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Transcript: Interdependence What is this Interdependence is when two countries rely on each other through their trade because each country has something the other country needs. Pros and cons of interdependence Review Questions Question #1 What does interdependence mean? Interdependence is when two countries rely on each other through trade because each country has something the other country needs. Question #2 What is not an example of interdependence? A non- example of interdependence is a person having food and water and doesn't need anything else and another person needing both but not having anything to give. Question #3 What is an example of interdependence? Someone needing water but having food and another person needing food but having water so they trade with each other for what each other needs thus making this an example of interdependence. Question #4 What are the countries in the example we showed you that use interdependence? Steve and Bob are the countries in the example and they traded lesson plans (education) for water. Question #5 What are some pros of interdependence? Pros of interdependence: Country A and Country B will always have a trading partner. Their will most-likely be no trade barriers beteween Country A and Country B. Also, since both countries have a good trading partner, their economies won't be bad. Question #6 What are some cons of interdependence? If country A runs out of what you need then it would make both of your countries economies crash because country A would lose a very important trading partner and country B would lose a place in which they can get the resources they need. Preguntas? Cons of interdependence: ?

Ice ice

Transcript: Working title By Anton, Ina, Luna & Matilde Introduction Introduction Goals we found interesting UN 17 SUSTAINABILITY GOALS - 3. Good wealth and wellbeing - 5. Gender equality - 8. Decent work and economic growth - 10. Reduced Inequality - 12. responsible consumption and production 3. Good health and wellbeing Goal 3.8.1 "Coverage of essential health services" Personal interest Problem statement We feel that it is frustrating, to experience people outside of the Danish psychiatric system not understanding the struggles of lived experiences inside the system. We feel there is a need to represent these issues, in a way that accurately represents the thoughts and feelings of the people in the system, while educating people outside the system How can we use autoethnographic methods, to better represent the lived experience of people in and around the Danish psychiatric system, in an interactive installation? Does this representation create an educated awareness in people who do not have first hand experience with the Danish psychiatric system? Hearing Voices of Support initiative An art installation that improves mental health Related works Photo: Ian Fowler and Glowing Bulbs, Inc. at One Art Space 2017 What kind of interaction? (constraints) Constraints - physical, how? - how is the room decorated? - how to move around in the space? - how many can experience our installation - considerations? Interaction and methods Narrowing down Interviews Bottom-up approach Methods Autoethnographic Interaction elements - video - sound Concept We want to create an interactive room with artefacts that activate video works, expressing personal lived experiences within the Danish psychiatric system. Video Video - Themes and aspects of the psychiatric system we want to show - how does the video work with the artefacts? - 30 second videos, why? What artefacts? Artefacts The relation between artefacts and people we interviewed If one artefact is lifted a video will play and if another is picked up it will overrule... What will the room look like? Space How will the room be decorated? - Straight forward - Based on artifacts - Human being What's next? What's next? Methods Methods Autoethnography Using our five themes Make use of personal connections Artefact creation Evaluation Evaluate our problem statement Of interviewees Of parcipants Evaluation Can you help us with... What do we need now? What to you think of our evaluation? Less traditional (fun) evaluation methods? How to make sure people interact?

