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Transcript: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND IT'S POLICIES HRM WHAT IS HRM? Human resource management is a contemporary, umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization. Also called personnel or talent management Human resource management involves overseeing all things related to managing an organization’s human capital. FUNCTIONS FUNCTIONS OF HRM Managerial : ^Planning ^Organizing ^Directing ^Controlling Functional: ^Procurement ^Development ^Compensation ^Integration of HR "Human Resource Policy serves as guidelines in standards on the approach an organization intends to adopt in managing its people" POLICIES HUMAN resource policies state the intent of the organization and represent specific guidelines on various matters concerning employment 1. Basis for treating all employees fairly and equally 2. Clear communication between the organization and their employees regarding employment 3. A set of guidelines for supervisors and managers 1. DEVELOPMENT 2. MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES ARE DIVIDED INTO TWO CAREFUL DEVELOPMENT OF NECESSARY POLICIES DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Your goal is to ensure that the policies are: Clear and specific Compliant Constant POLICY DEVELOPMENT GOALS Equal Opportunities Policy; Discrimination in labor laws and being compliant with the laws. Recruiting and Hiring. Termination and Offboarding; At-will employment clause and any exceptions. Salaries and Bonuses. Performance Appraisals. Safety. Codes of Conduct: Sexual harassment, dress code, substance abuse; drug testing. Scheduling; Lunch periods and other breaks. Benefits: Vacations, holidays and sick time; health insurance; family leave Use of Company Tools and Equipment: Email and internet use. Conflict of Interest Statement. Confidentiality Agreement. CORE POLICIES To be effective, employee handbooks should be well structured, carefully drafted in plain language and reflective of your practices and culture. Develop your policy to be clear, concise and to-the-point. PLAIN LANGUAGE You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Gather and review samples. Professional associations and the internet Help determine how to structure your manual FIND INSPIRATION At the core of well designed, human resource policy is a keen awareness of government regulations impacting your organisation. COMPLIANCE It's also important to have an experienced employment attorney review your final policies. Seek legal assistance to make certain that the decisions will be correct for your organization. LEGAL REVIEW ADMINISTRATION OF YOUR HUMAN RESOURCE POLICY MANAGEMENT APPROACH Ensure consistency in people managing through administration in implementation and administration. MANAGEMENT APPROACH Process for managing your human resource policy: 1. Implement Policy 2. Communicate policy to the organization. 3. Revaluate and revise policy. How To Manage Policy 1. make sure employees receive policies. 2. Est. a method of distribution 3. Make available electronically as in hard copy Distribution Shows that you have made an effort to make sure that employees are informed of workplace policies and expectations . ACKNOWLEDGMENT

