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Transcript: The fault partially belongs to the editor of Charlie Hebdo himself. He and his colleagues could have stopped being narcissist after their office was firebombed 4 years ago. Under Tyranny/Dictatorship A balance of political correctness whilst using metaphorical images Jyllands-Posten’s Controversy A good education -> take out every letter in the letterbox to read The "CHARLIE HEDBO" Attack - WILLIAM CAVANAUGHT, theologian "There' s nothing especially herioc in giving offense just for the fun of it." YES! East Berlin’s Communism VS. West Berlin’s Democracy The Value gained from being exposed to Different Perspectives What was the impact of RELIGION AFFIMILIATION on those responses? Survey to examine the public attitude in Washington D.C. 67% of non-Christians (Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists) FREEDOM OF SPEECH with regard to RELIGIONS Ideologies that encourage religious moderation Team Mélanie - WILLIAM DONOHUE, the Catholic League Awareness about Racial Diversity Humor Rarely Crosses Cultures THE BERLIN WALL by MÉLANIE Đ. Sep. 30th, 2005 Jan. 7th, 2015 THANK YOU!! A growing awareness and sensibility 57 Educated People (with College degree) Holistic view through media Freedom of Speech with the regards to religions should be maintained in any society as it is a human right and reflects the principal to all liberal democracies. More importantly, people should acknowledge its limitations for the sake of peace amongst different religions and believes. NO!! Differentiates a democratic system VS. tyranny -> eavesdrop the conversations of its citizens The secret police Stasi Religious cartoons were acceptable What were the SENTIMENTS and RESPONSES of Washingtonians regarding the printing of the cartoons? 73% of Christians and 82% of non-religious

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