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Holiday Party Invitation Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Step1:EACH of you will be given a BINGO CARD. Step2:I will put buttons on the floor,so that when I call out the NUMBER.........EXAMPLE:number 58,if you have the number,you put a button on top of it. Step3:I will keep calling out numbers until one of you a line.(Either horizontal,vertical or diagonal) PASS the PARCEL time!! IT'S TIME FOR A TELEMATCH!! HAVE FUN during this 1hour! From:Gracia Lee Sher Ann GOOD LUCK!! TIME TO DIG IN!! You have to find 2 packets of PEANUT MnMs,1 packet of TWISTIES, 1 packet of PILLOWS(CHOCO-FILLED CRACKERS)3 packets of gummy candies(NEON STIX). Today's TREASURE HUNT is not going to be in my room.......It is in the LIVING ROOM.......... HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME!! HOLIDAY PARTY --We will have PIZZA and PASTA(with CARBONARA SAUCE) --PIZZA=2 HAWAIIAN PIZZA AND 2 PEPPERONI PIZZA(We MIGHT HAVE PEPSI!!)If cannot finish never mine,definitely cannot finish ALL the PIZZAS!! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT LUNCH!! FIRST:I will seperate you into 2 groups SECOND:After I seperated you into 2 groups,you and your group will have to send one representative to do the skipping competition.The representative must skip at least 50 times in a minute,if the representative can skip more than 50 times it's BETTER. THIRD:In a group,you have to fix a jigsaw puzzle. FOURTH:In a group,you have to seperate red beans and green beans.I will give your group 2 plastic bags each,1 for the red beans,1 for the green beans. FIFTH:Once you are done seperating the beans,all the group members in the group must HI-5 me one at a time. This GAME is going to be VERY HARD to WIN..... IT IS TIME FOR TREASURE HUNTING! HAVE FUN!! THINGS that we CAN PLAY from 11.00P.M.-12.00P.M.: --Wii --Play TWISTER with ME --Play UNO ATTACK with ME --Play JENGA with ME --Play UNO with ME TIME TO GET PRESENTS,YAY!!(PRESENT TIME) WHAT we are going to do TODAY! BINGOOOOOOOO!!! I have to tell you that you might be disgusted, freaked out and FAINT(I am exaggerating). I bet that none of YOU will be ABLE to PASS the LAST FORFEIT!! Anyway, GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!! And WELL DONE if YOU have WON the PRIZE!! --11.00P.M.-12.00P.M.=PLAY Wii or something else that you would like to PLAY --12.00P.M.-12.30P.M.=PASS the PARCEL --12.30P.M.-1.15P.M.=LUNCH TIME!!(HAVING PIZZA and PASTA,YUMMY!!) --1.15P.M.-1.45P.M.=TREASURE HUNT --1.45P.M.-2.30P.M.=BINGO --2.30P.M.-3.00P.M.=TELEMATCH --3.00P.M.-3.15P.M.=PRESENT TIME PLAY TIME!! INSTRUCTIONS: --FIRST,hand me your present that you wrapped --SECOND,I will write numbers on them --THIRD,you will get A LUCKY DRAW NUMBER --FOURTH,once you got a number,you will take the present that has the number you have in your HAND. --But,if you get back your own present,I will either tell you to DRAW ANOTHER NUMBER or EXCHANGE WITH YOUR FRIEND.

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