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interview Powerpoint

Transcript: For most of Monica's childhood she was left in her room and pushed to the side. When Monica was 13, she moved in with her father. Amidst the stresses of a new town, a new school, new friends to make, and a whole new life, Monica began exhibiting very odd behaviors. January 2013 Monica was diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder when she was 14 years old. She had been experiencing symptoms for many years unbeknownst to the people around her Disassociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) A mental illness Caused by a severe traumatic event in a person's emotional or social life which Causes the person to disassociate themselves from who they truly are. Disassociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) What happens with (D.I.D.) Moderate to severe anxiety attacks Hearing voices Blackout periods The turning point Early Symptoms Monica's grandmother tended to be verbally abusive and uncaring. What was done about it? A person with D.I.D. creates an imaginary world in which they become lost. In this world the person assumes the life of other people in their mind. Each person created has characteristics of a certain emotion or feeling. These people can have characteristics of being happy, sad, angry, cheerful, guilty, annoyed, violent, Monica began feeling outwardly depressed. She was feeling suicidal and had low self-esteem. Monica was struggling with the voices in her head. One person told her that the was worthless and unwanted. Monica began cutting herself and binge eating. On the inside Monica's world was falling apart as she was consumed by her own creations. Monica grew up in a broken household and was raised mainly by her grandmother. In the beginning Monica's History Monica hid her problems when she was younger. She was too afraid to tell anyone. The anxiety attacks subsided as Monica learned to cope with her inner struggle Interview with Monica J Anise

Human Resources Plan

Transcript: Recruiting 3. Evaluating the training program. 3.1. Reaction 3.2. Learning 3.3. Behavior 3.4. Results. History Training Eastern Europe Muffler Magic and Bandag Automotive Muffler Magic is owned by Ronald Brown. Based in Nevada. Employs about 300 people Have 25 fast-growing chain automobile service centers 1. Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need - We need HR managers, cashiers, and sales associates 2. Develop Position Description -HR managers will handle all the issues that arise with the employees -Cashiers will answer customers' questions, and provide information on procedures or policies - Sales Associates will sell the automotive equipment to the customers 3. Develop Recruitment Plan - we will place on job sites such as and the will be "open until filled" 4. Post Position and Implement Recruitment Plan -we will gather all the potential employees and begin the selection process Bandag Automotive was taken over by Jim Bandag from his father in 2005. Based in Illinois Employs 300 people Distributes auto supplies through two divisions: ->supplies service stations and repair shops ->sells retail auto supplies through five "Bandag Automotive" auto supply stores. 2.Training process. Strategic plans should govern our training goals. 2.1. What are our needs? 2.2. Design&Develop the Program 2.3. Implementation Orienting and on boarding Human Resource + Supervisor. HandBook -> Company policies, employee relationship. Compensation-> Proportionally larger base salary. Human Resources Plan Central Asia Selection 1. Testing and screening of the candidates 2. Interview process 3. Criminal checks and credit checks 4. The actually selection of the employe

