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Transcript: I see the theme of Ink is that a mindset can change someones life as in the first part of the book Yuu did not care about Katie and thought all she could do is make problems for him and not find his self identity , But as he got to know Katie and she helped him with his issues his mindset changed and so did her mindset change to him that made everything more productive. An attitude towards someone can change everything to outward perspective to improving an activity such as Yuu's control on his powers of the Kami. Man Vs. Man Climax : When Katie runs into tomohramu confronting Yuu about the dragon and katie screamed and the Kami oriented gang that Tomo rated Yuu out to them kidnapped them. Resolution : Katie decides to stay in japan and help Yuu and when she comes back with her surprise return It shcoks Yuu who is with his childhood friend Nami, And in her yukta Katie tries not to be awkward and Yuu goes to have some time with Katie and with that Jun interrupts there watching of the fireworks and the surrounding to the next book starts , of the paper god series. Rising action one : The first raising action is when Katie noticed Yuu's Kami powers in class she started to doodle some small pictures and they started to shift in the wind then teeth and other more dangerous things started coming from her art. Until her pen exploded and Yuu was outside the door of her class during the whole thing. Rising action two : The second rising action is when Yuu makes a dragon and it lifts from the page attacking him and they hoped no one saw it but sadly someone did, Katie then stays at yuu's place as both of them were hurt from the painting. Quotes Falling action one : Katie and Yuu are conflicted with Jun's experimental gang that tries to brainwash Yuu and have him leave katie to be a free kami and not fight the tempation alone. Drowned in ink you are as the flurry of anger you were I thought I could make it better but It seemed my help was for the worst. Broke all the traditions but kept my own as this country is not my home Tea and flowers all seemed nice till interrupted by greed and feed of the nice The kami wants to take your life but resist the temptation even if it seems right Let me in and you will see the light I bring is creative and helpful to our scene I chose that photo as it is on the cover of the book and the author states how that is a representation of what Katie Green looks like. I found the photo intruding as they (( the artist )) used native japanese paints to make it look more surreal such as yamato-e. which was the style they tried to reciprocate. I am happy the illustrator made this drawing as it gives the reader a better description on what Katie looks like and can give a visualization of her in a yukata or a uniform . The chose of colors was a mystery to me though as it said in the book she had bright blonde hair and in the photo there is traces of pink and brown as if she dyed her hair blonde. “Katie, I know it's your life. But please ... live it. Please live.” Falling action two : Katie has to chose whether to be safe in Canada with her grandparents or face the kami possession and stay with Yuu. Creative response Theme Ink Amanda Sun Ember menendez 369 pages Exposition : Modern day Tokyo , japan. Katie green moves there from California , USA , she lives in japan for a year to chose ether to live with her aunt in japan or with her grandparents in Canada. “They tell you you'll forget how it used to be. You'll get used to it, that it's better to move on. They don't realize you can't. You're not the same person anymore.” Second creative response


Transcript: What Skills Are Employers Looking For? Become aware of your thoughts. Write these down throughout the day. To apply "the power of positive thinking", do the following: Time management Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today. To apply "the power of positive thinking", do the following: Become aware of your thoughts. Write these down throughout the day. Challenge your negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. Create a strong and vivid picture of what it will be like to achieve your goals. Rational positive thinking 1. Don't Waste Time 2. Conquer a Problem Each Day 3. Develop a Higher Awareness 4. Maintain a Journal 5. Address Your Egocentrism 6. View Things Differently INK training company Self Motivation Clarity Positive thinking Focus and strong goals Active learning through interactive videos (TED, RSA), public events, presentations Organizing your work and meeting deadlines Purpose of time management Rational positive thinking Challenge your negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. Motivating environment photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Regular feedback Persevering when things get difficult Self-motivetion Take these steps: Think about the achievements in your life Examine your strengths Determine what other people see as your strength and key capabilities Manage your mind Buddy up with people who you trust to be supportive and ask them to help keep you accountable To build the strongest level of self-motivation Positive thinking, and positive thinking about the future Prioritizing What you can learn today? Challenge - Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today. - Which is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Surround yourself with people and resources that will remind of your goal, and help you with internal motivation Goals How hard do you push yourself to get things done? Breaking tasks down into steps Balance group name Conclusion self-confidence & self-efficacy Revising for examinations 6 Tips for you Focus and strong goals Your goal should have the following characteristics: It's important that you develop effective strategies for managing your time to balance the conflicting demands of time for study, leisure, earning money and job hunting. Using lists Create a strong and vivid picture of what it will be like to achieve your goals. How to get creatical thinking ? A motivating environment Stress Commitment Time Management Productivity Skills for effective time management Critical Thinking - Being highly self-assured means you will set challenging goals for yourself To be writer of your fate ! Settings goals Self-confidence & self-efficacy -(set&achieve goals otherwise there will be shallow over-confidence) Avoiding procrastination Are you motivated to achieve what you really want? Time management skills are valuable in job-hunting, but also in many other aspects of life: from revising for examinations to working in a vacation job. - Don’t set just any goal.


