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Home Improvement

Transcript: For girls, the hair accessories may go missing as there is not much space on the table to put all of the hair accessories. And it is not organized. We cannot eat in bed because we might spill our food or drinks on the bed. at night, we cannot sleep due to the noise pollution caused by the people downstairs. There is not enough space for all the laundry to be dried inside the balcony as there is limited space. when it rains and we forget to close the door, rainwater may splash into the house if the rain is big. Toilet The corners of the sofas are dangerous as people can accidentally kick it when walking past the sofa. The door may slam due to big wind. The edge of the table may hurt toddlers as it is sharp. Shoes may be lying around everywhere. There are many shoes but no space to put them. When water is boiled, it overflows the pot. the heavy bamboo pole makes it hard to retrieve. When putting out the laundry to dry we may have difficultly doing it as it is too heavy for us. Knife turns rusty over a long period of time. Food spills out of the bowl when it is stirred . the food is burnt when we forget to turn off the stove. Rubbish bin may overflow if we have too many rubbish And it may attract insects or pests. Theme: Home Improvement Topic: Design Opportunities Class:2/7 Name: Janelle (7), Megan (6), Melissa (11), Jovin (2). After showering, the toilet will be wet. When the floor is wet, elderly or children may slip and fall If a hot shower is taken, mist will form on the mirror and it will be blurred. If we accidentally wet the mirror the would have water marks on it. when we wash our paint brush at the sink it might stain the sink. Home Balcony Bedroom Kitchen thank youuuuu :) Living room

Home Improvement

Transcript: The exposition: setting and characters are revealed ( Tim Taylor and his family at home). The inciting incident: Jill was watching Tim’s show and came across Tim checking out a woman The rising action: Jill betting Tim The climax: Tim was caught sitting with a very attractive woman at his table The falling action: Tim starts to understand how his wife feels The denouement: Jill forgiving Tim for his actions Jill confronts Tim about looking at other women Tim does not seem respectful to his wife’s feelings Karen claims that all men have no self control Tim gets defensive. Tim used women as examples of weak things. Tim can be stereotypical and sexist. Home Improvement is one of the most watched American sitcoms Centered on the Taylor family (Tim, Jill and their three children) In this episode: Tim is accused of looking at other women by his wife and her friend Tim tries to prove them wrong Home Improvement annoyed jealous guilty confused loving Setting -Taylor house -A restaurant Tim Taylor is protagonist Jill Taylor is the antagonist. Season 2 Episode 3: Overactive Glance Is There Bias? Central Conflict/Problem What is the Message? A common habit that one finds normal can hurt someone’s feelings Tim learns to appreciate his wife’s feelings and respect them Tim is accused of looking at other women, which can hurt his wife’s feelings He feels it’s his nature to check out other women; its not something he could help bias towards the personalities of both men and women Men don’t always have to be powerful and independent Jill was shown as an insecure wife that gets jealous easily Six Stages of Plot: Who is the Protagonist and the Antagonist? Home Improvement What is the Mood? Three Ways the Characters' Personalities are Revealed Jill and her friend Karen accuse Tim of glancing at other women. Karen makes allegation that men have no self control Tim struggles to prove his wife wrong This is an external problem character vs character conflict Thank you for watching! All in All The Home Improvement show is a funny TV series that consists of many interesting characters

Home Improvement

Transcript: Emerald Garden 8.4 Mi 512-288-5900 The Natural Gardener 5.2 Mi 512-288-6113 Roofer Gardener Mechanic Red Barn Garden Center 6.7 Mi 512-335-8093 The app interface is very simple, simliar to uber or favor you can search through different categories of home improvement, and view all the different service providers. You can see their ratings and reviews. You can then view the specific service provider you wish to reserve's schedule and available timeslots. Once you select the time you want to book,you wait for the service provider, and are required to give a rating in order to improve our data. Emerald Garden Request Appt. Sunshine City Garden 10.4 Mi 512-458-2009 Address: 5700 W Highway 290, Austin, TX 78735 Phone:(512) 288-5900 Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 5:00pm These figures don't even include routine maintenance. The Home Improvement Market is an untapped Goldmine! Here's What It Looks Like Our application has an ever-expanding database of service providers ranging from plumbers and electricians,to maids and roofers. The database information includes the company name, average price point, and reviews from other users. Homeowners browse companies until they find one that satisfies their personal needs. Once they choose a service, they can send pictures of the room that needs repair/maintenance as well as any special instructions or requests. Here's How It Works Home Improvement Home Improvement Exterminator When faced with a choice, many homeowners decide to improve their homes, rather than move. They modernize the kitchen, replace the roof, finish the basement, add a bathroom, or make their homes more energy efficient. The American Housing Survey (AHS), jointly administered by the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, tracks home improvements as well as a variety of other housing topics. According to the AHS, “home improvements” exclude “routine maintenance”, which is defined as regular maintenance activities necessary for the preventative care of the structure, property , and fixed equipment items. Our Home Improvement App aims to consolidate all service providers in one easy app so that Homeowners can make informed decisions. There really is no competition in the market, there are no other apps designed to incorporate all home improvement services into one organized and easy to use App Gardener Ideation: -The problem people are facing is that it is inconvenient to schedule home maintenance service providers by calling, and also it is hard to find ratings and reviews on maintenance companies and compare prices. -We are going to use technology, our app, to incorporate reviews, ratings, and scheduling of maintenance providers into one easy to use app on your phone, saving people time and money and also improving one's ability to find quality workers Team Organization -CEO: Andrew T. -Marketing:Alana S. -Market/Data Analyst:Charlie M. -System/interface Designer:Cody W.and Joseph L. -Communications/Operations: Tyler R.

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