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Transcript: The company has been cash-flow positive since year one. People in every country on earth are using prezi to make their ideas zoom. Now, to make it easier to zoom beyond the slide, Prezi is releasing its new PowerPoint Import feature. make your presentations and Now, prezify them further. Rob Newberry 2009-2012 the Big Picture which enables more effective use of spatial relativity Abundance - The Future is Better Than You Think PowerPoint Import Zoom? space what you show them and growing at a rate TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission. and opened its US headquarters in San Francisco in Fall 2009. the to evoke curiosity Howard Rheingold which allows a more effective use of spatial relativity to convey meaning. Dance CEO Prezi uses the z-axis, discovery The company now has 80 employees, in its Budapest and San Francisco offices - hailing from 14 countries, Jared Bret Annie Escobar ... or drag and drop. Davos 2010 audience The History of Charity Temple Thought leaders, conference speakers, educators and students, businessmen and women ... Unabated Growth Prezi launched in Budapest in 2009. Peter Diamandis into the details great The Prezi Story Tim Berners Lee Consumer Stanford Prezi Meeting Leticia Britos Cavagnaro enjoy visual journey "Peeragogy" In 2000, Adam began coding zoomable user interfaces (ZUI) to explore his ideas zoom outside the slide. Conference Ashley Selman a former Olympic qualifier; runs one of the top personal-training facilities in the Valley: who recruited serial entrepreneur Peter Arvai. Prezi Viewer iPad app CTO understand zooming zoom Stuart Taylor, et. al presentation software Peter Duffin which drew the attention of scientist and Budapest University of Technology professor Peter Halacsy Inside Out Project Milena Flament Randy Howder helps your John Wilson SXSW 2012 TEDMED The whole world is zooming Bernadette Martin World Economic Forum by: David Knuffke zoom John Trotwood Moore Middle School Milena Flament lead your audience Your Story Can Change the World Students preview the days content at home, if possible, which includes videos (of both myself explaining content, and others found online), assignments, and links for further inquiry. In the classroom students use computers, iPads, phones and tablets, to access the internet and follow our entirely web-based lesson." give your ideas Business More than 12 million and out to show then insert all your slides at once 1 new Prezi created every second. A Brief History of Life sharing renowned architect and visual artist Adam Somlai-Fischer ... anyone who wants to collaborate across times zones or on the go Street Artist - "JR" of over 1 million users a month. down a path of Start-Up Weekend Prezi founded by 3 innovators In Dec. 2011, Prezi raised a $14 million Series B financing led by Accel Partners. to convey depth and meaning. Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all, Why Julie Vetter Chatsworth International School in Singapore TED 2012 who uses Prezi? remember create a Education "Flipped" Classroom choose from mulitple layout shemes ... people are now using Prezi Emotional Equations zoom outside the slide and Chip Conley Facebook's new headquarter was pitched using Prezi TED 2012 ideas The Prezi Movement First, insert a PowerPoint file Prezi's cinematic experience Daniel Kraft MD

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Transcript: Age Specific Programs Teaching Kids To Recycle and Reuse WE NEED YOUR $UPPORT Taught by Retired Teachers COMMUNITY-WIDE PARTNERSHIPS Serving 5 Counties Across Northern Illinois Comprehensive Regional Solutions Reducing Groundwater Contamination Protected 3.6 Billion Gallons of Local Drinking Water in 2011 Alone 3,844 Volunteers = 12,176 Hours in 2011 Comprehensive Regional Solutions Comprehensive Regional Solutions BRINGING NATIONALY KNOWN ENVIRONMENTALISTS TO OUR AREA THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS GET INVOLVED AS A SUPPORTER VOLUNTEER ACTION ENCOURAGING LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO CAPTURE THE BEAUTY OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS CHERRY VALLEY DAYS Comprehensive Regional Solutions TO GET INVOLVED Who Cares About Being Green? ‘IT AIN’T EASY BEING GREEN’ Most Americans Replace 10 lbs of Clothing Annually Protects Children and Pets From Accidental Poisoning WE NEED YOUR $UPPORT Laid End to End, That Equals Nearly NINE Rockford City Buses in Length The Voice, Rockford Chamber of Commerce, October, 2011 EARTH DAY AWARDS PROGRAM Staffed by Volunteers, Open Every