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Transcript: 05 by Adrienn Kovács Boss 08 Sexual orientation 06 State Law 07 Sexual orientation is about being physically and emotionally attracted to a particular sex and/or gender, or to more than one. Federal law There is no federal law that specifically outlaws workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the private sector. Gender identity may be also protected - Some states and local governments also prohibit workplace discrimination based on gender identity 02 - Direct discrimination - Indirect discrimination - Harassment - Victimisation Sexual orientation discrimination Uk legislation: Com 04 G-gay often refers to a man who is attracted both in physically and emotionaly to men. 01 L - Lesbian A woman who is emotionally and physically attracted to other women, and who identifies as (calls herself) a lesbian. You may be protected by city and county ordinances Sexual orientation discrimination "Transgender/trans" is not a sexual orientation, it is a gender identity. "T" (Trans) is grouped with the sexual orientations LGBQ for many reasons, including shared civil and human rights activism, and similar experiences of discrimination. Company Policies ◾1,Negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress ◾2.Harassment (behavior that causes emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose) ◾3. Sexual harassment (even repetitive requests for dates) ◾4. Assault (threatening or acting as if the assaulter will touch you offensively) ◾5. Battery (offensive touching) ◾6. Invasion of Privacy ◾7. Defamation (communication that causes shame, ridicule, a lowered reputation, or employment or earnings to suffer) ◾8. Interference with an employment contract ◾9. Wrongful termination A bisexual person who is emotionaly and physicaly is attracted to any sex. Co-workers Thank you for your attention! 09 'Believed to be homosexual' Local Laws Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services 1998 03 Almost half the states and the District of Columbia have laws that currently prohibit sexual orientation discrimination in both public and private jobs Some enlightened companies have adopted their own policies prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sexual harasment Other laws The Equality Act 2010 says you cannot be discriminated against because - You are heterosexual, gay, lesbian or bisexual. - Somone think you have a particular sexual orientation. - You are connected to someone who has a particular sexual orientation. Male oil rig worker Harrasment because of sexual orientation What is Sexual orientation?

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