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Individual Business Plan Powerpoint Template

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Business Plan Project Powerpoint

Transcript: $4.56 Icy Pop Our business is composed of 2 co-owners (Ashlee and Caroline) and 2 qualified people that are able to restock and repair our machines at the local restaurants where our machines are located. The Nature of Our Business Goals and Objectives Costs and Sizes of Popsicles Organizational Plan Small Get your Icy Pop today and get 50% off!!! Our product is the Icy Pop (vending) machine, a machine where you can customarily create your own popsicle There are over 100 flavors and fillings available for you to chose from Mix and match flavors and fillings to make your own popsicle creation for as much as $4.56 Product To start the business we would need 5 vending machines to work with which would cost $35,000 It would cost us about $6,000 to market our product The last cost would be that it would take $7,000 to restock our machines (restocking the flavors and the nitrogen) Icy Pop We will market in many ways including social media, highway billboards, local flyers, an through people seeing Icy Pop in restaurants and spreading the word about it. Financial Plan A type of vending machine that creates and serves popsicles Contains a wide variety of different flavors customers can use to design their own popsicle $3.45 A. To eventually have our machines put in places all over the world B. To one day offer over 300 flavors C. To one day become the most popular popsicle company ever D. To inspire creativity in everyone through popsicle making! Medium Information By: Caroline Martin and Ashlee Storey $2.36 Business Plan Project PowerPoint icy pop You can design your very own unique posicle with the push of just a few buttons Only takes five mintues or less for your popsicle to be made and then frozen by nitrogen Costs depend on what size popsicle you purchase Large Marketing Plan Information Our business would be categorized as a food service, since our invention is a type of vending machine and people will be eating what comes out of it.

Individual Business Plan

Transcript: Individual Business Plan Presented by Alia Esam Industrious Marketing Positioning Statement Ingenious Loyal Marketing and Implementation Strategy Mission: To constantly grow and develop by enhancing my skills. Values: Kindness, Integrity and gratitude. Vision: Independent woman both financially and mentally. Vision and Opportunity Goals Educational Goals 1) Masters Degree 2) Employment 3) Work my way up the hierarchy Job market Job Market Financial Analyst Procter and Gamble 0 to 3 years of experience interpersonal skills, leadership skills and problem-solving skills. 1 2 3 Finance Assistant CPL Aromas 3 years of experience Organization, communication skills and the ability to use Microsoft Office Financial Controller IEDEA 2 years of experience analytical skills, excellent interpersonal skills and good communication. Failure Learning from Failure Did not enter the college i applied to due to lack of good grades since i did not work hard. Even though I was a smart student that got good grades, I wasn't motivated enough to study for my final exams. Learning Experience Learning Experience 1) Hard Work is critical in order to succeed 2) Patience is a Virtue 3) Communication and Confidence Future Future 1) Diligent 2) Never underestimate tasks 3) Never give up Ethical principles in daily life Ethics and Inspiration 1) Always be honest to other people 2) Have Integrity 3) Loyalty Mentors Mentors 1) Mother 2) Grandfather Evolving one step at a time 6 words

Business Plan Powerpoint

Transcript: The goal of Satisfaction is to be opened worlwide and to be known by many so that our business will fluorish We will not do what we can't handle. We will make sure we can handle what we have now, before we take a step forward Our present goal is to have as many Satisfaction cafes opened up, so we can outreach to many We are aiming to open up in Florida, New York, Washington, and Texas Another goal is to open up branch businesses to help further expand the business (619) 777-7789 Company Description Czarina Ancayan 43% of people that live in Torrance, surveyed that they would not purchase tapioca beverages. Growth Plan Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM Friday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 6373 Diamond Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90241 Mission Statement Satisfaction Satisfaction is targeting children, teens, and adults. We plan on marketing, by always serving with a smile on our face. There's nothing better than seeing other people happy. Satisfaction Statistic Solution Satisfaction, a place where our customers and their needs are top priority. A place where we will share smiles, laughs, and happiness. We serve some of the best foods and drinks in town. Statistic 1. Advertise more to their appeal 2. Offer affordable and likable sales and deals 3. Give them free trials of food and beverage tasting, just to see if they may reconsider about their opinion Business Plan Powerpoint Target Marketing Satisfaction is a cafe viewed as a new hip hangout spot for all ages. We sell products of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages. Come and try our mouth-watering beverages with tapioca! Have special needs? We will not hesitate to meet those needs. We're called Satisfaction for a reason! Our customers will be so satisfied, that they will pass down a recommendationfrom friend to friend. Your day just got better. We deliver! Even at home, you will be satisfied of Satisfaction! CLOSED ON SUNDAYS

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