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Transcript: Investor Pitch Deck 11/24/2020 Opportunity The Opportunity There are a lot of people that don't have time to walk their dog. Many people would be willing to pay somebody to walk their dog and take them outside to go to the bathroom while they are at work. The Problem The Problem People have problem No Dog Walks Dog Walking Service Happy People Sad People Some people have to work all day and nobody is home to take the dog for a walk. This leads to the dogs having accidents in the house. The Solution Mr. Kraus's Dog Walking Service offers a professional and reliable dog walking experience. We provide peace of mind by ensuring pets get enough exercise and don't have accidents in the house. We even provide waste removal services! The Solution The Market Our target market consists of dog owners that live within two miles of town. The Market Market Size Market Size $5 $5,000 200 potential customers per dog possible weekly income Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis There are currently no other businesses offering dog walking services in our area. We have an untapped pool of potential customers and already have a list of people interested in our services. Our Solution Provide high quality dog walking, training, and waste removal services. Our Solution Product Dog walks Dog training Waste removal Product Invest Today! Earn money by helping fund our dog walking service. A portion of all profits will go to you. Why to Invest About Me About Me Mr. Kraus Experienced Dog Walker

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Transcript: What are our clients saying? Custom Apps “Busivid has among the most promising mobile content and cloud based video production and distribution systems I’ve come across.” Image Library Assets Businesses $20,000 Professional Services boom boom video Jason Putnam Business Customer (B2B or B2C) Brand Competitive Differentiators 36 Online Business Learning Courses BUSINESS $15,500 Content Delivery Network worlds fastest video production system Summary The visionary for the Busivid suite of solutions Steve has successfully patented, launched and sold his products in the US before. His ability to identify market trends with technology solutions has resulted in award-winning business recognition and successful exits. Revolutionary CDN Platform Digital Agencies Marketing Consultants Business Coaches SEO Experts Traditional Videographers (Getty, iStock, Dissolve) Brainshark Targeted Online Marketing Busivid automates the production and distribution of video. On-Demand Video Publishing Digital Agencies Marketing Consultants Business Coaches SEO Experts Traditional Videographers Enterprize Voice Competitors The Solution worlds first video sales messaging app $150 - $600 "Busivid empowers business with video." Customer Feedback Custom Apps How Does Busivid Make Money? Kaltura $2K - $20K Go To Market Plan 2016 Customer Segmentation Busivid Create WeVideo: $39.1M Businesses, Not-For-Profit & Government Partnerships digital video has now surpassed social media Month 3 Digital/Content Marketing Jason has over 20 years of sales experience and has spent the last decade in Executive Leadership roles. He has extensive start-up and turnaround experience in sales, marketing and business development. PITCH Production of video course content Scale online sales activity Hire enterprize sales staff Expansion of product range & stock Expand Austin Sales Office Content Marketing Driven Strategy Content (voice over, multilingual, custom music) $150 - $600 Business video is slow, complex & expensive $30/mth - Office Manager, LJH Office, Australia's best-known Real Estate brand Video Kits On-Demand Video Publishing The Problem Industry Specific Webinars - Marketing Manager, Reach Local Revolutionary CDN Platform Animoto Solution (Getty, iStock, Dissolve) Size of Market: 200M + businesses in US Competitive Differentiators 20% Growth - Month on Month Style WHAT DO WE NEED? Avg 8yr LTV ~ $10K - $2M Video Kits - Brett Watkins, Telstra AVG $2K - $20K A highly scalable post-production system in the cloud that assembles & streams finished videos on-demand. Animoto: $30M Busivid automates video production in the cloud to reduce time, complexity and cost by up to 80% Professional Services "Busivid has helped bridge communication in our office. Staff are 4 times more likely to open the email if a video is included." WeVideo Busivid Direct (voice over, multilingual, custom music) Mobile-Centric Solution Helen contributes her ability to work with people, build lasting teams and client relationships. The quintessential marketeer, Helen’s Ad Agency produced award winning corporate videos for over a decade for a selection of Australia’s Fortune 500 companies. Busivid Corporation 4025 Duval Rd #2135 Austin, TX 78759 (512) 568-4998 Automotive & Machinery Commercial Hosting Subscriptions 143% increase in online video Business Model Image Library Assets CONTACT US: Realtor vidyard $24,000 Subscriptions Brightcove "I would like to let you guys know that the Busivid system is working excellent in our office.We have had some amazing feedback from customers and vendors and I believe this product is an advantage for our office in our sales area." Helen Mitchell Online/Telephone Sales Team Steven Mitchell Month 1 Month 2 General Business Vidyard: $43.7M $30/mth 60% viewing on mobile device Traction & Engagement $3M Equity Funding Digital/Content Marketing Subscription Based SaaS Music Michael Kent Partnerships QUMU Videolicious Commercial Hosting Scott is a financial executive with 20 years experience in corporate finance as CFO and Corporate Controller with 6 years in business development and merger & acquisition activities. His talent with financial leadership & problem solving is a distinct asset to the team. Team Mobile-Centric Solution Michael has over 21 years experience in management, finance, business operations & accounting. Michael has spent the last 5 years as CFO for a large privately owned group of companies. He has managed Busivid's angel round funding and has been the lead investor. Market THANK YOU

