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Infographics Presentation

Transcript: Design & Rhetorical Choices Design & Rhetorical Choices Meme \ ˈmēm \ noun - From the Greek word "mīmēma," an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Justification for The Power of Literacy Education: Sources: We went with a brighter design that would catch the eye of students. Our vertical timeline is easy to follow with brief text to discuss the memes at hand. We picked memes that were funny, sarcastic, and a little bit of caustic in the spirit of engaging middle schoolers and their unique personality traits. UNC-Greensboro - Parents are sometimes unaware of exactly what literacy is as a teachable concept. - More than that, parents are unaware of the pervasiveness of literacy in all areas of life and what THEY can do to help their child. - As middle grades teachers, our jobs often involve bridging any gaps in adolescent literacy development before they move on to high school. Parent involvement and engagement during this time is hugely important. Separated into three sections: - The detriments of illiteracy - The power of literacy in terms of quality of life. - Suggestions for parental support and involvement. Infographics Presentation: The Power of Literacy Education & Meme Culture Sources for Parent Infographic . First of all, memes are a cultural phenomenon. Secondly, literacy exists in many different forms. Every student brings in their own bank of literacy to the classroom rather that's their global, cultural, or their own form of teen literacy. Dr. Nancy Myers Why Memes? ENG-321-01 Reagan Burcham & Jessica Yakout . Family structure can vary from student to student. For this reason we kept our language and visual non-gender conforming. Students deserve to know that their means of communication and expression are valid. When students feel like their literacy banks and languages are valued, they will be engaged in the content and motivated to learn and share.

Infographics Presentation

Transcript: 5 facts about Cerebral Palsy Exercise Testing Guidelines Cerebral Palsy Definition a non-progressive lesion of the brain occurring before, at, or soon after birth that interferes with normal brain development. Types of CP Spastic CP- has an increases muscle tone in flexor muscle groups of upper limbs and extensors in lower limbs Athetiod CP- involves involuntary movement at the extremities' Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy- problems controlling the movement of their hands, arms, feet, and legs, making it difficult to sit and walk. Movements are uncontrollable and can be slow or rapid and jerky. Ataxic Cerebral Palsy- problems with balance and coordination. Unsteady when they walk. Have a hard time with quick movements or movements that need a lot of control Mixed Cerebral Palsy- symptoms of more than one type of CP Types of CP Some Effects Include Balance Muscle coordination fine motor skills reflexes involuntary movements delays in motor skills milestones speech development seizes learning ability Effects Classifications CP1- Use electric wheelchairs and are quadriplegic. CP2- Use electric wheelchairs and are quadriplegic. Have better upper body control when compared to CP1. CP3- Use wheelchairs on a daily basis though they may be ambulant with the use of assistive devices. Have issues with head movement and trunk function. CP4- Use wheelchairs on a daily basis though they may be ambulant with the use of assistive devices. Have fewer issues with head movement and trunk function. CP5- Greater functional control of their upper body, and are generally ambulant with the use of an assistive device. Quick movements can upset their balance. CP6- Ambulatory, and able to walk without the use of an assistive device. Their bodies are constantly in motion. CP7- Able to walk, but may appear to have a limp as half their body is effected by cerebral palsy. CP8-Least physically affected by their cerebral palsy, with their disability generally manifested as spasticity in at least one limb. Prevalence 1 in 323 children have Cerebral Palsy More common in males (57%) More common among black children than white children. Prevalence Diagnosed within the first or second year of birth. No correlation with socio-economic status or geography 5 facts Lower level of motor control Limitations are individualized, no two cases the same with severity and muscles effected. Lower levels of physical activity, at greater risk for developing other conditions May need to alter testing to fit the individual Are able to program anaerobic, muscle strengthening, and aerobic exercises No specific contraindications for Cerebral Palsy. Use similar absolute and relative contraindications as you would for general population. Absolute example Unstable angina Relative example Mental or physical impairment leading to inability to exercise adequately Exercise Contraindication An individual with CP should get medical clearance before starting a workout program. Medical clearance Guidelines include trunk, upper body, lower body involvement including functional ROM. Arm and leg ergometry preferred for athetoid CP. Wheelchair ergometry for class 3&4. Treadmill testing for class 5-8, Should involve sub-max steady-state workloads. Athetoid CP should be tested with closed chain movement. Can use cycle ergometry for less severe cases. Should make training based off same principles as general population. If concerns about balance, use leg ergometry, recumbent stationary bike for lower body and hand ergometry for upper. include exercises that increase flexibility Individuals with CP fatigue easily, use multiple short training sessions. Special Considerations Frequency- 3 days per week Intensity- Increase through program progression or increase to the rate of patients performance Time -45-60 min per session. (remember that individuals with CP fatigue faster) Type- flexibility, resistance training, cardiovascular training Exercise Prescription Offset the effects of age a CP Improve strength in weak muscle groups Develop reflexes to improve equilibrium Improve balance limit delay of motor milestones Benefits of Exercise for CP Riebe, D., Ehrman, J. K., Liguori, G., & Magal, M. (2018). ACSMs guidelines for exercise testing and prescription. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer. P. 311-319 Maltais, D. B., Wiart, L., Fowler, E., Verschuren, O., & Damiano, D. L. (2014, August). Health-related physical fitness for children with cerebral palsy. Retrieved from Cerebral palsy. (2019, August 17). Retrieved from What is Cerebral Palsy? (2019, April 30). Retrieved from CPISRA Conference Postponed. (n.d.). Retrieved from References


Transcript: HISTORY OF AFTER EFFECTS WHERE DO WE USE AFTER EFFECTS? RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AFTER EFFECTS AND COMPUTER GAMES WHAT IS THE AFTER EFFECTS? motion graphics visual effects compositing application After the hand-writting animation’s start and finish time are limited ,then turn back to original image to continou for the processing. AFTER EFFECTS Background picture is adapted to After Effects. Thanks for listening.. By following the path Effect/Key/keylight(1.2) a video with a green background is added. It must be chosen a suitable brush size to make proper masking. The video is added with a green background to combine with original images ,via screen colour pen the green area of the video is choosen and then green background turns into original background itself. As a result green colour became disappear. This writing “MadHouse” effect, made by using hand writting method. To use hand writting method the complete word has to be masked by choosing pen tool. ATILIM UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING Computer Games And Simulation Presentation Topic: "After Effects in Computer Games" NESLİ NECİPOĞLU Film making Television production After Effects was originally created by the Company of Science and Art in Providence, Rhode Island, where the first two versions of the software, 1.0 (January 1993[1]) & 1.1, were released by the company. CoSA along with After Effects was then acquired by Aldus corporation in July 1993, which was in turn acquired by Adobe in 1994, and with it PageMaker. Adobe's first new release of After Effects was version 3.0. Render size is important for its long time requirement and the quality of the animation. H.264 is preferred for render quality because of it does not take so long time and quality is quite good. The timeline initialize to 0. By the following steps Composition /Add To Render Queue it is rendered which means creation of the frames of a movie from a composition. Introduction Using stroke effect to animate to hand-writting on screen. To make the intro impressive , voices are one of the most important issue to create sounds which is suitable for theme of the entire animation. A couple of horrible sounds are choosen , they are processed. This processes ,which are cutting combining and deleting, are applicated in Audacity. The finish time of the hand-writting animation is set to 100. ın this step start time,finish time and duration of the animation are decided.

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