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Hotel Service Powerpoint Template

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Service Presentation - Template

Transcript: There is a difference between fast and efficient service. Do not continue to do things the same old way because that is “how they are done”. You were hired to use your experience and skills to better the organization – take that challenge seriously. It may not always be possible to say “yes” but the customer must know that you have done everything possible to help them accomplish their goal. Make eye contact, smile, and speak (when appropriate) to every customer you encounter. No exceptions. Customers of government agencies do not choose to do business with us, they have to. The only way to overcome this challenge is to provide exceptional service. The implementation of process improvement requires a global perspective. Know what the agency does. When you do, you will know that your work has purpose and that “That’s not my job” shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary. Ask and offer. Your professionalism is judged based on your appearance, your attitude, your manners, your knowledge, and your abilities. It is a package, fail on just one count and you risk making a bad impression. Use your knowledge, skills, and resources to respect your customers’ time, but never rush – it is disrespectful and it dramatically impacts both the relationship and the outcome. Keep your eyes open. If you see something that doesn’t work the way it should, take steps to make it right or at the very least, call someone’s attention to it. Customers care how many people they have to talk with to get the answers they need. If you need to transfer or hand off a customer, make sure it is to the right person, and be sure you’ve prepared that person to ensure a seamless transition. Your career and your livelihood exist because of the customer in front of you. Be grateful and appreciative. To provide accurate information, you must know your job and have a thorough understanding of agency processes. Engage with your co-workers, ask questions, keep up with your industry. There is always more to learn – attend training when it is offered. Respect your customer’s concerns about dealing with government. Resolving an issue or completing a request may take longer, but acknowledgement of the request should happen the day it is received. Know your business. Do not overpromise or under-deliver. Manage expectations by setting reasonable goals. Give careful thought to timelines and make your word your bond. Moreno Valley Service that Soars Never assume you know what your customer needs. Good questions evoke good answers, but only if you’re listening. Resolve not to interrupt. Exercise patience, be polite, and pay attention. Venture outside your world. There is no better way to gauge your success than to ask for feedback. There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to the customer than to provide a card and offer your continuing assistance. A customer is not a football. Connect. Keep a bad mood to yourself. Respond within the same day. Say “Thank you”. Remember, first impressions matter. Treat customers like they have a choice. Put a human face on the customer’s dealings with what is often considered a complex bureaucracy. Customers enjoy doing business with people they like and trust. Yes, it is your job to make customers like and trust you. Keep your word. Remember who you work for. Ask, then be quiet and listen. Question the status quo. A customer should NEVER have to deal with your difficult day. Everything is your job.

Hotel Service

Transcript: Situation General practitioner = dokter umum Nurse = perawat Dentist = dokter gigi Oculist = dokter mata Headache = sakit kepala Stomachache = sakit perut Toothache = sakit gigi Prescription = resep dokter Diarrhoea = diare Fever = demam Antibiotics = antibiotik Cold = pilek Medicine = obat Midwife = bidan Cough = batuk Symptoms = gejala Infection = infeksi Glosary and Usage Hotel Service *Arrive = tiba The doctor should have arrived at 8 o’clock this morning. *Worry = cemas, khawatir You don’t need to worry about his physical condition. *Traffic jam = kemacetan lalu lintas I was often late because of the traffic jam along the main street. *Unwell = tidak sehat You look unwell because you went to bed later at last night. *Hope = berharap I hope I could recovered before I leave this place next week. *Headache = sakit kepala I often have a headache after working all day in the office. *Go down = turun You don’t need to go down from your room because he’ll come to see you. A few minutes later..... Mrs. Larson has heavy headache. She directly calls receptionist to ask about hotel’s doctor. Please pay attention to the conversation. Reception : Good morning, Crystal Lotus Hotel. Nancy speaking. May I help you? Mrs. Lawson : Good morning. This is Jessica Lawson in room 305 (three zero five). I’d like to ask you whether there is a doctor in the hotel this morning? Reception : Yes, ma’am. There is a general practitioner in the hotel, but I’m afraid he hasn’t come yet. Mrs. Lawson : What time does he usually come in the morning? Reception : Actually, the doctor should have arrived at 08.30. Mrs. Lawson : Yes, that’s right. After taking a bath, I suddenly had a severe headache and I felt very cold. Reception : I hope the doctor is coming soon and if he has arrived, I’ll let you know. Mrs. Lawson : Thank you for your help. Reception : Yes, this is Jessica Lawson in room 305. Mrs. Lawson : The doctor has just come and I’ve told him your problems, Mrs. Lawson. Reception : Thank you. Shall I go down and see him in his room now? Reception : You don’t need to go down because the doctor will come to see you in your room in a few minutes. Mrs. Lawson : How about the fee later? Reception : You don’t need to worry about that. The doctor will tell you how to pay. Mrs. Lawson : Okay, I’ll be waiting for him. Thank you very much for your help. Reception : Very welcome. Untuk menanyakan sudah berapa kali seseorang tinggal di suatu tempat: How many times have you ever stayed in this hotel? How many times have you visited this hotel? How many times have you ever been to this hotel? Untuk menanyakan sudah berapa lama seseorang berada di suatu tempat: How long have you been here? How long has he been staying in this hotel? How many days have they been in hotel? Untuk menanyakan kapan sesorang akan datang: When will you arrive here? When will he be arriving? May I know when he will arrive in this city? Untuk menanyakan kendaraan yang digunakan seseorang saat datang atau pergi ke suatu tempat: How did you come here? How will they go there? How did the doctor come here last night? How do you usually go to office?

