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Transcript: About the Immigrant historical event America By: Ahmad M. Alwan background info. About Immigrant c TOPIC 2 First man on moon Info. About Neil Armstrong Name: Neil Armstrong Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930, near Wapakoneta, Ohio Landed on moon in July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC The spaceflight that landed on the moon was the Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong died when he was 82 years old The cost of the Apollo 11 was about $25.4 billion, but now it cost about $152 billion. PICTURE PICTURE TOPIC 3 The Interview Interview interview Where did you come from? A: From Lebanon What happened in your country when you left? A: At that time, they made a rule that who ever does not have a passport can not stay there. How long did it take you to learn the English Language? A: 6 months How difficult is it come to America? A: It was very difficult to come to America because we had to go through a lot of paper work and we had to what 6 months for them to give us a respond if we can come to America. why did you come to America? A: We came to America because it is a safe place to be. It is a place were nobody can feel unsafe. What horrible danger have you witnessed in your country? A: In Iraq at that time, there was a war and we had to move and get out of the state so we went What happened in your country that made you want to come to America? A: We were forced out of it because there was a new ruler that took over the Iraq and killed lots of people, so we had to leave. How old were you when you came to America? A: 32 years of age Who did you come with to America? A: family How can America help you with what you need? A: By protecting us and helping us survive life. what does it mean to be american? Being an american means to follow the rules and the laws. Being an american also means to be kind to your neighborhood. You can also help by getting a job. That way you can serve people and help America live and grow. what does it mean to be american Source Sources sources First man on the moon: First man on the moon: w


Transcript: An Immigrant's Life By: Catherine Fajardo Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr My experiences in the U.S. And Finally Introduction: It was hard trying to cope with not having your kids where you are. Getting lost, and adjusting to what we have. Baby sitting, Caregiver Life for me now is not great nor good, but its just enough and right to get through life. I plan to come back to the Philippines. I had to give up my job in the Phils. as a teacher and leave my family behind. I had problems getting the job I wanted or even just getting a job. Learning to appreciate what you have before you lose it. I regret coming to America and trading the job I had in the Phils. and my family for my job here. But I don't regret making sacrifices for my family's sake. Make the most of what you have and keep family close. Immigrants don't just come to other countries and get money that easy. We actually work really really hard to get every bit of it. The least they can do is ask me how my life was there before they start going through the Balikbayan Boxes. Life growing up in the Phils. was very simple. My most memorable moments back in the Phils. were the family events like reunions and fiestas and meeting and marrying your father. When i was young, back in the olden days, I wanted to become a nurse. The social and political situation in the Phils. was very poor and corrupt. Though mostly everyone had some family member to depend on or ask help from. I was entering the age of retirement and having 2 more kids about to enter high school, I still needed to work. I was pulled to go to America because of its opportunities. I felt really sad and depressed. Before leaving for America, I viewed it as an open door of opportunities and better life. I have to leave you and your brother (Me and Michael), my siblings and relatives, and also my friends. Back in my Homeland: Bad system makes you want to leave and find a better life that sometimes causes much worst results. Leonida Bonus Fajardo July 02,1957 54 years old Filipino Philippines My Mom as an Immigrant


Transcript: Immigrant Project Intro John Muir By Karson G, Elena S, Gregory A Birth & Death Date Important Dates He was born on April 21st, 1838 & died on December 4th, 1914 Where did he Move frome & to? From Where To Where>? He started off in Dunbar, Scottland then later in 1849 him and his family emigrated to Wisconsen, United States His family moved to America for freedom of religon and a better life. Why did his family Immagrate? Why? Accomplishments: Achievements Made an acurate watch Carver Won admiration prizes for state invention competitions acheived good grades Succesful writing carrer Wrote 10 books and 300 magazines Was born in Dunbar, Scottland on April 21st, 1838 Event 1 He emmigrated from Dunbar, Scottland to Wisconsen, United States in 1849 by boat when he was nearly 11. Event 2 When he was 29 uears old in 1967 he suffered a work related injury, which left him with temporary blindnig his left eye then later on his right was temporary blinded too. Event 3 By 1871 he had found live glaciers in the Sierra and had conceived his theory, then of the glaciation of Yosemite Valley. Event 4 Beginning in 1874, a series of articles by John called "Studies in the Sierra" which started his successful career as a writer. Event 5 In 1880 he started off his life by marring Louie Wanda Strentzel and having 2 kids, Hellen and Wanda Event 6 Event 7 In 1892 muir and other enviromentalists founded the Sierra Club, and john becoming the president of that club for 22 years. He died in 1914 Event 8

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