HR Presentation

Transcript: Traits of effective leaders (Schiffman, 2011) Basic Assumptions Get into 2 groups and decide what order the following factors rate from least important to most important to employees... taken for granted assumptions How they create culture at Various types of Non- financial rewards Business Innovation... deepest level Source: The Cornerstone On Demand 2013 U.S. Employee Report Attract the best and the brightest Personalized thank-you -Team leader -supervisors -Chiefs (Ink house, 2013) Strong/supportive Leadership Artefacts job enrichment clothing -promotions -opportunity to develop skills -feeling appreciated -formal recognition -opportunity for career growth -good manager How culture is created (Layers) (Business insider Australia, 2013) Flexible work weeks Answers Tell employees how to feel and perceive things Job rotation (Hor & Keats, 2008) 1. Flexible remuneration programs 2. Desirable Culture 3. Innovative environment 4. Acknowledgment of success 5. Strong Leadership 6. Job design 7. Flexible work weeks 8. Work/life balance 9. Career pathing 10. The Exit interview Greater sense of autonomy Job design (Waddell, Cummings & Worley, 2011) Work/life Balance Values (Compton, 2009) Hor, J. & Keats, L. (2008). Finders Keepers: how to attract and retain great employees. Sydney: CCH Australia Ltd. Fowler, Kellie, Motivating and managing the generations. Magazine of Physical Therapy, 12 (3), pp34 Dyck, Toban.(2012, October29)Staff retention(REWARDS).Maclean's, Oct 29, 2012, Vol.125(42), p.52(1) Compton Robert(2009,December) Effective recruitment annd selection pratices 5th edition.CCH.Australia.p.208-2011 Facer II, R & Wadsworth, L (2010) Four day work weeks: current reaseach and practice. Connecticut Law Review. 42(4) pp1031- 1046 DOH, Department of Health (2006) Achieving work life balanceRetention and attraction strategies for WA Health. From: Dartmouth( 2008 ,May)The Exit Interview .From: Forbes (2013) No career path, no retention. From WebFinance, Inc. (2013) Employee Retention definition. Retrieved from The Cornerstone OnDemand 2013 U.S. Employee Report Retrieved from Activity Essential Actions for Creating Work Life Balance Conclusion (, 2009) Financial reward PR/Media Firm- medium sized -Employers are becoming more aware of the advantages of flexible work hours - Made possible by new technology, which allows employees to work remotely -“Telework”=employee completes some or all tasks off site, pros are a reduction in pollution and road congestion cons are the possible lack of engaging with work culture (opposing views) -One study showed nearly 80% of employees on compressed work weeks are pleased with their schedule, -Studies show allowing more family time/ long weekends, can affect performance positively and mental health of employees (Facer & Wadsworth, 2010) systems & processes Gourmet restaurant can take your pets to work employees can give each other massage credits for a job well done on projects, there is a massage center on site Every Friday employees can unwind and socialize with free beer and wine Maternity leave for mum and Dad plus a bonus Free fitness classes, gyms, and organized intramural sports Free personal assistant service language - Sociable - Conscientiousness - Emotional stability Career pathing Innovative Environment Retention: Week 11 Amy & Tan (Forbes, 2013) (Hor & Keats, 2008) Periodic day(s) off Diversity (age/culture) -Essential component of your life-long career management. -Where will I Be after -Clearly defined career path unwritten rules of behavior Challenge Can be in form of financial or non-financial reward The objective is to satisfy employees ego needs for: reputation, status, self esteem and recognition The Ink House (USA) Valuable gift -Jewelry -Vacation trips 1.Flexible Remuneration reduce repetition and mechanistic tasks Google- The 80/20 rule allows 80 per cent of time to their primary job and 20 per cent working on passion projects that they believe will help the company (business Promotion -Improve status -enhance self- esteem (Hor & Keats, 2008; Trading economics, 2013) 1. Internal hiring 2. Remove obstructions 3. Open communication 4. Overseas transfers 5. Deferred bonus scheme Provides intrinsic rewards through motivation and encouragement Bonuses -Money -issue Shares/ dividends (business 10 strategies in 10 minutes! -Flexible working hours -Providing more part time jobs with more shifts and less working hour -Flexible leave arrangements- Sick leave, wedding (DOH, 2006) Norms


Transcript: 2019 MIDYEAR BUSINESS REVIEW AND PLANNING HR DEPARTMENT Where are we right now? MANPOWER REQUIREMENT Sourcing/ Applicant Tracking Sourcing/ Applicant Tracking Sourcing/ Applicant Tracking Welcome to GPI Family Sarah Casiller HR Supervisor Pamela Remorta Sales Account Manager Melchor Bombales Technical Engineer Welcome to GPI Family Cristel May Umali Technical Engineer Gresilda Guianan Sales Account Manager Julia Vina Villacorta Finance Assistant Welcome to GPI Family Felix Ticag, Jr. Costing Engineer Alfredo Bryan Cole Alquero Technical Engineer Cristine Catanos Purchasing Asisstant Welcome to GPI Family Angeles Arcellano Project Engineer Chrisza Litang Marketing Assistant January - June 2019 Plantilla & Attrition Rate employees stays from 2 years above Retention Rate Compensation and Benefits Employee Violations committed from January to June 2019 January 2019 - Company Anniversary February 2019- Heart's Day Celebration April 2019- Sports Fest May 2019- Mother's Day Celebration at Dipaculao, Aurora May 2019- Company Outing June 2019- Father's Day Celebration Birthday Celebrations Training Hours (External & Internal Training) Benefits : Dream Big Make it happen! Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there? Recruitment Compensation and Benefits Employee Relations *Upcoming Events and Programs Flu vaccine Program Eye Check up CSR Activities Tree planting Wellness program Thanksgiving Party *Twice a month Distresser Activities for Employees Training and Development Reach the Top Whatever it takes Success You made it!

