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Transcript: HONEY History Medicinal Nutritive History India: Ayurveda (1400 BC) Honey makes other ingredients of perscription act more strongly Different medicinal properties relative to plants Soothing, nutritious, laxitive, regulatory China: "a medicine of superior quality" (220 BC). Acient Egypt: Ebers Papyrus Respritory disorders (coughing, phlegm, etc) Constipation, diarrhoea intestinal worms disorders of the digestuve tract (a gustatory corrective for unpalatable ingredients)/binder Greece: Hippocrates (430 BC) "Oxymel" (vinegar and honey) for pain "Hydromel" (honey and water) for thirst honey and water and various medicinal substances for for acute fevers Expectorant eaten alone, attentuated rather than refreshed Rome: Celsus , De medicina (AD 50) Raw honey, laxative Boiled honey, treats diarrhoea Islam Prophet Muhammad: "Healingis in three things, a gulp of honey, cupping and cauterization. But I forbid my followers to use cauterization" Physician in tion. Malaga, Ibn el-Beithar: "Honey dispels humours (body fluids), relaxes the bowels, is helpful in treating dropsy, preserves the flesh and prevents putrefaction...mixed with sesame oil and boiled wine it is used as an emitic when poison has been swallowed. It is the best treatment for gums and teeth which it also whitens...tonsilitis..stimulates coitus...taken with water it cleanses intestinal ulcers and enhances the effect of medication" useful against stomach chills, swelling of the intestines and also stomach disorders due to the pituitary gland. What is it? "Surpasses all other sugars in the Diet of Mankind" 40% levaulose 30% dextrose 1.5% sucrose 7.31% maltose (the rest= coloring matter and dextrine-vegetable gum) *Percents vary due to te nature of the nectar and the age of the honey AGED honey: Sacchrose (cane sugar) is converted by a ferment present in all honeys into levaulose (fructose) and dextrose (an isomer of glucose). LEVULOSE dominant sugar (aka fructose, 'fruit sugar'; simple sugar) Enzymes in Raw Honey Diastase Invertase Catalase Glucose oxidase What is it used for today? MEDICINE The extremely high sugar content of honey means it contains very little water. So, it draws the pus and fluid from the wound, thereby speeding the healing process. honey contains powerful germ-fighting phytochemicals from the plants that produced the pollen harvested by the honeybees. aid in relieving morning sickness, reportedly even more effective than traditional soda crackers. It’s also good for sore throats including laryngitis and pharyngitis. Honey and apple cider vinegar can be used for many ailments like stomach aches, constipation and even migraines. honey has a viscous texture due to its low water content. It also establishes a poor environment for bad bacteria to grow, and is a good natural preservative. CAUTION: Honey contains a natural presence of botulinum endospores, therefore, children under one year old should not be given honey. Before the age of twelve months, a child’s intestinal tract is not mature enough to inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum, which is often found in honey the food of the young bee and it is approximately 40% protein Some of the minerals included in bee pollen include: barium, boron, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, and zinc. Bee pollen contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. It is extraordinarily rich in most of the B vitamins, including folic acid (folate). . can transform into toxin-producing bacteria in the infant's immature intestinal tract, leading to illness and even death *Contains an estimated 600 components including small amounts of a wide range of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients (which account for its antioxident, andtiinflamitory and antibacterial qualities) Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Thiamin (Vitamin B1) Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Niacin (Vitamin B3) Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Vitamin B6 Vitamin C PROCESSED honey: heated to help remove comb easier filtering process benefits remain at 118 f or lower cooking RAW honey: not heated during any part of the processing true aficionados would say, unfiltered (Shards of honycomb and grains of pollen still visible in jar) Different Qualities

Honey Honey

Transcript: Honey honey, touch me, baby ah-hah, honey honey Honey honey, hold me, baby ah-hah, honey honey You look like a movie star (You look like a movie star) But I know just who you are (I know just who you are) And, honey, to say the least you're a doggone beast! Honey honey, how you thrill me ah-hah, honey honey Honey honey, nearly kill me ah-hah, honey honey I heard about you before I wanted to know some more And now I know about to see what you mean to me Honey Honey Honey honey, how he thrills me ah-hah, honey honey Honey honey, nearly kills me ah-hah, honey honey I'd heard about him before I wanted to know some more And now I know what they mean he's a love machine Oh, he make me dizzy Honey honey, let me feel it ah-hah, honey honey Honey honey, don't conceal it ah-hah, honey honey The way that you kiss goodnight (The way that you kiss me good night) The way that you hold me tight (The way that you're holding me tight) I feel like I wanna sing when you do your thing 감사합니다~~! 간접의문문 '~가 -하도록 만들다, 시키다'라는 의미를 갖는 사역동사 (have, let make 등)는 목적어와 목적보어가 능동관계에 있을 때, 목적보어로 동사원형을 취한다. ex. Exercise will make you feel more energized. She won't let the children play computer games. 가사 ex. I don't know why the critics like the movie. (O) I don't know why do the critics like the movie. (X) Honey Honey 간접의문문은 '의문사+주어+동사'의 어순으로, 문장에서 주어, 보어, 목적어의 역할을 한다. 사역동사

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