Hotel Service

Transcript: By : Naw Wonderful Awgyi Han Naing Zin Ei Ei Moe Failed to greet customers when they step in Hanging up on angry customers Eating in front of customers Putting a call on hold without asking Avoid eye contact with customer Socializing with other employees while dealing with customers Forgetting to use common courtesies Yelling at a customer Using technical jargon when talking to customers Complaining about the company to customers First provide direct employee training Look to optimize employees’ strengths Use an e-learning program to train employees Give new employees a task, in line of training Encourage employees to share their expertise Let employees teach themselves and give guidance along the way Expose employees to activities that will foster personal growth Communicate daily Outline processes for new hires Ensure employees fully comprehend the training Be aware of the 3 things every customer wants To be heard To be understood To be cared for Smile, Eye contact, comment Listen to the customers Empathize the customers Create solutions for the customers issues Clarify the situations with the customers Follow up with your customers Phone E-mail Drip campaign Handling Customer Complaints Thank You For Your Attention 5 Ways to serve great customers In conclusion, we need to meet customers satisfaction in order to get customers loyalty and to smile and polite while dealing with customers Importance of employees in hotel industry Resolving the problems Listen intently Thank them Apologize Seek the best solution Reach agreement Take quick action We warmly welcome your questions Good Service Ways to improve customer service Patience & Attentiveness Clear communication skills Build business to customer loyalty Ability to "Read" customers Ability to use "Positive Language" Provide true customer service Be honest with your customers Educate your staff Ways to get excellent employees Strengthen your customer service Let Customers Get to Know You Improve your customer satisfaction Be Available Enhance your customers service strategy Offering Specials Services Give your customers a way to provide feedback Offer Knowledge Introduction Definition of Customer Service Ways to Improve Customer Service Importance of employees in business Ways to train employees Handling complaints & Problem solutions Good & Bad service in hotel industry Benefits & Conclusion Benefits of excellent customers service Providing service to the customers to meet with their expectations Always polite and smile while dealing with customers Always makes the customers happy Resolving problem & Handling conflict Consideration & Respect Never afraid to ask questions to the customers if you don't understand Confident and are motivated Knowledgeable and hardworking Will not hesitate to step up and go extra mile Its nature-manpower intensive industry Having direct interactions with the guest Increased business growth Higher employee motivation and development Customers satisfaction Increased efficiency Successful business strategy Agenda Conclusions What is Customer Service ? 1. Impressive First Impressions Matter 2. Attend to Guests Quickly 3. Be Polite and Pleasant at All Times 4. Little Things Matter 5. Welcome Feedback Now we will give you a look at the negative and positive side of service in the hotel industry. We will show how hotel and restaurant should serve to the customers. So, please sit back and enjoy our video. Customer Service at a hotel Bad Service

Human Service PowerPoint.

