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Transcript: Visuals 4 Key Points This topic connects to middle school teens because we are all trying to fit this one image of perfection. That is arrogance. If we threw some humility into the picture, then we would be much happier. This topic connects to me because I have a cousin who is very arrogant. One time we were working on altering some t-shirts and the entire time she was telling me that I was doing it wrong. (I had previous experience with this, she did not) It ended up that my shirt fit me perfectly, while her logo was down by her pants. Discussion Question When was a time you or someone you know was being arrogant and how did it affect your relationship with them? Reasearch Connections Humility- Confidence vs Arrogance By Mallory Donovan 8th grade 4th trimester in Leadership 1. You can be confident while still remaining humble. 2. Confidence and humility are like a scale. You have to keep them balanced or else you will end up arrogant or always doubting yourself. 3. If you try to change other people, or judge them, you are missing out on their potential. 4. The most humble people ted to be the ones with the most to brag about (you just don't know it). Definition of humility: the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc. Definition of humble: not proud or arrogant; modest: to be humble although successful. To sum it up: being humble means that you are respectful and modest, but can still be sucessful


Transcript: Chain of Narrators He died in 164 or 165. Narrated from: Sabit el-Benani, Bakr ibn Abd Allah, Habib ibn Ebi Sabit His students: Ibn Mubarek, Muslim ibn Ibrahim, Kamil ibn Talha Ibn Medin said about him: His reliability is in a medium level. Abu Zerr and Abu Dawud said about him: He makes 'tedlis' often but he is reliable. His real name is Amr ibn el-Hayseme. Ebu Gateni is his nickname. He died at al-Basrah in 198 AH. Narrated from: Ebu Hanife, Malik ibn Migvel, Sugbe His students: Ahmad ibn Menig, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Yahya ibn Ma'in Imam Shafi, Yahya ibn Ma'in and Ibn Hacer said about him: He is reliable. Ahmad ibn Hanbal said about him: There is no problem about him. Fifth Narrator Actual (fiili) hadith Seharen Furi Bekr ibn Abd Allah said about him "Whoever want to see the person worshipped mostly at this time, look at Sabit ibn Eslem" Shugbe said about him "Sabit ibn Eslem was reading all Quran at one day and one night and he was fasting often" Ibn Hacer said about him: He is reliable. According to above mentioned statements we can say reliable for him. Azim Abadi Avn'ul Magbud A well-known sahabi (companion). The servant of the Prophet (pbuh) He is third at el-Muksirun with 2286 hadith narration. Died at al-Basrah in 93 AH aged 103. Narrated from: Abu Bakr, Umar ibn Al-Khattāb, Uthman ibn Affan His students: Sabit el-Benani, Hasan Al-Basri, , Bakr ibn Abd Allah Second Narrator Third Narrator A tabiin (follower) Died in 127 AH aged 86. Narrated from: Anas ibn Malik, Abd Allah ibn Magfel, Umar ibn Ebi Seleme His Students: Cagfer ibn Suleyman, Suheyl ibn Ebi Hazem, Suleyman ibn Mugire Anas ibn Malik said about him "Everything has a key and key of goodness is Sabit ibn Eslem" Died in 224 AH aged 84. Narrated from: Ibn el-Mubarek, Ali ibn Hasim, Yahya ibn Zekeriyya His students: Abu Dawud, Bukhari, Tirmizhi Ibn Hacer said about him: He is reliable and hafiz Bezl'ul Mechud Sevde Karakaş Hz. Enes'den demiştir ki: (Gizlice bir derdini açmak üzere) ağzını Peygamber (s.a.)'in kulağına yaklaştıran hiçbir adam görmedim ki o adam başını (Hz. Peygamber'den) uzaklaştırmadıkça (Rasûlullah) başını (ondan) uzaklaştırmış olsun. Yine (Hz. Peygamber'in) elini tutan hiç bir adam görmedim ki o adam (Hz. Peygamberin) elini bırakmadıkça (Hz. Peygamber onun) elini bırakmış olsun. Merfu hadith Thank You Fourth Narrator It was narrated that Anas said: "I never saw any man whispering into the ear of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and the Messenger of Allah moving his head away until the man moved his head away, and I never saw any man taking his hand and him pulling his hand away until the man let his hand go." Nisai said about him: He is weak. There is a dispute about Mubarek's reliability. This dispute is the reason of called this hadith as weak. Meaning of humility: The state or quality of being humble; freedom from pride and arrogance; lowliness of mind; a modest estimate of one's own worth; a sense of one's own unworthiness through imperfection and sinfulness; self-abasement; humbleness. Humasi Isnad First Narrator


Transcript: arrogant people do not see the reality of others as if there are barriers between them. they even cannot communicate with others because their words is not audible. Humility Puzzles! humble person also heart explode but this time to swim in pure water (pure blood) so everything he or she sees is beautiful, clean, and valuable. 1 Buddhism 2 Judea/Christian Commonalities 3 Judaism 4 Christianity 5 Amish 6 Hinduism 7 Islam 8 Sikhism 9 Meher Baba 10 Taoism Ideas appreciation self-esteem kindness Honest respect pure imperfection giving credits resistance of arrogance puzzles (each piece of the puzzle play a role of making an image" as a development of the same idea, showing different people having different religions and show how they all promote humility but in different way showing how the blood of an arrogant person is dirty that does not allow him or her to see the reality. (the dirty blood is the barrier) in contrast, a humble person has pure blood, allowing his or her brain to think wisely. showing how arrogant person see the world and show how they cannot see anything because of the barriers. and show how a humble person would see through people and appreciate them for what they are and what they do. 4 2 Word list Mentioned in religions Definition: Said about humility: Arrogant person Heart explode and began swimming in his or her mud (maybe dirty blood) . therefore everything that he or she sees is nasty things. 3 1 "the harvest of Humility is love" " humility is your stairs to the top" "modest scholars have more knowledge than others" " when the spike grows it bents over, and when a scholars get more knowledge becomes humble" "who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words audible" "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less." humble is variously seen as the act or posture of lowering one self in relation to others, or conversely, having a clear perspective, and therefore respect, for one's place in context.

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