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Transcript: Karely Cardoso Human Resources Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. Description Description Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. Duties Duties Subtopic 1 you need good communication skills PICTURES The human resources department handles a range of different functions within an organization. The department is responsible for hiring and firing employees, training workers, maintaining interoffice relationships and interpreting employment laws. function Function TIMELINE 2018 MAP Location 2 Location 3 Location 1 Definitely collaborative and good relations should exist between HR and other Departments. HR, as you say, is responsible for a number of areas, but decisions are usually in conjunction with other functions. HR may have established policies and programs, but generally there would have been discussion and executive approval and areas like recruitment and compensation would have a great deal of functional management input whether in final selection of a candidate or job evaluation and performance management which usually impact on compensation. HR, Interactions with other departments interactions

Human Resources Human

Transcript: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Presenter : Nur Athirah Najwa Bt. Muhammad Asri . Arif Danial Akma Bin Hairuddin . Isma Syahmi Bin Rozaini The National Zoo (Malay: Zoo Negara) is a zoo in Malaysia located on 110 acres (45 ha) of land in Ulu Klang, Gombak District, Selangor, Malaysia . Was officially opened on 14 November 1963 . Zoo Negara relies on gate collections and on support from donors and sponsors.Zoo Negara is home to 5137 animals of 476 different species . . Recently, have a big issue when Potential sponsors offer to keep Zoo Negara afloat after NST report Introduction . INTRODUCTION Article Of This Case Article Of This Issue . Potential sponsors have reached out to the Zoo Negara administration to see what can be done to keep it afloat. Zoo Negara This follows an NST article recently highlighting the plight of the zoo, which was in dire need of financial support. The zoo needs 500,000 visitors annually to break even from ticket sales . the fee also covered enclosure and animal maintenance and rehabilitation, as well as the salaries for the staff Problem Of The Company Problems Of The Company DISCUSSION OF ISSUE Discussion Of Issue For solving on that issue by using on HRM Function : TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT . SAFETY AND HEALTH . PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL . COMPENSATION & BENEFITS . EMPLOYEE & LABOR RELATIONS CONCLUSION Conclusion In short human resource management relates to the total set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that firms need to compete. It involves concern for and action taken in the management of people. It deals with issues like recruitment and selection, training and development, wage and salary administration, performance appraisal etc. Such actions may be bound together by the creation of an HRM philosophy. This issue of this assignment is about to Keep Zoo Negara continued operating for Malaysians and trying to save all the animals that they have protect before this as long as . For sure if they use the HRM function in their organization they will achieve goals .


Transcript: HUMAN RESOURCES There are four main types of employment. These are CASUAL, PERMANENT, and FULL TIME AND FIXED TERM CONTRACT. These should be known by all, so that the rights that are attached to each are fully used and not exploited. This should stop, or limit unfair or unlawful activity to go unknown. “work-life balance” Valuing Employees- Work/Life Balance •This was put in place in the late 1970’s to develop a good balance between an employee’s work and personal life. This phrase was first used in 1986 in the United States and since then, this concept has been more relevant than ever before. This policy aims to provide a flexible work environment for employees and makes it a lot more efficient for employers to carry out these demands. Salary negotiation. When it comes to salary negotiation there are a few main points: •There needs to be plenty of research done about how much you are worth, yet the amount that is found needs to be both reasonable and realistic. •Keeping a clear idea of what you want and being determined, will help along the way to a pay rise or promotion. Performance appraisals consist of the employer evaluating the job performance of their employee. This is with the intention of helping the employee develop skills, provides a forum for feedback and a discussion place for wages, promotions and further training. It also acts as an area for goals to be set. Resolving Disputes •The key to resolving disputes in a business environment is communication, so it helps to try speaking to the people involved before the disagreement gets out of hand. Unfortunately, when it comes to business related disputes, people commonly forget that they have common interest and may want an ongoing relationship once the dispute is over. Nature, Role & Function of Unions • The term Union refers to a Labour Union or Trade Union and is a certified association where they aim to promote the economic social interests of its members; this is done by negotiating and applying collective bargaining agreements. The role of a union is that if something goes wrong within the association, you as a member will be supported throughout the process. Grievance Procedures •A grievance procedure needs to cover all disagreements and possible disputes in a business environment, e.g. when someone gets promoted, management decisions, rosters, harassment and possibly discrimination. This procedure includes the following steps; -Timely responses; as soon as a dispute/disagreement arises, it needs to be dealt with immediately -Sensitivity; ensuring that the person dealing with the process is taking part and behaving in a fair manner -Fairness and Impartiality; All-In-All, both sides to the story must be heard and discussed -Confidentiality; The only people involved in the grievance procedure are the two/or more parties involved and the person dealing with the complaint -Allow for Appeals; A review by someone who has not been in the discussion previously -Victimization; Ensure all parties are treated fairly and are equally supported in the process Dismissal There have been laws put into place to ensure and protect employees from unfair or unlawful dismissal. Awards - Nature and Purpose Awards typically cover issues such as minimum pay rates, leave entitlements and maximum work hours among other things and are in place to safeguard the rights of the worker from possible abuse or exploitation by an unscrupulous employer. Roles & Responsibilities of Mangers/Supervisors •Managers/Supervisors are responsible to supervise and take charge of their business. They are involved in employee selection, career development, succession planning and working out compensation and rewards. All round, they are mainly responsible for the growth and increase in their organization.

