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Human Anatomy With Organs Powerpoint Template

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Anatomy PowerPoint

Transcript: 1.Migraine 2/3 of 300 million people suffering from migraines worldwide are women between the ages of 15 and 55 tippically due to hormonal influences 2. Myelin: Myelin begins to form around the axon around the 14th week of prenatal development. Not all axons are completely myelinated, but rather around the time the child starts walking and onward development continues. is an inherited defect in a lysosmal enzyme causes myelin to accumulate, burying neurons in fat. This defect is usually detected around six month old, gradually losing sight, hearing, and muscle function until death at age 4. However this disease is extremely rare. 3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) blurred vision numb legs or arms 4.Neuroma 5. Impulse Conduction painful muscle cramps, convulsions, paralysis, and anesthesia can each result from channges in the permebility of axons to particular ions. A number of substances alter acon membranepermebility to ions. calcium ion are required to close sodium channels in axon membranes during an action potential. if calcium is dificient, then sodium ions diffuse through the membrain contiuallyso that impulses are transmitted repeadly. if the muscles continuously spasm due impulses traveled along axons (tetanes or tetany). Tetanic contraction may also occur when the diet lacks calcium and or vitamin D; prolonged diarrhea depletes the body of calcium. A small increase in the concentration of extracellular potassium ions causes the resting potential of nerve fibers to be less negative (partially depolariced). As a result, the threshold potential is reached with a less intense stimulus than usual. If the ectracellular potassium ion concentration is greatly decreased, the resting potentals of the nerve fibers may become so negative that action potentiials are not generated. In this case, impulses are not triggered, and muscles become paralyzed. Certain anesthetic drugs, such as procaine, the decrese membrane permeability to sodium ions. In tissuefluids surroundin an axon, these drugs prevent impulses from passing through the affected region. Consequently, the drugs keep impulses from reaching the brain, preventing perception of touch or pain. 6. Opiate Drugs: poppy plant 7.Drug Addiction: when a smoker increases the number of cigarettes smoked, the number of nicotinic receptors increases. so receptors are produced faster then they are taken apart. After a pirod of steady nictine exposure, many of the receptors malfunction and no longer admit the positive ions trigger the nerve impulse. this may be why as time goes oon it takes more nicotine to produce the same effect- a hallmark of addiction. Opium- 3,500-year-old Egiptian smockable form of Opium- 1600's Morphine- American civil war Cocain- relieve veterans addicted to morphine LSD- 1960's psychotherapy PCP- anesthetic before being abused in the 1980's schwann cell cytoplasm :) pain relever easier to tolerate elevate mood :) sudden exposure to bright light eating a particular food (chocolate, red wine, nuts, and processed meats) lack of sleep stress high altitude stormy weather excessisve caffeine or alcohol intake :) blue boxes myelin sheath (Increase in extracellular potassium) :) sudden exposure to bright light eating a particular food (chocolate, red wine, nuts, and processed meats) lack of sleep stress high altitude stormy weather excessisve caffeine or alcohol intake Triptan is a vary effective drug that halts migrains, but must be taken as soon a symptoms begin. (little calcium or vitamin D) :) :) It blocks the release of neurotransmitter from the trigeminal nerves. They constrict blood flow therefore can be dangerous to certain people. symptoms: tetanus MS is a disorder that affects 2.5 million people worldwide, and 400,000 in North America. About 70% of people notice the symptoms between ages twenty and forty; earliest three years, latest sixty-seven years. Caucasian Women are the most likely to get MS in regards to men and women of other races. Doctors consent History: Exposure: if a peripheral nerve is severed, it is important that the two cut ends be connected ASAP. However if the cut is larger than 3 millimeters, the regenerating axons may form a tangled mass called a neuroma. It is composed of sensory axons and is painfully sensitive to pressure. Neuromas sometimes complicate a patients recovery following limb amputation. Neurons do not divide.In the adult brain , the rare neural stem ccells are in a region called the centate gyrus and near fluid-filled cavities called ventricles. Neural stem were discovered in the 1980's, in songbirds. Today, human neural stem and progenitor cellre being used to screen drugs and are being delivered as implants to experimentally treat a variety of brain disorders. One day, a person's neural stem cells may be coaxed to help heal from within. enviromental triggers: pounding head waves of nausea extreme sensitivity to light and sound sometimes shimering images in the peripheral visual feild Anatomy Triptan is a vary

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