken to complete this research is short 30 males & 30 females undergraduate’s student of the Faculty of Electrical (FKE) in UTM. 5 males & 5 females for observation survey. Limitation of study Main reason people experience insomnia “Sleep problems of college students, especially full-time students who are experiencing high levels of stress because of the demands of academic performance, present an intriguing topic for examination”. Dallas R. Jensen “Taking stimulant such as caffeine and environmental condition was the common reasons people experience sleeping disorder..” Brandon Peters, M.D. Effects of insomnia “It has been shown that sleep disorder induces sleepiness and reduces daytime alertness and performance.” (Belenky, 2003) 1.0 Introduction Most of the respondents known about insomnia Activities of respondents - study, watching movie, facebook-ing, playing games and other activities Main reasons students or respondents experience insomnia -stress, stimulant taking at night and food and environmental condition. Effects of sleeping disorder -feel tired or lethargy during the daytime Non-clinical treatment is the best solution to the students rather than clinical treatments Questionnaires question randomly in various location 40 students Google spread sheet (online survey) Group FKE UTM on Facebook Observation survey Selected respondent 10 students Campus and faculty Data Analysis “Acute insomnia is one of the types that last less than three months and is related in time to an identifiable cause" Brandon Peters M.D(2009) Place - Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), UTM Skudai Johor and Kolej Tuanku Cancelor (KTC), UTM Qualitative method - questionnaire survey and observation process Questionnaire - 60 respondents To recommend solution to the problem of insomnia among FKE student. To identify the effects of insomnia among FKE student. To investigates the causes of insomnia among FKE students. How serious is the problem of sleeping disorder amongst FKE students? What are causes and effects of sleeping disorder? What can be done to solve the problem? 3.0 Research Methodology “Sleep problems of college students, especially full-time students who are experiencing high levels of stress because of the demands of academic performance, present an intriguing topic for examination”. Dallas R. Jensen “Taking stimulant such as caffeine and environmental condition was the common reasons people experience sleeping disorder..” Brandon Peters, M.D. "weight change, especially weight gain, are common sleep derrivation effects" “Transient insomnia is a disturbed sleeping pattern or an inability to sleep well and feel refreshed next day over a period of some days up to 4 weeks " Martin Winkler Research Instrument what do you understand?? INSOMNIA Clinical Treatment Reference from Paul P. Doghramji (2008), Article of Sleep Problems In College Students, education and behavioral techniques - Regularly exercise - Sleep hygiene - changing time of sleep. stimulus control - daytime napping - Drink a milk sleep restriction - a behavioral strategy in which time in bed at night is restricted in order to encourage a more consolidated sleep pattern meditation as an effective cure against insomnia. “The effects were incredible. I remember my first meditation quite vividly: I had only done a single minute of meditation that very first time, and yet at night I fell asleep after only thirty minutes and had a great eight hours sleep” (Mogo, Meditation is the cure for insomnia! (Article),, 2011) 5.0 Conclusion Research Question Based on Teofilo Lee-Chiong (2009) in Sleep Medicine Essentials, he suggest; Hypnotic medication Short-term treatment of insomnia - Benzodiazepines-typically increase total of sleep time, reduce sleep latency and decrease the frequency of awakening in patience with insomnia. antidepressants have a calming or sedative effect nonprescription medicines seeing a doctor or a health care provider (Kristen A. Baniso,2010) difficult to make a questionnaire internet connection at our residential college is not so good give strange answer and make the researchers difficult to analyse their answer Time constrains and different block Type of Insomnia 93% Primary data Questionnaire Survey (including online questionnaire) Observation Process Secondary Data Academic book Articles Websites 2.0 Literature review Recommendation Research Procedure From article Sleeping Disorder Effect Microsoft Excel Graph, pie chart (use as comparison and so on) Google spreadsheet Automatic analyze Data collected via questionnaire survey were distributed in week six of academic time frame in 4th week of October 2011 Observation 10 respondents randomly “Chronic insomnia or long term insomnia is diagnosed when a


