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Transcript: Meaning of Holi Mythological Story Other Legends Countries that Celebrate Holi Holi Over the Years Holi Over the Years Current Traditions Today, the festival is celebrated for only two days, and synthetic colors are used for their color powder instead of natural herbs and spices. On the first day there is a Holika Dehan, which is bonefire that involves lots of signing and dancing. India is the dominant country that celebrates Holi. There are other countries that aren't majority Hindu, but still enjoy the festival's inclusion of happiness and unity. Some of the countries that celebrate Holi are Nepal, Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, Figi, Mauritius, Pakistan, the Philippines, and even some areas of the United States. Each country has their own interpretation of the holiday and different traditions are displayed, but they all commemorate the triumph of good over evil. The History of Holi Jill Gutapfel Prahlad's evil aunt, Holika (hence the name Holi), was commanded by Hiranyakashyap to take Prahlad into a blazing fire. She would be protected from the flames by a majical cloak that alowed her to not be burned. People often wonder where the incorporation of the colors comes from. This comes from the legend of Lord Krishna and Mathura. Krishna had very dark skin and wanted to know why his friend Radha was pale. He talked to his mother, Yashoda, and she said that if he painted Radha's face, he could make her any color he wanted so that they could be happy together. Overall, Holi is an experience that isn't like any other. It brings together enemies and even entire countries for the sake of forgiveness and happiness. It is said that Holi also purifies the souls of those who partake in it, making it a true spiritual cleansing. Past Traditions Holi traditions have changed dramatically over the years from the length of the festival, to the ingredients used in the pigmented gulal. Gulal is the Indian name for the colored powder that they throw in the air and at each other while they celebrate. This lengend ultimatley symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, which is why Holi celebrates making amends with enemies and revolves around happiness and wellbeing. Current Traditions The Second Day Hiranyakashyap also had a son named Prahlad who devoted his worshiping to the Lord Naarayana, which infuriated Hiranyakashyap. Prahlad and Holika Prahlad and Holika Holi is a Hindu Spring festival that is celebrated in February or March, and represents the triumph of good over evil. The literal meaning of the word Holi is burning, which symbolizes a mythological Hindu story. The First Day Krishna' is the supreme god in Hinduism. In his birthplace, Holi is traditionally celebrated for sixteen days. However, the celebration used to take place over five days. It would start on the day of Holika, and end on the day of Rangpanchami. Prahlad and Holika One the second day of Holi, the color celebration begins in the morning, and people can throw colors on anyone they see no matter who they are. It includes lots fast music, more dancing, and rich foods. When the morning is over, everyone goes home and bathes. Then they all get together with friends and family to eat home cooked food and be grateful for their blessings. Countries that Celebrate Holi... The myth that is most often associated with Holi is the legend of the demon king Hiranyakashyap. This story begins with Hiranyakashyap wanting everyone to worship only him. Unaware that the cloak only worked when she entered the fire alone, Holika burned in the flames, and Prahlad was saved by his god Naarayana. Current Traditions

