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Transcript: Sky(AKA Hope)- She is the victim in this book and also the main character. She is important to the book because if she wasn't in it there would be no story line. Recommendation Fathom (Pg 19) Vocabulary Definition-Something that provokes someone or somethings interest. Part of Speech-Adjective Origin-Latin Synonym and Antonym-Provoke/Satisfy Sentence-My little cousin was tantalizing me about the game. Watch the video and answer these following questions What does it make you think of the book? Would you want to read it? Links Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies... At least that's what seventeen year old Sky discovers when she finds out what she has been believing all her life. Hope was little when she was taken from her dad, with no memories of her past life. She only remembers the terrifying thought of someone raping her. She meets Dean Holder. A guy the same age and whose very suspicious of something. Sky finds out that Dean is a childhood friend and she discovered that her real name is not Sky. It is Hope. Dean then tells her she has been missing for thirteen years. Hope learns that her "mom" is really her aunt and that her aunt was a victim of her fathers rape. Hope was also raped by her father. So did Sky's aunt do and illegal thing for her own good? Definition-Pertaining to the world,heaven or earth Part of Speech-Adjective Origin-Latin Synonym and Antonym-Secular/Hell Sentence-A utopia is a version of a mundane. Sky's Father-One of the antagonists in the story.He is essential to the story because he is the one who caused Karen to kidnap Hope(Sky). When Karen was young he raped Karen. Sky's father then got married and his wife gave birth to Hope. Karen found out that Hope was being raped and then decided her father could not take care of her. She then kidnapped Sky. In this prezi I will give you a detailed description of this book and inform you of what I have read. Definition-To Comprehend or to Understand Part of Speech-Verb Word Origin-Latin Synonym and Antonym-To pretend/True Sentence-My sister has a fathom for math,and I have a fathom for English. Dean Holder-Dean is also a main character. Not only is he a main character, he is also a hero and a boyfriend. He is significant to the story because he warned and protected Sky. Dean was friends with Hope when she was younger. All words defined using Intro "My lack of access to the real world has been replaced by books, and it can't be healthy to live in a land of happily ever afters." (Hoover,18) I love this quote because it has a little bit of humor to it and its just a good one to explain a little bit about the main character. Http:// Characters Quotes Karen-Karen is Sky's "mother" until sky finds out that she really kidnapped her when she was younger and turns out that Karen is really Sky's aunt. It also happens that Karen saved Sky's life from Sky's father and Karen's brother. Mundane (Pg 139) Tantalizing (Pg 144) Hopeless By Collen Hoover Lab Connection The way the characters blend and have fun totally resemble my lab. We all get along and don't have any issues. Its important because it gives the story a story line. I would absolutely recommend this book to girls who love steamy,mysterious,and romantic books. Although this book isnt for ten year olds. This book was such a page turner! I loved it! It is fast paced and interesting, never once was I bored with it. I love how this author always surprises her readers with twists. Thats also a reason Colleen Hoover is my favorite author. "Just because you blocked me out of your mind, doesn't mean you blocked me out of your heart." (Hoover, 276) This quote is significant because it is very true to real life. You can block and ignore someone but you can still love them. Journal