HR Presentation

Transcript: •Harmonizing body movements to the rhythm of musical accompaniment. •Coordinating dancing with that of partners or dance ensembles. •Attending costume fittings and makeup calls associated with dance performances. •Maintaining character throughout the entire performance. •Attending all mandatory rehearsals and dance classes. Recognizing Contributions Facilitating the transfer of training: •Provide employees with opportunities to demonstrate what they learned during performances and role play Alleviating negatives: •Realistic job preview through interview process •Day-in-the-life program •High specificity •High strategic congruence Training Justin Kopacz Grant Carlton Recognizing Contributions Selection Validity Check •Job Seasonality •Mid-range pay Potential Changes in KSAOs •Employees will complete a survey covering how comfortable they are with their coworkers before and after the training Training 4 Most Important Tasks: Selection Ratio Training Would it be legal to deny employment to someone with one arm? Job Analysis •Requires a base level gained •Compare it to the pre-test Our all inclusive, fun, family theme park will be fun for kids of all ages! Featuring thrill rides and high-energy, live performances, FunLand will be Athens' newest family attraction! K: •Knowledge of choreography & performance etiquette •Knowledge of theme/time period/genre S: •Instructing •Speaking A: •Stamina •Flexibility O: •Charisma •Conscientiousness K: Check performers and choreographers by how successful their shows are and how well they fit the theme. • If performers consistently produce unsuccessful performances, the theme park’s reputation for quality entertainment may suffer O: Have peer evaluations to measure other performers’ overall perception of factors such as personality fit • Performers who do not fit work culture or show negative traits (Neuroticism) lead to increased turnover and decreased job satisfaction Selection ratio: .20 • 15/100 successful performers hired • 5/100 unsuccessful performers hired • 10/100 successful performers not hired • 70/100 unsuccessful performers not hired Selection Validity Check Person Analysis •Every performer must be trained to ensure flawless execution of the script Organizational Analysis •Only as good as the weakest link •Yes, due to the job description. •The applicant must show endurance, strength, and the ability to “wow” clients. •If the applicant with one arm satisfies job requirements without reasonable accommodation, then it is illegal. •Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Supporting Affirmative Action Behavioral Observation Scale •Role playing: ensures proper transfer of knowledge and skills •Show various videos of proper form and execution expected Recruitment Selection Validity Check Legal Selection •BOS scale •Superior rating= 3% annual pay raise •Dance •Design specific shows to align with various sections of the theme park •Train/exercise •Maintain character at all times Negatives Utility: 55% Performers Line of Sight: Entertainers want to get 3% raise so they work to make the shows superior Performance evaluation: •Behavioral Observation Scale •Once a month Job Legal Selection Legal Selection: Disability Hiring Benefits of developing a training program: •Recruit young talent •Develop talent in-house •Retain key performers •Alleviate labor shortage •Classroom instruction: Trains proper choreography S: Hold regular performance evaluations to reveal whether a performer actually has and/or maintains the required skills such as effective communication skills. • If a performer has bad communication skills, the result may be tension, confusion or animosity among performers. KSAOs •Central Job Training: On-Stage Performance Task Analysis •Focus on knowledge of choreography, performance, theme and public speaking skills Task Statement •Perform in front of park guests using practiced script in order to improve customer satisfaction •Provide a post-test of knowledge learned after training. Cooperation: Encourages entertainers to work together to choreograph enjoyable shows •Unique and challenging shows require high skill level and broad skill set. •Despite large number of performers applying, few will be fully qualified. Legal Selection - Disability Hiring Kahja Washington Caroline Micklow Where we'll recruit •Performing arts schools •Competitors How we'll recruit •Empower employees (work with choreographer) •Development program perk Labor Shortage HR Project Performance Management Performance Management increase in accuracy Selection Validity Check Selection Training Instrumentality: Superior performance = 3% pay raise K: Give a written exam to test knowledge of the show's theme S: Structured interviews reveal communication skills necessary to work with a group and be a choreographer Would it be legal to deny employment to someone who is deaf? Training FunLand! $18.00 per hour Why? •Product-Market Competition Analysis •Labor-Market Competition Analysis •Market Pay Survey

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