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Transcript: Karely Cardoso Human Resources Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. Description Description Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. Duties Duties Subtopic 1 you need good communication skills PICTURES The human resources department handles a range of different functions within an organization. The department is responsible for hiring and firing employees, training workers, maintaining interoffice relationships and interpreting employment laws. function Function TIMELINE 2018 MAP Location 2 Location 3 Location 1 Definitely collaborative and good relations should exist between HR and other Departments. HR, as you say, is responsible for a number of areas, but decisions are usually in conjunction with other functions. HR may have established policies and programs, but generally there would have been discussion and executive approval and areas like recruitment and compensation would have a great deal of functional management input whether in final selection of a candidate or job evaluation and performance management which usually impact on compensation. HR, Interactions with other departments interactions

Human Resources

Transcript: -From a 2010 estimate the size of this industry is about 71,600 jobs and is said to grow at a rate of 16% in the next 10 years as opposed to the normal rate of 14%. Changes in Technology Resources Impact of Great Recession (2008) Changes for HRM -Applicants must be passionate about their job, dedicated, and enjoy coming to work on a daily basis Beating the odds -An individual who has a minimum of a bachelor's degree, especially in a field such as hospitality management, and who is a certified meeting planner is preferred. * Not detrimental *Lower entry level salaries *Internships and Experience absolutely necessary to get a job. Stable for now, but salaries change on location In 2009, four top paying states for meeting and convention planners were Connecticut, NY, Illinois and Washington, D.C. Median salaries exceeded $50,000 in 2009 Resumes should be short concise -One page Education -Bachelor’s or higher Experience -3 to 5 years of related experience -Management -Leadership HRM in this industry Accumulation of experience can translate in salary increases over time. April 2011, middle half of event coordinators with less than one year of experience made between $25,536 and $33,197. Three years of experience as an event coordinator, you can take the Convention Industry Council's exam to become a Certified Meeting Professional, which may allow you to justify a higher salary or fee As predicted for 2010-2020, it has displayed a 44% job growth rate in industry. The job itself also benefits the employee for it offers a good role for those who like to work independently or want self-employment, and it offers opportunities to travel to exotic locations. Need to be willing to work irregular hours Employers may require several years of experience to allow people to take the positions (shows industry is becoming more prestigious * internal labor markets: hired to an entry level and higher levels are filled from within *Internships create exposure within the industry *Entry level positions are filled by either word or mouth or advertisements *typically look for college degrees *Experience in event planning, conference management, and/or hospitality are also preferred by recruiters Job Functions A sincere approach should be directed at the intelligence of the reader. Point of reference Display an appropriately described ambition to grow and develop A desire to integrate oneself in the mold of the organization Irreproachable use of language - Always changes in technology no matter what industry you are dealing with -Same as every industry - Cell phones are used for apps. This apps with agenda, itinerary, maps, and more -Social media - Changes come when technology changes and upgrades the company must change * Event Planning is a self-explanatory industry that combines sales, marketing, service and logistics. Event Planning is as vast and varied as the clients it provides service to. -From the Olympics to Brunch -“Never have the same job twice” * The industry has often been placed in the top tier of best jobs in 2012 Next year: "In a recent report on career opportunities, U.S. News and World Report ranked Event Planning in the Top 50 careers across all professions." - Next Five years: The job prospects constantly change with the economy. The event planning industry is one that can prove to be very expensive. If customers cannot afford the expense of a party or event, this industry becomes less successful. - Changes in HRM include adapting to all changes -Adapting to technology changes - Adapting to plans that changed - Adapting to cancellations of venues Cover Letters Job Specifications In the event planning industry, individuals must be conscious about the legal aspects that must be covered in order to safely and legally run an event such as: - Contracts and Insurance - Zoning - Liquor Licenses - Handling volunteers and Union workers They also must make sure that each staff member is being treated appropriately by both the rest of the staff and customers Job Prospects Education Selection HRM meet demand Special Events Manager or Coordinator - Applicants must possess organizational ability, pay attention to detail,accept criticism,possess good communication skills, be creative, and have a keen ability for decision making Entry Level Pay Recruiting Resumes Industry - Varies in different companies - Bachelors degree in marketing, hospitality management, public relations, communications or Business administration at the least - Experience by assisting a special events manager or coordinator - Experience in event planning or conference management - Experience in hospitality and fundraising -Can be part of professional organizations such as Professional Convention Management Association - Can become certified in some areas through Convention Industry Council, the Society of Government Meeting Professionals, and Meeting Professional International. There are so many individuals in this field that it is becoming

