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HR Strategy

Transcript: HR STRATEGY SHABBIR TILES AND CERAMICS LIMITED SUMMARY SUMMARY Working Environment SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Public Listed Organization Ample Job security Skilled Manpower New staff orientation & training Potential Business in Current Era. WEAKNESSES Most of manpower is in comfort zone Less concentration on continuous improvement Skilled but less qualified manpower No acceptability for change (Paradigm Shift) Right person for right Job OPPORTUNITIES Career growth (For future) Talent Management Room for learning Defined Career Pathway THREATS Retention of Talent Market uncompetitive compensation & Benefits Competitors Technology challenges BUSINESS STRATEGY STILE BUSINESS STRATEGY Where we want to be in 2021 (The Vision) STILE HR Strategies Align with HR Indicators 2020 Introduced Assessment Center Psychometric Test Aptitude Test Group Discussion Forums Interview Panels TALENT ACQUISITION Initiatives 2018 Objective 2018-19 EMPLOYER BRANDING Build business to attract the best candidates, improve workforce productivity, efficiency, commitment, and create the ‘Employer Brand’. Average Training Hours Initiatives 2018 -Training calendar -Train the Trainer concept of Training (Investing on one employee and arranging same training for others minimizing the external training cost). Average Training Hours 14 Employees (sales, FG and production) 2.5% achieved Internal Moves Initiatives 2018 To rotate at-least 2% more employees by the end of this fiscal year Proposing rotation quarterly Objective 2018-19 Over All Attrition Level 2017-18 Total number of employees 563 No of employees detached- 2017 95 No of forced resigns: 42 Voluntary resigns: 52 ≈ 9.24% Over All Attrition Level To retain employees through Objective based appraisal (2017-18) Aligning employee's objectives to match company goals Career Pathway for sales force (2018-19) Objectives 2018-19 Before 2018__________9 Current ________________34 6% women in STILE Women in STILE Initiatives 2018 Maximization of diversity by 7% by the end of the fiscal year 2018-19 Objective 2018-19 New Year Celebration Family Engagement-100% Employees Birthday (Staff=585). Women's Day Celebration Sport Gala- 100% company employee engagement (worker+Staff=920) Fiscal Year Celebration (2018-19) Sales Conference Small Town Hall Sessions with Trainee Engineers CSR (Blood Donation) Employee Engagement Index Initiatives 2018 Star Club (Reward Management Program)(Oct 2018) CDC (Career Development Center)(December 2018) Stile Town Hall Meeting for Stile Family (October end) 40th STILE Anniversary Celebration (November) Emporium Staff Meet-up @ PC Bhurban (2nd Week of November) Objectives 2018-19 Before 2018_______0 Now almost 2% PWD in STILE Initiatives 2018 Bench Strength A Stronger Talent for a Stronger Company Talent Management Model Hi-Potentials Hi-Performers Contributors Non-Performers Segregating the Workforce Nine-box Grid for Talent Identification Trade Apprentice to minimize the 3p cost (100 Apprentice under registration) Food For Thought Review all policies & update as per current Market Best Practices Structure Redesign (Hierarchy of sales force) Dress Code for Emporium Staff Standardized Attendance System Nationwide Milestones Achieved For Cultural Change Prioritizing The Activities. Thank you

HR & Strategy

Transcript: Internal Recruitment Selection system: Valid, Reliable, Practical, Free from bias Structured interviews Situational & Behavioral Questions Yahoo Employees Verizon formed by merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE Staying ahead Massive wireless network using broadband Improve capacity to accommodate online videos Now big data and advertising capabilities Verizon’s strategy Superior network Support video and internet of things Find opportunities for incremental revenues Recruitment & Selection Corporate and HR Strategy Verizon Compatible? Differences? Socialization through onboarding and training More offerings = Attracting a broader consumer base Promoting usage Increased market share Verizon/Yahoo HR Strategy Morale at different teams Media, Design, Tumblr Uncertain atmosphere Yahoo Strategy Grow user engagement (Search, Mail, Tumblr) Grow digital advertising (monetize core products) Simplify business and improve execution (consolidate projects and retire poor performers) Efficiently align resources (reduce workforce) Synergy Human Resources Acquisition Supply & Demand Organizational Culture The Story of Verizon & Yahoo Internal Yahoo FAQ: All part-time and full-time employees will be employed by Verizon Employees eligibility to severance plans will continue Compared to AOL employees benefits: Same base salary Insurance priviliges: Health, Dental, Vision Stock ownership Keep? Eliminate? Combine? Oversupply --> Head count reduction Layoffs, Termination Severance package Revenue Transforming the retail strategy Hardware and service sales Applications Advertising Image by goodtextures: What's Happening Now? Verizon future Move towards digital Why Yahoo? Finance, Sport, News Global ad market share Brayden Clerx, Felicia Stone, Khaled Alnajjar, Lana Perisic, Tanya Ajith

