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Transcript: Concerned with the manufacture of chemical, food, fuel, and pharmaceuticals Analogue and digital electronics, communication and control, alongside mathematics and computing modules. 4 NATURAL SCIENCE Reputation and Rankings ENGINEERING electrical energy, circuit design, computer gaming, software development, image processing, technical consultancy, academic research, telecommunications, finance and management. Electrical and Electronic Engineering ENGINEERING Electronic and Information Engineering Generous financial support Day Dreaming BUSINESS Learn to apply scientific, engineering and business principles to a variety of complex practical issues 10 Why we choose imperial college? Aeronautics Bioengineering Chemical Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Computing Dyson School of Design Engineering Earth Science and Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Materials Mechanical Engineering Process, energy and healthcare industries and in companies involved in the design and construction of chemical plants. Many graduates have also entered research organisations, public utilities, consultancy and the information technology industry, with many opportunities for employment overseas. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Departements Focus on design of process to create product. Student Life Chemical Engineering Career success MEDICINE South Kensington Campus Focus on use technology to improve the performance of electronic equipment in terms of speed, cost and sustainability; to improve power distribution and control for a robust and sustainable future energy network; and to improve communication in different aspects of life. Faculty

Imperial College London

Transcript: Eating and drinking on campus Imperial College Union Sport Imperial Outreach and Volunteering Something interesting about Imperial College London -Founded 1907 -13,964 full-time students (10-11) -12:1.1 student/staff ratio (10-11) -Students from 126 countries -242 taught courses -29.7 average A level score on entry Imperial College London The Imperial College London is located in London, specializing in science, engineering, medicine and business. Formerly a constituent college of the federal University of London, Imperial became fully independent in 2007, the 100th anniversary of its founding 2011 Dorms The Big Ben 2010 6 c Imperial College London Imperial College London The eye of London 2013 3 + - Why do you want to go here? 9 4 2012 -Aeronautical Engineering -Aerospace Materials -Biochemistry -Biology with Management -Biology with a Year in Europe -Biomedical Science -Biotechnology -Biotechnology with a Year in Industry/Research 1 While i was researching about the Imperial College London I realized that I did not like the majors this University offers. But it is a great university for people that are interested in science. 0 I am doing this presentation because I want to start thinking about college. 8 7 Victoria Monument Academic Year 2013-14 Weekly (£) 39 Weeks 52 Weeks Accommodation 145 5,655 7,540 Food and Utilities 55 2,145 2,860 Travel 24 936 1,248 Personal 50 1,950 2,600 Books & Course 10 390 520 Total 284 11,076 14,768 Castle of London 2 2009 London Living Expenses = Student Life at Imperial College of London Top 5 majors in Imperial College London

Imperial College

Transcript: Fun, friendly and with a healthy dose of independence, living in halls is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the Imperial experience from your very first day. From premium en-suites to wallet friendly twin rooms, we've got accommodation to suit a range of budgets and in a variety of locations - mostly within walking distance of campus. like comment share Where It All Begins Ranked amongst the best three student cities in the world by the QS Best Student Cities 2015 index, London is a magnet for students from around the world. Shared a Photo Shared a Photo In pictures: China’s President visits the College during his UK state visit Oct 21 2015 created by Heidi All of its halls are signed up to recognised accommodation codes of practice, guaranteeing your right to safe, good quality accommodation. Campus Life like comment share An Imperial education is something special. Learn from world class experts and be part of a global community. With so many discoveries happening all around you, expect to be challenged and inspired as it open your mind to the latest thinking in your subject area. like comment share Shared a Photo Many halls have their own social facilities, such as common rooms and TV/games rooms. Most halls also offer access to practical facilities such as laundries and secure bike storage. President Xi Jinping at Imperial Aeronautical Engineering Biochemistry Biological Science Biomedical Science Biotechnology Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Computing Design Engineering Ecology and Environmental Biology Electrical and Electronic Engineering Geology Geophysics Materials Science and Engineering Mathematics Medicine Microbiology Petroleum Geoscience Physics like comment share The Imperial guarantee a place in College accommodation to all first year undergraduates provided they are eligible and complete their application by the deadline. like comment share THANK YOU! like comment share Imperial College Shared a Photo Life in London Courses Accommodation From its South Kensington base, where the College was founded in 1907, Imperial’s expertise now spreads across nine campuses – six medical campuses, centre for ecology, evolution, and conservation at Silwood Park, and White City Campus, new 25-acre base for researchers, businesses and healthcare experts to work alongside each other.

Imperial College London Presentation

Transcript: Key Concern of a University Careers Service: How to continually and consistently offer a service with added value and an extra dimension Employability and Personal Development Recognition - e.g. The Durham Award Careers Curriculum Modules Continued strength of employer engagement & feed in to the service Implementation of an Imperial Careers Service Impact Measurement Model Specific focus on the 'learner journey' Tracking approach based on differentiations? Measuring behaviour/attidude change after set intervals, i.e. 3 months, 6 months Supplement existing impact analysis and give more depth and rich data to DLHE Summary Challenges are not threats - they are catalysts for change and creators opportunity, including: Opportunities for strengthened links with employers/staff development More influence with key decision makers Successful impact measurement - increase reputation and prominence of service within institution ........................................................ "Graduate employability is an international issue." (Neary, S., Thambar, N., Bell, S., 2014) Consequences of Increased Strategic Importance ........................................................ Frigerio, G. (2010) ‘Narratives of Employability: Effective Guidance in a Higher Education Context’, University of Warwick/HECSU. Neary, S., Thambar, N. and Bell, S. (2014) 'The Global Graduate: Developing the Global Careers Service.' Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling 32: 57-63. Resources - is the service adequately resourced in line with its more prominent position? ........................................................ Careers services need to continue to demonstrate impact under increased scrutiny and accountability ........................................................ ........................................................ Key Challenge 1 - Measuring Impact ........................................................ The prominence of the employability and graduate destination agenda means that university careers services are now centre-stage within their institution "A growing strategic focus on employability and the need to demonstrate value for money within the public sector, particularly at a time of financial constraint, means Careers Services must prove their worth." (Frigerio, 2010) Increased strategic importance within institutions Increase in student expectations - value for money, degree delivering a return on investment - employability is an important outcome of the university experience Shift in focus brings several challenges The Challenges Facing University Careers Services Over the Next Two Years and how Imperial College Careers Service Might Meet These Emma Mottram Presented 16/05/2016 Key Challenge 3 - The Global Graduate Distinct employability needs of students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds Need for a ‘globally-minded’ service with capability and credibility to advise on international opportunities Continued need for staff CPD Internationalised employer engagement Building of partnerships with international careers services to build global labour market knowledge? Context and Background We can draw conclusions as to how we are doing on an operational level, but these measures don't tell us much about whether our service is still relevant or fit for purpose Key Challenge 2 - Understanding the Student Cohort Ongoing difficulty Staying responsive to the way in which students consume and access information Mobile devices over static devices - further development of Imperial Mobile Still engaging with those who don’t set foot in the Careers Service base Continually stressing urgency of career planning from year 1 (Wilson, 2012), particularly amongst WP student body who may have less social and cultural capital Which student groups are performing better than others, have these students engaged with Imperial College’s Careers Service? Importance of data gathering and analysis - look deeply at the audience How well is data currently recorded? Gaps? Effective channeling of marketing/targeting interventions to specific groups, e.g. WP Time consuming and resource dependent DLHE Statistics and measures of activity volumes/evaluation of activities - can be blunt tools and do not demonstrate ACTUAL impact Key Challenge 4 - Student Engagement & Focus on Early Career Planning

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