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Senior Management Presentation

Transcript: Professional Development Breathe for Change 200-hour Wellness, SEL and Yoga Teacher Training for Educators Educators who successfully complete training become certified as internationally recognized yoga teachers and Breathe For Change Wellness Champions. Wellness Champions gain a deep expertise in our Social-Emotional Learning and Facilitation (SEL*F) Curriculum and graduate equipped to teach mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and yoga. Professional Development for Schools, Districts and Organizations Professional Development offerings build a foundation for educators to embody selfcare and social-emotional learning practices, and use wellness as a vehicle for social change. Participants gain expertise in our Social-Emotional Learning and Facilitation (SEL*F) Curriculum, and are equipped to foster a more socially just and peaceful world through enhanced individual and collective wellbeing. BFC offers a variety of training, coaching and consulting options tailored to meet your community’s needs. Digital Curriculum and Webinars for Educators and Community Leaders Provides educators, school administrators, and community leaders access to free monthly wellness, social-emotional learning, and yoga digital resources. Joining the April-November cohort Meets one weekend per month with 2 six hour classes D.E.A.R. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2019 Reading Assessment approximately 66% of students in the U.S. are NOT reading at a proficient level. This is unacceptable. Our kids deserve adequate literacy instruction to get them to read proficiently AND to love to read. It takes a village! Multiple Grades come together as a community on a semi-weekly basis to play team building games, share projects, and engage in some friendly competition! Monthly parent engagement events with student show cases such as an Art Gallery Walk & Talent Show! Parent & Community Engagement Bridging the Gap Drop Everything and Read! Book Labeling & Organization Project: each book will be labelled with Lexile Level/F&P Level and appropriately organized by grade level into classrooms Lexile Charts for YDPs to appropriately recommend books to students Classroom Book Charts/Trackers Rewards for completing books, growing Lexile level & getting "caught" reading Reading centered events and activities "SEL is the proactive, preventative solution to make sure all students have the tools they need to feel supported and cared for, and to make sure adults have the tools to step in when warning signs indicate a student needs more intensive support." - Sara Porter LaHayne Social Emotional Learning Benefits include -Increased Academic Success -Higher Self-Esteem -Lower drop out rates & higher rates of graduation -Higher liklihood of attending post-secondary education Better outcomes overall! Large Group Activities: Class Cheers Talent Competitions Sweep the Potato Limbo Contest Dance Parties Musical Chairs Hula Hoop Pass Seated Basketball Gallery Walks Bingo/Board Games Paper Airplane Toss Don't Drop the Balloon Toilet Paper Fashion Show/Mummy Cookie Face Castle Ball College/Career Fairs Proactive Strategies: Behavior expectations are explicitly taught, posted & regularly reviewed with students. Utilize consistent routines that students can anticipate & rely on. Classrooms are neat & organized. YDPs utilize proximity and scanning to monitor students. Goal Setting with clear rewards & incentives (both intrinsic & extrinsic) Greeting students by name & with a smile Focus on the GOOD 5:1 Ratio of Praise to Correction- teach them WHAT to do! Model the behavior YOU want to see Pre-teaching strategies Positive parent communication Reactive Strategies: Calm Down Stations with flexible seating, fidgets, sensory toys, visual timers, behavior reflection sheets, coloring sheets Breathing Exercises Break Strategies Check ins Restorative Conversations Any proactive strategy! Looking Ahead: Creating the Culture Small but mighty: Classrooms are organized with clearly posted schedules. Classrooms decorated with student artwork and educational and motivational posters. Entry Bulletin Boards organized and decorated with birthdays, celebrations & announcements. Student of the Month & Student Shout Outs with incentives/prizes Employee of the Month & Shout Outs with incentives/prizes Classroom Organization: coat hooks or cubbies, bookshelves, classroom mailboxes Work Smarter, Not Harder Online Form Print Request: Created an online form that YDP can submit to request prints for activities in advance. Ensures management of office materials. Ensures materials are high quality, approved by directors, and ready in a timely manner. Universal Photo Library Created a shared space to upload photos. Shares photos across organization. Great pictuers of quality programming! Curriculum Sharing Created an online folder with supplemental

