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Idea Pitch

Transcript: - Wrong turn - We plan to do most the of the recording on Thursday afternoon - We will be recording all the close up scenes and getting everything prepared -On the week starting the 11th, all the editing for the opening will take place in college - This film is aimed at 15+ -Our target audience would be people who really enjoy mysterious films and thrillers. -It could also be something that a group of teenagers would go watch on a day out -We think a mature audience would be more interested in our film because the plot would stimulate their curiosity We've kept the locations really simple and neat because there will mainly be close ups, so the entire location will not actually be seen. The props we will need are: -A diary (maybe a very old one) -Broken pen -Cup -Candle -Car -Fake blood Some of the costumes we will need are: -Hospital clothing -Casual clothing -Se7en Preliminary sound Ideas Our thriller opening will be a mystery thriller. We have gained similar ideas from: Type of Sub-genre The sub-genre will be 'Mystery Thriller' Digital Storyboard It was a world he did not belong in We have thought of different titles for our movie: - This was my Life - In my Darkest Hour - Devil's Playground - Speed of Pain -Not dropping the camera -Watch out for wet places -Make sure it's a safe environment to record -Make sure equipment works properly before usage. Institutional details We have also planned other locations which will also be essential for the plot. for example: -The exit of a hospital -The entrance of the building -The walls from where he stalks the girl Instead of having loads of sound effects, decided to have someone narrate that the main character is thinking while the thriller develops. The narrator will introduce the plot to the audience. For example...'1994...' Also, maybe some slow dramatic piano music in the background while the narrator speaks would build up tension. Movie Title Other Locations 'Devil's Playground' would be the ideal title for our thriller opening because it relates to our story. The car park could be good for the scene where the girl in her car gets attacked. Props, costumes, mise en scene Digital Storyboard Digital Storyboard Our thriller opening will be about a murderer who escapes from a mental hospital. When he arrives home, he leaves his hospital clothes nicely folded on his bed. The man suffers from Psychosis, a mental illness that leads to killing and stalking. This man open his diary, where he writes all his victims and his tactics. He plans his next victim's murder and he prepares to leave. He stalks this girl about to get into her car. She drops her keys and as she's about to get up she sees the reflection of the man through the mirror. The man approaches the car to smash the window and then there's a blackout. Her scream continues through. Devils Playground - The Hills have eyes We thought a little room would be good for the scene where the man starts writing in this diary. Audience We looked at various music lyrics from heavy metal because they have rough names The Treatment -Archer's Mark is a low budget independent film company. -Based in shoreditch, London -They are specialized in thrillers and action films. -They have great studio facilities which would meet our specifications for our thriller making -It's affordable, efficient and convenient Planned locations Risk Assessment Production Schedule -We have learned how to use the JVC equipment -We learned about the 4 technical areas (mise en scene, sound, editing and camera) -Learned about film genres and different audiences -sound and film editing techniques (final cut pro and soundtrack pro) -Blogging, how to add different types of multimedia. (Videos, PowerPoint presentations, gifs, prezis) Skills audit to date We wanted the title to relate to the plot of the thriller.

idea pitch

Transcript: BY location Sarah Cornelia The Cab Driver Cab Service Company Operator (Voice only) Sarah and Cornelia are two sisters decides pulls a prank on a cab driver to avoid paying money to the cab driver .Sarah gets off the cab and tell driver to wait while she fetches her wallet from her house.After a while the driver notices she aint coming back and knock the door.Conelia the other sister tells the cabbie that sarah died 2 years ago. Cornelia is glad that he has bought the story. The next day, Sarah remembers that she has left something important in the cab that dropped her off the previous night. The two sisters then panic and try to figure out what they can do. Cornelia suggests calling the cab service company but the two of them are still doubtful. However, they have no choice so Sarah takes the initiative to do so. After the phone call, they realise that the cab driver who sent Sarah home that night and was tricked by Cornelia turns out to be dead for the past two years. And seans beautiful house IDEA PITCH Costumes color SYNOPSIS There Are Four Main Characters Time: Present •Night scene where cab driver pick sisters up (Location: around Nautica) •Night and Morning at sisters’ house •Conversation between Cornelia and cab driver at car porch (Night) •Conversation between two sisters in dining hall/living room of house (Morning) In front of nautica , sunway south quay TEam OLdschool Blue tone on shadows Orange tone on Highlights Slight red tone on the fill Genre actual cab or just a normal car Realistic natural lighting mostly from the environment . we might use external light sources but we have to make it look like its natural CHARACTERS Lighting Cinematography Live-Action Suspense & Thriller STYLE Props 1 . handheld shaky footage 2 . handheld steady footage 3 . Pan 4 . tracking 5. close ups Art Direction Template by Missing Link Images from 1st scene Sarah's wearing a plain Bold Dress 2nd Scene Sarah's Wearing her pj Cornelia wears her Pj's in all her scenes Cab driver . Cabbie out fit has a pair of broken glases hanging on his neckTime: Present • Night scene where cab driver pick sisters up (Location: around Nautica) • Night and Morning at sisters’ house • Conversation between Cornelia and cab driver at car porch (Night) • Conversation between two sisters in dining hall/living room of house (Morning)

