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Illinois State University

Transcript: Unsatisfying Sporting Events What we learned Team Contract was upheld (12 pack) Procrastination was a problem Motivation from leader was key to group success Trust We achieved trust as leaders because we all did what we said we will do. Trust allowed great feedback on tasks and ideas., which led to higher performance. Strengths and weaknesses were applied with each aspect of project ex. Kris with slides Most importantly we were ourselves, in every way from start to finish with all of our unique styles. We did what we though was the best way, and did not necessary lead or do objectives in the contemporary style that others are accustom to. We followed and, led each other, and learned many important leadership and life lessons that we can apply to our future careers and endeavors . Emergent Leadership Chp 11, Authentic Leadership focuses on whether leadership is genuine. We all were extremely genuine, and transparent with are goals, ideas and the work load that was accomplished. No one person took or is taking all the credit for the project, and were not selfish or nor narcissistic. Goals were laid out, and each team member stuck true to their word. We had fun doing this assignment, we ate pizza, watched football, joked around and became friends during the semester, this lead to the group being conformable with each other wile trusting the members with their work. Why doesn't anyone go to sporting events at Illinois State University? The decision was clear to conduct our project on promoting, finding ways to raise moral and attendance for ISU athletics. Created encouragement and positivity Leadership when it was needed Many situations during this project required a different leader Different people had different ideas during this process and voiced them when appropriate Ex. Kris had the breakthrough idea, Mike was a scheduling guru, Pete suggested we go to the game and do surveys, and I enforced the team contract with earnestness and sincerity. There were many other instances but these were key to our success Three question process very useful in identifying problems and solutions Illinois State University suffers from issues with attendance, support, and enthusiasm towards the athletics program. The level of support is lacking greatly when we compared Isu to other comparable universities. ex: Clemson The lack of school pride is seemingly missing throughout the campus life of its students. Topic Conclusion Did we succeed? Servant Leadership Problem Sports Fanatics All played sports in high school Still participate in intramurals Die Hard Chicago fans Watch live sports/ESPN religiously Used model to find solutions We thought that the best person to reach out to was director of athletics Larry Lyons He spoke about his athletic experiences during his college days at the University of Illinois, and reminisced on how exciting it was to him, and as the director of athletics one of his goal is to increase moral of students towards sports. We succeeded in advising top level management of the issues at hand, but were unsuccessful in leading change within the university itself. We feel that with the formation of an RSO, with the support of the athletes themselves that this mission can enviably be successful in the future. Some of the most successful operations started out small, but with the correct leaders anything is possible. Who are we? Thought that some high school events were better than ISU events Problems with Scheduling We have all gone to sporting events at ISU, and were all unsatisfied with the events Commercial, very well done, but we have never seen it, needs to be broadcast over all televisions on campus Use of social media has little impact RedAlert: tickets to all games but, no successful promotion Idea Reaching out Attendance was low, all four of us when to opening night to do a recon mission. Pictured below Serve and nurture others needs Created trust Helped each other understand concepts and get work done Specified roles in certain situations Authentic leadership Promotion Energy was not very high at the events ISU Current attempts We were trying to think of a topic when a conversation around football came about, and then it clicked. Students are the best promoters to gain better attendance and overall moral of school towards all of the athletic programs. Freshmen media packet Given during preview Including all sports related media, schedules, websites and information. Also one time free tickets to any game upon signing up with intended RSO. Athletes that join RSO, will promote themselves and their team with presentations. (ex. many other organizations and clubs do before class) They will give their own background and connect with classmates to allow a better student athlete relationships to improve attendance. Solution What We Learned Illinois State University He identified the issues at hand and suggested that we also speak to L.B. Nagle (marketing) and Cindy Harris (compliance and

