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Transcript: Mood: A quality of feeling at a specific time. Flashback: An event, or scene of the past illustrated in the present. Flashbacks are used to remember past memories or events. The best of 2006 I was the Red Bolt and I went up the dead elm in the corner of our yard to get away from my brother, who wasn't anyone anymore, just himself." "The brisk air was laden heavy with the scents of marijuana and clove, and the electricity of sex." Symbols can be used to represent a different object than what is portrayed. "We were little. Foreshadowing: To show or indicate before hand. Foreshadowing is used in this short story to tell of hidden dangers that lie ahead. Horror "I'd seen green water over the flying bridge of a cutter. I'd seen fire at sea. I'd dealt with the dead and dying; figured I could handle whatever came. Soon I'd learn I was wrong." Personification: The attribution of a personal nature or character to inanimate objects. Personification is used to show feelings towards motionless and lifeless objects. The Shadows, Kith and Kin By:Joe R. Lansdale "The shadows. They flutter. They twist." Unblinking By: Ramsey Campbell The mood of a story can be set by general descriptions of the atmosphere around the narrator. Proboscis By: Laird Barron The "sun" represents his mood. Depression is setting in and clouding his judgment. The Souls of Drowning Mountain By: Jack Cady The Cape By: Joe Hill By: John Betancourt and Sean Wallace. Distributed by: Diamond Book Distributors Published at: Canada Copyright: 2006 "Perhaps a cloud had masked the sun, but the growing darkness felt as if his brain was shrinking out of reach of light." Symbol: something used for or regarded as representing something else


Transcript: The Shining (1980) Director: Stanley Kubrick Demographics poster The study of people according to factors such as: Age, Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity. HORROR Director; Gore Verbinski Psychographics How many ways can we define an audience? -Age -Gender -Religion -Genre -Class -Sexuality -Political -Location -Race -Education -Upbringing -Salary/Money The Shining trailer was a mysterious trailer only using one camera shot and natural lighting throughout the duration of the trailer with a flood of blood bursting out from the elevator doors as we come to the end of the trailer. The music to this video was very sinister and creepy, letting you know that there was something coming, it didn’t give away what was coming but you knew there was something. The audience the director has gone for would most likely be people who are over 18 as it is rated 18 by the BBFC, and also aimed at people who are interested in eerie films plus fans of the director Stanley Kubrick. A (Upper middle class) B (Middle class) C 1 (Lower middle class) C2 (Skilled working class) D (Working class) E (Lowest subsistence level) The study of people based on their attitudes, opinions and lifestyles. The study of people based on where they live. Postcode - what type of area they live in. Local and regional audiences - City vs Urban vs Countryside. The Ring (2002) The trailer to ring cuts straight to chase, we learn the plot of the film within 24 seconds of the trailer, The trailer starts of with a sinister looking ring with a black background which the cuts to White Noise on a television screen but quickly shows a women brushing her hair in a mirror for only a couple of seconds before changing back to white noise which then fades to a girl telling her friend the story of the Ring or the video tape in which she later receives, the story is that after watching the tape the phone will ring and you are then told that you will die in 7 days time. With this happening a classic gothic soundtrack is played in the background to quickly darken the atmosphere However in 'The Shining' they don't use a dark song they use a song they creates a more mysterious yet worrying effect Helps in targeting an audience more specifically. Trailer Shows what interests people has, how much income they may have and what products they might be interested in. Geodemographics Trailer