HR Strategy

Transcript: Strategic Human Resource Management Béatrice Dechant, Mara Pleimling Where do you use strategies? Introduction 1 2 How Is Strategy Formulated? Strategy Coordinated choices and actions that provide directions for people and organizations Strategy Competitive Business Strategy Focuses on different ways to provide goods and services that meet customer needs. Encompasses various types of strategies: Corporate-level strategy Business-level strategy Competitive Business Strategy Human Resource Strategy Focuses on different ways of managing employees of an organization Human Resource Strategy Competitive Business Approaches A business-level strategy that seeks to produce goods and services inexpensively e.g.: Southwest Airlines, Walmart Cost-Leadership Strategy Cost -Leadership Strategy A business-level strategy that seeks to produce goods and services that are in some manner superior to what is produced by competitors e.g.: Apple, Target Differentiation Strategy Differentiation Strategy Strategic Human Resource Differences Cost-Leadership vs. Differentiation Strategies Basic Approaches To Human Resource Strategy A Human Resoure perspective that seeks to identify methods of managing people that are effective for all organizations. Most effective if human ressource bundles into internally consistent clusters: control + commitment strategy Universalistic Approach Universalistic Approach A Human Resource perspective that seeks to align different ways of managing people with different competitive strategies for producing goods and services Contingency Approach Contingency Approach Internal vs. External Labour Orientation emphasis to hire workers early in their career and keeping them for long periods of time Internal Labour Orientation Internal Labour Orientation emphasis to hire workers later in their career and keeping them for a short period of time External Labour Orientation External Labour Orientation Internal vs. External Labour Orientation Internal vs. External Overview of Common Human Resource Strategies Overview Overview A Human Resource Strategy that combines emphasis on long-term employees with focus on reducing costs e.g.: Kruse Logistics Loyal Soldier Loyal Soldier A Human Resource strategy that combines emphasis on short-term employees with focus on producing unique goods and services e.g.: Curtis GmbH Free Agent Free Agent A Human Resource strategy that combines emphasis on long-term employees with focus on producing unique goods and services e.g.: Tully Beer Committed Expert Committed Expert Bargain Labourer Bargain Labourer A Human Resource strategy that combines emphasis on short-term employees with focus on reducing costs e.g.: Stoeger Hotels ? Test Your Knowledge !

HR template

Transcript: HR Network, Tbilisi Best Practices In Credo HR Admin 01.07.2019. AGENDA AGENDA 01. 02. 03. About Us Strategic Planning and role of HR Remuneration systems About Us About us HR Metrics Our team HR Goal and Functions HR Metrics Our Team HR team building HR Department Structure HR Goal and Functions “The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage since very few organizations are very good at it.” Peter Drucker HR Goal ensuring that an organization can achieve its mission by having the right people with the right skills in the right places at the right times. ensures that the organization has a workforce capable of delivering on its strategic business objectives today as well as in the future. Employee Personal file management Employee agreements and amendments Labor law Compliance Absence and leaves Health and safety HR Security Discipline and grievance Performance Management Compensation and benefits Reward and recognition Internal Communication Exit Management HR Admin Functions Business Partnering Leading HR Innovators in sector Strong Culture Fair, transparent and equal opportunity recruitment/promotion system Credo Academy and regional training centers Management by Objectives (MBO) model and employee Performance Appraisal System Competitive Benefits and Reimbursement systems Internal Communication: Quarterly Newsletter/ Organization Survey/ Exits Survey/ Credo movie Team Building Activities: Staff Retreats, turnaments Recognition: Best employee nomination, Credo Loyalty Programs and Nominations Main Achievements Working Environment Opportunities for growth and development Fairness, equity and transparency Remuneration systems Our Competitive advantage Organizational Effectiveness Market Turn Over Ratio 15.2% 19% Annual Revenue per FTE K$ = 75.7 39 Annual Average cost per FTE K$ = 59.3 33 Annual profit per FTE K$ = 16.28 9 % of Management in Total Headcount = 10% 14% New Hires ratio = 29% 18% Front Office personnel in total Headcount = 57% 52% Annual Average Remuneration per FTE = 20 $ 15.48 Number of Training Days Per FTE = 3.5 3 External recruitment Rate 60% 75% Internal recruitment rate 40% 25% Time to fill 26/ 180 26 Successful hiring rate 70% 64% Job Opening per recruiter 6 5 HR Dashboard Remuneration HR Role system in Credo Alignment of organizational Goals to Employee Goals the link between organizational success, performance management Alignment Organizational Goals to Incentive schemes and motivation Support culture and values Strategic Planning and Role of HR Strategic Planning and role of HR Expectations – an individual’s motivation is based on strength of expectation, which in turn is based on past experience, perceived value of reward and likelihood of getting it Goal achievement – suggests that motivation and performance are higher when individuals are set specific goals when the goals are difficult but accepted and where there is feedback on performance Feelings about equity – people will be better motivated if they are treated equitably and demotivated if they are treated inequitably. It is concerned with people’s perceptions of how they are being treated in relation to others Cognitive theory Cognitive Theories Financial rewards Financial rewards is equal and transparent performance related pay -recognize individual performance Team pay - recognize organizational achievement and employee contribution Performance Based Performance Based Pay Hay Grading System and Salary Scales Yearly Salary Review Incentive scheme for Branch and HO employees Achievement Bonuses Team Pay Team Pay 13 Th salary when Company Achieves Common Objectives Christmas Bonus when Branch and Company Achieves Common Objectives Management Bonus Project bonuses for Team Health Insurance Gym Club membership Benefits Benefits Non Financial rewards Non Financial Rewards In Credo Training, Development and Carrier opportunities Winter and Summer Academies Career Opportunities Internal Training and MDP Programs Financing MBA Team Building Activities Staff Retreat Excursions Tourmanets Digital Hub Recognition Recognition In Credo Best Employees Monthly Bests nominations Best Employees of the year in diferent nominations Best Lo Club membership Employee nominations in Customer Service Best Employee Nominations best LO in Barcelona Loyal Employee Loyal Employee Awards Loyal Employee we nominated 60 - years employees in this year

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