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horror movie

Transcript: Horror Movie Comparing & Contrast Zuryssaday Martínez Maldonado English Class November 15.2021. In this presentation we will be talking about two horror movies in particular and we will be comparing them. These movies are Insidious and Conjuring. Introduction Introduction Objectives Objectives Learn About similitudes in horror movies. Learning about diferences in horror movies. Learn about both movie for the fanatics of horror movies. It consists of 4 chapters. Recorded in the US, filming began in 2010. Its plot is fictitious. Insidious Insidious Movie Plots Movie Plots: The opening plot of the film consists of a family that moves to a new house. At first, they think that the house is haunted, but then it turns out that the father of the family is like a type of traveler during his dreams, but that trip goes to the underworld. It is as if his spirit left his body and his youngest son inherited it. Elise is the key to the plot of the sequels of the films, because she is the one who knows how to handle the situation, although unfortunately, she dies at the hands of a possession of an evil entity that has followed her for many years. Generally, the other chapters deal with explanations of how the plot of the first and second chapters happened and why. Trailers Trailer Insidious Chapter 1, 2 & 3 Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: It consists of 2 chapters. Recorded in the US, filming began in 2013. Its plot is based on real facts. The Conjuring Conjuring Eligibility Movie Plot This plot goes back to real events that occurred in the 70s. It is about a family that moves to a house in the country, when the paranormal events begin. The history of the house apparently there were some murders and then a suicide and it was thought that the spirit continued to absorb energy and feed on the mother. In search of help, they turn to a couple of "mediums" who try to resolve and break the demonic bonds that adhere to the family. Trailer Trailer Movie 1 & 2 Chapter 1: Chapter 2: In both films, these spirits attack families. It may be due to the traumas that these specters suffered in life with respect to their families. Another similarity is in the "medium" people who interfere. People who have this gift can see paranormal things such as demonic entities that are described in the movies, as well as perceive and feel negative energy. Another of the similarities between both films are the sound effects and the creepy graphics that are well reproduced to cause that scary effect. Similitudes Comparing & Contrast Diferences Diferences One of the differences is that the entity that attacks Insidious's family is linked to the family as such, versus the family of the spell, which begins linked in the house and then adheres to the family. Another difference between the two films is that one is based on real events, while the other is fictional. Finally, another notable difference is that the one being based on real enforcers (Conjuration), despite being paranormal facts, is more credible than the other (Insidious) Conclution Conclution I recommend both films to fans of those that are characterized by creating horror, but definitely, I think that The Conjuring films are more terrifying than the insidious ones. But I give a lot of credit to insidious movies for the visual and sound effects used.Personally, I think that by saying that the events were based on real life, they gave the missing touch to insidious. Maybe you think differently from me, each dog should have their preferences on the subject. Is that personally, I like horror movies, before choosing love movies. Bibliography Bibliography YOUTUBE TRAILER MOVIE THE CONJURING Chapter 1: & Chapter 2: YOUTUBE TRAILER MOVIE INSIDIOUS Chapter 1:, Chapter 2: & Chapter 3: ECURED, Autor desconocido, recuperado el 6 de noviembre de 2021, FILLMAFFINITY, autor desconocido, recuperado el 6 de noviembre de 2021,

