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Transcript: other options exhibitions - Visual Communication: opportunity to give and receive feedback directly from an audience - For Sale: connects artist to the buyer (great time for a fundraiser) - Incentive to Complete: a hard deadline can help motivate work and progress - Recognition and Reward: another incentive to make meaningful art when it is known that others will see it - Empowerment: gives students the confidence and incentive to make work they can be proud of and excited to share. - Communication: allows students to learn how to convey ideas through art as well as through artist statements. - Advocacy: shows the community and school the value of art education and choice based practices. key points - Enhance school culture by exhibiting art throughout all areas of the school, not just the expected "art" areas. - Gives students incentive throughout the entire year to keep producing work they can be proud to have seen. - Having in-school art shows in the halls for a longer period of time gives other teachers a chance to incorporate those themes into their subject area of teaching. - This kind of collaboration gives students an organic learning opportunity to make connections across subjects. "Statements are a window into the artist's thinking and provide background information which encourages prolonged viewing." Sample questions to ask to provoke thought in younger artists: 1. Tell me about your work. 2. What do you want people to notice? 3. Where did you find this idea? 4. How did you make it? artist statement why exhibit? - Thematic Displays: develop an exhibition around the emerging themes across student work - On the Internet: great platform for advocacy and gives family and friends from far away the ability to see student works - In the District: to show administrators, teachers, and parents the value of choice based art education - In the Community: art councils are often more than willing to include student work in art festivals and their special events - All-School Arts: open up the process to students so they can help select, reflect, and "own" the exhibtion integration TABS : CHAPTER 6 year-round exhibitions


Transcript: TABS Created by Miki Introduction Introduction TABS's full name is Totally accurate battle simulator. It is the war strategy game in which you will build your own armies. You will be able to select different units and the formations to line up in all consisting of different battle units. Developers Developers The developer of TABS was FreezeNova. Fun facts Fun facts There are over 10 levels to play. There are 3 types of units. There are over 50 units to choose. You can design your own battle. There are over 15 hidden characters for players to find. All battle units have strengths and weaknesses. My experience My experience I know this game by watching it on YouTube, the game was really fun and the units are silly! It cost money in steam but it is free in Microsoft store. It is really good and the situations were really very real! Because when you start two battles that the formations are the same, the result won't be the same! There are so many levels to complete and one of it is really tricky. There are two swordsmen in the other side and I got only swordsman to choose and my coins can only support one. My experience 2 My experience 2 There's also a level that lets you kill lots of music players with only one swordsman. My experience 3 My experience 3 If you really want to download it free but your computer is Mac, don't worry. You can watch videos about it. These players make it really fun. Control Controls WASD or arrow keys to move the camera Right mouse button to rotate the camera Mouse scroll to zoom-in/out Click the start button to start! Ending Ending You can download this game at: THANK YOU ! My Source source


Transcript: Texas Academy Of Biomedical Sciences wants to help you have less years of college to worry about . Less money to spend on college . We want you to have a good high-school expirience . Partnered with TCC , UNT ,UNTHSC TABS TABS includes many benifits to those who get accepted. Up to 60 hours of college credit . Early college highschool. Small learning enviroments . Project lead the way classses. Associate with TCC Trinity River Capus , UNT , UNTHSC. TABS is an early college highschool . TABS offers you to achieve 60 hours of college credit . If you use take full advantege of this oppurtunity , you can graduate with an Asociates Degree from high school . TABS offers Dual Credit classses as soon as your sophomore year . Texas Academy Of Biomedical Sciences Tabs is partnered with TCC Trinity River Campus , UNT , and UNTHSC. Not every highschool has that oppurtunity . In your junior year you might have the oppurtunity to take your college classes at TCC . The class of 2016 had the chance to go to UNTHSC before they stareted their freshman year and got to have some hands - on expierence . PLTW TABS offers "project lead the way classes " such as human body systems and principles of biomedical sciences , but we are planning to add more vigorus classes . In human body systems students begin interacting with the structure and functions of the body system . In principles of biomedical sciences students will investigate heart conditions such as heart disease , diabetes , sickle - cell diseases . Texas Academy Of Biomedical Sciences 60 Hours of college credit. TABS does not offer sports but we do have clubs afterschool . Such as soccer club , running club , bike club and many more . TABS has very small classes . This means that teachers will be able to have more one-on- one time with you . We also offer " Thursday Tuoring " this will give you 30 minutes after your 2nd period to go to a class that you're having problems with . On Fridays we have guest speakers that are in the medicine area and incourage you or get you thinking about your career . TABS TABS


