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Transcript: What do you think about this? Thank You! Inspections and fines Job Design Motor sports vehicles are designed to function at top speed, however with recent issues of efficiency and safety, the durability is questioned Occupational Safety Helmet, headset, fire suit, and restrictor plates are and have been common issues -Dale Earnhardt Ergonomics Emphasis on how efficient your pit stop crew is OSHA Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1970 Occupational Safety Debate on the requirement of visors - Don’t change anything - Grandfather them in - Make them mandatory for all players Marc Staal Football Occupational Safety, Job Design, and Ergonomics Job Design Football is a contact sport High pressure situations, the urge to succeed at all costs Big players block, fast players carry the ball Ergonomics Helmet design Other equipment and material Occupational Safety Safety of helmets Contact leads to concussions Junior Seau Tailoring work to specific individuals or groups to maximize efficiency and satisfaction Ergonomics Bike and Helmet design and materials Job Design Stage Length and Difficulty Occupational Safety Drug Testing Helmet Rules -Andrei Kivilev Occupational Health & Safety Administration Hockey First and only sweeping government regulation related to worker safety. (previous law related to specific industry i.e., Railroad and Mining) Spurred on by World War II related industrial production growth, new chemicals used in technology, and unions push for worker's compensation. Issue workplace health and safety regulations Cycling Does somebody have to die in order for there to be action taken to ensure occupational safety? Ergonomics Job Design Job Design "Skilled players" handle the puck; "big guys" defend What Does That Even Mean?! Motor Sports Occupational Safety Ergonomics Spring-loaded, curved glass on the end of the benches Shallower nets Controversy: benefits > costs? The science of fitting physical workplace conditions and job demands in a way that reduces the risk of injury Protecting workers from a dangerous working environment Scott Bauhs, Mathan Johnson, Stephanie Kimberling, & Mya Orr

HR presentation

Transcript: Shawn Powell Julio Alvarenga Matt MacLaren Ian Yang To attract new employees. To retain existing employees. To increase employee morale. To increased performance (Reduce stress, etc) Home Depot. IBM. Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG). Results Employee Services Introduction Childcare services Some examples Agenda Personalized program for each employee Leadership training Mentoring from managers Online learning to enhance education Placements within company to enhance experience New Grad Program; Leadership Development Program Home Depot Canada. (2012). Retrieved June 12, 2013, from Employee's Mediation Services. Langley School District. Web. 11 June 2013, from : Resolve employees interpersonal conflicts Employees get more positive work environment; less stress Employers get happier, healthier workers It is expensive. Lack of Employee Involvement. Different needs for all employees. 3 What are two benefits that an organization receives by providing employee services? Mediation Services Group number 4 Life Events. Financial Literacy. Psychological Factors. Income Stagnation. Attracting new employees, retaining current employees, improved employee moral, improved productivity. Quick introduction. Most common employee services. Difficulties. Some examples. Game. Conclusion. Relocation programs Crisis Counseling. Childcare Services. Elder Care Services. Mediation + Conflict resolution. Career Development. Home Depot. The home fund. Scholarship program. Orange Scholars. St. Lawrence College The learning development center. Most common employee services Difficulties Important points Educational Assistance Look under your seat to for an envelope and find out if you are one of the lucky participants. Moving expense House hunting expense Mortgage subsidization Placement assistance House selling Question 2 Types of services Impact on workers health and job performance: Psychical. Psychological. The orange scholar scholarship program Elder care services How to play Funds. Grants. Saving Plans. Tuition Plans. Sabbatical. Companies who use them References Extreme elimination challenge Question 4 Living Wills. Housing or real estate matters Family law such as divorce: Child custody and child support. Car accidents and related matters. Consumer concerns. Criminal matters. Question 3 Consequences Productivity goes down affecting profits. Services Various forms Professional counselors Highly confidential Improves employee health, work performance, and attendance. Make better financial decisions. Improve their financial status. Question 1 Why do we do it Educational Assistance. Financial Services. Legal Services. Social Services. Counseling Legal services Financial services Provided by specialized company Services Questions The majority of employees have concerns about their financial issues and a growing number have serious money problems Life events. Financial Literacy. Psychological Factors. Income Stagnation. Relocation programs Counseling Childcare Services Elder Care Services Personal Financial Education Credit Counseling and Debt Management. Employee Assistance Programs Causes of Personal Financial Trouble Introduction Video Career Development Help employees get from where they are professionally to where they want to be in their careers Employees get skills and experience Employers get a more productive and happy workforce Relocation Program Provided by specialized company Services 2. What are the four major categories in which we can classified the major causes that can get employees into financial trouble? Employee Assistance Programs EAP 4. What is the name of the home depot Scholarship program? Why do we need them? 1. Name three services EAP provides Advantages Johnson and Johnson