The Ice Crystal Template

Transcript: Who is the official cousin of RNA? How does Hairpin RNA behave when frozen? A) It connects its 2 ends together B) It chops RNA up into little pieces C) It Duplicates the RNA strand D) It glues RNA molecules together What is the name of the man who froze the vial of ammonia and cyanide for 25 years? What is the Ice Crystal Template? The basis of the theory is that life originated in ice rather than the popular belief that warm, moist conditions are necessary to promote creation of life. Stanley Miller first began his quest to discover the origin of life in 1953. His early experiments were designed to simulate the environment of primitive earth and recreate the scientific beginnings of life. Using simple molecules, extreme heat and lightening Miller was able to produce amino acids, the basic structural properties needed for life development. Unknown to his fellow scientists Miller furthered his experiment to examine the effects of extreme cold on a vial filled with ammonia and cyanide. In 1997 - 25 years after freezing it - Miller retrieved his frozen test tube and found the contents of the vial had changed from a colorless mixture to an amber colored mixture, containing amino acids and nucleotides. The Ice Crystal Template Origins of Life Say hello to Stanley Miller (1930-2007) Grandfather of Pre biotic Chemistry DNA was traditionally thought to be the building blocks of life, but as the video said, we are stuck with a chicken and the egg type problem. DNA needs protein, and protein needs DNA, so RNA was proposed as an alternative RNA World was first mentioned as a possibility in 1962, but named RNA World by Walter Gilbert in 1986. Alexandef Vlassov discovered that RNA behaves strangely in ice. When it is frozen, the ends of the RNA enzymes connect with each other to form a closed loop "like a snake biting it's tail." Hairpin RNA is normally used to cut RNA molecules into smaller pieces. When frozen, this behaves in the opposite way and connects or glues chains of RNA together What colour did the liquid in Miller’s vial turn after 25 years? A) Turquoise B) Amber C) Purple D) White Weaknesses of Ice Crystal Template Is it scientifically possible for life to evolve in ice? By: Jenny, Shanda, Elena, Keshni -A.V. Vlassov, S.A. Kazakov, B.H. Johnston, L.F. Landweber, 2005. The RNA world on Ice: a new scenario for the emergence of RNA information. J Mol Evol. Jul 21 [Epub ahead of print] -Bernhardt, H.S. (2012). The RNA world hypothesis: the worst theory of the early evolution of life (except for all the others). Biology Direct, 7, Article number 23. -Blake, D.F., Jenniskens, P. (2001). The ice of life. Scientific American, August Issue. Retrieved from -Francis, B.R. (2015). The hypothesis that the gentic code originated in coupled synthesis of proteins and the evolutionary predecessors of nucleic acids in primitive cells. Life, 5 (1), 467-505 -Fox, D. (2008). Did life evolve in ice. Discover Magazine, February Issue. Retrieved from -Georgia Institute of Technology. (2014, June 25). Origin of life: stanley miller's forgotten experiments, analyzed. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 24, 2015 from -Levy, M., & Miller, S. L. (1998). The stability of the RNA bases: Implications for the origin of life. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 95(14), 7933-7938. doi:10.1073/pnas.95.14.7933 -Reichard, P. (1993). From RNA to DNA, why so many ribonucleotide reductases? Science, 260(5115), 1773-1777. doi:10.1126/science.8511586 -Robertson, M. P. (2007). Stanley miller 1930-2007. Nature Chemical Biology, 3(8), 437. doi:10.1038/nchembio0807-437 -Simon Fraser University, n.d..Prebiotic chemistry. Retrieved from -Trinks, H., Shroder, W., Biebricher, C.K., (2005). Ice and the origin of Life. Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 35, 429-445 -Van der Gluik, P.T.S., Speijer, D. (2015). How amino acids and peptides shaped the RNA world. Life, 5 (1), 230-246 - Wikipedia (2015). Stanley Miller. Retrieved from Is there Evidence to Support the Theory? - Some scientists are suggesting that it makes more sense chemically that life was created in cold conditions, because in hot conditions organisms decay more quickly. - Cyanide is thought to be one of the early chemicals on earth but it evaporates too quickly in warmth to have any reactions - This would suggest that life started in ice, because this is the only way cyanide can have an effect. - Frozen seawater is a great mix for the creation of RNA which leads to the creation of life. -Eutectic freezing can help explain why reactions occur in ice. When ice crystals form, the crystals connect only with pure water, leaving impurities


Transcript: Plus other Special Events! Computer & Email Usage Policy Levin Furniture recognizes the importance of creating a safe and secure environment within which our associates can work. It is a flagrant violation of Levin Furniture’s no harassment policy to initiate or participate in harassment based on sex, religion, race, disability, ethnicity or any other characteristic protected by law. Sexual harassment is defined as: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when: Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s prospective or continuing employment. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment staff decisions affecting an individual. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individuals work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Associates found to have engaged in sexual or any other form of unlawful harassment will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. It is the policy of Levin Furniture to provide a clean and safe environment for our associates, visitors, and/or customers. If you are injured at work: Notify your manager immediately Fill out an Associate Accident Report If you are seeking medical attention, you will be sent for a Post-Accident drug screen When seeking medical attention, you will be required to go to a BWC-certified provider in Ohio or follow the Panel of Physicians in Pa. After seeking treatment, report your work status immediately to your manager. Progressive Discipline Policy Levin Policies and Procedures Company Picnics Levin Policies and Procedures Robert Levin, President Robert took over the family business in 1992. Robert continues his family’s tradition of service, quality and competitive pricing while continuing to grow the business. The counseling process will be accelerated during the first 90 days of service. Allowed 1 grace day during first 90 days of service. The second call off during the first 90 days of service will result in a Final Written Counseling. The third call off during the first 90 days of service will result in Separation. People you should know… Vendor Cruise Attendance Policy Holiday Parties No Harassment Policy People you should know… Smoking is prohibited inside any building or facility owned or leased by Levin Furniture or on company premises with the exception of designated areas. This prohibition includes the Corporate Office and Warehouse and in all Stores and company vehicles. 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Ice Crystal Template

