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Transcript: HORIZON is an Inter-Business School Management Festival organized by Faculty of Management Studies , Udaipur. It is a National Level Management Festival and will take place on 2 consecutive days i.e. 7th n 8th March,2014. There will be a footfall of approx. 1000 students during the 2 days from Management Schools across India. The Complete festival will take place in FMS Campus(Which Situated inside the lush green MLSU Campus) and also in the MLSU Auditorium. FINE ARTS Kodachrome (On the spot Photography) Montage (Collage Making) And The march of Vogue ( Ramp Walk ) EVENTS EVENT SPONSOR : Rs. 25,000 ( As per Category Given Above) Title Sponsor of Event. Announcement of Sponsor during Event. One Banner ( 6 x 3 Feet ) at the Venue ( Provided By Sponsor) Promotion in Colleges Online Publicity FASHION SHOW SPONSOR : Rs 35,000 Title Sponsor of Event. Three Banners ( 6 x 3 Feet ) Inside the Workshop Venue (Provided By Sponsor) Flyer and Brochure distribution (Provided by Sponsor) Promotion in Colleges Online Publicity BANNERS : Rs. 5000 (3 x 2) Two Banners Space for Two days About FMS , Udaipur- Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur, or FMS Udaipur, was founded in 1982 and has been ranked among the top three business schools in Rajasthan . FMS Udaipur comes under the aegis of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University (MLSU) ,Udaipur. It is one of the oldest business schools in Rajasthan and has a strong alumni network. Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur has a remarkable name and commendable place in Panorama of Management World. The City OF LAKES Factor- ACADEMICS Off-the-Cuff (Extempore) Mind Battle (Business Quiz) Biz-Angle (Business plan) Virtual Money (Bear and Bull) Ad-o- mania (Ad Wars) CULTURAL Tap your feet (Group Dance) Step Up (Solo Dance) Harmonize (Solo Song) Let 'em hear (Instrument Playing) WARRIOR OF MUSIC (War of bands) HORIZON will be conducted in the City if Lakes i.e. Udaipur. Udaipur , one of the most beautiful city of the WORLD . It is also called as Venice of the East.From Palaces to Several 5 Star n 7 Star hotels , Udaipur have it all n which forces tourists n corporate world people to visit Udaipur every year. The Location of Udaipur is a great factor for the organization of HORIZON as it encourages students from all around India to visit Udaipur. Further our college will provide stay to the students n also a city tour after the days events for all the students from different cities. About HORIZON- We thank you for your valuable time . Looking forward to your positive response. Please communicate with Advertisements and Cheques / DD in favour of -“Director, Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur “ Phone: 09828267678, 0294- 2470208 Fax: 0294- 2470799 Website: E- Mail: FEST MAIN/ TITLE SPONSOR : Rs. 1,00,000 Title Sponsor of Horizon 2014. Name and Logo on all Horizon Backdrop. Two Stalls at the Venue for 2 days. Announcement of Sponsor during Events. Flyer and Brochure distribution (Provided by Sponsor) Promotion in Colleges Online Publicity SPONSORSHIP DETAILS Name and Logo on Horizon Posters and Banners. One Stall at the Venue for 2 days. Seven Banners( 6 x 3 Feet ) at the Venue ( Provided By Sponsor) Announcement of Sponsor during Events. Flyer and Brochure distribution (Provided by Sponsor) Promotion in Colleges Online Publicity The Cultural Fest- March 7th and 8th,2014 Organized By- Faculty of Management Studies, MLSU. Udaipur Media Coverage The Entire event will be covered by our FM sponsors. The news of the fest will be covered by leading Newspapers Rajasthan Patrika,Dainik Bhaskar n the supplement of Times of India(Udaipur Plus). FEST CO – SPONSOR : Rs. 75,000 DAY SPONSOR : Rs. 35,000 (Per Day ) Dedicated Day Theme related to Sponsor Five Banners ( 6 x 3 Feet ) Inside the Venue (Provided By Sponsor) Promotion in Colleges Online Publicity


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