Transcript: Horror But few remember the monsters that began our nightmares... In 1931 Dracula was Directed by Todd Browning and Bella Lugosi was chosen to play the long fanged blood craving monster... today his black cape and sharp features remain the symbols brought to our minds at the mention of vampires , and Dracula continues to hold his mantle of a classic movie monster. Boris Karloff was casted in the 1932 version of The Mummy, that was directed by Karl Freund. The movie was shot in black and white,and has been referred to as "the best mummy movie ever made". One of the most famous storys of a werewolf was played by Lon Chaney Jr. in 1941. The move entitled " The Wolf Man", was directed by George Waggner. It's a bone chilling tale of the horror of a man who becomes a wolf when the moon is full. This movie also makes use of "stop-action" photography for its special effects in showing the transformation of man to wolf, because of that this film went down in horror movie history... However the Creature from the black lagoon did manage to pop off the screen and capture many peoples imagination. This half human, half aquatic beast played off of peoples fears of the unknown...add in dark murky water... and what was made was a classic that would live on as one of the famuous Classic Movie Monsters. First background Second background,%20Lon/Annex/Annex%20-%20Chaney%20Jr.,%20Lon%20(Wolf%20Man,%20The)_01.jpg Happy Nightmares Lagoon pictures In 1818, Mary Shelly wrote a book that she entitled Frankenstein, it was revised in 1831... Frankenstein was directed in 1931 by James Whale and this well known icon of horror was born. The Karloff version of the towering, bolt necked monster created the image of fear and tragedy, and created quite the buzz for horror fans. The very first known movie that showed a Were wolf was in a silent film from 1913 it was directed by a man named Henry MacRae. However this film was saddly lost in a fire in 1923... In Frankenstein we actually feel pity for the Monster and are filled with sorrow when he meets his death. The first two versions of The Mummy were done as silent films, the first released in 1911 and the other in 1912 Ironically these films where not done to spread fear...they were romantic comedies! Dracula Pictures Released in 1954 and directed by Jack Arnold, The Creature from the Black has NOT made it into the big leagues, to have any remakes. Still, the Creature remains one of recognizable classic Monsters around. For fellow horror fans it takes more then a scary face to ignite our imaginations and drag us into a dark twisted world. gqFI/AAAAAAABKi0/89moeD1ck1c/s1600/Karloff Mummyposter.jpg Sources All movie information THE END Wolf Man picture Mummy Pictures In the 1800 Bram Stoker created one of the monsters that would go down in horror films history ...Count Dracula


Transcript: Horror films have always been an interesting film genre. The reason is because when you think about it logically its weird that people would want to see a movie that scares them, but they're actually really exciting to watch. There were many great film successes in the past, such as Frankenstein and not to long ago Scream as well. But filming technology has advanced incredibly, which has changed horror films. Horror films are now more gruesome,bloody and some aren't exactly realistic but still give people a scare. Resident evil is an example of a present horror movie, but its a sci-fi horror. The horror movies now a days are more better and improved because they're more gory and gruesome because of the special effects that are done to help make them better. There are many types of sub-genres for horror films for example sci-fi, mystery, and action horror. Examples of mystery horror films is Sinister because there's a mystery behind a demon that kills children. Comparisons Of Past and Present Horror Freddy vs. Jason is a 2003 American slasher film directed by Ronny Yu. This film is the sub-genre action and violence from horror. PAST OF HORROR INTRO TO HORROR The first film of Chucky was made in 1988, this film was a big hit and was nominated in 1999 for the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain for the film Bride of Chucky He was created by Don Mancini and is voiced by Brad Dourif. Present Of Horror Horror is an art form, which is to scare others with stories. Audiences willingly offer themselves up to storytellers to be scared, and they are happy to pay for the chance. We derive basic thrills from triggering the rush of adrenaline which fear brings. Horror movies have long served both purposes. They deliver thrills as well as telling us stories of the dark. Nosferatu (1922) is not simply a tale of vampires, but offers heart-rending images of a town beleaguered by premature and random deaths, echoes of the Great War and the Great Flu Epidemic fatalities. Another classic horror film is Frankenstein, which is about a scientist that creates life, but creates a zombie. The director of this film was James Whale and the main actor was Colin Clive playing Henry Frankenstein. Past horror films weren't as good as horror films now a days because they didn't have color aren't able to create to many effects making it more realistic. HORROR

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