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Human Computer Interaction Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION General view about user interface design. Does it easy to remember? -No due to too many image and distraction. Does it show/display too errors? -Yes Sound: can be played again when click. Navigation: Rearrange the button.Make it simple and understandable Images /icon: Make the design obvious and simple, effective way to draw users into the content of this website. Time loading: Try to make it faster while loading pages Color: Use very specific color theme Does it provide flexibility for users? -Not really flexible.User has to click the back button again and again Does it provide fun while navigating/browsing? -Certain pages are fun because it can improve kids imagination but certain pages are just too bored for the kids. Does it easy to learn/use? -No, unless the kids have adults to guide them how to use it. Comments for the General view about user interface design. Maryam Rusli 1111729 l Fasiah Ismail 1111731 l Saadah Abd Rahman 1110892 Sound: user can only hear to the audio once, nothing happen when they click the letter. Navigation: too much button can distract users and they are really confusing as users don’t know where to click. Images /icon: too much icon and images are not really suitable (images have no relation with the page). Time loading: Time taken is too long. Not user-friendly General view about user interface design. Color(s) on screen. -Too much colors and not really suitable for kids. The use of sound (if any). -provide sound but it can only be played once for the page. Text or font sizes. -On the home pages there are too much text with variety sizes and it really confusing not even the kids but also the adults. STARFALL.COM General Views about STARFALL.COM General views about user friendliness and usability Comments for the Displaying text, Group,Table,Labels,Classification, etc. -No segmentation and alignment( most notable example is the feedback page). The use of icons or moving images (if any). -Too many icons especially on the home pages. -Distracts the kids and makes confusion. Navigation styles. -Too much buttons make the user confuse where to click and get started. -Loading time is too long -even worse, kids have to click the button back again and again to go home page. The use of feedback forms etc. -Provide feedback form -Too many info required before user can submit their feedback. -Feedback table was not really good because it has no alignment element in it. The use of different interactivity for intended users (novice and expert users). -No differences because they focusing on kids Have moving object Provide Fun game include music and magic Good for lower IQ kids to learn Suggestions for the Improvement

human computer interaction

Transcript: • Graphical user interfaces (GUI) accept input via devices such as a computer keyboard and mouse and provide articulated graphical output on the computer monitor. • Web-based user interfaces or web user interfaces (WUI) that accept input and provide output by generating web pages which are transmitted via the Internet and viewed by the user using a web browser program. References The Technologies Include... *designed to allow groups comfortably and easily to access, create, interact with and move digital content in an equitable and free-flowing manner. Gesture-based walls Advantages An interactive walls -very large -high resolution display -sensitive to touch or gesture. • A user authenticates to the Web interface through a Web browser. • The Web interface reads the user's data and forwards the information to the Citrix XML Service running on servers in the server farm. • The Citrix XML Service on the designated server retrieves from the servers a list of resources that the user can access. • The Citrix XML Service then returns the user's resource set to the Web interface running on the NetScaler. • The user clicks an icon that represents a resource on the HTML page. -Group Presenters- 1. Muhammad Salman Bin Che Ismail 170872 2.Nurul Ashikin Binti Rasli 170818 3.Muhammad Haziman Bin Abdul Rahim 168639 4.NorSyazwani Binti Adnan 170764 Direct manipulation interface is user interfaces that allow users to manipulate objects presented to them, using actions that correspond at least loosely to the physical world. Disadvantage DESIGN ISSUES DISADVANTAGES Interaction Type RESEARCH ISSUES -Delicate and prone to breaking. For example, many touch screen products break down or become scratched from users constantly touching the screens. THANK YOU FROM US!\(^-^)/ • 1. Helps users take a big step toward becoming paperless • 2. Manage your project and reduce the risk of potential cost & schedule impact • 3. Access latest interface information anytime and anywhere A NEW GENERATION OF SHAREABLE that allows multiple people interacts simultaneously and enable groups to collaborate more effectively to achieve their objective. 1. gesture-based wall displays 2. multi-touch tabletops 3. interactive tangibles. the example of a web interface human computer interaction -User Programming Capability Or User Interface Extensibility. -Tools Embedded in a Computer Network. -The user interface must implement a man/machine dialog. SHAREABLE INTERFACE SHAREABLE INTERFACE DEFINITION WEB INTERFACE ADVANTAGES Different designs for every web page within a website -Some of designers create websites by creating different designs for every web page within a website. Outstanding and attractive but it’s not consistent -If the overall look and feel of the interface is not consistent, users cannot relate to it and feel less in control. - For a small groups - working on tabletop rather than sitting in front of a PC -lightweight action to touch surface -enjoyable Web interface is a part of the browser where you view the web pages on the internet and interaction between a user and software running on a Web server. INTERACTIVE TANGIBLE -Useful for group work rather than single user interfaces. -Provide equal and flexible form of collaboration. Multi Top Table web interface and shareable interface 1. Information space. 2. Subsystem or Tool Space. 3. Command Syntax Space. Main Idea 1. Definition and description of Web interface and Shareable interface 2. How does they works? 3. Research and Design Issues: Advantages and Disadvantages 4. The Examples Of These Interfaces What is shareable interface? What is web interface?