Transcript: There is no medicine to prevent Insomnia. You can however do things that will decrease the chance to get Insomnia. Going to bed at the same time every night will help regulate a sleep pattern, getting direct sunlight helps you sleep better and keeping the bed room cool so your body doesn't over heat all decrease your chance to get Insomnia. How to make people more aware of Insomnia? Insomnia The first way i would try to make people more aware of insomnia would be to make a commercial. I would tell the people of how it can affect a person, how you can avoid it and how to common it is in people. The second way would be to have pamphlets at major sporting events. Along with good education about this mental disease it could help get rid of the stigma. What are common signs and symptoms of Insomnia? The difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep Is Insomnia common in teens? What are the risks of having Insomnia? 17% of teens get it when between the ages of 13 to 18. There is no cure for Insomnia. The doctors usually give a medicine to relax the patient and then tell them things not to do before going to bed. Some of theses things are drinking caffeinated drinks and keeping yourself up will increase the chance for Insomnia and make it worse if you already have it. Are there ways to prevent Insomnia? Who can get insomnia? The End All people of all ages can get Insomnia, more women than men tend to get it. The symptoms of Insomnia are pain and discomfort at night, illness caused by the lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. The risk factors or Insomnia are having fatigue, poor concentration and depression. How is Insomnia treated?


Transcript: Insomnia What Is Insomnia? Insomnia is a disorder in which a person has difficulty sleeping, whether it is having difficulty falling asleep, poor quality of sleep, or nocturnal awakening with difficulty falling back into sleep. What Causes Insomnia? Insomnia is caused by multiple factors, one of them being anxiety, stress and depression. Another factor is physical causes, like medical conditions, pain, genetics, other sleep disorders, decreased melatonin in elderly, etc. Then there are more common factors, like jet lag, working night shift, medications, caffeine, alcohol, heavy smoking, adjustment sleep disorder, and environmental settings like temperature and noise. Studies also show that having childhood fears may also lead to insomnia. How Does A Healthy Lifestyle Affect Insomnia? Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are great for treating insomnia, because exercise is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing a deeper sleep. Busy Lifestyles And Insomnia In modern lifestyle, it’s difficult to find time for things like exercise. If you work a physically inactive job like in an office, it’s recommended to workout at least 3 times a week, 20 minutes per session to help prevent insomnia. Physical and mental relaxation techniques can help you sleep as well as setting a certain time to sleep and certain time to wake up and sticking to these times every day. How Does Insomnia Affect A Person? Insomnia can cause mood disturbances, lack of motivation, decreased attention span, low levels of energy and increased fatigue. Depression and anxiety can cause insomnia and insomnia can cause depression and anxiety, creating a vicious cycle. Insomnia can cause low self-esteem, weight gain, memory loss and depression as well as intellectual and physical motor skills impairment. Types Of Insomnia Sleep Onset Insomnia The inability to fall asleep on time and awake at a desired time. Idiopathic Insomnia A lifelong issue, believed to be caused by an abnormality of the neurological control of the sleep/wake system. Commonly starts in childhood, sometimes from birth. Psycho-physiological Insomnia Insomnia caused by anxiety and stress. Childhood Insomnia A common type of insomnia, where children don’t follow their bedtime curfews, disturbing their sleep pattern. Food Allergy Insomnia Usually from newly introduced foods, a person may have difficulty sleeping if they have some sort of reaction to a food. (ex. lactose intolerance child having milk product). Environmental Insomnia This type is very common, because the environment can be anything from noise, like traffic, construction, etc., to variation of temperature (cold in winter, hot in summer, etc.) Transient Insomnia Sleep disturbance due to temporary acute stress. (Ex. Having an argument that same day). Periodic Insomnia