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Holiday Inn Powerpoint Template

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Holiday Inn

Transcript: Inspired by dissatisfaction from the motels after a family trip A free hot Breakfast Bar, free high-speed internet access and free local phone calls Award-winning advertising campaigns The strengths are more than the threats and Holiday Inn can utilize that advantage Thank you for your attention! The presentation is prepared by: Borislava Stankova, fac. No. 12114042 and Kiril Ludzhev, fac. No. 12114153 Best in class systems support Any mistake could lead to suspension of the license The hotel has been finished in the end of 2006 An american brand of hotels, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group Efficient operating standards SWOT Holiday Inn Club Vacations Advantages and Disadvantages + High recognition of Holiday Inn`s brand worldwide Requirements for compliance with the brand Designs that fit different site and market specifications The expertise of the franchisor, the brand image and the established reputation of providing an excellent quality of service are a huge advantage Adopted Business Model Near Business Park Sofia, targeted towards traveling business customers Growing market for such premium hotels based on the growth of international outsourcing companies in Sofia First hotel - 1952 outside Memphis, Tennessee Holiday Inn International Chains Holiday Inn Select Began recruiting investors in 1953 A subsidiary has been created - Meridian Hotels Bulgaria The term - 20 years, Royalty Tax - 8% + other taxes One of the fastest growing brands in the world Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Would we invest in this franchise model and why ? Activities of the Local Franchisee First European hotel was opened in Leiden in 1967 Start-Up Requirements Standardized room decor A niche within the limited service agreement Holiday Inn Resort Disadvantages Holiday Inn Garden Court Conclusions Beginnings and Expansion Holiday Inn Sunspree Resorts Holiday Inn Express - Lack of freedom because of the strict clauses in the contract - designs, advertising, compliance, etc. + Advertising of the international hotel chain - Risk related to PR issues from the international hotel chain PESTLE - A decent amount of time is needed until the employees get acquainted to the new chain Offered his stock publicly in 1967 For both business and leisure travelers Logos throughout the years Brief History of Holiday Inn Investment - more than 15 mln. BGN - Risk of high costs if the improper chain is chosen + Information Systems and Logistics - already good enough + Different consulting services that the franchisor is offering One of the world`s largest hotel chains, with 435 299 bedrooms in 3463 hotels hosting over 100 million guest nights each year - The conference rooms and the equipment have to be as per Holiday Inn`s requirements Adopted Business Model Macroeconomic environment Unique 'smart' brand positioning Bulgarian franchisee - the British Company - Meridian Leisure Hotels Activities of the Local Franchisee The strict requirements that Holiday Inn is imposing on its franchisees could be used as an opportunity and could help the hotel even outgrow its potential In 1972, Holiday Inn became the first hotel to exceed 1 billion USD in revenues The Owner of the Bulgarian hotel - Moez Janmohamed Very high standards in customer service + Periodical Quality Checks to control the franchisee - could help the hotel owner getting to the right track Advantages - Risk connected to another hotel owner deciding to open another Holiday Inn in Bulgaria A wide array of marketing campaigns targeted locally, regionally and globally Efforts towards maximum comfort of the guests

Holiday Inn

Transcript: Holiday Inn Had the largest hotel chain at the time He was well known for his founding of Holiday inn, and it made him rich The Prototypical Hotel Room By Jacob Blumberg and Jack Gutzler Approached a mortage company for a loan Estimated a cost of about $325,000 Draftsman, Eddie Bluestein, came up with the name Holiday Inn after watching Bing Crosby's Holiday Inn on TV the night before. Wilson's Fame as a Owner/ Builder Some of the home builders were able to build hotels in different locations Hundreds were build in many different places Holiday inn was more successful than all of its competitors at the time Commercials conditions predictability of hotels Rates amenities location Hired home builders to add more hotels in different locations Wanted the biggest motel chain Like all other Holiday inns, This one had amnetis such as restaurants and a pool Details About the First Holiday Inn Before the super highway, tourism was a much smaller industry than it is today. Why Wilson Thought Holiday Inn would Work as a Hotel Chain Every hotel room was 12 feet by 30 feet plus a bathroom. Typical Motels Before Holiday Inn Above: A Holiday inn in New York City, Part of Wilson's franchise Eventual Growth of Holiday Inn Questions? Tourism Before the Super Highway -First Holiday inn was in Memphis, TN, and had 120 rooms, a pool, restaurant and gift shop. -Was near downtown Memphis, and had a famous "Holiday inn" Sign. Wilson's Vision for Hotels Each hotel would be the same All would have the same amneties All hotels would also have the same cost Kemmon Wilson's Start in Business How the Name Holiday Inn Came About The Decision to Franchise

Holiday Inn

Transcript: Drimsim Introduction Holiday Inn Ankara The Problem Industry Challenges Raise of Globalization Purchasing a local Sim card is hard and tedious Travel barriers are becoming less and less strict everyday Expensive Roaming How do you ensure your customers stay connected during their trips? Holiday Inn Ankara People have a problem The (Bad) solution Our solution Sad People Happy People The Value of Drimsim What is Drimsim and what it can do for you? The dream Sim-card: Hassle free, no liabilities, no hidden fees, no set-up, no dealing with local providers, cancel anytime. CONNECTIVITY IS VALUE Increases your customer satisfaction Saves you time and puts money in your pocket Saves you money by becoming a member of the DrimClub Through our sales model we offer stable and long-term business and personal relations with our partners What Drimsim can do for Holiday Inn Ankara? Business Impact Our product was developed from people to people and we really care for our people. Cashback for insurance: We will return 10% to the balance when purchasing insurance in the application. Internet packages with discount: Save up to 30% when buying a package and surfing the Internet like you do at home. Referral Bonus: Advise a friend of Drimsim and get an increased referral bonus of 10 €. Discounts from other partners' businesses. Traveler Services: Schengen visa calculator, notification of the validity of the passport, Recover a lost Dreamsim sim card. A one-stop-shop Marketplace for goods and services for travellers Drimclub Partnership Conditions Profitable Sales Margin Website Referral Bonus Drimsim puts money in your pocket: Partnership Success Plan We want to help you and we have a plan Innovation & Product workshop Strategic Workshop Scaling up plan Quarterly Quarterly Yearly Providers Delivery costs and courier Delivery times Sales Margin Support How? Where? What? How Long? How Much? Logistics Partner Success Story Case study: Travel Agency: Tour Agency began offering every hotel booking a Drimsim card with 25$ balance on it. Making sure their customers had a way to stay connected during their trip. 5% increase in conversion on hotel bookings through their travel agency 50-70$ average increase of revenue in hotel bookings with Drimsim The Market In Turkey 43 Million Tourists Visit Turkey in a Year: The Number of Tourists Rose 23% in Turkey 2018 Turkey's Main Visitors during 2018 were: Germany: 991,017 visitors Iran: 872,560 visitors Saudi Arabia: 586,814 visitors Russia: 571,476 visitors Britain: 424,149 visitors France: 413,404 visitors Drimsim's Offer Drimsim's navigation costs for Turkey's tourists:

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