Transcript: The human sense of smell influences 75% of our daily emotions, mood and desires. • Definition: the activity of repeated aggressive behavior intended to hurt another person, physically or mentally • Important to note that there MUST be a pattern of behavior to truly be bullying • One act, no matter how heinous, is not bullying “Teenagers say drama when they want to diminish the importance of something… drama can be fun and entertaining; it can be serious or totally ridiculous; it can be a way to get attention or feel validated. But mostly we learned that young people use the term drama because it is empowering.” Bullying as True Drama Danah Boyd and Alice Marwick The New York Times; Sept 23, 2011 Ask and Listen rather than control and direct Build Emotional Commitment We are not going to be there when tough decisions have to be made. Our conversations now with kids will dictate how they act in the future. It's going to be messy LIVE LARGE Drama = Bullying (but it can) Don't get to emotionally involved Manage on your Emotions Drive: -attention, memory, learning -decision making -relationship quality mental and physical health Kids are more capable than we peg them for TABS Blurbs Make time to be creative Reignite your Creativity...HOW? Adviser Fun Kids are more capable then we peg them for Focus on feelings instead of punishment The Meaning of Bullying When are you comfortable and When can you stretch yourself? How are you feeling? Hard for most of us to articulate feelings LAUGH Bully


Transcript: - common language policy - activities centred around food - a very component to happiness - gratitude exercise of writing a letter - Walker Bear stars are healthy for implementing gratitude and cultivating a culture of gratitude. - we should allow our leaders to fail , how else will they learn? When teachers jump in we teach them that we can do it better than them. - to improve faculty morale we must play together - TIME is something the school should look at. - paying attention to maitenance is key...... - Convenant coucils are good for discipline initiatives. Boarding Market Sexual Orientation - safety and liability is about creating community - students need to feel safe in school - purpose is to protect the students and the school - sound and vetted policies and follow it, schools get into a lot of trouble when they don't follow them. - when making an exception perhaps it's time to change the policy. - consistency creates integrity, predictability and creates leverage. - UBER!!!! Uber's policy is only age 8yrs and older..... It is clearly stated in their policy's website. - we are in a declining market for boarders - a successful res life curriculum is key for a successful boading school - if kids aren't happy in boarding they will leave. - the birth rate is declining as well especially in educated community - - should be formative in a residential program - it starts with your objecives - where are you and where do you want to be? - what are our Res Life Objectives Chinese Community Assessment and Evaluation in Residential Life - Chinese students have been recruited to fill admission gaps - Chinese students form their own communities and are exclusive of the one they are in. - St. Andrews bans speaking Mandarin in the dining halls to create community - the answer is how to adapt curriculum to tackle challenges such as this one in schools Res Life Mission Resource: Dr. Jennifer Bryan to deal with gender issues Emma Willard: Have a dedicated Residential Life Faculty. They are on from 3:30pm - 8am Mon - Fri and then 3pm - 8am from Fri - Monday Morning. They have Proctors and Peer Eds. They have whats called the Round Square House. Residential House dinners with International Theme once per month. Hall Tea's once per week for 45mins. (very big deal if you miss it) It is student run. Weekly seminar with a professional. Th Bridges - create a residential experience with this dorm. (Healthy Living House) - cooking for girls, shopping for healthy food. - there is a decline in religious affiliation - fears that students lack a set of values/ decline in religious affiliation - therefore we need to pay attention to how they are learning their values - can be as simple as: clean up your own mess, flush the toilet...etc. - "We are the type of people who put their carts back." Gratitude - talking about it helps - talking about it less doesn't help - Appleby is getting oon the bandwagon with this - do we teach kids to be tolerant and appreciative of diversity? - being able to communicate with home will help students feel like they belong. - finding your voice is important for students and somethign that the boarding community helps to cultivate First thought of the day: "Why am I the only one without a MAC Book? .... I feel left out"..... - Technology suprisingly was not the first thing we talked about at all. It seems like most schools have a software. - technolgy makes the students less present - also a lot of people here who have never taught........... yet who are running boarding communities. - be cogniscient of when you are sending emails, what are we modelling to our students? Leadership and Community Safety and Liability TABS: Res Life Conference, Boca, Raton Everyone has Macs - I haven't read the res life mission in a while, it was good to get refreshed. - brings me back to what I stand for in the res life community - it's our common code to create community while respecting and beig able to engage in diversity. - roomates are good! Keeps kids connected, forces interaction and conversation. - it's a problem when student and faculty values don't align - how do we interact on a day to day basis - a lot of this I feel like I don' even have time for. Religion Connecting Day and International Students

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