Transcript: By: Janet Malcolm Out Of A Crisis Became A Movement United Way began as The Charity Organization Society in Denver Colorado around 1887. During the mid 1800 there was a boom in mineral of silver and gold in the state. As a result an intense increase of people and wealth flock to Denver. At the same time Tuberculosis was spreading throughout the states and was the leading cause of death in the United State. For some reason people believe Colorado was “tuberculosis safe-haven.” people with the disease flock to the state believing the mountains, the sunshine, and clean water could cure their illness. As time went on the economy had a downturn, while the disease was spreading quickly. Communities where going through crisis they worked across the community to solve the most complex problems that they were facing United Way is community-based This means that each United Way maintains its own standards and goals tailored towards its community needs and concerns. Brief History Mission Statement: We all have a stake in each other's success. We all benefit when children succeeds in school, when people find jobs t0 sustains their families, as well as people having quality, affordable health care. United Way Focuses on three core area of a prosperous community: education, income and health United Way believes working on these core issues creates a win-win situation for the community. Mission and Focus of Unity Way Education: Success in life begins with quality education, with an early start Today millions of children and youth lack the support they need to strengthen their literacy, stay on track in school, graduate high school and find a career. Income Fighting to put Individuals on a path toward financial empowerment. That starts with access To services, job training, credit counseling and money management programs. Health Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, million more Americans have gained access to health insurance. Yet, the cost of insurance is still too high for many individuals, putting access to healthcare out of reach for far too many. Demographics/Population Served There are two components to think about when considering United Way The Organizations and the United Way Communities Agency Lets break it down The Organization which is the United Way American is fundraiser body, that raises money for a diverse range of Non For Profit Agency. Next is the local Community United Way that are individualize. Who tailor there service strategic and funds to serve the community and its pressing issues within that community Demographics Population Served Positives Donors have a choice in where their money goes or to what cause. Almost all United Way allow donors to choose which nonprofits should receive their funds. Some United Way let donors choose which focus area or social problems (like helping kids or the elderly) they wish to support, Which allocates their gift to a relevant subset of their charities in its network. Some United Ways allow donors to direct their gifts to any nonprofit Techniques of Psychoanalytic Therapy United Way works with companies government non for profit organizations to address complex challenges For example 2-1-1 United Way 2-1-1 handles all calls of all nature. 2-1-1 offers information, referral, assessment and crisis support 211 provides human services to callers, When a call comes into 2-1-1 operator explore the needs with the caller and researches the appropriate referrals and provide callers with at least three referrals to help and assist with their needs. The United Way of Westchester and Putnam serves as the lead agency for information, you can visit 24 hrs. In person calls 9 am-7 pm 7 days per week. More than 20 million requests for help every year. Most through calls, web chats, and or text messages are from people looking for help meeting basic needs like housing, food, transportation, health care and help paying their energy bill. Unity Way fund programs within the local unity way community, How does United Way Serve Free Association is a basic technique used in therapy. It allows a client to talk about whatever comes to mind (McLeod, 2014). United Way engages people in meaningful community involvement, charitable giving that fuels lasting change. Many nonprofits focus on a single issue, but United Way takes a broader view: Working at the community level with volunteers and donors to improve education, financial stability, and health the foundation of a good life and strong community. Partners Contribute More Than Money Panthers not only give their donation they give Ideas -Volunteer power -Tremendous support Others build stronger communities and Advocating for change. References References v v

