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Holy Cross

Transcript: Campus Type Commonapp Essay Two letters recommendations High School Transcript NO SAT Scores Known For Men and Women Sports Baseball Basketball Lacrosse Indoor & Outdoor Track Soccer Golf Football Cross Country Tennis Etc... Note: Holy Cross is Division 1 College. A: Is it a drivers Campus? B:I guess it is a drivers campus. A:What are you studying? B:This semester i am taking intro to Psych, seminar class that fulfills religion requirement, French 102 and craw-fiction (English) A: How big are the classes? B: The classes vary, my Psych class has over 60 people. My seminar class has like 12 and French 20. It depends on what class you are taking. A: Do you feel that CHS prepared you for College? B: CHS prepared me somewhat but i wish i could have got more help with the writing because there is a lot of reading and writing at Holy Cross and professors grade so hard, sometimes. A:How is the dorm life? B: Some dorms are better and bigger than others. My dorm is not that big and I am usually not in there. A: Do students feel supported? B: The biggest thing at Holy Cross is support. Academic Advisory are usually helpful and the professors really dedicate their time to students. A: How are the parties there? B: when parties are hosted by certain clubs or groups on campus, they are poppin! Over 800 be coming to our parties. Approximately 2,900 students Located in Worcester, MA Approximately an hour drive from Boston Four year college 10 min drive from the City on a hill Private institution Urban Area College of Holy Cross Liberal arts program Oldest Catholic College in New England 33% of Students get Acceptance into Holy Cross 24 Majors and Minors Study Abroad inside and outside of the US Programs focus on Health, Law, Business, Engineering, and Education. Athletics Madelyn Santana Lourdes Petit-Jean Nehemiah Muhikira Kayla O'Brien Requirements for first year student Interview Academics

Holy Cross

Transcript: Women's Field Hockey Holy Cross College And Sports "The Crusader" The Requirements for being a Cheerleader at Holy Cross as posted on the website... Residence Halls Alumni and Carlin Halls Wiliams Hall Layola Hall Wheeler Hall Mens' Sports(Division 1) Cheer Leading October 6th 1925 Ballot Men Work Cited Hill Residences: Posted on Website: Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Lower Campus: Other Clinics Run By Coaches Crusaders: 143 Chiefs: 17 Sagamores: 7 Posted on Website: Conditioning Posted on Website: Baseball Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Football Track and Field Girls Volleyball lacrosse cross country golf ice hockey rowing soccer swimming and diving tennis track and field football basketball Fun Facts Girls Lacrosse Men and Women Rowing Fitton Field natural grass Built:1924 Renovated:1986 Largest Crowd:27,000 Capacity:23,500 Strength and Conditioning Designed for Athletes 6,000 square foot weight room Each athlete gets an individualized program for their own needs so they can improve founded in 1883 highly selective 174-acre hillside campus School Color: Purple Tuition: $45,080 38 Buildings 102 Student Organizations Acceptance Rate: 33% Womens' Sports (Division 1) By Samantha Lee 8-3 Field Hockey Boys Lacrosse Girls Lacrosse Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Photo Gallery Posted on Website: Mens Lacrosse Head Coach-Zowie Tucker Assistant Coach-Maryette Stuart Captain-Michelle McNeil Vice-Captain-Colby Lohrey Posted on Website: Football Stadium Head Coach: David Bernard Assistant Coach: Juliano Paglier, Broch Sheahan Captains: Matt Ginn, Matt Vidal Woman Men's Basketball Diagram/Map of School Malcolm Miller Head Coach-Stephanie Ridolfi Assistant Coach-Kacie Lewis Captains-Corinne Caracausa,Sara Hennessey, Laura Ryan Cool Beans 1. Respect Coach, Faculty, Students and Team members. 2. Attendance at all academic classes and a prioritization of academics. 3. Attendance at all Holy Cross Cheerleading Practices, Games and Events as scheduled. 4. Respect for one's self (fitness & health, appearance, attitude & psychological readiness). Coffee Shop Grab a bite to eat Students can do work here Eat a muffin, have some coffee On this floor there is gift shop and an ATM A perfect place to start if family members come down to visit lacrosse field hockey softball cross country basketball volleyball tennis golf ice hockey track and field swimming and diving soccer rowing Summer Camps Mascot Healy Hall Lehy Hall Hanselman Hall Clark Hall Mulledy Hall Fiqque Hall

Holy Cross

Transcript: Worcester, MA Total population: 798,552 Female percentage: 50.8% Race White alone: 85.6% Black or African American alone: 4.2% Asian alone: 4% largest number of immigrants from Brazil, Vietnam and Ghana High school graduate or higher (25+): 89.6% People without health insurance (65-): 4.2% Holy Cross In State: 38% Out of State: 62% International population: 2% Culture Isa Gerondelis Famous Graduates *number of jobs in thousands * 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture NCAA Tournament Information Mascot: Crusader Location: Worcester, Massachusetts 70% white 10% Hispanic/Latino 5% Asian 3% Black or African American 50% Women/Men Total enrollment: 2,885 Notable instructional programs: social sciences, phychology, english Student-faculty ratio 10:1 NCAA Tournament Project Political Boundaries Agriculture Works Cited Population Political Boundaries Business District 7,755 farms 80% of farms are family owned 95% have sales below %250,000 (considered "small farms") 32% female farmers (10% increase since 2002) one of the few states that had a 1% growth in number of farms and acres in farmland (all other states experienced a decline from 2007-2012) farms dealing with Greenhouse and Nursery make the most ($158,300) farms with aquaculture makes the least ($21,900) Mayor: Joseph M. Petty Key Issues: works toward reliable police and fire services, improve budgetary prudence at City Hall, improving infrastructure Bob Cousy (basketball) Clarence Thomas (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court) Chris Matthews (commentator) Urban Areas Development and Industrialization Holy Cross the Society of Jesus annual Christmas Tree Lighting Mass of the Holy Spirit: during move-in day, staff welcomes the new students with blessings Holy Cross Interfaith Worcester 9 colleges and universities #14 Ranking Most Creative U.S. Citites (2012) various ethnic festivals Leading Sectors: Education and Health Services: 771.2 (increasing) Trade, Transportation, and Utilities: 570.1 (increasing) Government: 453.1 (increasing) Massachusetts: Leisure & Hospitality: 349.3 (increasing) Manufacturing: 250.7 (decreasing) Leading export: computer and electronic products Worcester: Manufacturing: 27.5 (decreasing) Professional and Business Services: 25.6 (increasing) March 16th: Holy Cross (Crusaders) vs. Southern University (Jaguars) Final Score: 59-55 This was the first win for Holy Cross in the NCAA Tournament since 1953 March 18th: Holy Cross vs. Oregon (Ducks) Final Score: 52-91 * Feb 2016 data Congress Person: Jim McGovern (1996) Party affiliation: Democratic Committees: House Rules, House Agriculture, House Committee on Agriculture's Subcommittee on Nutrition Key Issues: increased Pell Grant funding (more students can attend school), healthcare reform, fight against hunger "Heart of the Commonwealth"

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