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Transcript: Slide #5: The Current Problem (2) Slide #15: The Ask! A pitch deck cannon crescendo without a clear ask-- aka what you are looking for... What size investment are you looking for? How long does it get you? How will you spend it? What are goals before raising the next round? How else can the investors help? This is commonly overlooked but easy to create! Slide #1: The Big Idea (1) Logo, company image, Expanded company 1-liner and The Big Vision: Today and Tomorrow Slide #8: Your Solution. Why now? (2) Slide #6: The Current Problem (3) Slide #3: Why us? The Team: Why are you the right team for solving this problem? Include management team and advisers, investors. Include bios with key, relevant experience. Outline division of responsibilities. Think about this as an expanded AngelList team profile. Slide #2: The Big Idea (2) Slide #4: The Market... The Current Problem (1) Customer/ consumer pains? How are they solving today? Slide #14: What's The Future? 12months and Out So far, you've spend the deck outlining team, product and success to date. Now talk about what's next... And how it ties into the big vision and the fundraising ask. What are the next 12 - 24 months of : Product Performance People Finances Slide #13: Traction and Validation (3) Slide #12: Traction and Validation (2) Slide #10: Your Solution. Why now? (4) Slide #11: Traction and Validation (1) Your Product... Your Traction You've set the stage... now show off the product and traction/ validation: I want to know: Is the product resonating? Is it trending in the right direction? Engagement, Engagement, Engagement... engagement data leading to user acquisition! What are your KPIs? Goals? What are your acquisition, usage, retention metrics? Slide #9: Your Solution. Why now? (3) Slide #7: Your Solution. How will they solve with you? How is it different than market? Why Now? (1) Why is solution possible today? Why is it right for today, tomorrow? How big is the market? How big can you be? What value are you creating? Be realistic!

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Transcript: Let everyone know your progress so far Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. WHAT DO WE NEED? Member 3 Customer Put down anything that matters! Competitive Differentiators Add details, include pictures BUSINESS [Company Logo] What is your solution? Summary Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Company X Address 1 M: T: +31612345678 Meet Jane and John There should be a lot of them! Summarize the most important parts of your pitch here. Write down all of the reasons that you are better than the competition here. Business Model How are you planning to solve it? [Company Logo] Competitors CONTACT US: How is your solution solving the problem? COMPANY X "Relevant inspiring quote or slogan to end the business pitch with." Customer Feedback Member 1 Go To Market Plan Market Customer Segmentation Member 2 How many people like Jane and John are there? Are there any other people trying to make money from the same market with a similar solution? Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. PITCH Put here the explanation about what you need from the investors you are pitching to. Enter different kinds of customers How ready are you to take your solution to the market? Traction & Engagement Add some numbers here. What problem do they have? Explain as visually as you can. How old are they? Member 4 Team Solution Did any of your customers got back to you yet?