Holi Presentation

Transcript: Holi The Festival of Colours Presented by: Becky, Zeneicke, Kelley, Emma & Erica What is Holi & why it's a Hallmark event? What is Holi & why it's a Hallmark event? Holi is a hallmark event because whilst nowadays it is celebrated all over the world, it's still mainly connected to the Hindu countries of India and Nepal It is re-occurring happening every year It is also quite a unique and exciting event which has the capability to attract alot of people What makes Holi a hallmark event? What makes Holi a hallmark event? Why we chose Holi Why we chose Holi Interested in finding out why it's celebrated every year and what makes it so important amongst Indian culture (Zen) Interested in finding out why it's celebrated every year and wh... It has a rich background and history which we knew would be interesting to research (Becky) It has a rich background and history which we knew would ... It is an event that was very appealing because of the myths and legends behind Holi which became the reason for celebration (Kelz) It is an event that was very appealing because of the myths and legen... It is very eyecatching, fascinating and it makes you wonder why people not from HIndu culture would also want to celebrate it (Erica) It is very eyecatching, fascinating and it makes you wond... The festival looked very colourful and exciting and something I've never seen before (Emma) The festival looked very colourful and exciting and something I've nev... MindMap MindMap History, Significance and Growth History, Significance and Growth Legends and religious signficance Commodification - Changes and growth since it first began: Spread across the world Influence on culture e.g. pop music Research questions: What is the history behind the Holi festival? How has the festival grown since it first began with reference to its influence on media and culture? Coldplay's "Hymn for the weekend" Sociology: Assumption: I assume that this festival started due to religious legends and beliefs Hypothesis: I hypothesize that there have been many changes to this festival since it first began including, changes to the traditions, location and signficance in the wider world Assumption and Hypothesis Assumption and Hypothesis Investigation Sources Investigation Sources Holi Festival Main source for investigating my research question Website fully dedicated to providing information about Holi Legends of Holi includng the story of Prahlad, his father the demon king (Hiranyakashyap) and his evil aunt (Holika) which is believed to be the legend that began the festival of Holi How Holi is celebrated throughout India and describes ritual and tradition surrounding Holi Website Website The Holi: A Vernal Festival of the Hindus Goes more in depth looking at the different legends behind Holi in different parts of India and what Holi means for Hindus Journal Article Journal Article Culture & religion Culture & religion Research question: What is the cultural and religious significance of Holi from a Hindu perspective? - the myths and legends behind Holi, how religion plays a part in the celebration - significance of using the powder Assumption & Hypothesis (cultural anthropology perspective) Assumption & Hypothesis (cultural anthropolo... I assume that the Holi festival reoccurs because it symbolises a deeper cultural and religious significance in India I hypothesize that Hinduism and the use of Holi powder is a contributing factor to Holi to reinforce Hindu cultural values, beliefs and fufillment Website Website The Telegraph, "Holi Festival 2018: How the thwarting of a Hindu demon king led to the colourful celebration" has contributed to my research for understanding the religious perspective and significance of Holi, and why the event originated in India. A legend surrounding Holi... "The other most popular origin of the festival is the legend of Krishna. The Hindu deity, embarrased by his dark blue skin, told his mother he was worried his love Radha would not accept him. She told him to colour Radha's face whatever colour he wanted; when he did, they became a couple. Journal Article Journal Article In "Cultures of lights", Kumar mentions that "Making offerings of light and articles of light to the gods is a common Hindu ritual and has embedded itself into the culture too. (Drives away bad fortune) A lamp must also be lighted in the prayer room (or the temple within the house) as an offering to the gods, a practice that can be seen in Hindu temples too." This helps to understand Hindu culture and reiterates the underlying belief of gathering around a bonfire on the night before Holi to celebrate good over evil. Customs, Rituals

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Transcript: WELCOME! TO..... Our Holi Celebration is where we will be learning the true meaning of holi, enjoying performances, keeping up the indian community in Milton and celebrating holi within it !! What is holi? Holi is an ancient festival of India and was originally known as "Holika." Holi dates back to the texts from the 11th century. Holi means the festival of colors. We play holi to celebrate good over evil. Many people all over the world celebrate it, especially in India. Significance Of Holi The festival holi has a lot of different significances. Though the main are the social significance and the cultural significance. SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE Holi brings us together by forgetting our differences and problems. Even non-hindus celebrated holi, I mean who wouldn't want to play holi, right? When we play, enemies turn into friends and we forget any hardships between one another. We connect and spend time with friends and family. After you get cleaned, we tend to go to people's houses to give gifts and simply have fun! Cultural Significance Various legends are connected with the celebration of holi. These legends have a lot of things in common though. They all prove the power of truth and justice and the victory of good over evil. Also, holi is celebrated when farmers expect a good harvest which gives people a reason to rejoice and celebrate. Activities and days of holi In the eve of holi, Holika Dahan, we place a sculpture or model of the devil minded, Holika in a bonfire and burn it. This reminds us of the defeat of evil. The next day is the day of colors. The old tradition is that in Holi, the oldest male of the family gets to spray the family with colors and colored water. Then, the next day, in Dhuleti everybody in the family can throw colors, water and play pranks! Also, it was said that young Krishna with the mischievous behaviour, used to play a lot of Holi with his lovely Radha. Legend of Prahlada Hiranyakashipu's son was devotee of lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu attempted to kill his son many times though failed each time due to prahlada's prayers to Vishnu. Finally Hiranyakashipu got tired of it and made prahlada sit on a pyre on Hiranyakashipu's sister's lap. His sister, Holika, had a boon that she couldn't get burned by fire. Although when the fire started everyone watched holika burn to death and Prahlada surviving. Thus proving the victory of good over evil and now is celebrated as Holi. Even with all the tradition and rituals, people still have a ton of fun in Holi. It is a festival that brings joy and happiness. Milton Gujarati Pariwaar Happy Holi !

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