Senior Management Presentation

Transcript: Activities 2000-2009 Dedication Secondary Educator In Closing... Pastor Great Lakes District Local Ministers Interdenominational Youth Board Great Lakes Young Adult Music Shiloh MB Church Marching Band Student Council Tied to success Alpha Esquires (Youth Group sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Inc., Epsilon Upsilon Lambda Chapter. My Goals Attended Montessori School in Kankakee, Il from Pre-K to 8th Grade Achievements The second of the set of twins born To Rass and Pamela Powell January 28, 2012 in Richmond, Virgina Attended Lincoln Cultural Center Montessori School 2000-2009 2002 I have purpose!!!!!!! Dedication Food Drives Christ Enrichment Center Ministry I've completed most of these!!!!!!!!! Scholarships ACT College Feel Free to Question and Comment major in social studies teach in an Urban setting Change the broken mindset of youth Be a beacon of Hope Be a Mentor Show young black men another light of succession Earn Bachelors and Masters Work up to Administration Start a year-round Charter School in a failing community Jer. 29:11 - For I know the thoughts I have toward you, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Where am I going? Athletics Licensed Baptist Minister Accepted to Madonna University Semi Finalist to the Coca Cola Scholarship Community Accomplishments DeVontae R. Powell Flint Northwestern High School Ms. J. Moore Who Am I? 2013 Quote: Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen Began to take classical Piano lessons 1999 Community Service Marriage Pastor Branch a School from my church Pastor an International Ministry Write Books Community Service Plan to Pastor a Progressive Church Focus is real ministry Be an effective post in the community I'm serving Be Different from those in the Past. Plan to cultivate, empower, and educate the people I serve. Earn Masters of Divinity Prayer Life Motivation Continue to be a Servant Humbleness Meekness Patience Long Term I preached my first sermon and obtained my ministry license My Career Pathway... Expected Graduation date June November 2012 Senior Exit Presentation Road Map Who am I? PASTOR My Quote Secondary Educator God has a bright plan for us all!!!!!! Began taking Classical Piano Lessons 2006 Licensed Baptist Minister Serve Shiloh M.B. Church Preach Conduct Communion Services Ministry All about me 2001 Short Term Goals Accepted into Eastern Michigan University and Madonna University 1995 Career Pathway THANK YOU I firstly dedicate this presentation to my creator, God Almighty. He is the one who decided to give me an opportunity at life, which is an opportunity to do something great. To my family who is my number one cheering crowd I love you all. Lastly I dedicate this to The Shiloh Church Family. March 11, 2012 Golf Soccer Basketball Spiritual Warfare 1995

Senior Management Presentation

Transcript: Providing a positive and engaging public relationship Communication and presentations skills were utilized. "Face" of the Julliard Project. Measurement of Success Presentations have resulted in a more engaged community. Communication and process efficiency Diversity in communication among each team Utilizing different skills to support teambased tasks Build stronger relationships with colleagues to counteract resource limitations Gained foresight and the ability to express problems and solutions earlier in a build. Challenge #3 Senior Management Presentation The Julliard E-Learning Project Problem Solution Instruments Developed Software Audio Donated Compositions Cirriculum Design Approachable Content Efficiently designing a first-rate product Complex problems requiring clean, organized, and efficient solutions. Challenge #2 Challenge #4 Measurement of Success Award winning Julliard courses. Addressing Team Issues Challenge #1 Building a strong partnership Communicate with SMEs Measurement of Success Long-term relationships built Establishing a strong internal relationship -work closely with a variety of Connection branches. ~MS&D, Legal, Development, Connections Academy Teachers and administration, Connections Learning, Connections' executive staff, and Pearson representatives Measurement of Success Requested to provide advice, discuss strategy, and provide services to other departments on various current builds. Root Cause Analysis -identify and define negative source Communicate and Collarborate -communicate concerns to group -work through process as a group -all members have ownership of resolution -help build strong trust among peers Implement and Measure -disseminate and implement solutions -share responsibility -share success or credit members Reflections