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Transcript: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Presenter : Nur Athirah Najwa Bt. Muhammad Asri . Arif Danial Akma Bin Hairuddin . Isma Syahmi Bin Rozaini The National Zoo (Malay: Zoo Negara) is a zoo in Malaysia located on 110 acres (45 ha) of land in Ulu Klang, Gombak District, Selangor, Malaysia . Was officially opened on 14 November 1963 . Zoo Negara relies on gate collections and on support from donors and sponsors.Zoo Negara is home to 5137 animals of 476 different species . . Recently, have a big issue when Potential sponsors offer to keep Zoo Negara afloat after NST report Introduction . INTRODUCTION Article Of This Case Article Of This Issue . Potential sponsors have reached out to the Zoo Negara administration to see what can be done to keep it afloat. Zoo Negara This follows an NST article recently highlighting the plight of the zoo, which was in dire need of financial support. The zoo needs 500,000 visitors annually to break even from ticket sales . the fee also covered enclosure and animal maintenance and rehabilitation, as well as the salaries for the staff Problem Of The Company Problems Of The Company DISCUSSION OF ISSUE Discussion Of Issue For solving on that issue by using on HRM Function : TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT . SAFETY AND HEALTH . PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL . COMPENSATION & BENEFITS . EMPLOYEE & LABOR RELATIONS CONCLUSION Conclusion In short human resource management relates to the total set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that firms need to compete. It involves concern for and action taken in the management of people. It deals with issues like recruitment and selection, training and development, wage and salary administration, performance appraisal etc. Such actions may be bound together by the creation of an HRM philosophy. This issue of this assignment is about to Keep Zoo Negara continued operating for Malaysians and trying to save all the animals that they have protect before this as long as . For sure if they use the HRM function in their organization they will achieve goals .

Human Resources

Transcript: Employment Legislation In order for you to achieve your learning intentions and success criteria, you are being asked to: Carry out research of one of the Employment legislation. Prepare an exam type question using one or more "command" words. Prepare the solution and marking scheme for your question. Present your findings to the class. Class will complete your question. Each group will mark their responses using "2 stars and a wish" feedback. Summary Of Task The Equal Pay Act 1970 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Sex Discrimination Act 1974 Race Relations Act 1975 & 1985 Employment Act 2002 Minimum Wage Act 2006 Disability Discrimination Act 1995 I will have answered an exam question using my previous understanding of how these should be structured. I will have given a short presentation of my designated legislation which will include: What the legislation covers Why it is necessary. I will have written an exam based question to include a command with a marking scheme. I will have peer assessed other work giving 2 forms of positive feedback and something which I think they should work on which will be based on my own marking scheme. Learning Intentions The Task Success Criteria Human Resources Employment Legislation I will be able to make an exam type question based on my research from the legislation. I will be able to develop my knowledge of the employment legislation and the features of each to create a short presentation. I will be able to demonstrate my knowledge of command questions by answering an exam based question. I will broaden my writing techniques through exam questioning. I will enhance my knowledge of employment legislation. Command Words Define - state the exact meaning of the word or phrase. Describe - give a full account of the word, phrase etc. Give - pick some key factors and name them. Identify - name the main point or points. List - state the factors . Name - identify or make a list. Outline - give the main features. State - present in a brief form. Suggest - give a possible reason or course of action. Research your Act. Your presentation should include what the legislation covers and why it was passed in parliament. You may wish to include other relevant information. Prepare an exam type question using one or more "command" words. Prepare the solution and marking scheme for your question. This should include what points the answer should have and how many marks you will allocate each point. Questions will be given out after all presentations have been completed. Each group will mark the answered responses using their marking scheme. Once marked, each group will be required to peer assess those answers using the "2 stars and a wish" format.