Transcript: My Word: Passion My Topic: Technology My Question: Will Apple continue it's success in the future and how? ParagraphMy question is how will Apple still strive without Steve Jobs. I am going to think about how Apple was first developed and for what purpose. For a part of my research I am going to look at the sales when Apple was first developed and when Steve Jobs died and compare them. And then I will compare the sales from when he died to now. I will try to find out more information about Steve jobs past life and how his adoption has affected him and about his birth parents. My research is going to be based on Apple and Steve Jobs and future technology. In my research I am also going to include Steve Jobs family as they played a big roll in his making of Apple, especially Paul Jobs his adoption father. Timeline Apple's Technology Changes 1976 The first Apple computer came into being 1978 Release of Apple II 1980 IBM came into the market along with Apple's arch enemy PC. 1984 Release of the Macintosh first generation 1997 1998 2007 iPhone 3 was released and smashed phones sales. 2010 2011 Steve Jobs died Smartphone Industry The iPhone3 was released in 2007 by Steve Jobs and sold a whopping 6.1 million iPhones. Apple has released many new iPhones ever since and all of them so far have been very successful including the iPhone 5 Tablet/iPad Industry The iPad was the first of it's kind in the Apple industry. It was almost four times the size of the iPhone. It was just what business people needed it was light which meant that it was portable, it had big screen with better HD and LED which meant a bigger and clearer way of watching and reading. It was the perfect machine. But Apple did not stop building and building. It soon built the iPad 2,3 and now of course the latest and most advanced version iPad mini Computer Industry Apple computers contribute most to of Apples shares and money even beating it's best known product the iPhone. Part of this is because the Mac's and iMacs are a two of Apples most expensive products Strengths, Weaknesses, Future and Rivalries Conclusion My poem Steve Jobs A seed was planted in a great man's mind Which grew to become the juiciest Apple of the century Making all his supporters crave for a bite Growing up From a seed is not easy Water needs to be supplied daily But when the water stops the seed will not flourish any longer The question is whether Apple will grow weaker or stronger Task 4 Literacy Task 1 Book Name: Steve Jobs Author: Walter Isacson Interesting Facts about author: Walter Isacson went to Harford and Oxford University each for four years. He is the chief editor of CNN and the CEO of the ASPEN institute. His courier began when he hired as a journalist for the New York Sunday Times and later got hired as a political correspondent. When he writing Steve Jobs he interviewed him personally forty times and the last time was when a week before Jobs died.So far all of Walter’s books have been biographies.My question is: How will Apple still strive without Steve Jobs. By book is called Steve Jobs. My book links with my topic because Steve Jobs was the man who founded Apple through prominent means of technology but often he had a bad temper. So this book explains a series of events about Job’s life and how Apple a now billion-dollar company came to be so this is how my book is related to my question Artwork iMac was released Other companies Challenges Apple might have to face in the future Hey me! Weaknesses Quality and quantity Yes, Apple will continue it's success in the future. Apple is a thriving company that has a great future. A few of the things that it should change would be adding more thins to it's new products The stock market itself Strengths Making their own word and excel programing instead of using microsoft's Coping with companies that threaten to over turn Apple and become the new tech giant Excellent brand name and logo that is well known and liked. Products may be considered too pricy Good customer service Rivalries Future iPad came to life Customers are complaining about the lack of new features towards the iPhone 5 and iPad mini I became CEO Some stores around the world are opened 24/7 Making products cheaper but still get a lot of money by selling more

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