Presentation to SW Senior Management

Transcript:  Drinking safe water  Wearing sandals before going to the latrine  Washing hands  Using latrine Present Sisimpur Library at schools Demonstrated impact of Sisimpur through research Most popular children's program (BBC World Service Trust) 2nd 7th 8th Sisimpur Early Childhood Development Mass Media Activity Let's see how the Early Life Skills, Safety, Financial Empowerment REACH 2012 Social Skills and Values 2022 2006 2016 2015 2007 Financial Empowerment for Families Org structure Brief history  Personal Development  Positive Interaction  Community Building 2003-2018 Project Year 4 Season 11 launch event 2017 Dream Save Do 2018 12th Season 1800 Anchal Centers Financial Empowerment for Families 9th 2010 Sisimpur Production School painting with Sisimpur characters Honorable US Ambassador (former) 52 more fresh new episodes 20 more storybooks 10 e-learning materials Book distribution to 100 schools in Cox's Bazar Business plan and long term sustainability New Initiatives 2013 Asaduzzaman Noor, MP (Honorable Former Cultural Minister) Characters with Honorable Prime Minister School painting 2018 2014 School painting with Play Safe messages SWB ORG STRUCTURE 2004 2013 The Future (2020-22) Sisimpur Ambassador Ministry of Cultural Affairs The Past (2003-18) 2020-2022 We are preparing ourselves for the future 9th Season on RTV 2005 Sisimpur Fair in a divisional city Begins Play Safe with Sisimpur 2008 in just two years Critical Thinking, Science RTV was established in 2005 Sisimpur was first aired in 2015 Satellite channel 2012 2015 Quasi Experimental Research Community event at project site, 2018 Sisimpur Corners Book Fair 2019 Dream Save Do Project Year 5 8th Season  Communal Harmony  National Symbols  Art, Culture and Heritage  Non-religious Cultural Festivals 2009 2010 Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister The People's Republic of Bangladesh Season 10 Sisimpur characters with Honorable Prime Minister's grandchildren 2016  Aspirations  Choices & Planning  Need vs Want  Spending, Saving, and Donating  Mathematics  Financial Literacy  Self-regulation  Resource and Money Value $ 4 million (SW) 4th Grant March 2019 3rd grant Environment, Coping with Natural Calamities 5th 2015 2006 Multi-generational Brand Affinity 2011 Injury Prevention Curriculum 2018 2nd grant Recent projects 2014 1st Year Bangladesh Content Adaptation and Development, and Formative Research School Painting Dream Save Do Fair 2018 Safety, Girls' Empowerment and Confidence 'Dream Save Do' - a with three doses 2005 Season 12 Impact study launched in all nine countries Al Jabir Rajat Graphics Designer 2018 1 Danny Labin with Tuktuki at Book Fair Season 13 9th 2020 re-defining Sisimpur school program Children with Special Needs, Disadvantaged Children 2010 Digital Presence Rohingya Response 2016 "Necessary steps should be taken to continue Sisimpur TV show on BTV" History of Sisimpur Curriculum BTV $ 20 million for nine countries $ 770k (SWB) Sisimpur Website 2013 at a glance 2015 Broadcast Partners Begins Dream Save Do Project Dream Save Do Demonstrated impact of the project in the project evaluation research conducted by D3 System, USA NIGERIA 2008 Production updates Broadcast partners Reach Digital presence Current works Play Safe with Sisimpur 2008 $ 785k (SWB) 2005 WASH CONTENT The Present (2019) Dream Save Do Planning Vaccine Play Safe with Sisimpur Season 11 launch event 11th Sisimpur: Past, Present, and Future Curriculum 2013 Dream Save Do Fair 2018 $ 12k (SWB) 10th Bangladesh 2012 2 Respect, Diversity, Gender Equity TV/other VOD platforms 2018-2019 Future from kids to high officials 6th 2015-2018 followers in seven months /SisimpurBangladesh 4th Sisimpur Ambassadors Play Safe with Sisimpur SC Trust 2014 The  Ensure maximal reach and impact  Place Sisimpur on most viewed platform  Respond to rapidly changing media landscape and viewership patterns third highest reach $ 1.3 million (SW) Sisimpur in Government's Budget for airing on BTV 2011 3rd "Fortune favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur 45k-50k kids 2013 BTV was established in 1964 Sisimpur was first aired in 2005 National broadcaster which reaches the 'hard to reach' Planning Vaccine 671 episodes 2017 worked 2019 Play Safe with Sisimpur Health, Hygiene and Nutrition US $35719 Season 11 Season 14 81k to 287k 3 in nine countries 2017 Democracy and governance Global health initiatives Global climate change Disaster preparedness 2016 1st Season on BTV  Water Safety  Road Traffic Injury  Fall  Cut  Burn  Household Hazards Curriculum 2021 2011 Earl R. Miller, Honorable US Ambassador to Bangladesh 2016 2nd Year Bangladesh Mass Media and Community Engagement RTV 2014 1st Season 2003 2019 Past Sesame Workshop Bangladesh 2014 11.5k subscribers in seven months 1st Grant 2006 2016 Book Fair 2018 USAID Project Sisimpur Fair/event 19th July, 2017 2013 2007 2018 Financial empowerment for Families Expanding Our Partnerships and Content Themes INDIA Reached

Senior Management Presentation

Transcript: Citizens Satisfaction Survey To move the organization forward we need a road map to ensure that we are focused To improve our operations and increase efficiency we need to first understand our core services To be accountable we need to measure our progress on projects, initiatives, and improvement plans How do we benefit from it? Helped us to understand were we have to improve and what we need to focus on from a community perspective Implementation How Do We Move COHB Forward Why is it important? Departments will be required to report monthly on Business Plan outcomes ... i.e. Core Services, Semi Core Services, Service Enhancements Departments will be required to report quarterly on the status of the strategic plan initiatives and Business Process Improvements that they own On Time and On Budget is our motto What did we accomplish ? Voice of Employee Survey FY 14 - 16 Strategic Plan & FY 14 Business Plan Process Improvement Teams Monthly and Quarterly Expectations Department Directors are expected to own every aspect of their projects Realistic timelines, budgets, and proper project planning is expected A sense of urgency about meeting our three year target is paramount! Showing our employees results and culture change Making the organization more efficient Ownership and accountability at the highest levels of the organization I Love it When a Plan Comes Together Reporting and Accountability What will we accomplish? Listened to the Employee Make Informed Decisions Used it as a basis for Strategic Plan/Business Plan and FY 14 Budget Built goodwill Identified cultural weaknesses and distrust

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