Saturday 9AM to Noon Almost 2.8 Million Pounds Recycled Since 1999 GET INVOLVED AS A VOLUNTEER Litter In The Neighborhood Reduces YOUR Property Value by 7% Special Event Recycling Growing The Next Generation of Environmentalists Individual Youth and Youth Organizations THE GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP WE DO IT THROUGH ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Local Firms And Businesses Over 1.76 Millions Pounds Recycled Since 1998 Tons of Free Pine Mulch to Beautify Local , Homes Yards and Gardens ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION The Green Leader in Northern Illinois Since 1988 Showing Them What THEY Can Accomplish by Recycling Photo Courtesy: Jon M. Lamrouex Photography Ed Begley, Jr. 2008 Involving Them in the Actual Process of Recycling ROCKFORD AIRFEST Over $1 Billion In Unwanted Drugs Are Flushed Down the Toilet Annually In The United States Reaching Our Children In Their Classrooms A Diverse Board of Directors A Dedicated Volunteer Base A Growing Membership A Committed Staff Our Staff Picked Up Over 4,000 Cigarette Butts in a Two-Block Radius on East State Street in Rockford ROSCOE RECYCLING CENTER Rockford Register Star, October 5, 2011 Comprehensive County-Wide Solutions Is There Really a Problem? Comprehensive Regional Solutions Is There Really a Problem? BUT GET INVOLVED! WE BELIEVE THERE IS!! Cleaned Up 208 Miles of Streets and Roads in 2011 Comprehensive County-Wide Solutions Comprehensive Regional Solutions AND THIS IS WHAT WE’RE DOING ABOUT IT!! We Can Make A Difference! GRAND PRIZE WINNING PHOTOS Means GREEN in the Stateline But . . . Steve Thomas 2011 Is There Really a Problem? GET INVOLVED AS A SUPPORTER SPECIAL EVENTS RECYCLING Philippe Cousteau 2009 We Don’t Inherit the Earth From Our Parents, We Borrow It From Our Children! BUT GET INVOLVED! “Seeking Enlightenment” by Dave Zimmerman 2010 Providing Recycling for Community Special Events UNUSED MEDICATION DISPOSAL The Equivalent of 5,400 Olympic Size Swimming Pools Full of Water Local Individuals Environmental Education The Chicago Tribune Reports That 80% of Illinois Streams & Rivers Are Polluted With Common Drugs EDUCATION ON RECYCLING AT HOME Over 6,600 Volunteer Hours Great American Cleanup WE DO IT THROUGH WE DO! Unused Medication Disposal Is There Really a Problem? ROCK RIVER REGATTA Clothing Drives We Can Make A Difference! Providing Recycling Options for Residents of Apartments, Condos & Outlying Areas In Full Compliance With Newest State Laws Christmas Tree Recycling Diverting Over 30,000 Christmas Trees From the Landfill Annually Our Newest Program SERVING SINCE 1999 RECYCLING AND WASTE REDUCTION Over 4 Tons of Cans and Bottles Recycled in 2011 “Midsummer Sunrise” by Bill Eklund 2011 Comprehensive Regional Solutions Annabelle Gurwich 2010 Is There Really a Problem? LITTER PREVENTION PROGRAMS NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST CLOTHING & TEXTILE RECYCLING WE DO IT THROUGH A SOLID FOUNDATION Serving These and Other Regional Special Events WE DO IT THROUGH VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT HAPPEN Over 1,000 Children Reached Every Year Illinois Spends $9.1 Million Annually to Pick Up Litter Recognizing Environmental Excellence in Our Area Is There Really a Problem? Over 260,000 Pounds Distributed To Needy Families in 2011 “Being Clean and Green Is Important to the Economic Vitality of the Region.” Over 5,000 Pounds Safely Disposed of in 2011 Alone Is There Really a Problem? and Consider This -- THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS Together Comprehensive Regional Solutions PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS WE DO IT THROUGH YOUNG ENVIRONMENTALISTS 146.5 TONS of Metals & Electronics in 2011 Almost 1,700 Volunteers Comprehensive Regional Solutions METAL & ELECTRONIC RECYCLING CHRISTMAS TREE RECYCLING UNUSED MEDICATION DISPOSAL NOW -- Comprehensive Regional Solutions Studies Find Blood Pressure Meds, Painkillers, Estrogen, and Anti-Depressants Present in Rockford Drinking Water BEAUTIFICATION A SOLID PARTNERSHIP SINCE 1988 Is There Really a Problem? Establishing a Lifetime