HR Presentation

Transcript: Power Distance Individualism Masculinity vs Femininity Uncertainty Avoidance Long-Term Orientation Indulgence vs Restraint What are the Dimensions of the Chinese Culture that we Need to Consider? What Principles are Most Important to the Chinese and Why? What does our Performance Management System Need to be a Success? Long-Term Orientation High Very pragmatic culture Easily adapt traditions to changed conditions More willing to save and invest Build long term goals and objectives Example: Make efforts in modern education to prepare for the future Compensation Team based, in line with collectivist Chinese culture Highly competitive Chinese employees may seek other employment for even a small pay increase Market Analysis Types of Training On-the-job training Focus on practical problems Near and far transfer training Q&A sessions Seminars Off site with industry experts Web-based training modules At own pace to aid in reflection Aligned with Chinese Culture and Collectivism Focus - What Will be the Most Important in our Compensation and Rewards System? Bonuses and Reward Pay Promotions - Status is Appreciated in Chinese Culture What is the Hiring Strategy? Company's full recruiting message: build a world class engineering team Highlight the message in culture context, not only Chinese culture but Google's culture-culture fit Google - equality, changing the world, creativity, providing the world access to information, innovation China - career planning, training system, strong firm identification, teamwork, advancement opportunities Foreseeable Issues Censorship laws make it difficult to work with the goverment Illegal products for music sharing, etc. Competition Baidu is a Chinese web services company that is very similar Public perception that non-local internet companies fail Market differences can pose challenges High-growth market Strong sense of community Company Background Founded in 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Brin Headquartered in Mountain View, California 53,600 employees Industry: Computer Services Generate revenue through advertising sales $368 billion company Products: -Web search -Google Chrome -YouTube -Google Play -Gmail -Google+ Must have... Openness Transparency Mutual influence Objective standards Reward System Why is Training and Development Important? China's employees place a high value on training Employee retention Content of Training Onboarding Company culture alignment What is expected Practical skills training e.g. Oral English Developmental Managerial skills Other business related soft skills Advanced skills For added responsibility in position Training and Development Selection Method Expatriates Knowledge of Chinese environment and culture Have experience working in China Willingness to stay for more than two years Local Employees Cultural fit Avoid behavior problems and problem-oriented questions Use real case questions Selection Process Fairness Equity Impartiality Participation Employee well-being Confuciansim - the teachings on ethics, education, and statesmanship of Confucius and his disciples, stressing love for humanity, ancestor worship, honoring parents, and harmony in thought and conduct Introduction Google in China What is the Hiring Strategy? How Many People Need to be Hired? Where are you Going to Find the People? Selection Method Selection Process Learning Traits Room for self study Time to reflect Additional information Need to practice what they've learned Important Dimensions Teamwork Training & development Common goals & values Information sharing Harmony Avoiding conflicts Indulgence vs Restraint Restrained - Low Do not put much emphasis on leisure time Control the gratification of their desires Feel that indulging themselves is wrong Example: Chinese employees are typically known to work longer hours Uncertainty Avoidance Low Comfortable with ambiguity Adaptable and entrepreneurial Very few rules to control societal behavior Example: More willing to change and take risks Bonuses and Reward Pay Merit pay is one of the most effective components of compensation for Chinese employees Many Chinese employees see money as a representation of their achievements and as a sign of status Reward system based on individual performance is often favored Given in the form of year-end bonuses Power Distance High Inequalities between people are acceptable Seniority is very important Polarized subordinate-superior relationships Individuals influenced by formal authority and sanctions No open disagreements between people Belief that people should not have aspirations beyond their rank Example: Employees do not challenge the decisions of senior leadership and supervisors, but rather obey their decisions and orders Masculinity vs Femininity Masculine Driven by competition, achievement, and success Will sacrifice family and leisure priorities for work Example: A low class worker will move away from their family for a chance to get a better job and pay Example: Chinese students place a