human computer interaction

Transcript: The extent to which a prUsability oduct can be used by specified users to achieve specified goal with effectiveness, effiency and satisfication in a specified context of use Why is usability important? students name: NUR SERI ANIS BINTI ABDULLAH 10DIP11F1038 FHATIN SYAHIRRA SHEYREEN BINTI MUSA 10DIP11F1060 THURKA DEVI A/P J DAVARAJU 10DIP11F1036 NORFAEZAH BINTI ABU BAKAR 10BIP11F2018 23/1/2013 According to Jakob Nielsen (2003), usability is defined by 5 quality components : Usability Engineering USABILITY FP511-HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION (USABILITY ENGINEERING) LECTURER NAME: PUAN MAZ AZLEENA BINTI AZAHARI Usability engineering lifecycle it makes the differences between performing a task accurately and completely or not, and enjoying the proses or being frustrated determine the success or failure of a system Poor usability… Reduce productivity Increase cost time and effort The term usability engineering describes a process of user interface development, sometimes referred to as user centred design. It is a lifecycle process that puts an early emphasis on user and task analysis and actual user involvement in the design and testing of a product. A product developed with such a user centred process is likely to be a more usable product than one that is developed independent of user considerations and involvement. Learnability : ease of learning for novice users. Efficiency : steady-state performance of expert users. Memorability : ease of using system intermittently for casual users. Errors : error rate for minor and catastrophic errors. Subjective Satisfaction : how pleasant the system is to use. Identify user requirements and problems Profile Users Task Analysis Identify usability goals based on user requirements Checkout similar products Design and prototype a solution (involve users) Evaluate prototype Usability testing (real users and real tasks) Reiterate steps 4-5 …until users are satisfied

Human Computer Interaction

Transcript: So what are we doing today? pictures of places you've been So where does that leave us? But........... Vitality Smoother Operation calories consumed Zen Tranquility heart rate Life Reduction Pain Management In the past, we have worn cheap pedometers to track our steps, written down on a piece of paper what we ate today, and roughly estimated the number of hours we slept in the night. We went to the doctor's office when something was wrong, or if we needed help... Enhanced Productivity Weintraub, K. (2013, January 3). Quantified self: The tech-based route to a better life?. BBC, Retrieved from Wolcott, J. (2013, February). Wired up! ready to go! VanityFair, Retrieved from Wolf, G. (2012). Quantified self: Knowledge through numbers. Retrieved from EVERY DAY... Potentially unhealthy? Your life can be inanimately illustrated by a series of data and flowcharts. Inconsistencies mood taken May induce passivity and alienation There are new devices emerging constantly to track various details of our daily lives... the quantified self movement Major Brands leading us to Quantify Ourselves There is no human intuition left—people rely on the numbers to indicate how they feel. Sleep Quality ICEBERG PITFALLS A Brief Introduction # of steps Historically speaking... Critics have pointed out several flaws with this information revolution. TIP sleep patterns People with eating disorders or other obsessive behaviors might overuse these apps to an unhealthy extent. Mental Clarity which all contribute to calories burned Despite some of the potential drawbacks, 2013 is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG when it comes to technological revolution! Multiple users have claimed that different products used simultaneously report different data at the end of the day. Still have some work to do... roman philosopher seneca tracked food he ate. ben franklin recorded his performance based on 13 virtue-seeking pillars. engineer/architect buckminster fuller kept a journal on daily life and thoughts. What exactly are we searching for? Subtracts emotion & serendipity sources With numbers constantly bombarding your attention, people may get wrapped up in the data and forget about real communication with other live human beings. The apps are examples of pure innovation, but they still require a degree of dedication and discipline from the users! HAPPINESS of the How effective are these things, REALLY? THE People have always been interested in self improvement. Writing in journals to record dreams, wearing a watch, or documenting what food you eat are all common tracking practices for our own betterment. Today's technology now allows us to track nearly every move we make.

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