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Transcript: An example program of finding the source code of an website is given. Source code of the trust-worthy website and fake website can be compared.if matches then an warning can be given to the user. We can use web spiders or web crawler to get this job done. Implementation Of Anti-Phishing The only possible Solution UNTIL NOW is to educate the users of the internet. import*; import*; import*; import*; public class HTTPSClient { public static void main(String[] args) { if (args.length == 0) { System.out.println("Usage: java HTTPSClient host"); return; } int port = 443; // default https port String host = args[0]; try{ Security.addProvider(new; SSLSocketFactory factory = (SSLSocketFactory) SSLSocketFactory.getDefault(); SSLSocket socket = (SSLSocket) factory.createSocket(host, port); All the tools just work by finding the probability that it may be a phished site. Although Phishing is a quiet old problem there is no perfect solution for it. Another method is to check the veri-sign of a site..... Check the SSL certificate(Secure Socket Layer) SSL means an connection is encrypted using an encryption algorithm Writer out = new OutputStreamWriter(socket.getOutputStream()); out.write("GET / HTTP/1.0\\r\\\n"); out.write("\\r\\n"); out.flush(); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream())); int c; while ((c = != -1) { System.out.write(c); } out.close(); in.close(); socket.close(); }catch (IOException e) { System.err.println(e); } } } Have You Ever Used Google Chrome ? It Detects Phishing Sites. It uses the help of google.


Transcript: Implementation Problems faced: Many obstacles for families to attend programs on a regular basis and not enough resources to overcome these challenges Resources allocated for children's transportation, but not parent's Programs held in the middle of the day and no wage compensation Bringing Patients into the Organization- Another Shade of Alignment Problems Encountered With Weekly Support Groups Lack of consistency in attendance - it is recommended to come Unsure why there is not a problem of consistency for Family to Family Classes No clear incentive Money is limited Did you have similar problems in your internships and if so how did you address them? How would this differ in a clinical or hospital setting? Did any of your organizations deal with these problems successfully? Ultimate goal was to ensure employment and build work skills for our clients. Similarities and Solutions Limitations FOTO Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. How do organizations get people to care about their long-term outcomes and participate in programming? What is each internship's goal in terms of patient engagement, and how do we achieve them? Outcome measurements See objective results Organizations struggled to keep clients continuously attending Primary Goal: Better the lives of all those impacted with mental illness Goal: Teach parents who are separated from their children due to past abuse or neglect how to effectively parent and provide resources in order to reunite families How: Get both parents and children to attend programs consistently for an extended period of time Provided Metrocards as an incentive AIDS Project Worcester Problems: - People don't always have the ability/means to get to APW - Dealing with such sensitive and delicate issues National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Clients would often stop attending or would refuse to update us on their status This hindered our ability to asses our impact FOTO can evaluate outcomes Cannot provide motivation Goal: To empower and enhance the lives of people infected with and affected by HIV/ AIDS How: - Get consumers involved by providing them with resources, events etc. PB&J Family Services 1)Family to Family Classes 2) Weekly Support Groups Problems: Discussion Objective: Advocate for and support individuals with mental illnesses, family members and other loved ones. Athletico Physical Therapy External factors hindered our ability to successfully reach out to population Center for Women and Families Programs Offered


Transcript: Implementation By:Nada Remah Direct Changeover The old system is stopped completely, and the new system is started. All of the data that used to be input into the old system, now goes into the new one. This is has its advantages... Takes the minimal time and effort.The new system is up and running immediately But there are also disadvantages... If the new system fails, there is no back-up system, so data can be lost Parallel Running The new system is started, but the old system is kept running in parallel (side-by-side) for a while. All of the data that is input into the old system, is also input into the new one. This is has its advantages... If anything goes wrong with the new system, the old system will act as a back-up.The outputs from the old and new systems can be compared to check that the new system is running correctly But there are also disadvantages... Entering data into two systems, and running two systems together, takes a lot of extra time and effort Phased Implementation The new system is introduced in phases (stages, or steps), gradually replacing parts of the old system until eventually, the new system has taken over. This is has its advantages... Allows users to gradually get used to the new systemStaff training can be done in stages But there are also disadvantages... If a part of the new system fails, there is no back-up system, so data can be lost Pilot Running The new system is first of all piloted (trialled) in one part of the business / organisation (e.g. in just one office, or in just one department). This is has its advantages... All features of the new system can be fully trialledIf something goes wrong with the new system, only a small part of the organisation is affectedThe staff who were part of the pilot scheme can help train other staff. But there are also disadvantages... For the office / department doing the pilot, there is no back-up system if things go wrong Thank you!