Human Resources

Transcript: Definition and Methods Larry Morrow Brant L. Cain Human Diversity: Includes the attributes that make a human being who he or she is. Cultural Diversity: Encompasses a persons' befliefs, values, family structure as a result of his or her cultural, community, and environmental experiences. Systems Diversity: Relates to the differences among organizations in work structure and pursuits. Diversity in Healthcare •All three dimensions are present in the healthcare workplace. •The challenge is in seeing not only our differences but also our similarities. •It is the leader’s responsibility to manage the difference and find ways to handle them effectively. Professional Diversity Example Terms to Understand •Prejudice: Pre-judgment which is not based on facts and/or experience. •Stereotypes: Generalizations about individuals based on their identity, group membership, or affiliations. •Cultural Competence: A set of complementary behaviors, practices, attitudes, and policies that enables a system, an agency, or individuals to effectively work and serve diverse communities. Legal Implications • The Civil Rights Act of 1964: The law bans discrimination in any activities, such as training, employment or construction, which are funded by federal monies. • Simkins v. Moses Cone Memorial Hospital: The court struck down the separate-but-equal provisions of the Hill-Burton Act and gave the federal government the necessary power to enforce the Civil Rights Act in health care. •National Origin Discrimination Against Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Guidance: Prohibits discrimination of people who have limited English-language proficiency. •The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care has put together a glossary of terms intended to help health care leaders in developing programs for English as a second language patients. Impact of Diversity on Care Delivery • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported the presence of significant disparities in the way white and minority patients receive services, especially in treatment of chronic diseases. • In order to minimize care disparities, institutions and providers have to develop cultural competence. o To develop cultural competence, a diverse group of providers, support staff, and managers needs to be in place and diversity training and policies for all employees and caregivers have to be established. “The first and perhaps most compelling reason for increasing the proportion of medical students and other prospective health care professionals from minority groups… preparing a culturally competent health care workforce.” -Cohen, Gabriel, and Terrell Example of Diversity in Healthcare Line Manager Role 1. Advances cultural competency. 2.Increases access to high-quality care. 3.Strengthens the medical research agenda. 4.Ensures optimal management. Three Key Dimensions Halloween Party • Defining diversity policies and procedures that fit the organization. • Ensure legality of policies. • Recruit and retain diverse employees. • Offer programs to enhance diversity. • Career planning to reflect the needs of diverse populations. •Manage diversity. •Main communicators of diversity strategies to employees. •Ensure policies and procedures are executed. •Combat prejudice, stereotyping, and ensure cultural competence. Cook, A. (2007, MAR 17). Diversity- what's in it for line managers?. Retrieved from Resource Centre/Diversity and line managers.pdf Fried, B. J., & Fottler, M. D. (2010). Human resources in healthcare: managing for success. (3 ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Phillips, C. (2007, MAY 14). Hr's role in managing diversity. Retrieved from Development of an Effective Diversity Program 1. Reflection of the service population. 2.Workforce utilization. 3.Work- life quality and balance. 4.Recruitment and retention. 5.Bridging generations. 6.Cultural competence. 7.Organization-wide respect. Practical Reasons for Attaining Greater Diversity Human Resources Role Quiz!!! Conclusion Diversity Overview •Definition and Dimensions •Diversity in Health Care •Legal Implications •Impact of Diversity on Care Delivery •Reasons to Attain Greater Diversity •Line Manager Role •Human Resources Role •Conclusion •References Diversity Leadership Healthcare organizations in the United States are beginning to take the necessary steps to ensure cultural competence and workforce diversity. Each organization is unique and must develop diversity policies and procedures based on their specific circumstances, environment, and community demographics. References

Human Resources

Transcript: Human Resources Management Basic Definition Legal Liason between a company's employees and the organization or corporation. I. Why a Human Resources Department matters II. Human Resources trends and duties III. Traits of a Successful H.R. Department IV. A Day in the Life of an H.R. Manager V. Benefits of H.R. Department for employees Computers and machines can be replaced, making human capital more valuable to a company. Employees work best when they are respected and treated fairly. A Human Resources Department ensures this. Qualities of Human Resource Managers include patience and empathy towards sensative situations. Human Resource Managers mainly deal with directing, recruiting, managing employees. As well as... Compensation Hiring Performance Management Employee Safety Wellness Benefits Employee Motivation Communication Training Administration An Average Day in Life of a Human Resources Manager What makes a successful Human Resources Department? Putting emphasis on Diversity Qualifications Demographics Defining a company with effective Structure Training Recruitment How Human Resources Management can benefit employees: Provide employees with plans and tips for success Help employees in times of concern ie. co-worker conflict, legal issues Train employees for positions Handle compensation in salary and wages for employees The basic mission of Human Resources Management is to provide the company's employees with a healthy and fair workplace in every way. “The best HR people are a kind of hybrid: one part pastor, who hears all sins and complaints without recrimination, and one part parent, who loves and nurtures, but gives it to you fast and straight when you’re off track.” – Jack Welch, Winning, Pg 102 Sources

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