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Horror Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Thank you! - Extreme closeups and angles - Distorted perspectives - Monocrhomatic color scheme (dull greenish-blue and very bright whites) - Blurred/obscured faces, isolating characters further from the crowd - Main character, male, is expected to be strong and independent, especially by the beginnings of college - character is weak to change and isolation - need for guidance and companionship is neglected - revelation of the differences between expectation and reality of male behavior and character Scene 2 - Neutral - Bright - Empty - Sanitary, Sterile environment Counselor - The Monster - Always wears sweaters - Popular - Extroverted - Wild Loneliness/Isolation in Modern Society Setting - Tries to help - Caring - Unable to help Counselor's Office Storyboards Social Issues - John goes to college - moves into dorm but roommate isn't there - excitedly goes to school - is ignored and neglected - depression - goes to so counselor, who doesn't help - roommate moves in and he has someone to hang out with and he is happy - John gets possesive - Things spiral downwards - John ODs Masculinity/Gender Issues - Center of Movie - End of the Hallway - Empty and Lonely Inspiration - Audition (1999): starts off normal, spirals into chaos, camera angles and positions, closeup and wide angle shots - The Others (2001): plot twist, color palette (monochromatic), single location - Black Swan (2010): multiple cuts at the climax Plot John Style - signified by the physical change of environment (moving from home to dorm) - typically nurturing environment and adult figures who are ineffectual and apathetic - Warm and inviting - Clean - Personal closed space Louis Storyboards Dorms Scene 1 Teacher or Mom Characters Horror Proposal - Main Character - Pathetic - Antisocial - Introverted School Office - Old Male - Close minded - Indifferent - Old Fashioned - Wise April Amezquita, Angela Peng, Angela Wong, Emi Ichikawa


Transcript: Slasher A slasher film is a type of horror film typically involving a psychopathic killer stalking and killing a sequence of victims in a graphically violent manner, often with a cutting tool such as a knife or axe - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974 Tobe Hooper) is one of the first slasher films. Some other well known slashers are A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream,Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine 3D A lot of teenagers watch slashers as it appeals to both male and female teenagers and young adults, due to the final girl which is 'kick ass' and rather attractive to the opposite sex. Some Slashers also have some comedy in them such as the film Scream (Wes Craven) this is another element that attracts young adults. Many characters in slasher films are young adults so the audience can relate. This is the orginal texas chain saw massacre trailer. This is the orginal Scream trailer This is scream 4 trailer which was out this year Horror Psychological Psychological horror is a subgenre of horror fiction that relies on character fears, guilt, beliefs, eerie sound effects, relevant music and emotional instability to build tension and further the plot. The object of horror is not a monster but often a normal looking person. - Psychological horror tends to be subtle compared to traditional horror and typically contains less physical harm. The audience can not relate to the film but they are effected and scared mentally. Some well known psychological horror films are The Ring (2002 Gore Verbinski), The shining (1980 Stanley Kubrick), The others(2001 Alejandro Amenábar) <These are photo's of the ring > This is the trailer for the others This is the tailer for the shining Zombie Zombie films are classed as horror and science fiction. Zombies are unatural and this attracts an audience and scares them in a mental way as it plays on the audiences mind, zombies are impossible however it makes people question society and what would happen which in it's self is a fear. Zombies are typically mindless and decaying corpses with a hunger for human flesh. Dawn of the dead (George A. Romero 1978) is a very well known zombie film 28 days later (2002 Danny Boyle) is a British zombie film

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