Transcript: The theory was first proposed in 1972 when Stanley Miller put ammonia and cyanide in a vial. The compound changed from a colorless mixture into a amber-colored mixture. He found nucleotides and amino acids (Fox, 2008, p. 1). Researchers proposed that continually freezing and thawing the molecules could speed up the chemical reactions necessary for life (World Science, 2005, para. 16). The temperature of the ice plays a part in the RNA formation process (Trinks, Schroder, & Biebricher, 2005, p. 442). Researchers believe that on the primitive earth, “pockets of liquid could have expanded into a network of channels that mixed their contents during freeze-thaw cycles” (Fox, 2008, para. 37) Some of the strengths of the ice crystal templates are the multiple experiments that have been successful in proving they exist, as well as the multiple tests that have been conducted to prove that there is a possibility that this theory exists. It is a reasonable explanation to why the crystals form. DNA as well as other forms of nucleic acid exists in most beings and it will remain in them until the point where they no longer exist. TNA molecules can connect to other molecules easily and can change easily, also helping to prove the theory. RNA can as well, showing that it is diverse. “TNA activity. TNA can interact with a few of the same proteins that interact with DNA. Using molecular evolution technology, where possible functional segments of TNA are selected from a random set of synthesized” (Evolution News, 2012, p.1) . This theory is widely based off of DNA and other forms of protein synthesizers. Protein synthesizers are a widely studied subject. Being a widely studied subject, it makes it easier to make a connection between that and ice crystal templates. RNA molecules can be cut and spliced and used in experiments with ice to help prove the theory that the first life could have been frozen in ice. The ice crystal growth rate fluctuation between can vary between stages, making it difficult to control. “The growth of ice crystals is similar to the operation of life processes, but does not support the origin of life as described by the theory of evolution. Even the growth of an ice crystal demands a Creator” (Vardiman, L. 1990, p.8). The evidence is very subjective, there is still no significant evidence to prove that it is a theory. RNA plays a vital role in the expression of genes within the formation of life (Mandal, 2013). However, RNA does not synthesize in warm temperature (Mukai, Onodera & Yamada, 2010, p. 50). “Several basic questions remain unanswered, such as whether the reaction takes place entirely in the liquid phase or involves contributions from the ice–liquid interface, and whether concentration plays a role [the efficiency of the HPR ligation reaction argues that it does not] (Vlassov, Johnston, Landweber, Kazakov, 2004, p.14). Citations: Question: When was the theory first proposed? A Very Serendipitous Finding Question: In an experiment by Vlassov et al., researchers froze a hairpin RNA molecule, the molecules reversed and chained together end to end (Fox, 2008, para.32) Ice Crystal Template Weaknesses Continued In this experiment, what was the longest chain of RNA that was observed? Question: Instant Ice Crystals In Stanley Millers 25 yearlong experiment, what two chemicals did he keep frozen and observe? \ Strengths The ice crystal growth rate fluctuation between can vary between stages, making it difficult to control. -“The growth of ice crystals is similar to the operation of life processes, but does not support the origin of life as described by the theory of evolution. Even the growth of an ice crystal demands a Creator” (Vardiman, L. 1990, p.8). Ligation is .... a) When RNA molecules snip each other into pieces b) When life is formed in ice crystals c) When the ends of RNA molecules join together, replicate and bind to make longer chains of RNA d) The process of taking legal action RNA is self-replicating. DNA is a “chemical cousin” of RNA, which displayed that it could in fact be the basis of life (World Science, 2005, para. 5). When RNA is cooled below freezing, the chains of RNA join ends into a circle, “like a snake biting its tail” (Fox, 2008, para.32 Evidence through Experiments Question: Attwater, J., Wochner, A., Pinheiro, V. B., Coulson, A., & Holliger, P. (2010). Ice as a protocellular medium for RNA replication Nature Communications, 1 (6), 1-8 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1076 BBC. Instant ice crystals- The secret life of ice. [Videofile]. (2011, October). Retrieved Biochemistry: Icy origins for RNA copying. (2013). Nature, 502(7472), 412. doi:10.1038/502412d Fox, D. (2008, February 1). Did Life Evolve in Ice? Discover. Retrieved November 1, 2013, from In the Beginning, Before There Was RNA, There Was TNA. (2012) Evolution News. 6, November 2013. Retrieved from:

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