Transcript: BETH. She's upstairs getting ready for her date night. So's dad. You should stay home tonight and we could work on- Scene 2 CHARLIE. Hey, B. Where's mom? 2 weeks later. Beth sits on her bed in the girls' shared bedroom, staring into space as she breathes shallowly and hugs herself. She seems completely opposite of herself from just a month ago. End Scene 3 BETH. (putting down homework, getting up to greet her) Hey, Char. Welcome back, love. CHARLIE. I'm glad you didn't. CHARLIE. (enters from the door on SL, Beth starts and picks up a text book that was previously sitting, unused, on her bed) Hey, B. What's shakin', bacon? BETH. (fighting to keep her voice calm) Oh, I'm fine. Studying a little bit for Schumer's History of the Americas test tomorrow. CHARLIE. (plops onto the bed next to her) Is that so? What's America got to do with...mating practices among meerkats? BETH. (slams the book shut, laughing weakly) i guess i was trying to distract my physical body with something so I could let my thoughts run away with the wind. CHARLIE. Huh. That sounds kind of deep. Want a burrito? I'm going to Rosa's Bocce party, and she said her mom's cooking for everyone. They're mexican, by the way. I love Mexican food. I mean, who// doesn't but- BETH. What? You're leaving? CHARLIE. Well, yeah. BETH. But...but you promised Mom you would stay home tonight. You swore you wouldn't go out tonight. CHARLIE. Oh, let's not go back to that. Really, what's the big deal? BETH. When you give someone your word, that usually means you stay true to the deal. CHARLIE. (gets up to leave) Do you like nachos? I'll bring you nachos. BETH. Charlotte! CHARLIE. Bethany! Look, it'll be fine. I'll be back by midnight, which is when Mom and Dad are supposed to be home. You won't have to lie for me. Why don't you call what's-her-face...? BETH. (suddenly withdrawn) You mean Emily? We're not friends anymore. CHARLIE. Oh. Sorry? BETH. Nope. I guess you could say she'd never been a real friend. Go To Rosa's. I'll see you... CHARLIE. Tonight? BETH. (distracted) Oh. Yeah. When you get home. CHARLIE. (kisses Beth's cheek) Yep. Bye, sister. BETH. Bye. Charlie exits the room, and then the house. Immediately after, Beth stands and goes to her desk, where she opens a drawer and withdraws a small orange bottle. It is her father's leg pain prescription. She pours a large amount of pills onto her open palm, then clutches them in a fist. For a minute she returns back to the shallow breaths and hugs herself. Then, she stares at her fist before stuffing as many pills as she can into her mouth, swallowing. Hopeless CHARLIE. Sure. Thanks for keeping quiet. I'm going to bed. BETH. I wish I was. I did it for a reason. Scene 4 CHARLIE. throws backpack down) Who said I was leaving? Scene 1 A small hospital room. A hospital bed is placed in the middle of the stage with two chairs placed on either side of it. Lights up. A girl lies in the bed, sleeping fitfully as another holds her hand, sitting in the closest chair from SL. BETH. (sits back down to gather her school things) It's Wednesday night. You always leave at exactly 1:00 AM on a Wednesday night. Well, technically Thursday, but I'm not trying to get technical. CHARLIE. Look, B. I'm staying home tonight. You are going to work on whatever assignment to keep up your Little Miss Perfect gig. You're also not going to tell anyone that you've seen me. Okay? BETH. (smiling angelically) I wouldn't dream of outing you, Char. End Scene 2 BETH. (startling awake, calls out intelligibly) CHARLIE. Why did you try to end your life? I'm very curious to see what you're going to surprise me with. BETH. My reason is my own, Charlie. Do you want to tell me why you weren't even home when you swore to mom you wouldn't leave? No? I thought not. End. BETH. Goodnight... BETH. So are you. Beth's 18 year old sister and best friend. Not only is Charlie not good at anything that Beth does, their parents are getting a divorce and neither parent wants her to come with them. Charlie couldn't care less. Three months ago. The set has been changed to look like a cozy living room. Beth sits on the couch working on homework. It is already late into the evening, and Charlie finally walks into the room, having obviously just gotten home. a charming 17 year old girl. Beth is good in sports, academics, and is the President of the French Honors Society at her school. She also hates her life. Charlie Scene 3 BETH. (holding cellphone and sitting with her laptop) Yeah, that's great. Practice is tomorrow at 4, right? I can do that. Don't worry, you can borrow my extra spanx. It's totally cool. You know what, I'm going to finish this essay for Schumer. Yep, and my sister's sleeping; I don't want to be rude. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Yeah. Alright. Goodnight. (hanging up and looking over at Charlie) Really. Be glad I love you. CHARLIE. Love you, too. BETH. (startled) I thought you were asleep. CHARLIE. I was, but because I have the ears of a hawk, I heard you


Transcript: Hopeless by Roy Lichtenstein By Anaïs Lance Biography The life of... Roy Lichtenstein Childhood Childhood October 27, 1923 Manhattan's upper west side Introduced to New York culture really young Had passion in comic books and science Teenage Teenage Became interested in art 1937 : watercolor classes at Parsons School of Design Summer of 1940: Classes at the Art Students league He really liked to go spent his free time at the American Museum of Natural History and at the Museum of Modern Art. Adulthood Adulthood Did a degree and a master's degree in fine arts at the Ohio State University 1943: drafted for the World War II, where he made sketches 1946: finished his degree and started teaching at OSU 1949: finished his master's degree and married Isabel Wilson 1951: moved to Cleveland and first solo show at the Carlebach Gallery 1952 to 1957: representation with the John Heller Gallery 1957: moved to New York and became assistant professor at the State University of New York 1960: Began teaching at Douglass College 1962: first exhibition with Leo Castelli Gallery (New York’s leading dealer in contemporary art) 1964: stopped teaching to fully concentrate on his art Mid-1960's: Nationally known as leader of the Pop Art movement 1965: End of his marriage 1970: started creating paintings that referred to the art of early 20th century 1980: received several major large-scale commissions 1980-1990: started working on sculpture September 29, 1997: Died from complications of pneumonia Analysis of Hopeless Hopeless Description Hopeless is a panting of a blond girl laying down and crying. She's thinking and seems to be laying down in a pool of tears. Description Treatment Treatment acrylic paint and oil paint portrait canvas of 111,8 by 111,8 cm wavy and bold black lines bright and vibrant colors used the complex process of replication no variation in shading Ben-day dots are visible from up-front background and foreground represented by single block of color Symbols and meaning Symbols and meaning difficulties with his first marriage mirror of America at the time represent the stress that women go through in relationships represent the vulnerability of women and the domination by men Personal impression Bibliography The meaning : Lichtensteinpaintings :,%22%20in%20Secret%20Hearts%2C%20no.&text=Hopeless%20painting%20depicts%20a%20vulnerable,woman%20who%20seams%20stressed%20up. Roy Lichtenstein: FeltMagnet : Wallector : ResearchGate : Lichtenstein foundation:

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