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Transcript: WESTFALL School facility use by community members will be convenient. We will encourage community use of our school facilities as a means for becoming the educational hub of the community. Create/ revise / and follow a clear district policy that encourages community use of facilities. Post the policy on the website along with contact information for booking a school facility. Designate an employee/resources to coordinate facility usage for the entire district with one liaison per building; include in job descriptions. Actively market school facilities for community use to increase community awareness. Add facility bookings (school events, sporting events, community events, etc) to the school calendar. Increase and update signage of all buildings and outside areas (playgrounds, sports complex, room numbers at hallway entrances, etc.). Host Business after Business event, grouping several local businesses together that are located or offer services within our district boundaries. The school website will provide information and access to resources to meet our educational goals. We will proactively update and improve our school website to effectively communicate as the educational hub of the community. Provide the resources and procedures to keep our website update and current. Create a uniform district wide procedure for getting information on the website. Create a district wide calendar that is inclusive of: Athletics, Music Programs and all extracurricular student events in the HS, MS and ES, Alumni events Important school dates (PTC, grade cards, exams, Title 1 events) Community bookings and rental of school facilities Major events going on in the community that involve our students (health screenings, bookmobile locations, blood donation sites, community celebrations of bicentennials, etc.) Interactive online scheduling procedure for parties interested in using school facilities Develop a greater presence on social networking sites and linking opportunities for increased communication to students, families, staff and all community members. Provide links to school district partners, 94.3 calendar, and alumni that are user friendly. Create a running(crawling so that it can actually be read) banner on the website offering information about Westfall events, success, Alumni, policy (i.e.,Westfall has an open door policy, if you would like to observe our schools please contact the building office 24 hours before your visit) as a great tool for public relations and communication. Sell ad space on the website to generate revenue to fund the website and advertise school resources for the community. Student achievement will increase academically and career readiness through community involvement. We will ensure student success through our partnerships with the community. Collect and update current data on needs of our school. Create a plan for determining what school needs can be met. Develop a plan for meeting those needs. Actively recruit student, parent and community volunteers to help meet school needs. Develop partnerships with other learning communities (school districts and higher education). Create a reciprocal opportunity bank for volunteers and volunteer needs for the school and community. Create an internship and shadowing clearinghouse to align students with local businesses, alumni, and other career options. Host an Open House during the school day to show case student abilities and community options for internships and shadowing. Specific Result #5 Partnerships will build public awareness of Westfall’s initiatives and provide valuable resources to ensure student success. We will establish and grow valuable partnerships at local as well as national levels. Establish goals/plan for partnerships. Determine ways and methods to connect with partners. Build partnership databases. Host open houses to invite potential partners into the facilities ( adopt-a-school, internship opportunities, etc.). Meet with potential partners individually ( reintroduce above). Recognize partners. Maintain relationships through ongoing contact and high visibility of superintendent/staff/hosting/attending networking events to develop relationships. Develop an ambassador board (group). Engage staff in Customer Service PD, as it relates to the school. Incentives for developing/implementing groups that encourage collaboration with the community. Encourage staff initiatives. Develop relationships with the institutes of higher learning. Develop an advisory group for Professional Development ( identifies Gaps, suggests conferences, etc.) Encourage Professional Development. Regularly schedule district-wide staff meetings. We will include the Westfall Alumni as partners to engage the alumni in the educational community. Engage current Alumni leaders to take charge of collecting data/ tracking members. Establish link to the Westfall District home page. Invite Alumni to partner in special district events. Include them in audience

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