Illinois State University

Transcript: 81.7% of Fall 2012 New Beginning Students persisted to their second year Majors ISU is currently accepting transfer applications for spring, summer, and fall 2015. When you apply, you'll need to know some basic information such as: your Social Security Number—(if you have one) used only to verify your identity courses you are currently taking or will take before you come to ISU your intended major or program—if you have chosen one. If you have earned fewer than 24 semester hours at the time you apply, you will also need to know: your ACT or SAT score your cumulative high school and college GPA C: Computer Systems Technology Construction Management Criminal Justice Sciences Degrees And Programs Isu is Located at 100 N University St, Normal, Illinois 61761 Cost Of Dorms: A multiple occupancy room in a suite costs $924 in addition to the multiple room charge per semester. A single occupancy room in a suite costs $1,452 in addition to the multiple room charge per semester. A super single occupancy room in a suite costs $1,874 in addition to the multiple room charge per semester. . C: Chemistry Children's Studies Cinema Studies Tern enrollment: Summer and Fall : September 1- January 1 : May 1 (App. Deadline) June 1(Required documents dealine) Spring: April 1-August 1 All my information i got from Illinois states website: llinois State University's campus is in the twin-city community of Bloomington-Normal near the geographic center of Illinois. ISU Mission Statement Location Transfer Information 16,673 students received $237,625,126 in financial support in FY 2013 Isu housing options: Dorm Living: On-campus housing is the best way to get a feel for the American student experience. You will likely have a roommate. Your building will have a computer lab, fitness center, dining options, laundry facilities, elevators, and air conditioning. Apartment Living: Graduate students and upper-class undergraduates (junior and senior level) may choose to live in an off-campus apartment. Illinois State University owns and leases apartments in two complexes which provide cost-effective accommodations for families and single graduate students. Off Campus Living: is a good place to start if you’re interested in living off-campus in a privately-owned apartment. They list area apartments and houses for rent and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as an off-campus student. They’ll even review your lease for you if you’re unsure about the terms. A lease is a legal document most renters are required to sign that states the renter will stay in the apartment and pay the rent for the agreed upon period, usually 9-12 months. There are 630 New Graduate Students 42 Non-departmental Faculty; 28 Library Faculty Student Life: 97.1% of Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty hold a terminal degree The Community College Transfer Scholarship is a highly competitive and prestigious award for community college graduates attending Illinois State University. The awards are valued at $2,000 per year for two years for a total value of $4,000. Some are renewable for an additional year; some are for one year only. The awards are based on academic merit rather than on financial need. More than 100 community college students compete for the awards and are The Community College Transfer Scholarship is a highly competitive and prestigious award for community college graduates attending Illinois State University. The awards are valued at $2,000 per year for two years for a total value of $4,000. Some are renewable for an additional year; some are for one year only. The awards are based on academic merit rather than on financial need. A: African Studies African-American Studies Agriculture Anthropology Art History Athletic Coaching Transfer scholarships: Illinois State University B: Biological Sciences Business Administration Business Environment & Sustainability Student Services for Transfer Student llinois State University, founded in 1857, is the oldest public university in Illinois, United States; it is located in the town of Normal. We at Illinois State University work as a diverse community of scholars with a commitment to fostering a small college atmosphere with large university opportunities . We promote the highest academic standards in our teaching, scholarship, public services, and the connection we built among them. We devote all of our resources and energies to creating the most supportive and productive community possible to serve the citizens of Illinois and beyond. Thanks For Watching!and come to ISU with me....... Please :) Transfer Student Services , part of the Leadership and Community Connections unit, strives to support students in their transition from another institution to Illinois State University. Transfer Student Services works to: Provide programs and services that orient students to Illinois State University including the helpful

Illinois State University

Transcript: Baseball Basketball- Cheerleading Cross Country Dance Equestrian Fencing Fishing Handball Ice Hockey 18,000 undergraduates 2,000 post graduates 20,000 students Out of State on campus: $34,340 Out of State off campus: $35,058 Majors Business Marketing Education Health Professions Social Sciences Journalism Visual and Performing Arts Nursing Science Chemistry Psychology Geography Anthropology 8 halls 10 to 28 floors Tuition Florida Indiana Michigan Missouri Texas Apartments Coed dorms Fraternity/Sorority housing Housing for the disabled Theme housing In State on campus: $26,900 In State off campus: $27,618 •Basic cable •Bed •Closet •Desk and chair •Dresser •Fitness center •Internet connection •Laundry facilities •Lounges •Phone (except Wilkins) •Recreation areas •Study areas •Study lamp •Window drapes Home of the... Normal, IL 61790 •Alpha Delta Pi •Alpha Gamma Delta •CERES •Chi Omega •Delta Delta Delta •Delta Phi Lambda •Delta Sigma Theta •Delta Zeta •Gamma Phi Beta •Phi Sigma Sigma •Pi Beta Phi •Sigma Gamma Rho •Sigma Lambda Gamma •Sigma Sigma Sigma •Zeta Phi Beta •Zeta Tau Alpha Dorm Life REDBIRDS!! What it takes to be a RedBird! About ISU 7 day unlimited: $2055 5 day unlimited: $1901 19 meals per week: $2155 14 meals per week: $1984 Meal Plans ISU Dining halls are open from 7 am to 10 pm African americans: 6% Asian: 2% Hispanic: 4% White: 83% Unknown 2% 12,407 admit applications 9,077 are accepted Isu Fun ISU location Lacrosse Paintball Roller Hockey Rugby- Rugby-Women's Soccer-Men's Soccer-Women's Softball Tennis Triathlon Ultimate Disc Ultimate Dis Volleyball Volleyball Water Polo Water Polo Water Skiing Wrestling Illinois State University Suburban area Sports Insurance Teacher education Engineering History