Hotel Present powerpoint

Transcript: Place your logo here Presented by 17051944A Pang Wan Dorcas 17029974A Wong King Hei, Kingsley 17011577A Chan Tsz Ying, Ashley 17028652A Mak Man Wai, Sarah 17084963A Choi Man Ho, Tom Courtyard By Marriott Hong Kong Shatin INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Customers' background Champion Rowing Club 3-days intensive training in June 2018 Regatta will be held in July Private rowing team of 8 members, with 4 males and 4 females 2 coaches will come along Customers' background Marriott International Name, Title Largest global lodging company Headquarter is in Washington, D.C Founded in 1927 Owns 5,726 hotels in total Owns 30 renowned hotel brands in 122 countries Employed more than 300,000 people worldwide 10 brands in Hong Kong 2 Courtyard by Marriott in Hong Kong - Courtyard by Marriot Hong Kong - Courtyard by Marriot Hong Kong Shatin Marriott International Background Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Shatin BACKGROUND Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Shatin Start running in Feb 2013 Four-stars hotel Largest number of rooms in the company’s Asian Pacific region business (524 rooms) 30 storeys Certificate of Excellent in 2017 by Trip Advisor MAP OF HOTEL 5-minutes walk to jogging and cycling trails near Shing Mun River 5-minutes walk to the MTR Shek Mun Station 10-minutes ride to Shatin Sports Ground 10-minutes ride to Shatin Rowing Centre 15-minutes ride to New Town Plaza by MTR 15-minutes walk to Jockey Club Shek Mun Rowing Centre LOCATION SERVICES AND FACILITIES FACILITIES AND SERVICES FACILITIES Restaurants and Meeting Rooms LEVELthirty Lounge & Bar MoMo Cafe Lobby Lounge 8 Event Rooms Grand Ballroom Business Centre Podium Garden FACILITIES FACILITIES Health Related Facilities 24 hours gym room Sauna Rooms Steam Chamber Outdoor Swimming pool(Opens from April to October) SERVICES SERVICES Check-in time: 2:00 PM Check-out time: 12:00 PM Morning call service Free shuttle bus to Shatin sports ground, Jockey Club Rowing Centre, Shatin Rowing Centre Car rental Parking Comlimentary in-room high speed Wi-Fi service Laundry and dry-cleaning service (50%-off discount) Mobile check- in Three rooms categories: Deluxe Rooms ($ 2100 for two nights) Premier Rooms ($ 2400 for two nights) Executive Rooms ($ 2800 for two nights) ROOMS CATEGORIES ROOMS CATEGORIES Room size at 291 sqft Premier room with river view on high floor With one king-sized bed or two double bed Connecting rooms are available Complimentary in-room wifi Room service is available Room Amenities: -Bathroom Amenitites (Extra) -Mini bar (Complimentary energy bars and fruits) -Mini refregirator (Store energy drinks) DELUXE ROOMS & PREMIER ROOMS DELUXE ROOMS & PREMIER ROOMS Excutive Lounge access, which is located on the top floor Lounge services included: - Complimentary breakfast - Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages - One meeting room EXECUTIVE ROOMS EXECUTIVE ROOMS FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICES FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICES Athletes need healthy meals to have enough energy for training e.g. salads, low-fat items, fruits keep low body fat level to maintain a good power-weight ratio BREAKFAST BREAKFAST Enjoy healthy and international buffet breakfast widely at MoMo Cafe Gain sufficient energy right from the start of the day LUNCH LUNCH Outdoor Training Takeaway lunch box can be arranged for instead of regular meeting package lunch inside hotel Provide energy drinks Dinner DINNER After training Tailor-made special menu can be arranged to fulfill your special dietary preference LOYALTY PROGRAMME LOYALTY PROGRAMME How it works? Accumulate points by enjoying service or booking rooms under Marriott Hotels Benefits Available globally at all hotels that participate in Marriott Rewards Receive best rate when book directly through Marriott MARRIOTT REWARDS® MEMBER RATES MARRIOTT REWARDS® MEMBER RATES COMPARISON COMPARISON In-house facilities are free of charge except meeting rooms Competible Accommodation fee e.g Early-bird discount LOWER SPENDING LOWER SPENDING All staff are trained by Marriott Promote different customer service guildlines GUARANTEE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE QUALITY GUARANTEE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE QUALITY 15 minutes walking distance No transportation cost is needed CLOSEST LOCATION TO ROWING CENTRE CLOSEST LOCATION TO ROWING CENTRE Start Operating In 2013 Awarded “Opening Hotel of The Year 2013” by Marriott International Latest Facilities NEWLY- OPENED HOTEL IN SHATIN NEWLY- OPENED HOTEL IN SHATIN SUMMARY OF OUR SPECIAL OFFERS SUMMARY OF OUR SPECIAL OFFERS Assuming four twins rooms and two single rooms ROOM PACKAGE ROOM PACKAGE International buffet at Momo cafe Special meals according to your dietary preference Takeaway lunchbox for outdoor training DINING CHOICES DINING CHOICES Complimentary mini bar Complimentary shuttle bus service Extra bathroom amenities Laundry service with discount ADDITIONAL BENEFITS ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Courtyard By Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin - the Award of "opening Hotel of the Year" (2014). Mice Biz. Retrieved March 19, 2018 from Q&A Q A & For any

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