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Transcript: Eight tips (behaviors and qualities) (1) Be professional in attitude and work habits (2) Continue to concentrate on writing skills (3) Do not compartmentalize knowledge areas (4)Be a critical thinker (5) Use self talk (6) Learn from Experiences (7) Take responsibility for learning (8) Take care of yourself What is your motivation for considering a profession in the human relation's field? Do you have your own issues and biases in check? What will you do for yourself to stay mentally healthy? Identifying Worries Acknowledging Motivation Although a myriad of fears and concerns exist, generally they fall into three categories: Concerns for Client Concerns for Self Work Environment Concerns Human resource field personnel realize the need to: continue to seek education maximize networking acknowledged your motivation confront your fears practice eight tips turf issues insufficient financial rewards decreased funding with increased caseloads Work Environment Concerns question how you belong and fit into the organization. Questions arise about balancing your personal and professional lives. Understanding the organization and its bureaucracy in which one works is critical to professional survival and the possibility of effecting change. Human Services as a Career: personal survival and professional growth Success in human services requires that individual identify their true motivation for this work. Concern for self is the concern you might become too emotionally involved with the client and their issue. People in the human service field are naturally empathetic and caring individuals. One of most important attitudinal factors all workers need is a high degree of self awareness. Constantly evaluate your feelings and behavior Individuals should: - analyze their needs for becoming helpers - identify what is personally rewarding - recognize how their needs will influence the helping process Concerns for client is one of the most frequently stated concerns. The fear of not being able to help the client but instead do harm. The fact is we cannot help every client. Some clients resist change. Realize making no choice is making a choice.

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Transcript: Three benefits we would like to see a company offer its employees is life insurance, vacations, and raises. This would change into life insurance for our whole families, liberated vacations, and having the ability to get higher pay. The employees should get check ups from the doctor, paid insurance, and the company should have a clean environment. Service-producing industries are growing more rapidly than goods-producing industries because the service-producing industries gives the service to the people, and the goods producers sell it to the service producer industries. The BLS states that all jobs in the next ten years will be employed in service producing industries. #3 #9 #8 Human Resources 7 example of dollar votes are: -food -skateboarding -movies -clothes -ipod -phone -books Recruiting sources: -Universities/Colleges -local businesses -Company events The sources would not change because your looking towards hiring web designers for the company. We believe in psychological atmosphere of a business is more important to maintain an effective work environment because if you don't like the people or are mistreated then you cant enjoy where you work compared to working in a bad area with happy, positive people, your more likely to positive and hard working. #2 Non-profit organizations in our area is salvation army because they do charities, and to help people in need. Homeless shelters help out the homeless by feeding them and giving them shelter. After school programs give kids a place to go after school. Its a public corporation because they don't expect anything in return. #5 Small businesses would offer employees rewards. For example: they would give discounts or give days off. #6 #7 #4 Template by Missing Link Images from The advantages for a company in hiring part-time and temporary employees is that they get more workers and don't have to pay them as much as a full- time employee. The advantages for full-time and permanent employees is that they stick around longer and they're more experienced. The disadvantages for a part-time employee is that company's have to train more employees more often, also part-time employees don't get as many benefits as full-time employees. The disadvantages for full-time employees is that some company's require a contract to be signed, also its bad for a company because there giving employees vacation time. #1 Elias J Kathy E Sergio A Business Dec. 05,2012

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