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Ideas For Business Growth Presentation Template

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Growth business presentation

Transcript: Savings = (Death age- Retirement age)x Annual Income* Identify a unique talent, an unmet need, a differential ability Germinate Rooting Organic Weather Thrive Harvest The source or origin of a thing AND to implant or establish deeply Business Structure retirement formula Determine your break-even point the season when ripened crops are yielded More costly to NOT outsource You need to know how to AND do EVERYTHING in your business Learn ALL that you can Define your business Small Business: an independent business having fewer than 500 employees Contingency Planning,Disaster Recovery Investments Insurance/Disability Insurance to grow or develop vigorously; flourish systematic arrangement of parts; organized;systematic Outsourcing you can do what you want to do Root Create a business plan Succession "If you don’t maintain what you obtain, your upkeep will be your downfall " -AR Bernard Thrive Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do Weather is good and bad, summer & winter Don’t give UP! Learn the environment, the landscape, the industry Work, Learn Grown Program Best For NYC Brooklyn Navy Yard Employment Center US Small Business Administration (SBA) SBS - Small Business Services (NYC) MWBE/DBE NYC MWBE Alliance Maintenance Strategize and Marketing Future Goals Innovation Succession planning Business Category Organic part of a plant that anchors it to the soil and absorbing nutriment and moisture Resources to gain, win, acquire, or use (a prize, product, or result of any past-act, process, plan, etc.) begin to grow/develop to prosper; be fortunate or successful Personality of the Business: What makes you different? px = vx + FC + Profit continuous or natural development How will your success be measured? to bear up against and come safely through a storm Germinate Weather Harvest

Ideas for Growth

Transcript: WHEn HOW to the The Next McLean Coble, Future Partner Taking it WHY Level... The Medical Device Marketplace is changing... "What Got You Here, Won't Take you There" -Marshall Goldsmith Margins Are Eroding... Margins Are Eroding... Budgets Are Shrinking Budgets Are Shrinking "must do more with less.." "it's not like the old days..." "not this year, unfortunately..." "we're considering bringing it in-house.." "we just can't afford...." Millennials & Technology Millennials & Technology Interactive Media & Technology GAMIFICATION??? On Demand Learning WHAT Recipe for Consitent Growth: Observe... Orient... Decide... Act... (Repeat) It's Time for a Pivot! 1. Product / Brand AWARENESS 2. Product / Brand VALUE 3. Product / Brand Price Sales is all about 3 things... It's Not Complicated... 1. Do your customers know about it? 2. Is it inherently valuable to your customers? 3. Is it priced appropriately? Increase Traffic Through Content! Increase Traffic through Content Quality COntent Builds BRAND TRUST + BRAND TRuST Who are your 'REAL' Customers, and What do They NEED? + "NEW" (REPACKAGED) PRODUCTs Skills Development? Management Training? Access to a Network? Personal Coaching? Career Advancement? Leadership Development? Market Intelligence? TRUST + INCREASED EXPOSURE = NEW REVENue MODELS! = $$ Why ME? Who am i?.. ... and what do I bring to the table? 15 years of Medical device sales Experience... 15 years of Medical device sales Experience... Focus on profitability SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER 20+ Employees Successfull business owner Close to 1,000 customers per week Heavily Dependent on Social Media Focus on profitability Successfull business owner Passion for developing salespeople Passion for developing salespeople Medical Device Sales Blog Established November 2017 Goal: Drive Traffic Through Content Maximize Social Media Presence, Passion Project... Strategy: Organic Blog Posts, & Podcast (audio) Interviews with Industry Sales Leaders & Veterans. IDEAS Here's How I Can Help... MORE FEET ON THE STREET "Starting in the mailroom..." Learn the business Provide more feet on the street Earn credibility Cultivate New Identity Increase traffic through published content. Establish credibility with ANYONE interested in Medical Device Sales Drive online relationships through engagement Social Media, Blog, and other online outlets Build & Test New Products Start with a few 'a la carte' on-demand modules (make the first ones free) Lead into a Membership-Based model Continuously ask our customers how we can provide more value, then... DO THAT! Build and test new products & Revenue models - Joyce Meyer "You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind."

Ideas for Growth

Transcript: Hospitality Segments: Food and Beverage includes pubs, bars & clubs, restaurants, fast service. Accommodation predominantly hotels. Travel & Tourism trains, planes, ships and resorts. Hospitality Footfall and returning footfall High rates / rent / premises costs Staffing Available customer wallet Differentiation in a highly competitive market Challenges Footfall Nationwide / regional charity events - big prizes Watch the game - get a drink or side Startle Amplify - get your messages out there make them bigger and more impactful, let your customers know about great events happening in your venue. Costs Startle Pre order - use the chat bot to prebook a table, order drinks and food before an event. Startle Free Play - significantly reduce your tied tenancy costs by replacing the fixed to wall jukebox Startle Training - in house training videos triggered by managers through MM. Ideas Returning Footfall / Loyalty Quiz league (top prize over 6-8 weeks) Music Master - choose a track for concurrent weeks for redemption opportunities & badges to share. Startle Traveller - visit all sites in a chain with improving rewards. Startle WiFi - white labelled wifi service for venues Startle Beacons - brand partnership across the estate; gaming & redemption. Startle Stars - take a photo, send with message and see yourself up in lights in your local. See your image on screen, tweet it back to win a prize. Retail An organisation that sells to end customers through stores. Retail Categories: Beauty & Personal Care Books Consumer Electronics Footwear, apparel and accessories Grocery & Pharmacy Home & Furniture Home Improvement Music & Entertainment Office Supplies Online challengers (Amazon & heavy online discounters) Rates, rent and store cost Staff recruitment, retention and performance Attracting customers to spend (not just browse) Stock (transportation, right, levels, in store logistics) Challenges Startle Favourite - a preselected track plays when you enter store Personalised Video - customer is recongised when in proximity of a screen, a video tailored to them play (B&Q - how to paint e.g.) Startle Training - in house training videos triggered by managers through MM. Startle Smart Tags - items in store tagged and when placed in proximity to a designed box or screen plays a video. Startle Integrated Audio & Visuals - draw attention to important content. Startle Mood Mixer - adapt music to busyness and facial expressions on customers in store Startle Scents - match music to scents triggered by events in store. Startle Bell - lose the frustration of staff constantly asking if you want help; customer requests by pressing a bell which subtely triggers a member of staff to head over. Startle Events - using publicly available triggers such as weather,road conditions, exchange rate, major events to change music and screen content. Ideas Organisation Things to Think About Organisation GROWTH - Customers,People, Partners, Suppliers GEOGRAPHY - UK / US growing to other territories SKILLS - Keeping up to date, never stale. INTRO Guy Kawasaki “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” That said a business with few ideas, little innovation and a desire to maintain the status quo is a business with a limited lifespan. To deliver great ideas takes hard work and some failures along the way. Its important we understand our prospects and customer better than anyone else in the market and create moments which help our customers create more value and differentiate themselves.

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