IDEA Template

Transcript: President Reagan signed the Handicapped Children's Protection Act. this act allowed the parents to have a say in the development of their child's Education Plan Conclusion/December 3, 2004 April 9, 1965 May 17, 1954 January 1, 1990 The Education for All Handicapped Children Act had many major changes. Traumatic brain injury and autism became new disability category. Work Cited August 6, 1986 June 4, 1997 U.S Supreme court believed that the Brown v Board of Education Case was unconstitutional for schools to segregate children by their skin color. That is when the talk about special education came about The Education for all Handicapped Children's Act turned into the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. ALL students would now have the same curriculum. IDEA Template Introduction Elementary and Secondary Education acted was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson. It was called to equal education for all students and federal funding for students that were in poverty. The landmark legislation are the reason why children with learning disabilities are allowed to attend the same public schools as everyone else. Education for All Handicapped Children Act is that 8 million children in the U.S with disabilities, majority of the children didn't get the proper eduction. Lastly the children that were allowed to attend public school, were put in a separate classroom and also didn't receive the proper education. Congress congratulated the IDEA by having interventions for students, greater accountability and improved educational outcomes. Also the standards for instructions who teach special education went up. 15% of special education funds went towards general education if it were proved that a not equal ratio of students that were minority were placed in special education even if they weren't disabled. Timeline of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). (n.d.). Retrieved February 26, 2017, from

Pitch Template

Transcript: "This is interesting and such a remarkably simple tool with a great impact. A global basic income will have the wonderful effect of a dynamic and recursive engine for a healthy and thriving global economy, which is working inclusive for everyone. We will finally have new markets to conquer. Look Leila! The higher the transaction volume, the higher the basic income for everyone. The higher the basic income, the higher the turnover for companies, businesses and innovators. A wonderful economic engine!" "For companies this is actually great marketing and improves our reputation. And I just looked at co°open's website and have seen more inspiring "impact marketing" and sponsoring tools" "But co°open is not stopping there, we have dedicated ourselves to raise the basic income steadily. With every month in which our pool is growing, half of the newly generate resources will enlarge the basic income for everyone. Turning 10€ into 11€, 12€, 25€, 100€, 500€, 1000€ etc. Member 3 Customers love what they do and enjoy their innovations... Competitive Differentiators "This is a wonderful and visionary lookout Leila, but do you know, what I believe is the most charming. We can get started today, with almost nothing, we are not dependent on any large technological or systemic changes, to initiate and experience positive progress. All we have to do is to introduce the Social Responsibility Certificate in our companies and we all gain plenty small benefits, step by step. What do you think about starting with a 1% Certificate? Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Leila and Franz went back home, while reading more about the team of co°open. Summary Source: "Together with other businesses, we will leave our mark as one of the first companies world wide to take part in shaping our evolution at a key turning point in history and secure the global purchasing power of everyone." Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Ever since he could think Samuel was juggling with numbers and ideas, on how to improve millions of lifes in the most efficient way. Until the day, where he initiate co°open to go all in with his idea. co°open - global basic income Tumblingerstr. 80337 München T: +49 1525 3586734 Leila and Franz are sad, because the potential of reaching many customers with their companies can not be fully embraced, due to the lack of purchasing power. Meet Leila and Franz, two entrepreneurs "co°open is an open organization introducing a global basic income from bottom up for everyone, one person after another, regardless their heritage, race or social state." Social Responsibility 1000€ Member 4 Write down all of the reasons that you are better than the competition here. Leila begun to read out aloud: Once in their beds, they watched a summary, which the found about basic income on youtube, before they fell asleep, very pleased with the new discovery and a smile on their faces. CONTACT US: "Franz, every time we are eating here, 1% of each meal will be payed into a so called global basic income pool, listen to the explanation" Competitors 1% Samuel Andert Martin Luther King Jr. "... each time the pool is reaching a limit of 10€, somewhere in the world a human will be randomly elected to receive from now on every month a mini basic income forever." Easy Market Entry "Customers will enjoy the moment each time they buy something with a smile in their face, because they can see and feel the direct impact, they are generating with their purchase" Jascha "If every company and every person has a Social Responsibility Certificate of just 5%, already today according to the report, every adult could receive a monthly basic income of ~500€. And not the stop there, the financial transaction market is expanding yearly by 5-7%, doubling the transaction volume by 2030" Are there any other people trying to make money from the same market with a similar solution? Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Certificate Franz begun to smile, it took him a moment to let that sink and sort out his thoughts, then he said to Leila: Leila nodded silently and added: Leila continues to read, with ever growing eyes: 2050 basic income Franz interrupted Leila in her dreams and said: Leila, even more excited, remembers the global payments report from McKinsey & Company and continued to calculate: They have a great expertise in creating new ideas, products and services, which improve our daily lives for the good, but they have a big dilemma: "I am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective -

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