Illinois State University & Elmhurst College

Transcript: Illinois State University & Elmhurst College Illinois State Normal University was founded in 1857 as the first public institution of higher education in the state ISU is recognized as one of the top ten largest producers of teachers in the United States ISU is the oldest of twelve public schools in Illinois ISu was Established as a teacher education institution, but has developed into a multipurpose university Elmhurst college is considered one of the best colleges in the Midwest Elmhurst was Founded in 1871 and is located in Elmhurst, Illinois Elmhurst is a private, four-year liberal arts college affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Illinois State Student Resources Illinois State University Bookstore- Sell everything from books to school apparel. Course RegistrationOur staff is here to assist you with all your registration-related questions. Child Care Center provides high quality, developmental child care services for ISU students' children aged 3-10 years Career Center- has wide variety of events, programs, and services prepare you to begin your job/internship search or expand your career possibilities. Julia N. Visor Academic Center is a division of University College that provides services and programs designed to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence at Illinois State University. Student counceling services- help you with issues ranging from homesickness and relationship difficulties to concerns such as depression and anxiety. iCampus- The iCampus portal website is a hub for information and services related to your affiliation with Illinois State University. Elmhurst College Student Resources Niebuhr Center- provides academic and field experiences that help you to explore the links between faith and work. The University College Advisement provides intentional, collaborative partnerships between students and advisors in a teaching and learning environment The Honors Program at ISU recruits academically-talented, culturally diverse, and highly-motivated students from all academic disciplines. University College provides effective programs and services that assist students in making successful transitions into ISU achieving their educational goals Elmhurst Academic Assistance The Dr. Dennis J. Patterson Center for the Health Professions offers career and academic support for students who intend to pursue careers in the health professions faculty advisor works with you to develop a personal academic plan based on your interests and goals The Learning Center offers tutoring in math, reading, writing and study skills Academic Programs Elmhurst college offers over 50 undergraduate majors ISU offers over 70 undergraduate majors from agricultural science to Theatre ISu offers about 35 graduate programs Elmhurst college offers nine masters program Athletics Isu Men: Baseball Basketball Cross country Football Golf Tennis Track & Field Elmhurst men: Baseball basketball cross country football golf soccer tennis track & field wrestling ISU women: Basketball Cross country golf Gymnastics soccer softball Swimming and diving Tennis Track & Field Volleyball Elmhurst women: Basketball Bowling Cross country GOlf Soccer Softball Tennis Track & Field Volleyball

Illinois State University

Transcript: Address: 100 North University Street, Normal, IL 61761 Web address: Phone Number: (309) 438-2111 Student Life You must have a high school diploma. You must have a written essay or personal statement. You must send in your transcript to the admission office by April 1st. It is beneficial to get an 18 or higher on your ACT so you have a better chance of being accepted into the college. There are 21 Fraternities and 13 Sororities. Fraternities and Sororities all have their own house to live in and their own names. Its also called Greek life because the symbols used in the names are Greek. The houses hold competitions and events like fund raising and social gatherings. By: Danny Duchaj Money and People Contact Information Illinois State University My Interest in ISU Entrance Requirements I am very interested in becoming a Physical Education Teacher in Secondary School. I'd like to minor in History or another subject to have more qualifications for becoming a teacher. Campus Pictures ISU competes in Division 1 Athletics (highest level of sports in college). They are in the Missouri Valley Conference. Their colors are red, white, and black and their mascot is the Redbird. ISU offers everything from boys basketball to girls swimming and diving The total cost (tuition, fees, and room and board) for in state kids is $22,634 and out of state would be $30,074. There is a total of 20,272 students that are attending ISU. 45% are male and 55% are female. ISU Athletics

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