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Anatomy: Muscles

Transcript: The Human Body: Muscles Superfical Muscles The Arm Area Biceps Brachii Anterior Located on the upper arm. The biceps has several functions, the most important being to rotate the forearm (supination) and to flex the elbow. ORIGIN: coracoid process and supraglenoid tubercle INSERTION:radial tuberosity and bicipittal aponeurosis Triceps brachii Posterior Located in back part of the upper arm It helps to flex the arm ORIGIN: infraglenoid tubercle of scapula and Posterior humerus INSERTION: olecranon process of ulna Brachioradialis Anterior Located in the inner part of the lower arm It helps to flex the forearm to the elbow ORIGIN: Lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus INSERTION:Brachioradialis Brachialis Anterior outer part of the upper arm It flexes the elbow joint ORIGIN:anterior surface of the humerus INSERTION:coronoid process and the tuberosity of the ulna The Head Muscles Occipitalis Posterior Located in the back side of the neck It pulla the scalp back and it can make your ears wiggle ORIGIN: superior nuchal line of the occipital bone INSERTION:galea aponeurosis Frontalis Anterior Located in the forehead Pulls the scalp forward and raises the eybrows ORIGIN: galea aponeurotica INSERTION: Skin above the eyebrows Digastric Anterior Located in the front part of the neck. It acts to elevate the hyoid to open the mouth ORIGIN: digastric fossa and posterior belly INSERTION: Intermediate tendon Sternohyoid Anterior Located in the frontal part of the neck below the Digastric ORIGIN:manubrium of sternum INSERTION: hyoid bone Sternocleidomastoid Anterior Located on the side of the neck. Move your head up and down ORIGIN:manubrium sterni, medial portion of the clavicle INSERTION:superior nuchal line The Leg Muscle Biceps Femoris Posterior Located in the upper part of the back of the leg. It helps to perform knee flexion ORIGIN: tuberosity of the ischium, linea aspera, femur INSERTION:the head of the fibula Semitendinosus Posterior located on the leg Extends and flex the hip joint. ORIGIN: Tuberosity of the ishium INSERTION: Pes anserinus Semimembranosus Posterior Located in the upper prt of the back of the leg Extend the hip joint ORIGIN: Ischial Tuberosity INSERTION:Medial surface of tibia Gastrocnmius Posterior It involves walking and standing. Located in the bac part of the leg ORIGIN: superior to articular surfaces of lateral condyle of femur and medial condyle of femur INSERTION: tendo calcaneus (achilles tendon) into mid-posteior calcaneus Soleus Posterior Located on the leg Lower part of the back leg Helps when running ORIGIN:fibula, medial border of tibia INSERTION:tendo calcaneus Vastus Medialis Anterior Located on the leg Control of knee extension ORIGIN: Femur INSERTION: Patella Rectus Femoris Anterior Hip flexor and Knee extension ORIGIN: Anterior inferior iliac spine INSERTION: patellar tendon as one of the four quadriceps muscles Pectineus Anterior located in inner side of the upper leg Helps to suppert the upper body ORIGIN: superior pubic ramus INSERTION: Pectineal line of the Femur Adductor Longus Anterior Located in the upper part of leg Holds the weight from the body ORIGIN: pubic body just below the pubic crest INSERTION: middle third of linea aspera Vastus Lateralis ANTERIOR Extends and stabilizes knee ORIGIN:Greater trochanter, Intertrochanteric line, and Linea aspera of the Femur INSERTION: Patella via the Quadriceps tendon and Tibial tuberosity via the Patellar ligament Adductor Magnus Anterior Located in the front part of the upper leg Helps when the knee to have less stress ORIGIN: pubis, tuberosity of the ischium INSERTION: femur Tibialis Anterior Anterior Located in near the ankle close to the tibia Helps support the weight on the ankle ORIGIN: body of tibia INSERTION: medial cuneiform and first metatarsal bones of the foot Gluteus Maximus Posterior Located in the buttox Helps when you sit down for a long period of time. ORIGIN:Gluteal surface of ilium, lumbar fascia, sacrum, sacrotuberous ligament INSERTION: Gluteal tuberosity of the femur, iliotibial tract Gracilis Anterior Located in the inner part of the upper leg ORIGIN: schiopubic ramus INSERTION: tibia The Abdominal Area Rectus Abdominis Anterior It flexes the lumbar spine. Located in the front of the abdomen(six or eight packs) ORIGIN: pubis INSERTION: Costal cartilage of ribs Serratus Anterior Anterior Located in the side of he abdomen. it pulls the scapula up around the thorax. ORIGIN:fleshy slips from the outer surface of upper 8 or 9 ribs INSERTION:costal aspect of medial margin of the scapula Deep Muscles Skull/Face Muscles Buccinator Anterior is to open mouth and chew located on the cheek area ORIGIN:from the alveolar processes of the maxillary bone and mandible, temporomandibular joint INSERTION:n the fibers of the orbicularis oris Temporalis Posterior Located behind the ear Is to bend the neck ORIGIN: Temporal lines on the parietal bone of the skul INSERTION: Coronoid process of the mandible. Neck Muscles Scalenenes

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