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Infinity Loop Diagram Powerpoint Template

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Loop Diagram of Catan

Transcript: Decide the strategy The player has to put the stealer on one tile, the tile could not produce resource even if its number is rolled... And the player can steal one resource card from the players who have settlements or cities located on the edge of this tile Also, all players who have 7 or more resource cards have to drop half of them Usually it's a chance to prevent other's development To Build add the numbers of two dice, which decide the tile on which edge the player can put down his settlement The player may not be lucky enough to roll the number that touches every resource, he has to decide the way to develop Also the probability of the number the player rolled may not be large enough A way near to harbor is preferred if the player has difficulty to get some particular resources Game Play (Main Loop) Homework3 of CTIN 488 Yang Sun Its important to decide the strategy because Otherwise, With players: Both sides have to negotiate before making the final deal Through harbor: Player can only change resources according to the harbor's rule The tile which has same number with the dice will produce resources, the player who has settlements or city located on the edge of tile will get resource cards Each settlement will give player one particular resource card, while each city will produce two Roll the dice Set up Trade if other players need IF 7.... The player can put one settlement on the edge of the tile and two roads connect to it, but should at least be two roads away from other settlements A joint road with large probability number is preferred As soon as all players build two settlements, they gather resources from the tiles their settlements touches and game starts Victory cards While other players are acting, you can also participate by trading with them Players can decide whether to trade Trading with other players can help them to get resources whey eager for, but you also have the chance to get what you want Roll the dice All player get or drop resources If 7 is rolled in total: Otherwise... Players can use resource cards to build 3 types of things (Roads, Settlements, Cities) Roads could help players to reach a farther place and build settlements. Also using roads can block other players' way Settlements could help player gather different type of resources and get access to harbor Cities could collect resources more efficiently Roads are influential for the player who has the longest roads (more than 4 roads) will get 2 additional victory points Use Resource Cards to build; Trade Loop Diagram of Catan There two types of victory cards: Direct Victory points, which are crucial to win since we count victory points to decide whether the game is over Attack cards, which could help the player to reduce the advantage of other player while enrich his resources The times to play victory cards is influential because whoever plays most victory cards (more than 3 times) will get 2 additional victory points Use Victory Cards to develop; Trade Resource Cards; Player can choose to trade resource cards either with players or by harbor, which give players who lack or particular resource a chance to develop Use cards to build OR Trade resource cards Place down Settlement & two roads

Connections 2012 - PowerPoint Loop

Transcript: ARE YOU A BRAND MARKETER? MAXIMIZE YOUR CREATIVE INVESTMENTS SOCIAL FIELD MARKETERS IMPROVE LOCAL MARKETING ROI DOES YOUR SALES CHANNEL INCLUDE LANDING PAGES & MICROSITES AMPLIFY GLOBAL BRAND MANAGEMENT SPOTS CUSTOMIZE & DELIVER TRADITIONAL & DIGITAL MEDIA ENABLE LOCAL CUSTOMIZATION SEARCH “By freeing up our field units from creating individual marketing campaigns, we strengthen our brand, and we give them more time to deliver on our mission and raise money.” 2 Reporting & Analytics SEARCH 4 your ad by selecting images, headlines, copy and offers - verify your contact information ANIMATED BANNER ADS BROCHURES Ad Builder 3 Product Sell Sheets Invitations Magazine & ROP Ads Stationery Business Cards Letterhead Postcards Statement Inserts Yellow Pages Tradeshow Graphics TRUSTED BY LEADING BRANDS ATM Screens Banners Billboards Brochures Business Cards Coupons Direct Mail Display Ads Door Hangers Easel Cards Emails Electronic Brochures Flash Banner Ads Flyers Grand Opening Kits Inserts Landing Pages Letterhead Magazine Ads Microsites MMS Messages Mobile Advertising Newsletters Newspaper Ads Outdoor Point of Sale Displays Paid Search Ads Postcards Posters Price Cards Sales Sheets Signage SMS Text Messages TV Spots Statements Stationery Tent Cards Trade Show Graphics Vehicle Graphics Video Spots Web Pages Window Clings Yellow Pages Ads And More! TV Spots Video Spots Web Pages Microsites Landing Pages Social Media Facebook Avatars Twitter & Facebook Campaign Management* Design Support Services Watch your ad come to life as you’re building it! Flexible Templates: Put brand marketers in control while eliminating costly mistakes WE OPTIMIZE LOCAL MARKETING FOR LEADING BRANDS Building an ad is easy – just follow the steps to customize “BrandCentral is a great tool. It saves me tons of time. I would not want to live without it.” IN ONE PLATFORM MEDIA Request a Demo Media Placement FRANCHISEES OPTIMIZE LOCAL SALES & MARKETING DELIVER ACCELERATE LOCAL REVENUE GROWTH RETAILERS Brochures Direct Mail Door Hangers FSI Ads In-Store/POP Flyers Signage Window Clings Outdoor Advertising Billboards Signage Vehicle Graphics CENTRALLY MANAGE MARKETING ASSETS MEASURE RESULTS DELIVER E-Mail Electronic Brochures Online Advertising Flash Banner Ads Display Ads Pay-Per-Click Classifieds SEM/Paid Search Mobile Coupons SMS MMS Radio Spots Select from corporate-provided headlines, offers and images for the type of ad or communication piece you want to customize IS YOUR SALES CHANNEL USING DIGITAL? Co-Op Management CUSTOMIZATION OF CROSS-CHANNEL MEDIA IS AS EASY AS FOCUS MARKETING RESOURCES ON STRATEGY SELECT SEAMLESSLY DELIVER ONLINE & OFFLINE ADVERTISING Digital Asset Management Multiple ways to search: the template you want to customize Ensure Legal & Brand Compliance MANAGING DISTRIBUTED MARKETING Brand marketers control delivery options EMAIL MARKETING BRANDMUSCLE MAKES IT EASY… Increase loyalty by deepening customer relationships AGENTS At the Right Time Thumbnails make it easy to see your options Maximize Sales Opportunities “2010 was a very good year for our partnership. BrandMuscle exhibited the behaviors of an agency partner, versus a vendor. The overall year-end qualitative performance rating is Outstanding.” RESELLERS END-TO-END DISTRIBUTED MARKETING MANAGEMENT CAN BE EXTREMELY CHALLENGING 1 SALES REPS BUILD BRANCHES CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY ELECTRONIC MEASURE RESULTS SELECT To the Right Audience CONTACT US WEB PHONE 216.454.4342 EMAIL Deliver the Right Message “I want to let you know about the terrific service I received yesterday putting together my first ad using BrandMuscle -- a cosmic rush project.” BUILD your ad to a publisher, customer, printer, route to marketing for approval or save it to your desktop READY TO LEARN MORE? Brand Globally INCREASE SPEED TO MARKET “Our brand is world class. Our sales team is world class. Our ad builder is world class. Our ad builder could be transferred to any Fortune 500 company. It is a fantastic tool.” Fulfillment 1 3 STREAMLINE AD PRODUCTION & APPROVALS TV & VIDEO Personalize the Customer Experience DEALERS Communicate Locally 2 INDUSTRY LEADING CLIENT SERVICE & SUPPORT 4