Human Resources Plan

Transcript: University of Ottawa Residence St. Paul's University Residence Carleton University Residence Ontario Human Rights Code The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Human Resources Plan Customer Service Communication Skills & Knowledge Health & Safety Adaptability & Flexibility Initiative Goals & Comments Suicide Prevention Demonstrates a high degree of customer service Handling reservations, check-in/check-out's, and account settlements professionally Communicates necessary information effectively Organizational Structure The Benefits Package... Performance Management Labor Market Analysis Innkeepers Act Communicates with team members effectively Handles phone calls with patience and knowledge Handles in-person customer interactions in a friendly way vs. Welcome to CLC Procedures Best Practices & Policies Academic Year & Hotel Season Residence Life Building Tour Suite Tour Office Tour Dental Coverage Eye Care Benefits Massage Therapy Drug Plan Continuing Training Opportunities Residence Services Representative Training Program... Current Ratio Total Asset Turnover Dept-to-Equity Profit Margin on Revenue Orientation Office/Building Resources Starting Your Shift Day-to-Day Ending Your Shift StarRez ResLife Benefits Package Going above and beyond expectation Optimistic attitude and constructively striving for a better solution Financial Performance... Onboarding Plan... & Automated External Defibrillator Certification 1 - UNSATISFACTORY 2 - NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 3 - COMPETENT 4 - EXCELLENT Thank you for your time... The occupation experienced moderate levels of unemployment recently. Knows, understands, and implements safe work practices and procedures Works in compliance with the provisions of the OHSA, regulations, and internal policies Supports a positive health and safety behaviour in other staff members Government Mandated Benefits Employment growth is expected to be strong; Holidays Canadian Legislation Selection Guide Employment Standards Act, 2000 CPR & First Aid The number of people expected to retire is low; and, SafeTalk Total Rewards Residence Services Representatives Algonquin Residence Conference Centre "We help Colleges, Universities, and Private Developers to improve financial performance in student housing while providing a quality residence experience." - Campus Living Centres Canadian Charter of Rights Questions? "To transform hopes and dreams into skills and knowledge, leading to lifelong career success." - Algonquin College Algonquin Residence Understands methods and techniques required to complete job, applies best practices Strong navigation skills of StarRez and supporting software Knowledge of emergency procedures Understanding of departments within building (Housekeeping, Maintenance, ResLife) CLC Employee Resources Positively adjusts to changing work environment Finds ways to solve challenges with minimal supervision

Human Resources Plan:

Transcript: The Westin 5* Sourcing Visa requests must include: Evaluation tools must be validated by the Corporate HR department For Expats Cape town city centre Long street Key Issues Human Resources Planning South Africa Thank you Detailed Human Resources Plan Training Costs 5% of Base Pay Other Issues Visa Requirements 5% Disabled Human Resources Plan: So Sofitel Cape Town Full job description 130 rooms Fine Dining Restaurant (french cuisine) 60 covers South African Grill 150 covers Lobby Bar Rooftop Pool and Pool Bar 400sqm meeting space (4 rooms) So Spa & So FIT Wine Shop (leased) Total annual HR Budget Recruitment Process From Management to Line Staff Work Visas: Intra-Company Transfer Visa "ICT" 4 years only Hilton 5* Location - City Bowl Radisson Blu Position should be communicated internally first 23% Unemployment rate Good but expensive Healthcare External Recruitment For visitors: not required for most E.U countries for stays under 90 days Radisson Blu 5* - 3rd most populous urban area in SA - Catering and accommodation is one of the largest industry in Cape Town Trendy Luxurious Specific Design Contemporary Equity Act 75% Black - Inteviewed by GM and Director of HR - Preferable to hire internally - Linkedin Recruiter Training and Development Accor Recruitment Charter Table Bay Hotel African Pride Hotel (Marriott) Roadmap - Human Resources - Finance - Revenue - Rooms Divisions - F&B - Engineering - Sales & Marketing, Events - So Spa & So Fit - Quality Recruitment Process for Executives and HODs English is the first language (68%) City still battling with social issues: corruption, unemployment, human rights, freedom of expression etc. +19% on Base Pay = 12 MZAR 1. Preliminary location and product analysis Location Analysis Market Assessment Sofitel brand and facilities 2. HR planning Accor Recruitment Charter Key metrics and legal ramifications Sourcing and Recruiting Compensation Training and Development HR Budget Total HR Budget: 78 MZAR (4,6 MEUR) Premium Base pay SoSofitel Cape Town Workforce Jessica Moses Svetlana Feodoroff Nael El Assaad Virgile Faury Daniel Portoraro Lucie Gueugnier Guillaume Feron Hotel Structure Salaries Cape Town Boutique Hotel - Performance based bonuses (max 10%) - 13th Cheque For Locals Private schools are recommended Safety issues Public transport not frequently used, most own personal vehicule HOD's Recuitment Process Executive Committee Conclusion Values Public schools offering lower level of education Mostly live in townships Public transport is primary means of travel, often unsafe ESSEC - IMHI Consulting Group Taj Hotel 5* Hotel Departments Minimum wage is by geographical area and by sector One & Only 5* Cape Town Visitor Profile Pay Scales by Management Level and Position 52% Female So.. Sofitel? 63 MZAR Customed tailored HR strategy Sustainable relationship between Sofitel & Owners Preparation of an employment equity plan Analysis of the workforce Racial equity Ratio Of 1,5/Room General Manager Hotel Manager / EAM Rooms Human Resources Director Director of Finance F&B Director Sales & Marketing Director Cape Town Hotel Market Current Portfolio of 109 hotels in 18 countries Strategic step for Accorhotels Flagship property in South Africa Operational Synergies with existing Accor properties Headcount Cape town shows the most adequate market for Sofitel City Bowl Sea Point V & A Waterfront Table Mountain Local Newspapers Hotel Schools Recruitment Agencies Recruitment process is handled by General Manager HR Manager HOD Internal External By Employee Level Benefits

