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Holiday Party Invitation Powerpoint Template

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Alternative Channel Holiday Party Invitation

Transcript: 2022 Ethicon Alternate Channel Holiday Party Happy Holidays Alternative Channel Thank you for all you do!! The ugliness A time for fun Date: December 14, 2022 time: 3:00 - 4:15 PM EST Place: virtual Zoom Invite attire: Holiday festive !!! Fa La LA - come with your competitive spirits Fa La La Emoji Guessing Game! WHAT SONG IS THIS? #1 Grandma Got Run Over By A REINDEER Answer BOTTOMS UP! time to laugh and smile! WHAT SONG IS THIS? #2 SILENT NIGHT Answer #3 One Team Answer Trivia TRIVIA! This video game franchise celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year Question #1 Pokémon Answer What is the first month comprised of 30 days? Question #2 April Answer This American sitcom that ran from 2005-2013 was adapted from the BBC show of the same name Question #3 The Office Answer Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? Question #4 Thomas Jefferson Answer What actress earned an Oscar nomination for her first screen appearance in "Dreamgirls"? Question #5 Jennifer Hudson Answer Who composed the score for the ballet The Nutcracker? Question #6 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Answer Never have I ever NEVER HAVE I EVER Never Have I Ever... Re-gifted a gift #1 Never Have I Ever... Cut down my own Christmas tree #2 Never Have I Ever... Kissed under the mistletoe #3 Never Have I Ever... Gotten drunk on Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day #4 Scavenger Hunt #1 Holiday Scavenger Hunt Stocking Nutcracker #2 wreath #3 Ornament #4 candy cane #5 red bow #6 Present #7 Bells #8 Scarf #9 Holiday card #10 Fa La La Guessing Pt. 2! What song Is This? #1 Little Drummer boy Answer What Song IS THIS? #2 jingle bell rock ANSWER What movie is this? #3 FROSTY THE SNOWMAN Answer The ugliest Ethicon Alternative channel Who has the most festive attire...... A Holiday Message From Sandy Topic I can’t wait to see you all for this Alternate Channel Holiday event. The Holiday Party Committee has prepared some fun, engaging activities you are sure to enjoy. Please join in the festivities and take a much deserved break from the December rush. See you all on December 14!


Transcript: Step1:EACH of you will be given a BINGO CARD. Step2:I will put buttons on the floor,so that when I call out the NUMBER.........EXAMPLE:number 58,if you have the number,you put a button on top of it. Step3:I will keep calling out numbers until one of you a line.(Either horizontal,vertical or diagonal) PASS the PARCEL time!! IT'S TIME FOR A TELEMATCH!! HAVE FUN during this 1hour! From:Gracia Lee Sher Ann GOOD LUCK!! TIME TO DIG IN!! You have to find 2 packets of PEANUT MnMs,1 packet of TWISTIES, 1 packet of PILLOWS(CHOCO-FILLED CRACKERS)3 packets of gummy candies(NEON STIX). Today's TREASURE HUNT is not going to be in my room.......It is in the LIVING ROOM.......... HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME!! HOLIDAY PARTY --We will have PIZZA and PASTA(with CARBONARA SAUCE) --PIZZA=2 HAWAIIAN PIZZA AND 2 PEPPERONI PIZZA(We MIGHT HAVE PEPSI!!)If cannot finish never mine,definitely cannot finish ALL the PIZZAS!! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT LUNCH!! FIRST:I will seperate you into 2 groups SECOND:After I seperated you into 2 groups,you and your group will have to send one representative to do the skipping competition.The representative must skip at least 50 times in a minute,if the representative can skip more than 50 times it's BETTER. THIRD:In a group,you have to fix a jigsaw puzzle. FOURTH:In a group,you have to seperate red beans and green beans.I will give your group 2 plastic bags each,1 for the red beans,1 for the green beans. FIFTH:Once you are done seperating the beans,all the group members in the group must HI-5 me one at a time. This GAME is going to be VERY HARD to WIN..... IT IS TIME FOR TREASURE HUNTING! HAVE FUN!! THINGS that we CAN PLAY from 11.00P.M.-12.00P.M.: --Wii --Play TWISTER with ME --Play UNO ATTACK with ME --Play JENGA with ME --Play UNO with ME TIME TO GET PRESENTS,YAY!!(PRESENT TIME) WHAT we are going to do TODAY! BINGOOOOOOOO!!! I have to tell you that you might be disgusted, freaked out and FAINT(I am exaggerating). I bet that none of YOU will be ABLE to PASS the LAST FORFEIT!! Anyway, GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!! And WELL DONE if YOU have WON the PRIZE!! --11.00P.M.-12.00P.M.=PLAY Wii or something else that you would like to PLAY --12.00P.M.-12.30P.M.=PASS the PARCEL --12.30P.M.-1.15P.M.=LUNCH TIME!!(HAVING PIZZA and PASTA,YUMMY!!) --1.15P.M.-1.45P.M.=TREASURE HUNT --1.45P.M.-2.30P.M.=BINGO --2.30P.M.-3.00P.M.=TELEMATCH --3.00P.M.-3.15P.M.=PRESENT TIME PLAY TIME!! INSTRUCTIONS: --FIRST,hand me your present that you wrapped --SECOND,I will write numbers on them --THIRD,you will get A LUCKY DRAW NUMBER --FOURTH,once you got a number,you will take the present that has the number you have in your HAND. --But,if you get back your own present,I will either tell you to DRAW ANOTHER NUMBER or EXCHANGE WITH YOUR FRIEND.

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