Chronic delay of sleeping and waking, usually by an hour or two. Altitude Insomnia This type of insomnia usually comes with headaches, loss of appetite and fatigue that occurs following ascent to high altitudes. Hypnotic-Dependency Insomnia Insomnia that is associated with the tolerance to or withdrawal from hypnotic medications. Stimulant-Dependent Insomnia Stimulants obviously reduce the sleepiness of a person, preventing sleep. Alcohol-Dependent Insomnia The use of alcohol for the sleepiness brought by drinking. It does help you fall asleep, but you can't reach deeper levels of sleep that contain the restorative properties of sleep. Toxin Induced Insomnia Using heavy metals or organic toxins that can either cause excessive sleepiness or insomnia. Interesting History Of Insomnia One rare case of insomnia is Al Herpin, known as “The Man Who Never Slept.” Born 1862, died January 3, 1947. He lived in the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey where he had no bed in his home, only a rocking chair where he claimed to “rest”, but did not sleep. He would come home after work, stay up reading the newspaper until dawn and go back to work. He was in perfect health for a person who never slept. It’s believed to be due to a major injury his mother sustained before birth. Another rare case of insomnia is Thai Ngoc, a Vietnamese man who apparently had not slept for 38 years since he had a fever in 1973. He did not feel ill at all until October 2006, where he claimed he felt like a plant without water. Well known musician, Michael Jackson, who died of a drug over-dose was taking these drugs to help him sleep. He claimed he hadn't been sleeping properly for the past 4 years. Psychological Effects Of Insomnia Studies show that psychiatric patients have higher rates of insomnia. Insomnia can cause paranoid thoughts, schizophrenia, anti-social behavior, distrustfulness, depression, and anxiety. Insomnia causes a person to have a negative predisposition of mindset. How Insomnia Affects Quality Of Life Insomnia can really impact a person’s life. The lack of motivation and energy reduces the quality of work at their job, irritability, lack of patience and negativity brought by


Transcript: INSOMNIA Perla Lopez Marquis Cook Brandon Heller Stress Anxiety Medications Caffeine, Nocotine, Alcohal Medical Conditions Change in Enviroment/ Schedule Poor Sleep Habits Learned Insomnia Eating Too Much Before Bed course of the disorder. The purpose of this study was to examine the course of insomnia in the general population over one year with an emphasis on prevalence, consequences, persistence, remission, and incidence of insomnia. familial patterns of individuals with the disorder Extras Behavioral Therapy Michael Jackson Vincent Van Gogh Abraham Lincoln Judy Garland Marilyn Monroe ... small Valerian (Melatonin) prevalence of the disorder Sonata, Lunesta & Rozerem Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. People with insomnia have one or more of the following symptoms: Difficulty falling asleep Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep Waking up too early in the morning Feeling tired upon waking Stimulus Control Cognitive Therapy Sleep Hygiene Meditation Difficulty falling asleep Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep Waking up too early in the morning Feeling tired upon waking Causes there are about 10-20% of people that suffer from insomnia in the united states. only 35% of americans slept eight hours or more per night during the work week. about 56% had one or more symptoms of insomnia a few nights a week or more Medical Treatment __ Behaviors Prescription Sleep Aids Symptoms Case Study 37 year old, Neil Epstein, has suffered with insomnia since the age of 7. There was no history of insomnia in his family, so there was no obvious explanation. At school he was short-tempered with exhaustion and would bang his fists on his desk and kick walls out of frustration, Neil tried nearly every possible therapy including cognitive & behavioural therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture & melatonin, but the years went by with no improvement in his sleeping. Until he tried psychotherapy, which gave him a new perspective on the disorder, it didn't necessarly cure his insomnia, but it has given Niel a coping strategy - acceptance. Over-the-Counter Supplements Famous People Poor concentration and focus Difficulty with memory Impaired motor coordination (being uncoordinated) Irritability and impaired social interaction Motor vehicle accidents because of fatigued, sleep-deprived drivers

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