Human Resources Plan

Transcript: Human Resources Process By: Terra Christensen Welcome! Welcome to your student teaching semester! The following information will fill you in on the Human Resources processes for our district. We hope you have a great student teaching experience and apply with us for next year! Welcome to Student Teaching Hiring Plan When Omaha Public Schools has open positions for teachers in our district, we look to fill them with teachers who fulfill the following requirements: o Strong communication skills o Positive attitude o Ability to build positive relationships o Leadership qualities o Student-Centered Hiring Plan for Teachers Where openings will be advertised Open positions for teachers in our district will be posted through the Omaha Public School districts online application forum as well as in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper. The information posted with the open position will be the job description, specific job requirements and qualifications as well as a summary of the application process. The posting will be available until the position is filled. After about a week of the job posting being available, reference checks and interviews will begin. Advertisement 1. How will you keep the lines of communication open with parents? 2. What motivates you to be a teacher? 3. What do your classroom management strategies look like? 4. How do you remain positive on the tough days? 5. How do you give students choice in their learning? 6. What do you feel you bring to the school building? 7. What does accountability mean to you? 8. What qualities do students look for in teachers? 9. What personality traits do teachers need to have to be successful? 10. How will you keep students engaged in your lessons? Possible Interview Questions Interview Questions Legislation and Procedures In Nebraska tenure is permitted and governed by the tenure laws of Nebraska, Sections 79-824 – 79-842 according to the policies listed out by the Omaha Public School District School Board. According to Nebraska Legislature, a teacher is in a probationary period until they have completed three successive school years in any school district. At the end of the three-year period the teacher can be tenured through a formal or informal due process hearing that can be held. If there is no just cause on the district or state level to refrain from granting that teacher tenure, then tenure is permitted. It is permitted in the state of Nebraska to still fire a tenured teacher if just cause is proved within the system. Works Cited Nebraska Legislature Employment/Tenure Policy Board Policy The board policy for Omaha Public Schools regarding the evaluation of all staff is summarized using evaluations throughout the school year. Staff members are required to have one announced observation and two unannounced observations through the school year that are completed by building administrators. Through these evaluations, the administrators are evaluating the staff member in a variety of areas and reporting back to the district level. These administration evaluations take place annually during a staff members’ probationary period and every three years once a teacher is tenured. During a staff members’ probationary period these evaluations are used at the district level to verify just cause to tenure or not tenure a teacher or other classified staff members. Works Cited-Omaha Public School District Board Policies Omaha Public Schools Board Policy Professional Development Staff members attend monthly all staff meetings as well as a variety of professional development and curriculum days in the building and throughout the district. The variety of professional development opportunities allows teachers to grow and develop as much as they can through the school year. Professional Development Plan Educator Improvement Teachers are evaluated through their annual classroom observations completed by administration that takes place multiple times during the school year. These observations are followed by conferences with the observing administrator. During the conferences, teachers need to be open to the advice given to them. Administrators will be commenting on areas in the lesson that could use improvement. Be open to change in your classroom. Educators are always learning, growing and improving. Educator Improvement Adapt to School Culture School culture is made up of the beliefs, perceptions, relationships, written and unwritten rules that shape and influence how a school building functions. School Culture Understanding School Culture During your student teaching, you will work with your cooperating teachers and students to develop an understanding of the school culture. Conduct interviews, surveys and general observations throughout the whole building to discover the common beliefs, relationships, written and New

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