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Hotel Rwanda Background Presentation

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Hotel Rwanda

Transcript: Hotel Rwanda an all too familiar story in international affairs of a genocide everyone ignored. the story When Germany loses World War One, it also loses all of its colonies- this including Rwanda. Belgium was then given Rwanda, and shortly thereafter social rebellion ensues bewteen the two dominant groups in the country; the Hutu's and the Tutsi's. By 1962 Rwanda had gained independence from Belgium and many Tutsis (near 120,000) had taken refuge in neighboring countries for fear of escalating unrest. source: google images As mentioned, these groups were solely divided by class. The Tutsi, though a smaller portion of the population had traditionally ruled the country as the upper class, while the Hutu were known as working class; so much so that if a Tutsi was seen hanging around the lower class or was notably poor, they were considered a Hutu. By the time that this movie is set the two had been fighting each other for about forty years. This movie reflects the true story of a man named Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu who worked at a Belgian Hotel and was said to have housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees in the hotel when the guests and other countries had abandoned them. The majority of the movie is set on the hotel grounds as Paul tries and is considerably successful in protecting the Tutsi despite his troubles in getting the international aid he thinks he will be able to. Tutsi/Hutu foreign affairs supplementary information from: history hotel owned & operated by belgians targets international guests to Rwanda American Journalists UN Peace Keepers "They think you're dirt"

Hotel Rwanda

Transcript: Project Between the dates of April and July in 1994 in Rwanda, Hutu rebellions slaughtered and killed millions of Tutsi citizens. The world on the other hand did nothing to help these poor citizens from elimination. The U.N. did absolutely nothing and people around the world ignored the situation, when we should have been helping to resolve the problem Hotel Rwanda is a movie about a genocide that occurred in Africa. The movie explains a man and how he set himself apart from other people to keep his whole family safe from harms way. He took many precautions and made connections with many different powerful people to help him when he needed them most. Unfortunately the small country was left for dead. When the country was deserted, there was still a hotel standing, to help and refuge the people in need. That not only ran the place, but he helped save many lives in doing so. After the genocide, Hutu and Tutsi relations stays neutral for now, but many of the Hutu's fled in order to run away from Tutsi rebellion. Belgium influenced many people of the nation of Rwanda. Belgium were very racist for the fact that they allowed many light colored people with many rights and occupations. Tutsi's were treated well, while Hutu's weren't at all. After Belgium left the nation to the Hutu's and Tutsi's, Hutu's rebelled back at Tutsi's. Hutu's were so angry at Tutsi's they massacred them one by one, dead bodies all over the place. C.I.M.S. A Story of a Genocide Extent of The Genocide in Rwanda Pics Causes of the Rwandan Genocide Mr.Mactas Rafael Peralta Analysis Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda Pics Analysis The world's reaction was disgusting and inhumane. The way we just ignored the situation was not nice. We did not even send any supplies in order to help them in any way possible it was just despicable.

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