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Transcript: More and more individuals are joining in the DTC genetic testing market, let's design our clinic to meet the needs of these individuals Post position details on the NSGC website,, as well as advertise it within the OSUWMC careers page. We will advertise with two emails, spaced one month apart, to all of the NSGC members. Post the job opening and some of the benefits that come along with the job. These include: faculty status at a major research and academic medical center Involvement with teaching and supervising aspiring GC students Competitive pay and autonomy as the sole genetic counselor within the clinic And also a healthy and supportive team environment We will also let the program directors of the OSU Genetic counseling program know about the open position and ask them to share the posting with their students, as well as, any other program directors or other interested students. We will do incident to billing for these patients and the physician will be paid per diem. WHAT DO WE NEED? Assess whether or not "improving outreach of genetic results education" Ultimately, we want to empower individuals with knowledge and information of their test result We will design a survey for patients pre and post genetic counseling using a provided Ipad Gauge patients understanding before and after Measure understanding with Likert Scale Ipad includes ability to sign-up for OSU MyChart after the appointment in order for patient to ask a question in the future Aim: Patient to feel like we are their resource and no longer need to rely on just the internet to look-up genetics questions In order to build our clientele, we will post fliers within the OSU hospital as well as other local hospitals Additionally, we will “buy” the Google search terms for “direct to consumer genetics consultation” so that individuals searching for genetic services after DTC testing will be directed to our clinic online home page. Our website will be housed within the Division of Human Genetics and will consist of a webpage that briefly outlines our services, contains our contact and scheduling information and has some print resources regarding basic genetic concepts and the purpose of various DTC testing. Additionally, we will have some informational brochures made to describe our clinic and have them handed out by other OSU genetics clinics when people inquire about DTC genetics consultation. A Variant of Unknown Significance is a major content hurdle and yet, a common finding How to assess: If patients were identified that are in need of follow-up testing Medicare and Medicaid patients will be seen in conjunction with the physician who staffs the Medical Genetics clinic [GC & Me] We can be the resource to guide and empower patients who are already seeking DTC genetic testing! Summary Our Goals! Coordinate with general genetics to accept and schedule appropriate re-routing of patients Coordinate and schedule self-referrals and outside referrals Request & attain genetic test results E: T: +614-293-5000 Billing PROGRAM Focus on: Motivation for ordering DTC testing What they can expect to learn from it Limitations of DTC testing and what kinds of things people may learn that they were not expecting, while providing case examples. When providers might consider ordering this testing for their patient’s in terms of insurance issues and out of pocket expense How to interpret DTC testing results Meet Jane.... -Technavio (Market Research Reports) GC's receive patients' results or third party raw data Will perform a detailed case preparation Evaluate and review test results (ExAC, ClinVar, and additional search engines to help analyze) Review genetic testing guidelines if appropriate to offer further testing Follow-up with patient if ordering further testing Overall Flow: Receive results and/or raw data for GC case preparation Appointment will be a 1.5 hours consultation At the appointment, GC will obtain a detailed family history, perform risk assessment, provide an explanation and interpretation of the test results, and discuss the need for further testing, if necessary Discuss next steps (screening protocol, cancer risk models, referrals to counseling or specialists, etc.) Testing: Client billing based on appropriate ICD-10 and CPT codes for Genetic counselor will put an order into IHIS and send patients to the lab for a blood draw Letter will be sent and next steps for the patient and their family members The GC will send this letter to the referring physician, the patient and put a copy in the media tab of IHIS. Resources for the patient Our clinic's purpose is to serve as a resource to individuals that need an interpreter of their DTC genetic test results Keep a patient tracking document of individuals with and without variants detected by DTC resource Tabs on who elected to pursue further testing in either scenario. Were there positive results? Did medical management change? Can measure impact by keeping


Transcript: BUSINESS PITCH DECK EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION COMPANY DESCRIPTION Name of Company Location and why choose this location? PURPOSE Purpose 1. Business plan is prepared 2. Amount of financing needed- RM 117,214 COMPANY BACKGROUND Company Background Main Product Characteristic of the product MARKET ANALYSIS MARKET SEGMENT MARKET TARGET TEENAGER ADULT OLD PEOPLE TARGET MARKET SIZE COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS THE CHEF BAKERY Economical FARLEY BAKERY REGGAE'S LOAF BAKERY Quality Competitors 1. Major Competitors The Chef Bakery Farley Bakery Reggae's Bakery 2. Strengths and Weakness against major competitors Market Share Sales Forecast Price Of the Product Pricing Strategic - use affordable prices Promotion Our bakery plan to adopt the strategy : -Encourage and promote our bakery to other Place/Distribution selling the products through retailer could manage to interact with customers more closely to make it easier for them to meet the needs they desire. maintain good customer relations ADMIN ADMIN PLAN VISION Continue to innovate in the baking industry to improve skills and to serve customers with top taste product. MISSION Create a bakery which makes the best and addictive baked goods, fresh daily. MANPOWER EXPERTISE ADMIN BUDGET OPERATIONAL PLAN OPERATION PLAN FEATURES FEATURES CHEESE CAKE BATIK CAKE OREO CHEESE CAKE BANANA CAKE CARAMEL PUDDING DAILY PRODUCTION PLAN 4 TO 25 UNITS PER DAY MONTHLY PRODUCTION PLAN 126 TO 756 UNITS PER MONTH MARKETING MARKETING CHEESE CAKE - SMALL - RM 12 - REGULAR - RM 60 OREO CHEESE CAKE - SMALL - RM 10 - REGULAR - RM 55 BATIK CAKE - RM 10 BANANA CAKE - RM 5 CARAMEL PUDDING - RM 3 OPERATION PROCESS MACHINERY RAW MATERIAL INVENTORY 21 INVENTORIES OF RAW MATERIAL INVENTORY TOTAL COST INVENTORY RM 2,533 FINANCIAL FINANCIAL Financial Plan Project Implementation Cost Amount Loan do we need: RM 45,597 Cash Flow Income Statement Forecast Balance Sheet Financial Performance CONCLUSION CONCLUSION

