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Human Resources Introduction Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: HR Internal Focus Managing and overseeing the personnel departments Developing, advising and implementing policies Updating and keeping track on the organizationally personnel records Identifying organisational HR needs Recruitment & training Remunerations & compensation Developing policies & work roles Industrial relations Performance management systems HR Department Chart Star Industries 1. Physical Culture philosophy 2. Value Responsible Trustworthy Enthusiastic Fair Good sense of humor 3 Belief What does HR do? Level of culture HR deals with people and departments within Star Industries Type of culture HR In-Action Plan HR Culture HR Primary Responsibilities HR mainly engages with Senior Managers and Finance & Administration department

Introduction to Human Resources

Transcript: Conclusion About training in Misr Italia? *probation period *coaching and understudy *small budget About job rotation? *Training plan including job rotation Recommendations: *implementing their plans faster to increase their benefits *increasing the training budget Misr Italia company's HR is on the right track for making a big difference in the improvement of the productivity. Misr Italia Misr Italia offers the following services: Real estates investment, financial investments, Touristic development, Hotels and Resorts Management, Office & Home furniture and Flooring & Doors. This company uses a Corporate Strategy Vision: Mission: Introduction to Human Resources strategic Job analysis The Criteria used in the screening process: Soft Skills Languages (Mainly English) Experience related to job position Employee testing and selection and interviewing Training and development employees Final Project By: Lobna Ashraf Nourin Shaheen Noran Darwish Passant dawoud Sama Sameh This project’s aim is to highlight the Human Resources essentiality. Job Analysis Personal planning and recruitment Employee testing and selection and interviewing Training and development employees Performance management and appraisal Compensation and benefits Performance management and appraisal Two CEO's, both of them decide the objectives in general. they are using Management By Objectives. (MBO) Personal planning and recruitment HR Roles -Misr Italia uses only interviews to collect information for the job analysis. Recommendation: -Interviewing is the most recommended method of collecting job analysis because it is the fastest and most accurate method. • Advertisement ( Newspaper/internet) • On- Demand recruiting services ( referrals) Announcements Wallboards We recommend: • Applicant tracking system • Employement agencies Analysis of the HR department’s functions We had an interview with the company's HR manager Walaa Wagdy about the following: They are using Diversification Compensation and benefits functional Compensation: direct financial compensation No life insurance No compensation manager Benefits business line, medical insurance Company's in depth Background

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