Horror Movie

Transcript: Violet & Deon creative writing Lost on Alien Planet Conventions •Gray and black colors •Shadows •Myths •Scary music •Things jumping out •Noise We will use grey and black colors. Almost all of this movie will be at night time, in outer space. Shadows, they will see shadows, of the aliens and the alien’s ship. Scary music, as they are trying to figure out what planet they are on and what all the weird noises and shadows are scary music will be in the back ground. Things “aliens” will be jumping out trying to intimidate the men. Random stuff being thrown. Weird, creepy noises. “Alien noises”. Characters Harold: Was raised in South Dakota, his family was very up tight and conserved. Ever sense he was a small boy he loved planets, space and stars. He soon would grow up and become an astronaut. Harold, now 35, has no wife and no kids. He stays in his lonely house, on the coast of California, experimenting, studying and looking through his microscope up at the stars and planets. Harold has a very wide imagination. He is smart, very smart and also extremely curious about things, especially the moon and other planets. He very seldom has time for anything else except his career. Harold and Ronald are best friends. Ronald: Was raised also in South Dakota, his parents weren’t really there all of the time, he felt alone most of his life. His grandma raised him and took him in once his parents had left him. As a little boy he loved to explore and play like he was flying to the moon, he also wanted to be an astronaut. He wanted to make something of himself. Ronald, now 32, lives with his wife, Mariee, they have no children just yet. Ronald and Mariee also live on the coast of California. Plot On the way to the moon, an aircraft got lost and somehow crashed on a planet, never before seen, ever. Harold, the spaceman, was joined by his assistant, Ronald. They were both very astounded by the wreck; seeing how they didn’t recognize the planet they were on. After awhile of sitting in the aircraft wondering what to do, it was getting dark and they were getting worried so they decided to get out and go explore this strange planet. Harold and Ronald floated around looking for clues of where they were at. They hear weird noises and see very odd lights, soon they would know just exactly what it was, and it is not very friendly at all. Sample Scenes The two men get out and go to see where they are when they start to hear odd noises and see very strange figures, almost human like, but Harold and Rornold are smarter than that and they known that is NO human, so ofcourse their curiousity gets the best of them. "Oh MY! Do you see that?" Harold asked. .................... Do you see this? Something creepy is going on.... Are u scared? you should be Welcome To My Planet Harold and Rarnold get attacked by these creepy things and died fortunately they got photos and videos thanks for watching GOODBYE! and died Harold and Rarnold travel to the moon but some how ended up on this very small, unknown planet. "Where is this place?" asked Harold. "I have no idea, lets go and explore?" Rarnold replied. Suckkka FACE

Horror Movie

Transcript: The Exorcist Hunkeler Catholic family was convinced the child's aggressive behavior was attributable to demonic possession, and called upon the services of Father Walter Halloran to perform the rite of exorcism. With the atomic age, the movies have gone on to have a scientific and supernatural themes, creatures and killer bubbles. Over time, axes, maces and chainsaws were coming on the scene and earning their space until the terror we know today. Directed by F. W. Murnau and starring Max Schreck, Nosferatu demonstrated just how scary a vampire could be in 1922, and continues to be one of the best vampire films ever released. An unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Aspects of the novel were inspired by an exorcism performed on a young boy from Cottage City, Maryland, in 1949 by the Jesuit priest, Fr. William S. Bowdern Scary stories have always been part of people's lives. The history of the horror movies began with the emergence of cinema. Horror Movie The 50s marked the resumption of fear in cinema. The principal name of this period is that of Christopher Lee, whose interpretation of the count in Dracula (1958) made ​​history. What makes Nosferatu continue to be one of the greatest vampire films ever made is Schreck’s incredible make-up and Murnau’s use of shadow to give the film its signature look and feel. He is the actor who made audiences truly fear the vampire. Nosferatu In order to make the film, Friedkin was allowed access to the diaries of the priests involved, as well as the doctors and nurses; he also discussed the events with the boy's aunt in great detail. Over time, the movies were taking the course of European vampire legends, scientists and aristocrats, based on Dracula and Frankenstein. With the 2nd World War and the true horror part of the day-to-day lives, horror films have largely remained low for some time. The first man who created a horror film was George Melies, with the Castle of the Devil, 1896. Two other works marked the beginning of the era of scares: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, (1919) Robert Wienne and Nosferatu (1922), Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Hollywood studios still have great relevance in producing films of this genre. Lon Chaney, which became known as the man of many faces for playing different roles as The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) and The Phantom Of The Opera (1925).

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