Servo Loop Block Diagram

Transcript: Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point Use the GainKi parameter to set the integral gain of the velocity loop. GainKi eliminates steady-state velocity error during motion and is applied in the velocity loop of the servo loop. If a system only has GainKp applied to it, a certain quantity of velocity and position error accumulates during a move. Applying GainKi will minimize the velocity error to as close to zero as possible, thereby reducing the position error. A high GainKi value will force the steady-state error to zero quickly. However, if the GainKi is too high, the motor will overshoot its desired zero zero error state and the system can start to oscillate. Use the GainKp parameter to set the gain for the primary (position) loop. + Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point + 23 Only use this feature if using the piezo actuator motor type Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point Use the GainPff parameter to set the position feed froward gain. NOTE: Only change this parameter when the controller is at the home position. Changing this parameter when the controller is not the home parameter will cause an immediate change in the motor current. NOTE: If this parameter is set to a nonzero value, you cannot re-home the axis if the controller is not in the home position. Re-homing the axis when not in the home position will cause an immediate change in the motor current at the beginning of the home cycle. + Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |Amps/Unit Type |64-bit IEEE floating point + Servo Filters Static Friction Compensation Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point + + GainKv + Acceleration Command + GainKpi 8000 Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |150.0 Units |Amps Type |32-bit IEEE floating point GainKi 2 Use the GainVff parameter to set the velocity feed forward gain Velocity Feedback (Counts/Sample) + Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point - + [ Feed Forward ] + GainPff Peak Current Velocity Command 2 23 Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point [ Position ] Default Value |1.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point + NOTE: This parameter should only be changed from the default value of 1 for a dual-loop axis. Use the GainKv parameter to set the scaling from the position loop to the velocity loop. This value should be set to 1 for a single loop axis (an axis with only one feedback device) or for a dual-loop axis where both feedback devices have the same resolution. For a dual-loop axis where the feedback devices have different resolution, this parameter must be set to the ratio of the velocity feedback resolution to the position feedback resolution. + Determined by "Feedforward control" Setting of the ServoSetup Parameter. Default Value |0.0 Minimum Value |0.0 Maximum Value |N/A Units |None Type |64-bit IEEE floating point Use the GainKpos parameter to set the proportional gain of the position loop. The GainKpos reduces the overall position error through the entire move and is applied in the position loop of the servo loop. It also reduces settling time by making sure that he axis is in position at the end of the move. If GainKpos is too high, the system can become unstable and start to oscillate. Use the StaticFrictionCompensation parameter to provide compensation for static friction. The quantity of current that is specified by this parameter is added to the current output of the servo loop based on the direction of motion. When the axis moves clockwise (positive) machine direction, the value is added to the current command and when the axis moves in the counter-clockwise (negative) machine direction, the value is subtracted from the current command. If there is no command to any motion, the current contribution from this parameter will remain unchanged until th is a command motion in the opposite direction. + The GainKp parameter affects the stiffness of the system and minimizes velocity error by applying a quantity of current to the motor in the velocity of the loop if the servo loop to compensate for accumulated velocity error. A high GainKp value yields a stiff and responsive system. However, if it is too high, the system can become unstable and start to oscillate. Current Clamp Use the GainKd1 parameter to set the derivative gain of the primary

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