Transcript: Presentation Outline cont. Recommendations Cont. Recommendations Cont. Concept Recommendations: Unit 1 – E-learning program and mentoring program for trainee shift managers Unit 2 – Competency Confirmation Unit Refresher Course Program Structure: Online community linked with e-learning (profiles, discussion forums, social calendar etc) Policies to monitor professional behaviour Social incentives to recognise outstanding achievement Implementation: A National Advisory and Evaluation Panel (NAEP) Program development to use e-learning capability of Rapid Induct Design to be outsourced Program to be piloted then evaluated Evaluation: Inclusion of Martine Union of Australia (MUA) representation in the NAEP Rating scale to rate content Evaluation of the transfer of knowledge and skills to the workplace Presentation Outline QUBE is a “pre-eminent provider of wharf-side port logistics and port management services in the Australian region” (QUBE,2012). Fastest growing import and export logistics services The company is involved in a diverse range of operations across the whole country QUBE Ports and Bulk is one of two major operating divisions of the publicly listed company QUBE Holdings and deals with over 2000 employees Scheduling Difficulties Instructional Concerns Conflict/Delay Program Costs Communication of subject matter experts Primary Responsibilities Plan, organise and manage stevedoring operations Achieve safe and cost effective results Lead Motivate and direct employees The Shift manager is the person in charge on site. Video Needs Assessment with SME – National Advisory/Evaluation Panel - Online content - Online tools National Trainee Shift Manager E- Learning Program development Pilot Program with Trainee Shift Managers Evaluate program Trainee Shift Manager evaluation National Advisory/Evaluation Panel evaluation Modify program as required Issues for Consideration Design and Delivery (Muilenburg, and Berge,2001) V&D’s Recommendations for QUBE’s National Training Program for Shift Managers - Blended solution between face-to-face and online learning with additional features, creating an online learning environment. Company Profile Operationalisation of the National Trainee Shift Manager Program Implementation Barriers and Strategies List of Recommendations References Questions Jennifer, Mish, Georgia, Rochelle & Eloise QUBE – Company Profile What is a Shift Manager? Issues for Consideration Video – Stevedoring Design and Delivery Training Program Online Community Network Implementation: Barriers and Strategies Content: Program needs to accommodate different learning styles (simulations, case studies, various media types etc) Diversity sensitivity Program to prompt basic safety knowledge Importance of reflection to reinforce and evaluate learning “train the trainer” improve shift manager competency and improve the transfer of training for future trainee shift managers What is a Shift Manager? Operationalisation of the National Trainee Shift Manager Program List of Recommendations Muilenburg, L.Y. and Berge, Z.L. 2001. Barriers to distance education: A factor-analytic study. The American Journal of Distance Education. 15 no. 2.pp.7-22. References


Transcript: Technologies of the self Plan vs practice The standard of teaching Sally Coates talks about the Teachers' Standards Review Thank you for your attention Needs, perceived needs, a big gap. Modern social control The Netherlands Do you think standards could be useful? Or do you prefer different implementation ways, so different ideas about teaching could be implemented? If you are a teacher what would you do to solve the problem of stimulation and effectiveness? Between autonomy and disciplinary logic What about your country? govern of everyday conduct Link to Valerie Fournier Discussion All teachers will be expected to meet new standards of competence and conduct from September 2012... to ensure the status and quality of the teaching profession continues to rise. Professionalism Current standards as ineffective, meaningless and muddy, fluffy concepts Overview of the presentation "systems of truth" To what extent would the proposed overhaul of teaching qualifications solve the problem of stimulation and effectiveness? The best classroom practice now becomes the norm Professionals were involved in improving the old standards Teachers will be encouraged by the new standards If you were a policy writer, what would you do to implement the new standards? govern at a distance The standard of teaching Link to Freidson Is it to the government to make a 'list' of good teaching? Or can the schools make it? Is it good to make such vague standardization or are stricter/practical standards better? Solutions Implementation problems - Solutions Behavour cannot be regulated through direct control Michel Foucault's idea of the panopticon Policy Implementation 1. Countries Excellent teaching: could one measure education by using a few criteria? 2. Questions 3. Can you imagine yourself in such situation? - Causes of the problems Department of Education, Great Britain, 2011 - Literature & Solutions - Discussion & Questions Link with literature Summary of the article No results No control (?) possibility for action, subjectivity Legitimacy - Implementation problems Standards of education Training is in our opinion a solutions to improve the implementation of the new standards What are the causes of the problems? 4. Your turn! Freedoom in appropiate ways If you were a headteacher/manager what would you do to become your teachers/ employees familiar with these standards? Current standards aren't effective and clear: no stimulation for better education Are these standards needed? Technologies of domination - Introduction to the article & video Spain ‘When an occupation has become fully professionalized, management can control the resources connected with work, but cannot control most of what the workers do and how they do it.’ ‘Management may control the terms and conditions of work, but the professional worker controls the work itself, and the work is the key to production.’ ‘The professionals seem to do so because they believe that their work is such a complex character: requiring so much judgement, that formal standards or rules are too arbitrary to be applicable.’

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