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Transcript: Advantages Problem THANK YOU! Business Model Co-Founder and CTO Competition BS Software Engineering September 2009 - May 2013 CGPA 3.4/4.0 Specialization: Software Development and Life cycle, Dataware house, Business Intelligence Navera Waheed SIDE B Pitch Deck Introduction Traction Every company which has two or more then two workers, providing their services in the field, away from the office's physical location (i.e. geographically scattered workforce) is our potential customer. Enormous number of national and international companies fall in this category which makes the market size for out product gigantic and difficult to calculate. Market Co-Founder and CEO CONCLUSION SIDE A Today, most companies have un-managed workforce because it is scattered geographically and it is really difficult for the management to have a control over their activities or to monitor their progress. We are fixing this problem through our powerful solution using which company administrators can dispatch jobs to their field workers right from their desk, monitor them in real time and measure their performance. Product MS Software Engineerig September 2011 - May 2014 CGPA 3.83/4.0 Specialization: Software Requirements Engineering, Project Management Contact A system consisting of mobile and web applications which allows users to manage their entire mobile workforce. The mobile application is used by drivers while they are managed by dispatchers through the web application. 1. The dispatchers are using internet browsers to access Job Dispatch Web Portal 2. The dispatchers schedule and assign jobs to drivers. The jobs and drivers are tracked by the system and could be monitored in real time. 3. The jobs are instantly delivered to the drivers phones 4. Action buttons are provided on android app through which status of the job is maintained and monitored Desk2Field has features like Real Time Tracking, Two Way Messaging between web and mobile application, Barcode Reading, Digital Signature, Reports, Trend Graphs, Data Export and much more. Solution Investing Team Wajiha Habib

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Transcript: Problem Statement Recommendations on Utilizing Financial Resources Solely Focused on Small and Medium scaled Businesses Limited Research Area Few Interviews THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION! Methodology and Data sources (Interview and Survey, Secondary and Primary) Sample size = 379, cluster sampling Areas of Study (N consists of 229 respondents from online survey and 150 from field survey, with 8 interviewees) SURVEY RESULTS Recommendation on Improving Financial Availability and Capacity in Mongolia Recommendations Improve the financial information availability among entrepreneurs Foster potential venture capitalists and angel investors Expand the scale of government supports and initiatives for entrepreneurs Form an entrepreneurial alliances Marketing for image building Explore alternate funding source If not, then this DEMOGRAPHICS RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Where to get funds Problem and obstacles in finding funds General Macroeconomic Stability EXPLORE THE HORIZONS... Current Business Environment Availability and Variety of Funds Sources of Fund Financial Management and Profitability Cash Flow July 11th – September 25th Discussion of the Results RESEARCH QUESTIONS AND OBJECTIVES Framework of the Study SURVEY RESULTS SURVEY RESULTS SURVEY RESULTS According to the Federal Reserve's December 2014 report, real estate is the largest asset class in the U.S. worth an estimated $40 trillion. Are you ready to explore the endless opportunities for wealth creation? BUSINESS BACKGROUND Survey Results The Sources of Funds for Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs and Utilizing Financial Resources to Maximize Profitability as Perceived by Small and Medium Enterprise Start up and Businessmen in Mongolia SURVEY RESULTS SURVEY RESULTS Limitation of the Study Entrepreneurial Behaviors Research Questions CONCLUSION Finance Tutoring Cash flow management improvement Exclusive SME accountant trainings SURVEY RESULTS AGENDA • Background of the research title • Problem Statement • Research objectives • Research Methodology • Main Finding • Conclusion • Recommendation • Limitation of the Study INTRODUCTION Economic Background of Mongolia Economic Growth and Obstacles Characteristics of Mongolian Private Sector Business Environment for Entrepreneurs Interview Results COMPLETE YOUR STORY CREATE YOUR OWN PLACEHOLDERS AND INSERT YOUR OWN TEXT

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