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Transcript: Since 2001 each year that has gone by the whole world will always remember that one day that made a huge impact world wide, 9/11. (THE FLIGHT 93 NATIONAL MEMORIAL) it is a sculpture grove of trees forming around the crash site in Shanksville. To honor the passengers and crew in flight 93 who stopped the terrorists from reaching Washington D.C. Impossible To Forget 9 / 11 On September 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington D.C. It was a nice Tuesday morning until four passenger airliners were hijacked by terrorists. So they could be flown into the north and south twin towers (The world trade center complex in New York) resulting fires causing partial collapse of other buildings. The twin towers destroyed. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi The Aftermath It affected the whole world, the after math of this caused War, Airport security, Many family members depressed, and Everyone all around paranoid. It felt like a huge funeral, many people everywhere posted up pictures and the names of the victims in 9/11 all over the streets, walls, ect... 3,000 children lost a parent 2,996 Deaths 6,000 and more non-fatal injuries 19 hijackers Shockingly... DISASTER STRIKES (THE PENTAGON MEMORIAL) Located in Arlington County, Virginia is a permanent outdoor to the 184 men and women who died as victims in the building and flight 77. A third plane crashed into the pentagon ( Headquarters of the United States Department of Defense) then a fourth plane was targeted at Washington D.C. but into the field near Shanksville in Pennsylvania. Here are some memorials for 9/11 : (THE TRIBUTE IN LIGHT) an art of 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the world trade center to create two vertical columns of light in remeberance of the Sept. 11 attack. IN LOVING MEMORY OF...

In Loving Memory

Transcript: In Loving Memory Leaving a Legacy More Than Just a Lizard A part of the family She always made me happy My emotional support animal Innocent and positive energy No ill intentions Some Of My Favourite Memories Even though she cant speak, I will share some of her favourite memories that we shared. Happy Times Big Bend Big Bend National Park So many amazing picutres and memories were made. Almost got fined, but it was so worth it. Her final trip, beautiful pictures for her mind to dream of in her afterlife. Chasing Butterflies and Blueberries Such Pure Energy In our backyard, whenever I let her bask in the sun, Brutus would eat dandelions and other greens, chase butterflies and try to eat them, and absolul loved eating blueberries from our garden. Playing in the Water She would play in the hose, and swim in the backyard pond, she loved water and cooling off after soaking in those hot UV rays! Water!!! How She Affected Me The Brutus Effect During a Huge Transition Hard Times The move from Canada to Texas halfway through my sophomore year was very hard and stressful, Brutus helped me by feeling like I had someone or something to talk too. Made me Smile Ever since I was a small boy, I was so interested and fascinated by dinosaurs, and was the type of kid to go shoulder deep in a river to try to catch a turtle. Every time I looked at Brutus it would remind me of my adventrous youth and the passion I have for nature and exploration. Smiles In Her Happy Place Now Wherever that may be, whether it is in the red sands of Australia with all the blueberry bushes she could want, or in Big Bend National Park chasing butterflies next to a stream of crystal clear water, Brutus you will continue to be, and have been missed. May you Rest in Peace.

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