HR Presentation

Transcript: Who We Are ... What We Do ... Departments with unlimited tree sub levels hierarchy Branches definition Banks Employee Categories Jobs / Job title /Job description definition Salary Components definition Leaves definitions Shifts definition Employee information Employee Hiring Information Employee Job and Job description Employee Salary plan Who We Served ... Integration with time attendance machines Recording attendance manually for remote locations Shifts definition and creation Entry and exit tolerance Employee can send vacation/permission/duty request to his direct manager Manger Accept/ Reject employees Requests, system manages request life-cycle and next steps. Vacations & Permission tracking Inquiry for employee vacation or permission balance Detailed vacations/permissions sheet for each employee Apply any Vacation/Permission/Duty rules that affect salary Smart Total Solutions Automatic calculation of employee salary according to value set for his salary components, attendance, loans installment, bonus, deduction ...etc. Automatic sending of pay slips to employees by email. Automatic calculation for bonus according to predefined rules. The bank sheet for employees’ payroll can be generated from this system. (optional) Recording of custody and in-advance cash payment. Recording of travel expenses and per deems. Recording of Loans and installments. Integration with Accounting system to post salaries journals automatically (option) Why use HRM Solution from ITQAN ? Technologies used: KNX Zigbee Z-Wave Agents for ABB, Switzerland Agents for CollieTec, USA Smart Human Resources Management System Live Demo ITQAN provides consultation in the domains of Web Based software development, Online Presence, Online Identity, Networking and Server Virtualization, E-Marketing and Social Media activation, Business Process Optimization and Reengineering based on Standardized applications-based automated workflows. Attendance ITQAN is a certified consultant with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). 4 Exams Product Knowledge Branch operation Shari'a Final Exam Entity Information Employee discipline Report Attendance Report Salaries Report Insurance ​​Report Taxation Report ITQAN has also joined forces with the U.S. Consulate in Alexandria . Reports ITQAN is ... SMART BUILDING SOLUTIONS Thank You ITQAN has been providing ICT consultation to many companies from different industries. User friendly Interactive graphical Web-based interface , easy deployment and accessibility Supporting unlimited number of users Fast & Flexible system response and enhanced user experience. Organized layout with clustered data sets Handy add/edit/copy/paste/delete/attach/download controls. Easy to learn and use providing whatever information whenever and wherever. Export facility for system reports in MS excel, MS word or PDF. User guide & help pages Optional features for automated sending of fax, email, SMS. Auto-complete, spelling checker & drop down lists styles. Fast Delivery , High Quality and lower cost ITQAN For Smart Solutions Consultation Is an intelligent web-based application developed using the top-edge technology. It’s bilingual supporting both Arabic & English. Move Smartly to The Future ... Payroll CollieTec agent for Z-WAVE home automation solutions in the Middle East. Privately held S.A.E company based in Alexandria, Egypt with the objective of providing the Egyptian & Arab market with smart solutions. A certified consultant with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), UK. A certified consultant with the UNESCO and UNDP. Turn-key solutions supplier using integrate-able top notch technology. Consultation provider, design and development of web applications and smart Apps (Android/IOS). Expertise covers Oracle ADF, Microsoft ASP.NET, PHP and Augmented Reality technologies. ABB official system integrator in Egypt.

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