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Hollywood Walk Of Fame Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Thank you for watching! Selection and Construction Nomination Process and Homage Every year, an average of 200 nominations are submitted to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame . Nominees must have a minimum of five years' experience in the category for which they are nominated and a history of "charitable contributions". Posthumous nominees must have been deceased at least five years. History Origin Description The first star awarded through an award ceremony was on February 9, 1960 and went to the motion picture actress Joanne Woodward. Contents The Hollywood Walk of Fame can be found on the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. It serves as an entertainment hall of fame for achievement in theater, the movies, radio, recording, and TV. In 1984, a fifth category, Live Theatre, was added to permit acknowledgement of contributions from the live performance branch of the entertainment industry, and a second row of stars was created on each sidewalk to alternate with the existing stars. Nominations are submitted annually by May 31, and the Walk of Fame committee meets to pick the next year's group of honorees. Each June, the new recipients are announced for the following year. Each year, approximately 25 new persons are selected for a star on the Walk of Fame. Expansion and Restoration To encourage supplemental funding for the project by corporate sponsors, the "Friends of Walk of Fame" program was inaugurated. Absolut Vodka became the first Friend with a donation of $1 million, as the first major contributor to the restoration process, followed by L'Oréal. HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME The art deco-style sculpture represents the diversity of women in Hollywood, and depicts actresses Dorothy Dandridge, Anna May Wong, Dolores Del Rio, and Mae West. HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME ATESTAT LA LIMBA ENGLEZĂ 2014 COLEGIUL ALEXANDRU CEL BUN GURA HUMORULUI The Walk Today Unique and usual Teacher, Luminiţa Brînduşa Cîmpan 2014 Random acts of vandalism occur on the Walk on a regular basis, ranging from profanity and political statements written on stars with markers to attempted removal of brass emblems with chisels. Some fans show respect for star recipients both living and dead by laying flowers or other symbolic tributes at their stars. When recording artist Michael Jackson died in 2009 flowers and vigil keepers appeared at both his and radio commentator Michael Jackson's stars. The person who came up with the idea of creating this project was Em Stuart. The Walk of Fame was created in 1958. Student, Ioana-Iuliana Rusu In 2008 a long-term restoration project began with an evaluation of all 2,365 stars on the Walk at the time. The Four Ladies 1. Descriptin 2. History: Origin Selection and Construction Expansion and Restoration Theft and Vandalism 3. The Walk Today: Unique and unusual Fictional characters and their creators 4. The Four Ladies 5.Nomination Process and Homage Theft and Vandalism Fictional characters and their creators In 1978, in honor of his 50th anniversary, Mickey Mouse became the first animated character to receive a star.

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